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  1. Does anyone one here have any contact with anyone that was on Burtonwood between around 1976 and 1982? Americans or British.
  2. There was indeed a spur line into the base at Burtonwood. It was still being used in the early '80's, and presumably until the base closed.
  3. Flatlander


    But I've no intention of becoming an MP!
  4. Turning into the next but one road to mine, I was told by one to "return to the road" or something similar.
  5. Your opinion of sat navs seems to be the same as mine!
  6. IMHO, that amount of money is nowhere near enough. In regards to Warrington, and other communities suffer from traffic congestion, driverless cars are certain to increase it until everybody has one. There will be other problems also. I fully agree with Dizzy in the fact that they will be boring.
  7. I can recommend a holiday here, depending on interests, of course. The way people drive, its surprising there aren't more accidents.
  8. The main motorway between this countries second and third largest cities, mid morning....
  9. If there is one thing that I definately do not miss its the traffic. I'll try to find a photo of traffic here if anyones interested...
  10. Once again, thankyou for posting this. After watching the film, I can understand that a lot of the changes had to be made, but not all. It seems as though the planners have decided there is no room for old and new to stand side by side.
  11. Thanks for posting that, it was brilliant, absolutely brilliant to watch.
  12. By all means upload some photos. I'll enjoy seeing them, even if there is a risk that I might be saddened by the changes.
  13. Sad that Burtonwood wasn't turned into some kind of tourist attraction or museum, in the same way that they did with Duxford. Carrying on along the A49 from where the Horse and Jockey used to be there was a dance place called the Lion or something similar. In Bridge Street? My memory is that it was split into 3. The upstairs where they held discos, The "Back Bar" and another. Does that still exist? I think the owner Bill ? started off by selling hot dogs at rugby matches. does that place still exist? Not to forget the Hoagie Wagon....
  14. ... on a regular basis was 1982. As a direct result of finding this forum, I had a look on Google Earth to look at the place. I'm absolutely astounded at the amount of changes that have been made. I doubt if I would know the place any more, and several places seem to have disappeared completely. What happened to the Horse & Jockey? And the Fire Station opposite? Or is it simply so my memory is playing tricks on me? What happened to Burtonwood Base? That seems to be a housing area now.
  15. A while ago, I would have said yes in regards to a sugar tax. Now, I'm not all that sure. The thing that changed my mind is that beaurocratic haven known as Brussels. Apparently, they want Britain to stop importing cane sugar, and use beet sugar instead. Why? For the simple reason Cane Sugar comes from the Commonwealth countries, and the other from...guess where?
  16. More than clever, spot on. They're the ones, I recognised them in an instant.
  17. Thanks for the welcome. As I'm sure you'll understand, looking for someone from this distance is difficult! Why is it more difficult to find someone that is alive, than it is to find someone who has passed on? At least, thats what I found out when I did the family research thing! Edit: I would have guessed that he was in the 60-64 range now. If he has lived there for 28 years, then that would have put his move there in 1986? Which I would think is possible. I fully agree about the privacy thing, I was unsure if it was even correct to put his name on here. Thanks for the help.
  18. As the title. I'm trying to find these two old friends of the above name that I lost contact with some 30+ years ago. Can anyone help me with their whereabouts? I'd really like to contact them again. I am led to believe that they are still in Warrington. Thanks in advance.
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