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  1. Motorway woes

    That is true but many commercial vehicles are speed limited! I am not sure speed limiting vehicles is the answer, there are many other variables too, power, weight of vehicles and the thousands of other reasons accidents happen. I think fully autonomous vehicles are a long way away. They have not mastered making autonomous lawn mowers or vacuum cleaners yet and not at all at a reasonable price. Self drive vehicles might become a reality soon on major road like motorways but there will be many situations like busy town roads were it is decades away. UK is no different then any other country. America has some of the worlds most congested cities in the world, Paris, Moscow, Beijing also make the list.
  2. Motorway woes

    Didn't the USA have a blanket 55MPH speed limit on their freeways and they found increasing the speed limit reduced accidents? I also wonder about the number of spreed limited vehicles on our roads. Some are regulated at 56, some at 70 but in addition operators regulate them at lower speeds. I saw a transit van today which had a sign saying it was speed limited to 60 while a HGV said it was had a sigh stating it was regulated to 50MPH/80KPH The lack of Policing on our roads must be a factor too. Used ti do a lot of miles and recall quite a lot of Police in their Range Rovers and Vaxual Carltons out on the roads, especially on Sunny days enforcing the law and turning a blind eye when the situation warranted such as speeding at 3am on a deserted motorway. Now we have cameras that catch speeding.
  3. Chester Rd Traffic

    Set of for Chester today (Friday) got to Chester Road and came to a stop. Sat for 30 minutes or so in stationary traffic, sat nav told me there was a delay of 4 minutes, risked 6 points and a fine by checking the net via my phone which said 20 minutes delay. Eventually turned round and went home. Nothing on any of the news feeds, someone said the bridge was stuck, anyone know what happened? PS I used to be able to click the heading and it used to take me to the news page, but not anymore. How about a link to the news pages from the forums.
  4. Donald's visit -

    But wasn't the EU created to benefit Germany, everyone has a trade deficit with them,
  5. Donald's visit -

    Anyone care to explain why the EU is unfair competition to the US? Donald seems to admire the dictators.
  6. WBC You're joking!

    OH OK, it was something that was mentioned on TV a week or two ago, it was a clip about black cab drivers in Liverpool.
  7. WBC You're joking!

    So it is OK to flaunt the rules if the authorities are not there? Trying to extort £60 from someone for parking outside the white lines in an empty car park is obvious glaring idiotic decision. I guess you believe black cab drivers should be fined for not carrying straw for their horse, after all it is the law!
  8. WBC You're joking!

    But they are not enforced at 2am in the morning for example as the enforcers have gone home. Secondly, There are laws such as cycling on the footpath, indicating and so on that are never enforced. there are also ancient laws that require hackney cab drivers to carry straw for their horse for example, should that be enforced?
  9. WBC You're joking!

    and the authorities enforcing rules even if these rules make no sense is a good thing?
  10. WBC You're joking!

    Your wrong, if you go into town at 5.30 most of the disabled bays will be available as there is no demand for them yet enforcement continues In any case we are not talking about flouting or ignoring the rules, we are talking about mistakes and lack of common sense in enforcement in order to raise income.
  11. WBC You're joking!

    Some years ago I had forgotten to display a disability badge after parking in a disability bay that was completely empty (it was 5.30). I realized my mistake having walked a 100 or so yards away i returned to find a traffic warden issuing a ticket. Appeal was refused, I eventually paid £30 (half of £60) Dizzy, you would never ever get a job in WBC, common sense is not allowed. That is why the people on top in councils get paid so much because people with absolute no common sense are so hard to find.
  12. WBC You're joking!

    Ever thought about moving to North Korea PJ, I think the regime would suit you perfectly?
  13. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    OK Amazon might be a bad example, although they have been loss making for years, whether that is because of accounting or it has been loss making? However fact remains a few make money in e business many don't. I briefly ventured into e business but what stopped me making a profit was customer returns
  14. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Tesco are shutting down their online shop from 9 June, Tesco say they can not see a way of making it profitable! It is interesting that these days the high street shops can't make a profit but neither can the online shops. Amazon for example have only just started making a small profit and are investing in the high street.
  15. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Oh, OK now I understand. Always thought both car parks belong to WBC.