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  1. Morrisons isn't strictly Stockton Heath as it's built on the Greenalls Brewery site which was in Lancashire before they started messing round with borders
  2. I reckon one winter spent working on a Scottish Island with a maintenance program of agriculture and self support,Kibbutz style, would have them queuing to go back to Europe
  3. Didn't the Australians once put all their illegals on an island near Papua New Guinea ? We have plenty of Scottish islands with nothing on them(Yet ???)
  4. Seriously; This must rate as one of the dafter ideas from government this year. Forget the wars in Syria/Yemen etc and malnutrition across swathes of Africa and Asia Lets concentrate our resources banning butties on trains 🥴
  5. Had mine in chemist on Saturday(more convenient than Latchford Medical) Pharmacist told me this first batch may be the last before Brexit date and with the vacine produced in France there may be delays,so look sharp Sid's before you miss out!
  6. Can I have the address of your Doc's 🤣🤣
  7. Always clean and plenty of routes plus mostly on time. I also have a app on my phone that tells me which stop I'm at and the next bus due called "UK bus checker" I can't complain anyway as I have a bus pass and certainly would be lost without our bus routes from Town for shopping to Hospitals/GP/Dentist etc. And Lymm Dam on warm summer days, Plus popping in The Church Green before my return 🍺 No complaints from me
  8. These demonstrators seem to have a lot of free time and money to travel the country. So they can't have a job Are they all very rich Or on Benefits ????
  9. I got mine which I have completed and returned so yes at least they are doing something , but no wonder! They could reasonably have expected 10,000 for a post Wembley play off match, Talking off play off games; Last nights Toulouse v Featherstone was a weekend game on a warm sunny day so a very poor turn out from our French supporters. And to play the final 6 days later on another continent defies belief !!!
  10. Since finishing work I enjoy wandering round town and window shopping. But these days Golden Square is really the main destination,I just got sick and tired of cyclist flying around on pavements oblivious to any safety/courtesy issues elsewhere and guess it's only time before someone is seriously injured. Also town is becoming smaller in area since three quarters of Bridge St is either derelict or a pub/takeaway/charity shop or hair/finger nail shops. Golden Square lost M&S and with it apart from Iceland the only good quality food and drink availability on offer. GS is well patrolled and is clean and safe.But I worry that without M&S plus BHS it will encourage shoppers to look further afield. The New Market is a chance for more varied shopping if it is fully occupied and well patrolled and clean. One suggestion for the new market would be the provision of a newsagent/post office which I feel would be a bonus not available in the current premises.
  11. Toronto draw crowd of 9,325, Warrington draw crowd of 5,625 This isn't a pop at my beloved Wire Wigan v Salford was also lower than Toronto. Toronto had included play off games with the season ticket so may that had a lot to do with it.?
  12. I'm Popeye the sailor man I live in an old tin can There's a hole in the middle Where I do a piddle I'm Popeye the sailor man
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