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  1. Hi Latchford locks,

    Hoping you will be able to help me as I read a peace you did concerning the old woodyard and railway station at the top of Grammar School Road. I use to know an Alan Bowden who use to live near there, unfortunately joined the forces when I was 15 and we lost touch. Would love to get back in touch 

    Have enclosed a couple of photo's from Bolton council infant and Junior school, latchford, notice you were born in 1950, don't know if you went there, just a chance. 



    Image 19-08-2016 at 21.18.jpg

    1. Latchford Locks

      Latchford Locks

      Yes Mike it is me!

      It is 57 years since we last met.You and your Mum and Dad moved over to Thelwall from The Soroptomist House in Grammar school rd and into a bungalow if I remember correctly and I came to visit a couple of times in the summer holiday of 1962.




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