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  1. Hi Latchford locks,

    Hoping you will be able to help me as I read a peace you did concerning the old woodyard and railway station at the top of Grammar School Road. I use to know an Alan Bowden who use to live near there, unfortunately joined the forces when I was 15 and we lost touch. Would love to get back in touch 

    Have enclosed a couple of photo's from Bolton council infant and Junior school, latchford, notice you were born in 1950, don't know if you went there, just a chance. 



    Image 19-08-2016 at 21.18.jpg

  2. Or a Wetherspoons 😃
  3. Could anyone ??? Give them Aldi's best and they wouldn't notice the change ! Just arrogant Exhibitionism at it's most obscene level.
  4. In the news today I read this unbelievable story,the kind that in the past has been the fuel of many countries revolts and revolutions. Hawksmoor Manchester: Diners given £4,500 red wine by mistake The customers were given a 2001 bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol Lucky diners were accidentally served a £4,500 bottle of red wine at a restaurant. Hawksmoor Manchester said on Twitter it hoped the customers had enjoyed their evening after being given the pricey 2001 bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol. The diners ordered a £260 Bordeaux but received the bottle "of the same vintage" which was 17 times the price. A "mortified" staff member who made the error has been urged to keep their "chin up" as "one-off mistakes happen". It was only afterwards that the restaurant's manager realised the mistake, a spokesman said. 🧐 It is obscene that anybody would pay that kind of money on a bottle of wine in the first place .
  5. Must say that's crossed my mind several times
  6. Let us not forget that BBC Radio do a grand job of many types of different stations Local radio plus Radio's 1 2 3 4 .. all totally advert free .. I think we underestimate what we get at such a bargain.. £154 a year Whereas Virgin charge me £85 per month(£1020 a year) and I get adverts thrown at me as well. And before anyone says " well that's your choice" I know it is...
  7. Bolton's game against Brentford on Saturday has been called off by the English Football League after Bolton's players said they would not play until they receive the wages they are owed. The match was called off 16 hours before it was scheduled to kick off. None of the March wages owed to the Wanderers' players have been paid. I often wonder how clubs out of the "Elite" few managed to pay the exorbitant(obscene) wages demanded these days by people who at the end of the day just kick a ball around and occasionally into a net ? Like all good things maybe this gravy train is going off the rails.
  8. Well they need a change from Anti Fracking/Greenham Common Reunions/Frog and Badger Campaigns/Brexit Sit in's/Grand National Cruelty....etc etc etc. Oh well it will soon be Wimbledon and they will all vanish for 2 weeks to eat strawberry's and quaff Bollinger 🙄 NEWS FLASH ........ Updated today... ""Save our Strawberries for Tortoises campaigners due to shut down Wimbledon Fortnight"".!!
  9. Well I've still not sorted this out 😯 Could you either clear all my attachments for a fresh start or allow me more space. Many thanks Latch... 👍
  10. Only comment i can make is that all this border/trust mess is costing the NHS money in admin costs.? Plus it keeps more "" Management "" people in jobs ???
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