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  1. Thanks Dizzy, apology accepted and if we took what you said the wrong way we return the apology. We really don't want a fight we just want to express ourselves too.
  2. We accept the fact of buying next to the RECYCLING CENTRE but object to having it rammed down our throats when we try to make a comment. Our attitude remains the same we will accept it if it does not close. We did not campaign for Sandy Lane closure we were just happy that it was on the agenda. We will not be campaigning to close any tips/recycling centres. Please let us have our say without sarcastic remarks thrown back at us.
  3. I don't see why we should be shot down in flames when you make comments like this. You spoke of stinky bin rubbish attracting flies and vermin
  4. Hi Dizzy, It was once said of us at Brindley Court that it was a case of "NIMBY" when we stated our case. It seems that in respect of your black bag/s that might attract flies and vermin at your home you prefer to dump them at ours. Is this a case of "NIMBY" or are we just missing a point. As we have said before if Sandy Lane has to stay open because of no saving then we will bite the bullet as we have done in the past but if there is a saving whatever the amount that will avoid our council tax being put up then so be it.
  5. The only way to get through life is to remain light hearted and positive. Bitter attitudes only brings bitterness out in us. Love life and carry on. Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hey folks, We are not really looking for sympathy for noise levels or that the things we were promised by the liars (developers and or others), as we also have a pub across the canal, drunk folks until 3 - 4am, school children going past to school, traffic noise and sirens. We are not complaining, we were just happy after 14 years of having the tip next door we got the news that it was closing down. Once again IF is found that it will not be cost effective to close it then we will take the consequences. We just don't want to get into the politics of this situation. All we can ask is that the best solution for all will come out of this.
  7. Hi Warrington Councillors. Labour, Liberal Democrats, Conservative and or others, please sort out your differences and put our interests at heart instead of pointing fingers at each other. The easiest thing in the world is to blame shift, it gets the finger pointing at someone else. I respect the views of all of you and would like the utopian situation of love for one another rather than the tearing down of humanity through lame accusations. If it is really in the best financial interest to keep Sandy Lane CRC open then let it be, if not let it close.
  8. Ann, With respect, these options of impact have already been looked at by your party councillors as well as council and other parties to no avail. Why oppose the closure of one small recycling centre when we have two others. Remember that at the call in meeting it was cited that Liverpool has one for it's size while we at present have three. Highly disproportionate "I think".
  9. Hi Bazj, Our point is not from a political point of view. We don't much care who governs but they do it with our interests at heart. That there is conniving and backstabbing to get votes does not concern us, our mutual benefits should be worked out between the parties not argued about who is right or who is wrong.
  10. Hi grey-man, It's not a case of NIMBY, it is a case of idle promises made in the past. If the tip remains open we will take on the chin as we have in the past. We just want to voice our minority opinion as well.
  11. Hi Evil Sid, Thanks for your comments about other noises. We have those as well but that is not the subject matter. It happens to be the saving of costs in closing THIS recycling centre. There are syill two other venues to do your dumping albeit a little further to travel
  12. We would like to reply to the selfish people who made remarks that we, who live overlooking the tip, should not have bought there in the first place. Well, we bought back in 1999 and were told by our solicitors that we must not worry about the tip next door as it was going to move to somewhere in the Stretton area and that the developer had an option to purchase and build Brindley Court Phase two on the site with a walk-way in between. Unfortunately for us due to objections to it being moved and our developer losing out, we have had to put up with the noise of bins being dropped, vehicles moving through, wagons reversing with their reverse alarms making an almighty racket and the dust created as the workmen who use a blower to clear the mess left on site. We have had some councillors meet with us in the past to resolve the difficulties we experience. Unfortunately we were left disappointed at the unfavourable result. Now we at last have heard the good news of the closure due to financial implications of keeping it open, only to be confronted with a petition of 700+ selfish people who probably only use the tip a maximum one a time a month (if that many times). We all now have recycling and should be seeking ways to maximise that option rather than wasting our council tax on keeping this tip open. Just remember selfish ones that you probably use this facility a maximum of 12 times a year but we have to put up with it 362 days a year and 363 on a leap year. I thank you for your compassion fellow rate payers in OUR community. Dessy
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