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  1. used to be lots of them around, not seen one for ages
  2. The planned lap dancing club? I can not believe I missed that one was being planned in Warrington, must have been away at the time. Dusted off my rain coat (as it was raining) and shot off to where it supposed to be and there is nothing there. Have I got the wrong place?
  3. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    Not at the lap dancing club by any chance?
  4. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    It's what got me going in the first place Yes, that is the one, know it well Evil?
  5. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    I'l be watching it Monday.
  6. It is usually the Heart Foundation that put bags through the door for unwanted clothing, i leave them outside the front door in the garden and they used to get collected. Last few times though they have not, today I left out a bag full of clothing for a Blood Cancer charity but it is still waiting for collection. Wondering if they expect me to dump the bag in the road? So if you leave any bags out for charity were do you leave them?
  7. They used to, I will take itt to the charity shop myself. Mum was getting rid of two leather sofas some months ago, while one was past it, the other was in very good condition, so approached Salvation Army, but they never got back to me. Secondly filled out a form on line offering it to any charity wanting it, no takers, so advertised it on free cycle, a few people asking for it, but no one came for it, sadly the tip took it.
  8. Post Box Collections

    Yes totally agree my fault for leaving it late, but the PO service is still poor! PS I have read Sids' post, thanks Evil!
  9. Post Box Collections

    While I am here... I recently had to post a letter that was quite urgent, found that nearly every post box had a collection of 9am! Why are post boxes not emptied in the evenings?
  10. That make sense, try that next time
  11. Post Box Collections

    No your being silly now, although M and S used to do so for some of their warehouse staff and I worked for a transport company that collected its workers from Warrington. not asking the PO to jump through hoops, but having a 9.30 am collection time is a bit early in my view, but they are now a private monopoly, if there were alternatives they would probably not get away with it.
  12. Post Box Collections

    Very true on that occasion but is it unreasonable to expect post to be collected end of the day? Businesses are meant to serve their customers. When I send parcels via parcel companies I get to tell them what time I wish them to be collected.
  13. NHS again -

    Yes I know, but my experience outside Warrington is very limited. The only other experience I have is of the Manchester Royal, where I stood in A and E behind a lady in full niqad who had arrived from Saudi Arabia a few days previously and a translator was being arranged for her. The cardiology ward was staffed better then the Warrington cardiology ward is, many of the nurses were from Italy and Spain who were telling use how wonderful the NHS is compared to their countries health service. Has anyone ever noticed the TV units in hospitals no one ever uses as they are so expensive are always on, who pays for the electricity?
  14. Post Box Collections

    Actually what was important was when the letter was sent not when it arrived, that is why I needed it post marked the day I was sending it (I left it to the last minute), I sent it second class!
  15. Post Box Collections

    Maybe there should be a list of postboxes with later collections. Can anyone add more? I posted my later at the post office at the petrol station on Lovely Lane, yet opposite at the hospital the collection time is 9.30! It sure makes sense from the logistics point, not from the customer service though.
  16. NHS again -

    The problem with the Warrington NHS is that it is inefficient. Last time I was in A and E in Warrington was stuck in the cubical for hours waiting for a blood test. while the nursing staff run around like headless chickens the Doctors seem to spend most of their time around the computer screens around the admin area, I am not for one second suggesting they are being idle, but obviously their tim is being taken up with other things then looking after their patients. While the ambulances seem to bring in mostly elderly patients go into the walking area and you will find it full of much younger people, which suggest the problem is not only because of aging population. I suggest drugs and alcohol must take a large proportion of the blame, . Some guy who was obviously under the influence of something was being pulled out by the police and given a lift home. Whatever happened to the drunk tank idea floated around a few years ago? Now discharge, Doctors don't seem to come round in the mornings any more, often late afternoon which means the bed was taken up for much longer then needed, then comes admin and the wait for pharmacy can take hours. In addition there seems to be a lot of admin staff, I wonder what the ratio of clinical to admin staff is now? PS: I brought someone in to hospital and was not the patient
  17. I read some place, I think in one of these free Warrington magazines of a young guy who restores training shoes. I have tried to search for him with no results, does anyone have some details for him? Not sure where to put this
  18. Training Shoe Referbishment

    Whole purpose of coming here is to answer this and say thanks, ended up posting elsewhere,, forgot to leave a message here. I seem to recall doing a search but came up with nothing. It is actually quite hard to get hold of the mag, see it sometimes in the blood clinic. Our local Coop used to sometimes carry a copy of Village Life which is strange as I live in Padgate and Village Life is aimed at the other half of Warrington, maybe I should start a mag for the north of the towm I am sure I used to get a mag through the letter box for a short while about Padgate, Wolston a while ago, used to get a Md Week Guardian and was it Messenger newspaper too owned by Eddie Shah, but that seems centuries ago.
  19. Post Box Collections

    Yes, I ended up taking the letter to the post office where they have a 5pm collection. A 9am last collection is a very strange time, should be around 6pm like it used to be.
  20. New 'Market' Car Park

    Been pass the car park the road layout is is quite confusing. According to Warrington magazine if you validate your ticket at the market and get three hours free parking. Are the new traffic lights on Mersey St really required?
  21. Traffic Increase

    Has anyone noticed a increase in traffic since the new toll bridge opened? The traffic is seems heavier both in the morning and more so in the evening. The A49 and the roads running off it are still busy at 7 in the evening which never used to be the case just a few months ago.
  22. This is really sad news as for the price of a new council office this building could probably be saved. However it is quite strange as who went to cfourt to get the order to pull it down and why. There are many buildings in poor condition, the priory next door blow down in the wind! PS Woolworths used the building for a warehouse until they shut the upstairs off to the puplic.
  23. Driverless HGVs ?

    They have road trains in Finland and Sweden. How is it different from three trucks closely following each other? I do not see it working on busy UK roads even at night, It is called Platooning by the way.
  24. Training Shoe Referbishment

    Because they were expensive and apart for the leather coming away they are OK
  25. Training Shoe Referbishment

    thanks, the shoe top has come away from the sole, the leather could do with refreshing too.