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  1. For a few hours not days and the marathons are usually on Sunday to minimise the disruption, the events are publicised so it is no surprise and diversions are put in place, emergency services notified, traffic signals bought and put in place, marshals hired, licence applyed for and given, insurance purchased Wonder how many of these things the protesters have adhared to?
  2. Yes and don't forget the Asian Radion and Scottish News Channel. Why is there no BBC Radio Cheshire, if we need Manchester, Liverpool and Lancashire radio stations we surely need a Cheshire one? Tomorrow we get womens FA cup football final on prime BBC 1!
  3. I did go to Wilkos for paint, 20 liters of it and some weed killer, I previously said I wouldn't!
  4. Is it OK to bring cities to a stop?
  5. School teachers, collage and university lecturers?
  6. But it is just a list of people tragically killed by the nutter in Christchurch shooting. Wonder where are the names of the people killed in UK, France, Germany and elsewhere and when will PJ start on the names of people killed in Sri Lanka?
  7. "It won't just be OBS tracking across GS to get to Wilkos, neither will I!" Dulex paint reduced from £16 to £12 and it is £19 in Wickes!.... WELL the new Wilkos doesn't seem any bigger, it is longer but seems narrower and a lot brighter. There seems to be far more enthuses on household especially kitchen stuff with the DIY things on the sides. Like the old place there didn't seem anyone to ask where things are. The tills are in the middle of the store which I always think is an odd place to put tills. But I still think it is in a poor location if your are picking up DIY things. There are no trolleys to take things to your car and the two ten liter tins along with a box of lawn wed killer soon got heavy, the plastic carrier handles of the tin started to dig into my hands, I would have bought some wood preservative too but I could not carry it along with the other stuff I bought, and I am big and strong; good job that box did not break! Overall the shop looks nicer then the old one but still in a odd location I feel
  8. Milky

    Pollution Charge

    If it is then one needs to wonder why, as motorized traffic levels are down and vehicles we are told are far more efficient and economical producing far less pollution. Also one wonder if a 20 year old VW Polo for example that is subject to the new pollution charge is really more polluting then a new Range Rover or Porsche for example that I guess is not subject to the new tax. Still you never know what is around the corner, 10 years ago science did not understand diesel vehicles were so polluting and politicians were urging everyone to buy one. Now we should get electric ones!
  9. Speed limiters are great especially when someone decides to match your speed. I am sure statistic say most accident happen below the speed limit and how does it stop people going to fast for the conditions?
  10. How long before WArrington starts charging a pollution tax for vehicles?
  11. Went to buy some sealant from Wilkinsons (why did they change the name to Wilkos is beyond me) and found it gone, apparently it has moved to the Golden Sq! Not going tracking to the Golden Sq for DIY bits but now hearing rumours the whole place is due for the bulldozers, how true is this?
  12. That is a shame, because you point of view is any interesting one. However you can't really have free speach and censorship and as long as you stick to the law you have to come to terms that you may disagree with what is on there. Of course you can argue against it. The problem is the laws are so different from country to country.
  13. So what do you suggest, who should control the internet and to whose standard? Russia is building a internet that can run without being connected to the WWW, way to go?
  14. We seem to be already on a dangerous slippery road! Saying anything negative about feminism, Islam, the LGBT issues, about Judaism (this includes criticizing Israel), calling someone coloured among other things, is likely to get anyone doing so into trouble even if the intention was not to offend. Davy how would you censor the internet
  15. Milky


    Has it, just noticed maybe it is PSAs strategy to drive up sales - of Peugeots!
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