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  1. This is really sad news as for the price of a new council office this building could probably be saved. However it is quite strange as who went to cfourt to get the order to pull it down and why. There are many buildings in poor condition, the priory next door blow down in the wind! PS Woolworths used the building for a warehouse until they shut the upstairs off to the puplic.
  2. Driverless HGVs ?

    They have road trains in Finland and Sweden. How is it different from three trucks closely following each other? I do not see it working on busy UK roads even at night, It is called Platooning by the way.
  3. Training Shoe Referbishment

    Because they were expensive and apart for the leather coming away they are OK
  4. Training Shoe Referbishment

    thanks, the shoe top has come away from the sole, the leather could do with refreshing too.
  5. I read some place, I think in one of these free Warrington magazines of a young guy who restores training shoes. I have tried to search for him with no results, does anyone have some details for him? Not sure where to put this
  6. Driverless HGVs ?

    Why not just have road trains like in Australia?
  7. NHS Question ?

    What makes me smile is the questionnaire that you get after visiting A+E or had a stay in hospital, "Would you recommend the service to your friends and family" Well no, I hope they don't need it
  8. New Market ?

    I agree with you but not sure the current development will do that. I find it very difficult to see how it will do anything to regenerate the area much further then the cinema square. I mean who goes shopping before or after going to the cinema.? Might go to somewhere like weatherspoons or Toby for a meal but your not likely to go clothes shopping, or for electronics right after or before you have been to a movie theatre. I know no one who does. How often do you go to a cinema and when? probably your going on your day off and if your not going to see a specific film, your going for a cheap night out. You said you have been to Westbrook, had problems parking? There is no multi story car park and how many shops and restaurants and so on around the cinema? How many that are open after you leave in the evening? Take the Trafford Centre cinema as another example, the shops are closed when you come out of the cinema at night, why do they not stay open? I don't get why people going to the city centre cinema will behave differently. I hope I am wrong though.
  9. New Market ?

    Both!!! In my view it is wrong to pull down perfectly good buildings to venture that may not produce the results that are desired. What happens then? Do you not know there is a second large car park just around the corner that is mostly empty at night and half empty during the day? I would like to see some of old Warrington preserved. PS How many cars did the old car park accommodate, anyone know?
  10. New Market ?

    First I hear that the car park was falling to bits and I really do not think it wasn't big enough (I am sure I once read it was underused). I never found problems finding ample parking apart for around Christmas and i suspect it will still be the case. Does anyone else here feel the car park was not big enough? As I said many councils have empty building officers who work to bring back buildings into use. The reason developers leave building to decay is so they can tear them down and they are allowed to get away with it. The council seem to have lots of money to spend on new council offices, new car parks and risk ventures like cinemas. Hope you enjoyed your movie, doesn't really answer the question I posed though. Is the town big enough for two cinemas?
  11. New Market ?

    They can always buy them! Seriously though I have never seen a justification for the replacement car park. As for the packet House, the council have the power to order repairs or do them themselves and recover the cost. Many councils have empty building officers who look to put buildings back into use. A little bit off topic, What off the future of Westbrook Cinema. Not been for a while, last time I went with my niece and we were the only ones at the screening. I know it has had a number of owners, wonder if it will close soon after the city centre one opens.
  12. New Market ?

    It does look nicer, but at what cost? Painting or cladding the building would have improved its look at a fraction of the cost. Should the council pull down the office block in Scotland Rd because it does not look nice. Millions spent on something that really was not needed yet the council does not have the money to save the Cabinet Works and repair some off the derelict buildings like the pub as you cross the bridge over the Mersey should it be lit up in a age were we are concerned with pollution and who will pay the bill. It should have smart lights that go off when not needed.
  13. New Market ?

    Need a bigger car park for all the tourists who will come to the cinema and for all the council workers to park their cars.
  14. Dial-a-Ride, important service or not

    One would thought that the council could find alternative accommodation for the charity. The bus depot for example or the council depot near Sainsbury jump to mind (is it still active?), but there must be lots of community centres, collages and other places it can use. Now a little off topic but if the waste centre is going to emit fall out clouds of dust that it will damage vehicles how is it being allowed to be built so close to residential areas?
  15. NHS moan one - walk in centre

    They have various drop in clinics run at various times such as diabetes, stop smoking, weight management and so on. When I rang on Friday to see if we can get the dressing changed in Warrington today we had to make an appointment which was not available for today. We have an appointment for Thursday to change the dressing but had a choice of AM appointments only. Warrington has not got a drop in clinic of the type there is in Widnes, as far as I know and neither does our GP practice. I could be wrong and if anyone knows better please inform