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  1. I met Kathy in the original Britannia Pub on the corner of Scotland Rd and Buttermarket Street. Bert Bretherton was the landlord and it was a very popular meeting place for younger drinkers back in the 60's there and the Lion along with The Feathers. Bert retired from there and got a chippie on Padgate Lane.
  2. And my sister worked in Cappers offices with her friends. Barbara Boden,Marion Daniels and Jean Fryer . Why can I recall all that yet don't know what I had for tea last night ???
  3. I was on 6-2 shift and was frequently a bit late 6.15 'ish but then at 10am bacon buttie time in the canteen I was consigned to the naughty step for being late and put on hosing down the slaughter area for the next shift, and no break for Latch
  4. I worked at the Gaskells Abattoir you mention. Not for long ,about 6 months in 1967. I found it much like any other factory job didn't think to much about it . There was even a bonus scheme and "Job and Finish" incentives just like any other Warrington factory in those far off more easy going days. Nothing worried me after all it was 1967 "The Summer of Love" and I was 17... what more do I need to say ... Happy Days
  5. If as expected Boris opens up the pubs again what will the restrictions be? What hours will they be open? Are we to return to the chaos that was Bridge St after 11.30 at night and subject out frontline services to all the dangers and threats such a thing would inevitably bring? Or will common sense prevail and hours be strictly 11.00-11.00 maximum permitted. Has anybody in authority even considered this?
  6. They have said before that the wartime diet was extremely well balanced and healthy
  7. There are some very strange people out there,with even stranger ideas.... A lot of bored lockdown people looking for something to do are being misled and not realising it.
  8. Ever the optimist ๐Ÿ™„
  9. Ok.. here is a follow up to my earlier post On Thursday morning (11.00 am)I had a problem and sent an e consult form to my Doctor 2.00pm Thursday Doctor phoned me and after a chat made an appointment for me on the following day Friday. Friday afternoon I was in the surgery and checked over then given a prescription and appointment to follow up progress in 4 weeks. Now that is what I call a Success !!!
  10. It is a problem that older folk are not always the most computer proficient and apart from getting a neighbour or family member to do it for them it is a hiccup ; but at Latchford practice at least they offer help to that group.
  11. My thoughts on the new practice of e consult are mainly positive. Before this you had to phone at 8am and then sit listening to the engaged tone for 20 mins before getting through only to be told all appointments were full !! A very frustrating way of getting to see a gp when you are likely feeling a bit poorly. Now the idea of e consult means you get through immediately and are guaranteed either a face to face appointment or telephone consultation before 6.30 the same day. The downside is the amount of typing and answering seemingly endless questions, but I suppose that is needed for a speedy decision by the gp at the other end. Plus it deters timewasters who either are not particularly in need of a doctor or after getting an appointment by the old way do not turn up anyway for the consultation. Time alone will tell if it is successful and replaces the old system totally. But I think on paper at least it's a good move forward
  12. Wow Obs I bet your the first person on everyone's dinnerparty guest list
  13. Many a true word spoken in jest ๐Ÿง
  14. Anyone been watching the aussie games this week I think they were well presented and despite initial misgivings on empty stadiums they were ok
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