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  1. I was there on Friday night and have refrained from posting until now as I was waiting for my tears and depression to abate!!! Just wanted to say well done to your team and good luck in the next round.....I will be watching out for you!! Hope you all have a good season however it goes from here.
  2. Cheers Gary. Another Exeter City connection with the town of Warrington concerns full-back John Rutter. He was born in Warrington and signed for Exeter from AFC Bournemouth in the summer of 1974.
  3. I thought you guys and gals up there might find this of interest..... Warrington link with Exeter City's 1914 game with Brazil This Friday's FA Cup match between Warrington Town and Exeter City comes 100 years after a local Warrington lad played for Exeter against Brazil. Sammy Strettle, a full back, was born in Warrington in 1885. His football career started out with the Lively Polly Soap Works XI in Liverpool. He then joined Everton in 1906, playing four games between 1907 and 1910. Chesterfield bought Sammy for £800 and he stayed there for four and a half years, captaining the side during the whole period. He signed for Exeter City in the summer of 1913 and became a regular member of the Southern League team. He was part of the 15 man squad that toured Argentina and Brazil in the summer of 1914 and played in ten of the eleven matches. The last of the games, with Strettle in defence, was against Brazil in Rio , the five time World Cup winners first ever match. Exeter lost 2-0. It was a match commemorated this summer when Exeter City returned to the same Fluminense Stadium for a centenary game. Strettle came back to play every game for Exeter in the 1914/15 season. But like many other footballers he was soon off to the front. In 1915 he enlisted with the Royal Engineers 58th Division Signal Company and served in France and Flanders - one year at Ypres and another on the Somme. He was awarded the Military Medal in October 1918. After the War Sammy played for Exeter in the 1919/20 season before leaving to sign for his hometown team Warrington. You can see a photo of Strettle on the Trust's Grecian Voices website which includes an A-Z of our players: http://www.grecianvoices.com/Sam-Strettle/Grecian-Data/
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