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  1. Lidl has said it will remove cartoon characters from its own-brand cereals to help parents buy healthy products. It hopes that the rebranded packaging, to be introduced in the spring, will alleviate the pressure of children's "pester power". When I was young the World was so simple and orderly,I went with my Mum when she did her weekly shop(to help carry the bags) she let me pick my favourite cereal as my treat.I remember looking at Tony the Tiger and all the other brands plus looking at the free gifts on offer which were often in the boxes, Obviously it made a young lad happy as a sandboy picking these cereals.Well it must have if I still remember the warm glow of Saturday morning shopping with Mum sixty years later. And now such small treats are being demonised (yet again) by our interfering do gooders who must have a very sad life if they just sit in some office looking for new""Hidden"" threats in the innocence of buying a box of soddin cornflakes with cute cartoon characters on them !!!!.
  2. No that was the unloading area for tannery hides, Raddon Court was much further down on the left.
  3. I lived in Latchford for all my early years and more... but never knew the origin of the"Dickie Flourbags" nickname.... I did not go there but most of my mates at the time did and I bet they didn't either
  4. You lookin at me ! I said you lookin at me !!! 😄🍺
  5. They are just small minded and bored time wasters hungry for a bit of coverage on tv or the press. If it wasn't for our patience with these nuisances they would have been hauled up before the magistrates and fined for wasting police time who have the onerous task of humouring them whilst trying to keep order on our streets.... ..
  6. Good point I wonder what time the last film finishes ? I would have guessed it would be after 10 pm i
  7. I'm only guessing but as it's demolished now,then likely was near the old level crossing/New Bridge ? Doesn't it look dilapidated and dirty. I remember Warrington in the 1950's and my childhood memories are the same,everywhere was grim ; sooty and colourless. And I wasn't even old enough to know any different I just thought everywhere was the same and it was perfectly normal.
  8. Begining to look great, Just bulldoze the lower half of Bridge St and turn it into a nice Park.
  9. The booking office window is still there and clearly visible.(part of the toilets now).Even in 1967 there was a railway track going past the side of the pub.And a level crossing gate to stop any traffic on Tanners Lane.Although I don't know if the line was actually in use,if it was it may have been something to do with the massive British Steel plant on Dallam Lane.
  10. Not sure... But it was opposite the railway sidings and bridge that led into British Steel rolling mills plant.
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