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  1. Cockhedge Foot Bridge

    I have noticed over the last couple of weeks that it is closed to pedestrians. No reason given and no sign of any work being done on it. Does anyone know why it is shut. It makes a hazardous crossing of the road now for shoppers with children. I'm sure the foot fall will be hit by this.
  2. Latchford Station

    I left when I got married in 1969. But to this day I still consider it home. And can see the large waiting room converted into a wonderful living room complete with large Victorian fireplace. There were outhouses I used as childhood dens and a driveway up to the station from Grammar School Rd Railway bridge plus a wonderfully stocked large garden which was my Parents pride and joy. Dr Beaching was the man responsible for closing two thirds of the country's rail network (Locally...Including stations at Latchford/Thelwall/Lymm/Heatley+ the Old Trafford stadium direct link) He had the misguided idea that motorways with road transportation was the way forward. And now look at the grid locked system he saw as the bright new future (end of rant )
  3. Latchford Station

    The pictures are of two different stations. The first one was on the ship canal bank at the top of Grammar School Rd And the rest are the high level station which closed courtesy of Dr Beaching in 1962. I was was born and raised on the lower level station which was demolished in 1971.To make more room for the timber yard that was there at the time. The rail crossing in the first photo was a road that joined Latchford and Grappenhall before the canal was built. After the canal was dug the higher level became the only way to keep the railway open.
  4. Furniture Shop

    Blimey.. You are spot on I sometimes went in the shop with the Wife to pay and I remember he just shoved the money in his pocket... said thanks,see you next week. And that was it. You have definitely jogged some (one) of my ageing memory cells
  5. Furniture Shop

    YES !!!! Thats the one. Blimey how did you work that one out That was when Lower Bridge St had real shops and people didn't feel embarased walking up it.
  6. Furniture Shop

    No it was definitely next door to the Packet House where the former job agency was recently before it closed last year. The shop I am on about closed around 1979 after the owner had some kind of brush with the law. And eventually re opened at the back of Woolworths opposite The Hamlet Nightclub(or whatever name it traded under in 1980)
  7. Furniture Shop

    Hi All I really need need to know the name of the old furniture store that was located on Bridge St next to the Packet House pub. I remember furninshing the new home My Wife and I had just got. Back in 1973. We got a complete house plus carpets for £300 at £ 2 per week !!
  8. PC slow response Memory

    This is something I've had for many years http://www.iobit.com/en/advancedsystemcarefree.php I use this most days and it does every job needed
  9. Six straight defeats

    After years of obscurity came the brief taste of glory in the 73/74/75 Murphy era :then we slipped back into mid table also rans. Déjà vu, ????
  10. Harry Hayes in Hospital.

    Very sad news RIP Harry
  11. Harry Hayes in Hospital.

    Best wishes to Harry and his Family.
  12. Temp Market

    It was only Paper bags / wrapping paper plus cleaning gear & spare overalls . The cellar entrance is/was approx where Alice statue is now so yes well and truly filled in. Out of interest there was also an identical cellar on the left hand side of the building that was converted into a Gentleman's public loo.
  13. Temp Market

    "". Perhaps a better project to retain the town's character would have been to restore the pre Golden Square businesses in situ & use what became the GS to build offices "" Sorry to disagree Davy, But.... At the end of the day like it or not, Golden Square is a Thousand times better/cleaner/safer and weather friendly than the old Bridge St/ Sankey St/Old Market areas. When we take off our rose tinted specs ,it was a filthy dangerous place (Traffic / polution wise) and Trinity Church was just totally caked in soot and grime from the local industries and all the heavy traffic travelling through Town Centre. . I worked in the Old Fish/meat market in the 1960's and it was infested with rats which incredibly were an accepted way of life.I remember on my first day working there I was sent down into the cellar for some stock and was told to take something to throw at the rats to "shift 'em" !! I am an old fogey these days but appreciate how much things have immeasurably improved over the last 50 years.
  14. Temp Market

    A better option would have been a dual purpose venue so that concerts and live shows could also be shown.
  15. Temp Market

    That has been puzzling me as well. Tremendous expense for little benefit.