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    One small fact: you are going to die. Despite every effort, no one lives forever. Sorry to be such a spoiler. My advice is when the time comes, don't panic. It doesn't seem to help.
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    Likes....Walking,watching a good documentary or film,visiting local hostelries,watching rugby and surfing the web.
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  1. The Railway in Latchford Village.

    The Railway was the "Posh" pub in Latchford and attracted several drinkers from "over the bridge"
  2. Have a butchers at this

    Thats so bad its hilarious. Tommy Cooper would have been proud
  3. Challenge Cup Final

    I thought Hicks was ok, I wouldn't have a referee's job these days for the Town Clock ! Under intense pressure from the word go,so much going on ,new rule interpretations,players trying to milk free kicks,keeping track of tackle counts,keeping pace with super fit sportmen, etc etc plus some sky presenters pulling the game apart with replay after replay after blooming replay. I must say well done to our merry whistle blowers they get a lot of stick,but there wouldn't be a game if the crowd applauded every decision they make.
  4. Challenge Cup Final

    They just wanted it more than us or Saints.. Not saying we were not trying but they had the impetus that wins cups on the day. Well done to them. Also, closing the top tiers seems to have made the lower sections look healthily full,better than spreading the crowd as in other years.
  5. Pest Control ?

    OK so a pensioner living on £140 a week. see's they have a rat , what do they do... Pay £85 for some rodent operative to lay some bait. or Eat ??????
  6. Catalan Dragons at home

    Good win ...But.. The atmosphere was more like a morgue than rugby stadium.. The empty away end meets your eye as you take your seat and straight away the Buzz drains from you. Imagine if Catalan/Toulouse/Toronto and London were in Super League ??? Doesn't bare contemplating. Yet that is the plan.
  7. Genders

    Says it all
  8. Blondes again

  9. NHS again -

    Cutting journey times by 30 mins London/Manchester. Or Cutting hospital waiting list would be an infinitely better way to spend this money
  10. A rabbit goes into a pub

  11. Challenge Cup

    Toronto were their own worst enemies. But they will watch the replay and learn a lot. Can't call them for lack of effort.
  12. Leeds away

    We seem to have really turned the corner now. And the credit(warranted or not) goes to Steve Price. My opinion for what it's worth,is that Smith was a better coach but he became aloof distant and lazy,leaving the other coaching staff to do most of the work. He just lost interest and it becme glaringly obvious. So Price will now go from strength to strength as he is young keen and out to impress.
  13. Englishman's home ?

    Or.... Defending his Home and Wife ?
  14. Englishman's home ?

    If 95% of the population were in his shoes they would have done the same. He wants congratulating not arresting.
  15. Widnes Vikings

    Must do better on Monday But I am sure there is plenty in reserve.. hopefully