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  1. Police are carrying out a equality review - according the the main news page -and want to hear from the public on their views especially from minorities. So they don't want to hear equality from everyone about their equality review?
  2. I'll be the one!!! The new development looks nice but how much of the town center has been regenerated which was the whole point of the the build?
  3. I thought Fiddles Ferry was staying as an emergency power station for the days we have no wind?
  4. So we can do something useful with Wales best hurry up before they get their Independence. ( my ambition of becoming an MP one day is now dead!)
  5. Surely trees hold water, they need water to grow and survive, a oak tree uses 300 liters of water per day I am told? If you chop down a tree and put it straight on the fire it wil give out a lot of smoke due to moisture in the wood and leaves. They also absorb more CO2 then release, although the process slows down once the tree matures?
  6. Wonder where are they going to find space to plant them all?
  7. If she does own the house, she is doing well, 28 and owns a £450,000 house! Yet another politician living beyond her salary?
  8. As our hospital is quite old I am guessing Warrington will be one of the 40 places that the conservatives will build a new hospital AS it probably takes 10 years to build a hospital I expect work wil start right after the election So where will it be? Holding my breath!
  9. State retirement age is set to increase to 68 by 2037, which will make it one of the highest retirement ages in Europe although Denmark is planing to raise it retirement age to 72 by 2035. Norway and Iceland already have a retirement age of 67. Most western countries are planing on a retirement age of 67 although Poland has a retirement age of 60 for women and 65 for men. Russia is 55 for women and 60 for men, although that is to increase by 5 years in the next eight years. Ukraine has a retirement age of 58 and 60 and is planing to increase this by two years. In China the retirement age for men is 60 and for women 50!
  10. What does everyone think? Women want equality but when it disadvantages them they want compensation. Should men not be compensated for having to work until they were 65 while women enjoyed a retirement from the age of 60?
  11. there is a lot of ice above sea level. The area of land is growing in the Pacific not shrinking. If we do have a warmer climate, then it will rain more, more rain means deserts will shrink, there will be more vegetation and trees will grow faster which will hold huge amounts of water
  12. Not a fan of the royals. Being friends with Epstain after his conviction is questionable but the powers that rule us must have known about it and allowed it to continue. If asked were I was in 2001 I would have no idea, I look back on my photos from that time and there are a few people I can not remember, Andy must have met far more people then I. However he was also I guessing minded so there must be records were he was? As for the photos, where? I have seen one and at 17 she wasn't under age. I am a little confused so someone intelligent might explain things to me. The girls who says she was brought into prostitution (I forget her name) says she met Andy in a night club in London and later had sex that night, so why are they demanding he goes to America to face a grilling, if he has done anything wrong he should be interviewed by the British authorities? Does Andy have diplomatic immunity in the USA?
  13. Today on one of the news programs it was said that 20,000 new houses are to be built on what is currently floodplains in the area that has been flooded recently! The UK spends billions on flood defenses, the water still needs to go somewhere and so wouldn't the money be better spent on moving the water rather then trying to stop it?
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