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  1. It is interesting that every time a news report comes on about the fires it is put down to global warming. Was watching Sky News this morning from Australia and they were saying that for the past eight years the fire breaks and fire dams have not been maintained, cattle have been banned from grazing in the areas and that was the reason why the fires are out of control this year, dry weather hasn't helped or the winds but they are not unique.
  2. Milky


    and? Go to Japan or India or Germany tell them you want to take over one of their core industries I bet you won't get the attitude of oh well they sell more VW abroad then Germany so it is OK for it to be taken over unlike the UK were we seem to see it as a special achievement to be celebrated when a company gets taken over by a foreign owned one. When Nissan decided to scale back its production of Jukes, they did not do it by shutting down the Japanese production line but the UK one, same is true of Fiatwhen they were reducing production they did it by scaling back production in their Italian factories but its overseas factories. The profits will go to the USA were it will pay its taxes not the UK
  3. Milky


    People seem to isolate themselves rather then society. When our neighbours moved in one of the first things they did was put up 6ft high fences. I try to speak to all my immediate neighbours, our immediate neighbour calls round for coffee now and then but never lets me into their house. The other neighbour after years of not speaking now is quite friendly but I suspect that is something to do with getting older, my next door but one refuses to engage in conversation but says hi, his 21 year old son is very friendly, his 16 year old daughter smiles and says hi if I speak to her first I rarely see them though as we all rush to our cars. Even though my family does not live in the next street and many live abroad I have helped out family in trouble and I am sure if I needed help I could count on many of them (and no we are not Asian).
  4. Milky


    Could have;but before you lease a car should you not have something put away especially if you have children. The point is even under our system there is no excuse to be a regular visitor to the food bank. I did a quick on line calculation if I were a single mum claiming benefits with two children I would be entitled to £231.96 per week or £349.60 under the new system, is that not enough to feed your children breakfast? Or am I missing something? If you have two lots of pay checks put away you can probably weather any troubles you come across. The only thing that needs changing are the repossession of houses. Seems unfair that these renting get there accommodation paid for these that are buying get thrown out after a period if they can not keep payments up, yet these seem not to be the people at food banks.
  5. Milky


    I really throw very little food away and really don't get how people not know they have food going off? Bought a load of frozen cake of various types on the 22nd for a family dinner on the 24th and some to put in the freezer for New Year dinner and so on, but I left it in the car and forgot to put it in the freezer. Worse my family hardly touched any of it and the instructions said do not refreeze, eat within 24 hours of thawing. Well I be finished eating old cake by tomorrow evening!
  6. Milky


    I too know nothing about food banks and feel sorry for the people who are in a situation that require them to use one. Whenever there is a collection at the supermarket I contribute. Last couple of times they have been featured on the news have left me not so sympathetic. Last time ( I think it was the BBC news) featured a young woman who could not feed her children driving a nearly new Renault Kadjar to the food bank. Previous to that it was a story about children going to school hungry and a school opening early to feed the children, interviewed were two heavily tattooed ladies with I phones on the table in front of them who were saying how valuable this service was to them and their children. Now I know the system isn't perfect or generous but the majority of people seem to cope on it, some people even manage to have things like Sky TV which again I do not have, others need food banks on a regular bases, apparently.
  7. Milky


    Yet another being sold to a foreign company. When will our stupid over ready politicians realize the UK needs its own industry. The way things are going to be no point in Brexit as there will be no point in having trade deals.
  8. Maybe the SNP should be told they can have their vote. However if the Shetland Islands vote to stay in the UK then the Shetland Island (and most of the oil reserves) would remain part of the UK. The Shetland Islands are many miles away from Scottish mainland and never used to be part of Scotland, they have never voted SNP either. As Nicola Sturgeon and her party are such believers in democracy they would no doubt agree.
  9. But people like you describe are not likely to get passed the triage desk, I think there are not many people in hospital with just an ordinary flu. People clogging up A & E are drunks, parents who rush their children in with scratched knees and poor organisation as well as red tape.
  10. But most people don't go into hospital because they have flu only, it is because they have illnesses like heart, lung, kidney conditions or undergoing chemotherapy or have other conditions were their immune system is lowered. Thinking about ot the 100,000 figure is a touch high but I came across it on a web site and posted it without thinking about it
  11. If your elderly and weak, a young child or have some pre existing medical condition flu can be life threatening and a couple of hundred people die each ear from it. something like 100000 people get hospitalized each year because of flu.
  12. After all they believe in Green policies, not travelling and so on, although it is OK for Caroline Lucas to fly to the USA because she has a son over there. Karen La Borde, Green Party’s candidate for Camborne & Redruth, runs a Winter Sports Business that takes people heli skiing. Very environmentally friendly
  13. I think converting and maintaining the old planes would be far to expensive but I wonder why they do not use JCBs to create a fire wall? Although some fire are very remote.
  14. Why do anything, hide behind the sofa but risk is smal far more likely to die crossing the road to the hotel.
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