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  1. Ethiopia got a leader elected (I forget his name) who brought in reforms and investment and now Ethiopia is now doing quite well. It always amazes me that Africa is so poor, with all its oil and mineral reserves, land, weather, scenery it should be very rich and a mecca for tourists. Instead it is a place for corruption and poverty. I read western leaders are reluctant to intervene in case they get accused of racism. WE had a dark president of the USA who could have took the initiative instead he went to Africa and preached gay rights.
  2. Milky

    Glasses Repair

    My mind Sid. I guess you can get sanctioned!
  3. I replied once to this, not sure if I clicked the wrong button but the reply is not here, so again... I find it very hard to believe that the criminals that are involved in supply of drugs will just give up and get normal jobs, although some may I guess. Although I believe that the current problem with drugs and crime (including stabbings) is the cuts to the boarder force and police. Department dealing with the supply of drugs were disbanded, criminals not prosecuted and so crime went down making some politicians very happy. Drugs became easier to obtain and these involved were less likely to get caught so these involved with other types of crime moved into the trade and so wars between dealers broke out. Thank you in advance Latchford locks for any reminders of aging!
  4. We seem to be heading towards the legalization of drugs especially cannabis, apparently cannabis is totally harmless and will make billions in tax. Watching BBC ten o'clock news yesterday and the BBC seems to have joined the campaign. Mark Eastern is coming out with lines like the only way to protect children from criminals is to legalize the trade and yesterday his campaign was against the government stance saying all the experts are recommending legalization, shelters where drugs can be taken and so on, which is rubbish, some are saying that. The BBC is fast becoming a propaganda machine It seems odd that we seem to be heading the other way in legal things, alcohol, smoking, sugar, take away food
  5. Milky

    Glasses Repair

    Now your just depressing me Mr Locks!
  6. Milky

    Papas Chip Shop

    Do you think? There are far greater number of chip shops then in the past and all ages use them, although they seem to shut earlier then ever, my local one shuts at 10.
  7. The world's deserts are shrinking, the saharahn desert has srunk by 700,000 Square kilometers in the last 30 years. According to the 'experts' we are facing a food shortage yet you do not need to be an expert to se how farming efficiency could be increased even in places like France.
  8. Milky

    Glasses Repair

    Lol, it's not age, I am loosing it.
  9. Milky

    Glasses Repair

    Post by mistake, sorry
  10. Milky

    Glasses Repair

    Your answer surprised me, used them once some time ago, had a discount voucher, put it on the counter but it got forgotten about and they were so reluctant to honour it after I paid full price. Things change so I will look into them when I need my next pair,
  11. Milky

    Papas Chip Shop

    When it was Papas I used to regularly use the shop and it was always busy. It used to have a restaurant too but it was more expensive
  12. I don't know asperity.! An air ambulance cost the same whether you 10 or 100 years old. My insurance is now £40 per year which covers winter sports cover and high blood pressure. I am aware my mother has some pre existing conditions and is older then me, but I am not that young either. She does not go riding motorbikes, diving or go skiing or get drunk, for the record I don't get drunk. The hike in cover is 4400%, is mum 4400 greater risk then someone who goes on holiday skiing or cycling or horse riding?
  13. What happened to it, it won an award two years ago now it is all boarded up
  14. It provides you with the same health care as available in the visiting country, the UK won't refund for medicines should you have to pay (they used to), translators or accommodation and missed flights, which is fine Neither is transport back to the UK by air ambulance, that can cost £20000 from Spain I believe which is stopping us from traveling.
  15. Milky

    Glasses Repair

    So Latchford will your recommend them
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