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  1. or employ more border police to keep them away 🖐️
  2. Am I getting a "Grey Moment" or was the theme tune the same as The Lone Rangers ?
  3. I hope he recorded it Name and shame 🤕
  4. And William Tell; with Land Burgher Gessler !
  5. When you said Miss Robin Hood I thought of Patricia Driscoll Richard Greens on screen love interest Didn't she do Picture Book as well ? .
  6. Well if we know so much about them we should easily catch and return when they land But it's to big of a soap box for snowflake do gooders....
  7. Well I really didn't know that. It certainly went under my radar when I've been reading up on that era.😧
  8. Don't forget the Russians invaded Poland as well as Germany so we declare war on Germany and ship armaments via Our Russian convoys to Stalins USSR.My Father in Law was on them and said when they got to Murmansk they were not even allowed off the ships except whilst unloading and were treated like sh*te
  9. I always had a crush on her in my younger days RIP 💗
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