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  1. Begining to look great, Just bulldoze the lower half of Bridge St and turn it into a nice Park.
  2. The booking office window is still there and clearly visible.(part of the toilets now).Even in 1967 there was a railway track going past the side of the pub.And a level crossing gate to stop any traffic on Tanners Lane.Although I don't know if the line was actually in use,if it was it may have been something to do with the massive British Steel plant on Dallam Lane.
  3. Not sure... But it was opposite the railway sidings and bridge that led into British Steel rolling mills plant.
  4. The Vulcan was pretty much a "No Go" pub unless you wore your leathers.. A bit like The Slaughtered Lamb in American Werewolf in London ..The Tar was a much safer bet Health and Safety wise ! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  5. The Rainbow was directly opposite the Beachcomber, I think it was next door to The Bay Horse?
  6. Hogie Wagon on a Friday night at 11.30(closing time in 1966)..... Blood and broken teeth all over the place !!! Get the foot long Hogie and eat the sausage and onions by the time we reached Bridge Foot(on the way home to Latchford) then throw the bread into the Mersey πŸ˜‚ Oh and as a footnote didn't the "Bikers" also go in the Vulcan Pub on Dallam Lane ?
  7. I used the Beachcomber back in 1966, I don't really remember any bikers though there were a few young US soldiers(teenage conscripts really) who just kept telling us how they thanked God every day that they had been posted to Burtonwood instead of Vietnam!
  8. πŸ˜‰ Never a truer wordπŸ‘
  9. Retire: Get a Bus Pass......... Problem solved Plus I get a bit of exercise strolling to the bus stops
  10. And when whoever it is gets elected... the only people to blame will be the voting public.
  11. It seems you are spot on, But even I wasn't knocking around back then πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Here is the schedule. 2 Early Liverpool Coaching MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY : I Ockinton, Plimouth .... .... .... .... 1. s. i EVERY MONDAY : I To Darneton, Ferryhil, Helperby and | Northallerton .... .... .... .... xlv. s. it Durham .... .... .... .... .... Iv. s. 1 ,, Newcastle .... .... .... .... .... Iv. s. : I Once every fortnight to Edinburgh, iv. Β£ a peece, on j I Mondays. ' Every Friday to Wakefield, in 4 days .... xl. s. i All persons who desire to travel into the cities and towns ' and roads herein hereafter mentioned and expressed, | namely to Coventry, Litchfield, Stone, Namptwich, Chester, I Warrington, Wigan, Chorley, From the same paper of 24 June, 1658 : f I The Postmasters on Chester road petitioning have received \ 1 orders and do accordingly publish the following advertise- i i. ment: '' I All gentlemen, merchants and others who have occasion ; i to travel between London and Westchester, Manchester j j and Warrington, or any other town upon the road for the | : accommodation of trade, despatch of business and ease of j i purse, upon every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning * betwixt six and ten of the clock at the house of Mr. ;; Christopher Charteris at the sign of the Hart's Horns in West Smithfield, and postmaster there, and at the postmaster at Chester and at the postmaster of Warrington, may have . ; a good and able single horse or more furnished at 3d. the mile without charge of a guide, etc., etc. j ,. All those who intend to ride this way are desired to give i ( a little notice beforehand if conveniently they can to the \ I several postmasters where they first take horse. That is all I can find out, But I was also aware that King James used Warrington as an overnight stop for the transport of Captured Scottish Rebels to London For transporting to the colonies as forced labour.... Possibly why there is such a large contingent of Canadians having strong Scottish Ancestral ties ?
  12. It was a Coaching House ,in other words a bit of a half way hotel stop between Scotland and London in the 18th century, horses were changed and customers ate and stayed for the night.
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