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  1. Whatever needed to be done had to be done. Rest assured if Japan had the technology they would not have batted an eye at using it and celebrating. Just sad that the human race have spent so long and so much trying to obliterate each other. Imagine if those resources had been use to the good what a wonderful planet we would now be living on.
  2. Cheers Sid.👍 I had been pondering the question for hours but now you tell me it seems so relevant to the theme of the episode . Makes me wonder if the lasting memory of Margaret Thatcher by Her Majesty would have been one of mutual loathing or respect. Guess we will never know 🧐
  3. Just a question on the episode named 48:1 what does it mean/signify. I have done the usual googling but it only comes up with bible texts. Seems such an obscure episode title ?? "The Crown" 48:1 (TV Episode 2020) - IMDb
  4. Yes they are everywhere 😕
  5. He would probably shake up some of the players who are used to an easy going coach. I couldn't see them daring to pour a bucket of water over him like they did to Price at Wembley... He would flatten them
  6. It's a shame we missed Watson as there are not many decent coaches available at the moment. Apart from Brian McDermott.
  7. "Pity they can't do the same for those people who dump old beds, fridges,sofas..." The thing is Sid.......... That would entail some hard detective work and possible confrontation . 58 year old Grandmothers out in the park are so much easier 🤕
  8. We are in the middle of a national emergency and what do Hounslow council find time to do ? A woman has been fined £120 for feeding squirrels because it is classed as 'littering'. Maria Lachut, 55, was stopped by an enforcement officer in Lampton Park in Hounslow, west London, and accused of littering after feeding nuts to squirrels. She was given a fine of £120, reduced to £80 if paid within 10 days, while enjoying the park's wildlife. Only in this country 😕
  9. Yes your spot on 👍 The BBC began broadcasting in colour in 1967 and was looking for programmes that could exploit the new technology. Thus came the idea of broadcasting snooker, then still a minor sport, was the brainchild of David Attenborough who was the controller of BBC2 at the time.
  10. Yes having a colour tv was certainly a rare thing back then and all the relatives and friends would roll up just to look at it. Even in 73 when we got ours it was still something to drop into conversations as many times as possible 😄 and just for you Davy 😉
  11. I think it was 1968 as I remember walking into St Marys club and they had a colour tv that year ,I don't remember seeing one before, Ester and Abi Ofarim were on singing Cinderella Rockerfella which was No1 in February 1968.
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