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  1. Old Latchford Station My home where I was born and raised until I married.. Demolished to make way for a Timber Companies Trade counter office! (1972) Which was in turn demolished some 20 years later and the land left derelict. Another chunk of local heritage lost forever for no good purpose.
  2. And this just for good measure
  3. When he had the one in Latchford,if you were a regular and could only afford chips midweek(I was in my late teens) he always put a scoop of scratchings on the chips... delicious!
  4. Not enough is being done until the hackers strike and then all hell breaks loose! Surely if enough money was thrown at recruiting the brains to counter these attacks then it would be seen as less of an easy target. In fact they do say an ex poacher makes the best gamekeeper.
  5. I think pub hours were the one major factor. When pubs closed at 10.30 (or 11.00 on Friday and Saturday).. It was easy for chippie owners to gauge the sudden surge in customers and the heating racks were ready and full of chips and battered fish.Next door to St Augustines club was (Don Wernhams?) and the Railway had Len Andrews(The Warrington Youth Band leader)Pierpoints and Richmonds Clubs Had The Frying Angels on Nook Lane ...they had queues of drinkers waiting to buy a bag of chips and a tub of soda soaked peas plus a bottle of pop.for the missus back home(small price to pay for a night out with the lads) or for the nice leisurely walk chatting with mates. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh those were wonderful days.
  6. Can't beat a soggy bag of chips with the vinegar dripping through the newspaper and the salt stinging those tiny cuts on your hand that you didn't know you even had..Seemed to round off a great evening out on darts night
  7. Don't worry.. it's what I call "a grey moment" I have more with each birthday that passes.
  8. It was sold to a new owner(no idea why) and I suppose the quality went downhill?? Also a very bad spot for footfall anyway. Chippies need to be in the centre of a community with plenty of housing in walking distance.and the odd pub nearby....
  9. Vision Express, Golden Square. I think an independent review would be fairer and so........... https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.visionexpress.com?languages=en&stars=5
  10. I think specsavers are victims of their own success. I was a customer for several years and saw the volume of customers grow at the same time that customer service deteriorated due to customer/staff ratio staying the same as in quieter years.Long waits and standing room only in the waiting areas became common place. The last pair I bought had a mark on the lens ,I returned and was quoted £45 to replace it,as it was inferred I had scratched the lens myself (I had owned them for 48 hours) !!!! And so I voted with my feet. And now I have found an alternative optician where I am treated as an individual with small gestures such as remembering my face and last visit and offering a cup of coffee whilst waiting for my appointment slot. and the prices are much the same.
  11. I know Vision Express in Golden Square do free minor fixes for customers ;
  12. Spot on. I've been having flu jabs for 10 years. Never a problem,plus the one off pneumonia shot a couple of years ago. I have a circle of approx 20 friends who also have the jab,never heard of them complaining either and believe me they enjoy a good moan 😆
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