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  1. Having watched these places like that turn into car exhibition halls one week, concert venues a few days later , then sporting arenas and so on I am still amazed to watch the Nightingale Hospital take form. Also amazed at the fact that there are companies out there able to design and put into production breathing ventilators made out of existing readily available parts or three D printed parts in lasss then two weeks, gizmos coming out from Mercedes to allow sharing of air pressure machines and a device that allows the sharing of ventilators. Yet the supply of gloves, aprons and masks is a challenge. On Sky news there was a story that the Chinese bought huge stocks of gloves and masks around the world and have siezed stocks of them manufactured in china. Question, anyone noticed the huge fleet of Ambulances stood outside, were did they come from?
  2. Yes, I never thought of buying one of them. I nearly bought a real one a few years ago, (about 15 now( 32ft, but I was working 60 hours per week and not knowing how to sail I thought it be a waste of money having it just sat so I promised myself to learn. I signed up to a navigation class in Warrington collage, cost was £75 but again work got in the way. A three years later I was working less, went back to collage to sign up again and the fee was £400!
  3. Iranian- British holiday maker. Iran does not recognize duel nationality and British governments don't get involved when they are in the country of their other nationality, there are others like her in Iran so why is she different?
  4. Well they have a huge population but only a small selection of the people are consumers of western goods, because most are on very low incomes. The people who are buying the Wests motor cars and luxury items and are coming here on holiday are the rich elite I think now it is the other way round with China pushing its cheaply made goods on the West while putting up barriers for Western made goods.
  5. I don't get your logic on this one, why would it be not possible? Why do we depend on their cheap labour and cheap goods and if they own what is left of our steel industry why does Apple need to make their products in China.It is our politicians who are giving the Chines access to the 5G network. Further what is forcing people like you and me from not buying Chines made products - apart for the difficulty of finding alternatives in this country. I needed a health fryer last year and spent weeks trying to source one that was not made in China, eventually found one made in Germany in Lidl.
  6. By stopping trading! They steel industrial secrets, build up huge military reserves threatening neighbours like Malaysia, threaten endangered animals by buying bits of therm fir their wacko medication and by both building coal fired power stations and shipping things over such long distance add to the supposed global warming. Yet in order to literally save a few pence on manufacture we go crawling to them and the public keep buying If Greta Thunburg and her greens were to target the ports and the huge businesses that insist on manufacturing in china then I would be right with her. However they won't they probably tell me I am being racist. Next Time you buy something especially higher end see it is made in China think what your supporting!
  7. Does anyone here think that we have gone from one extreme allowing sporting events and leaving places like cinemas open were people are sat next to each other very close to the other were cars are being stopped and ticketed for parking in Orford park. Yet there still is no disinfecting of things like shopping trolleys, buses, money, no disinfectant for hands as you enter shops
  8. People have been OK and respecting the rules. Even passing in the street people leave a huge gap as if I had some sort of virus or something.
  9. I know, what is it like? I am guessing larger ships are fine but small cargo ships can be tough. I dream of owning a small sailing yacht one day
  10. Tesco are queuing people outside so there is not to many people inside, I went early afternoon waiting time was about 10 minutes. So go out before the weather turns bad. Still no sign of hand sanitizer, rice, paste, or crisps. Town is shut, Golden Sq is sealed, even Boots and Super Drug are not accessible although pound shop is open, how is pound shop an essential shop.
  11. As this thread has been hijacked .. Social isolation has its advantages Ever wondered what it be like being stuck at sea with a small crew on a ship for weeks, same people day in day out, nightmare!!!! Seriously anyone with such experiences on here
  12. Wish I was clever!!!! I am looking for an electronic voice that sounds human, I know they are out there, but I can't find one, any pointers?
  13. On a news program last night they said the one third of all Spanish corona cases can be traced to a football match that was played a few weeks ago, I forget the teams that played.
  14. There will always be people like that and guess always have been. In some countries you can get up to 6 months in jail for ignoring the rules. In some countries the police and army do random checks on people who are not sell isolating who should be and again hefty penalties await anyone who does not comply
  15. I was going to post something similar. Wasn't China responsible for Bird and Swine flu too. Maybe the world should demand compensation from Chima for the cost of dealing with this flu.
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