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  1. Milky

    Pollution Charge

    If it is then one needs to wonder why, as motorized traffic levels are down and vehicles we are told are far more efficient and economical producing far less pollution. Also one wonder if a 20 year old VW Polo for example that is subject to the new pollution charge is really more polluting then a new Range Rover or Porsche for example that I guess is not subject to the new tax. Still you never know what is around the corner, 10 years ago science did not understand diesel vehicles were so polluting and politicians were urging everyone to buy one. Now we should get electric ones!
  2. Milky

    Speed limiters on cars ?

    Speed limiters are great especially when someone decides to match your speed. I am sure statistic say most accident happen below the speed limit and how does it stop people going to fast for the conditions?
  3. Milky

    Pollution Charge

    How long before WArrington starts charging a pollution tax for vehicles?
  4. Milky

    Cockhedge and Wilkos

    Went to buy some sealant from Wilkinsons (why did they change the name to Wilkos is beyond me) and found it gone, apparently it has moved to the Golden Sq! Not going tracking to the Golden Sq for DIY bits but now hearing rumours the whole place is due for the bulldozers, how true is this?
  5. Milky

    The thin end of the wedge

    That is a shame, because you point of view is any interesting one. However you can't really have free speach and censorship and as long as you stick to the law you have to come to terms that you may disagree with what is on there. Of course you can argue against it. The problem is the laws are so different from country to country.
  6. Milky

    The thin end of the wedge

    So what do you suggest, who should control the internet and to whose standard? Russia is building a internet that can run without being connected to the WWW, way to go?
  7. Milky

    The thin end of the wedge

    We seem to be already on a dangerous slippery road! Saying anything negative about feminism, Islam, the LGBT issues, about Judaism (this includes criticizing Israel), calling someone coloured among other things, is likely to get anyone doing so into trouble even if the intention was not to offend. Davy how would you censor the internet
  8. Milky


    Has it, just noticed maybe it is PSAs strategy to drive up sales - of Peugeots!
  9. Yes I get that, but if they are going to invest a million pounds in a solar farm for example would they not be better off investing that money to solar power the hospital for example as the hospital has to be paying more then the cost to generate the same electricity in Yorkshire, more efficient for a start (although the hospital wastes so much energy it is unbelievable. . Same is true of schools and when no one is in school they could be selling it?
  10. Milky

    License to kill ?

    Very true, but in this case the woman had left him, then agreed to return, went back with a weapon (was it a hammer) and killed him. It is not the first case of its kind.
  11. Milky


    Noticed the Vauxhall showroom is vacant, why has it closed and where has it gone. Not got a Vauxhall so just curious!
  12. How about the schools, hospital and council owned offices and cinemas should they not get solar panels first? It must cost more to buy electricity then sell it so there is a saving?
  13. Milky

    Council tax going up nearly 3 per cent

    I'll have to go and find some things to put in it, get my moneys worth If the sticker comes.
  14. Milky

    Council tax going up nearly 3 per cent

    Oh OK, I thought it was cheaper.
  15. Milky

    Council tax going up nearly 3 per cent

    Note green bin collection costs are up to £32! How much were they last year was it £23???