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  1. Milky

    Car Insurance

    Looking at Which Warrington is in 88th place for car insurance out of 126 post codes, average price of insurance is £855.55 in Warrington. Cheapest is Galashields average price is £544.84 followed by Exeter. Manchester is 111 (£1128.60) and Liverpool 112 (£1140), Wigan is 93, Preston 91, Blackpool 68, Chester 67, while Oxford is 40 average insurance is 666.43, Swindon is 38, Newcastle Upon Tyne 65. Most expensive is London West average price of car insurance £1734.80! Looking at crime levels Warrington car crime is 2% hire then in Exeter. I surprised car crime is so high in Warrington also surprised car insurance is so expensive, I pay £168!
  2. While if I had £750,000 to buy a house I would consider Stockton Heath it amazes me that people are willing to pay £200,000 for a tiny terrace house in Stockton Heath when for the same money you can buy a spacious three bedroom semi in Great Sankey for example. Although they tell you they go into their village to shop but of course they come into Warrington to shop, after all you can't get everything in Aldi.
  3. Do you mind me asking why? Your far more likely to involved in a car accident then find yourself in harms way of a terrorist attack in Turkey, Tunisia, Kenya, London isn't exactly the safest place in the world.
  4. People who have any integrity should look else where for their hols.
  5. Because they were the ones who went into the middle east with some made up intelligence as a pretext, . President Bush ego trip remember and the Kurds helped the Americans! Fact is there was less then 60 US military personal in the area, not exactly a huge commitment, basically Trump just gave Turkey the go ahead to invade . When Erdogan threatens to send three and a half million refuges to Europe instead of giving him billions Europe should tell him he can keep his Beko ovens, fruit and holidays, sell them to Russia instead.
  6. We will have to send out a search party to search ditches for his body.
  7. The German government bailed out the parent company with £300 million pounds. Why is it German EU law is different from UK EU law?
  8. Apparently the crew that took Greta to America on her carbon free boat will fly back home and another crew will fly out to bring the boat back. The boat is sponsored by several companies including BMW
  9. I wonder what new they can discuss in this conference apart from the the end is in eleven years time
  10. They seem to travel the world having dozens of climate change conferences. Have they never heard of video conferencing?
  11. Surely it should be you telling them to advertise, you should pop round with some copies of Village life
  12. You should really look into the Food shop opposite what used to be the M & S shop. Although a Polish shop they have some really good products including reasonable priced fresh meat, really nice take 00away hot dogs and coffee. Their fresh fruit and veg isn't so good and is quite expensive. They do have a lot off non Polish shoppers a lot of people come in to buy alcohol from them.
  13. I am actually starting to feel sorry for Greta, she is obviously just a front girl and behind her are adults (probably her parents) controlling her probably to make money
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