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  1. bit of a rant going on on facebook some say barley mow is the oldest some black horse sankey could you please tell me whichis the oldest pub in warrington thanks for your help
  2. thanks for your help on this. any one any know what year it may of been built ?
  3. anyone got any info on this bridge if you look off Kingsway bridge towards st johns school back of the houses theres this bridge love to know some more info if anyone can help its on the 1894 map thanks in advance
  4. keithb


    many thanks for your help
  5. keithb

    harts-head meadow

    any info on Harts'-Head Meadow ive read a Reference to it late 1700 its was nr town somewere there was some reference to cockedge being a barracks but was moved to harts head meadow thanks for any help.
  6. keithb


    doing a bit of research ive read on A Brief History of Woolston that manchster rd was a one time a turnpike rd does any one have any info on it a mate of mine tells me on the deeds of is house it has manchster rd has turnpike rd , thisis what I got of a web page .By the seventeenth century a high road between Warrington and Manchester existed, one of the four roads shown in Ogilby’s Britannia of 1675. Early in the eighteenth century this became a turnpike road any help thanks in advance.
  7. hi sorry about this but I am unable to sigh in think I my have forgot my sigh in details how do I reset thanks email is <removed by dizzy>
  8. he was the founder of it she says
  9. yes caldwells stocken heath sorry for not being clear thanks if you can help
  10. hi can anybody help with photos of caldwells forge has there it is a friands gt uncle thanks for any help
  11. can anybody please help need to know how far howley extended to in the mid twewenth century thanks
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