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  1. Latchford Locks

    White Goods Removal

    Serial Troller 😅
  2. Latchford Locks

    White Goods Removal

    A good white appliance outlet would be well suited to the now empty Homebase store on Riverside retail. A good large catchment area going begging.
  3. Latchford Locks

    One More Down

    Pubs were the heart of communities throughout the country. Now with the streets not as safe at night and the high prices they charge in comparison to supermarkets,it is more of a special trip than a regular communal evening out. Also the generations that filled the darts and domino nights are slowly declining. We need to reinvigorate those traditional values but I fear it will be a long uphill battle.
  4. Latchford Locks

    A breath of fresh air ?

    Loony Left Agitators with nothing better to do till the next benefit payment is due.
  5. Latchford Locks

    Insulin ?

    Crickey.. Even Remoaners have a sense of humour !!
  6. Latchford Locks

    How many are left?

    So was I but also with my pink NHS specs on (I hated 'em with a passion 🤓)
  7. Latchford Locks

    Should she be "rescued"

    The head of MI6 has warned that the Islamic State group is reorganising for more attacks despite its military defeat in Syria. Alex Younger, the UK's intelligence chief, also told of his concern about jihadists returning to Europe with "dangerous" skills and connections. They should expect to be investigated and possibly prosecuted, he said. His comments come after Shamima Begum, a teenager who ran away to join IS, said she wants to return to the UK. We need to be aware these are not idle comments. We need to learn lessons from the very sad atrocities that France and Belgium have suffered in the recent past. No more liberal hand wringing ! Wake up and smell the coffee !
  8. Latchford Locks

    Should she be "rescued"

    People who have left the UK to fight against us / support our enemies deserve absolutely nothing from us. They are traitors to our nation and our way of life. They can never be trusted, no matter how much they(supposedly) repent.
  9. Latchford Locks

    White Goods Removal

    I know Currys do it.They charge £5
  10. Latchford Locks

    Should she be "rescued"

    As my Dear Mum always used to say " Well you've made your bed,so now lie in it ! " 👎
  11. Latchford Locks

    White Goods Removal

  12. Latchford Locks

    White Goods Removal

  13. Latchford Locks

    White Goods Removal

    If people want their area to look decent and not like Steptoes Yard then forking out a few bob isn't a big deal , all services have a cost involved. The kind of people that just dump without a thought for where they live? Well they wouldn't pay if it was 50p an item.
  14. Latchford Locks

    Insulin ?

    I have to smile at the EU, while they threaten us with A Place In Hell,,, We just plod on and enjoy the wonderful country we have... Oh and my Mum had to deal with these things and still found time to bring up her family totally oblivious to life's little problems 😉 How on earth we found time to rescue them from their German neighbours and liberate them all is just beyond me.. 😄
  15. Latchford Locks

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    Doctor Locks here with your answer 😄 My BP is 140/80 and has been for at least 7 years and my GP is happy with that.