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  1. Correct, which is why we were told months ago not to wear gloves in work but rather to wash, wash, wash and sanitise hands frequently. As for wearing face masks or coverings, well many are abiding by the new rule but some aren't. Guess that will always be the case regardless of what rules are in place. Have to say wearing a face mask for 6-8 hours a day is bloody awful though and I now have an even bigger respect for the wonderful NHS staff who have always had to wear them. I don;t know how them manage to do it day in day out. So for all those anywhere who are moaning about having t
  2. On the plus side it would give us all somewhere not to far away to go for a chalet/caravan holiday seeing as though we can't really go anywhere else...will they allow tents too?...and maybe a man made beach with wave machine may be a good idea to pull in the tourists. Threat of pirates may put many off though lol. Sorry only kidding but did get me thinking as I have no holiday planned this year boo hoo... and the way things are I'd even be happy to spend a week within a few miles away from home in a tent at gulllivers just for a break from constant work and home environment that I've been
  3. Ooops sorry....I've only just seen your reported post about the spammer Evil Sid. Thanks for reporting it and glad to see Gary has removed and blocked the prat
  4. Very good ha ha
  5. I was thinking more like shorts...good if it rains as no chaffing from wet material and good if it's sunny as I'd get nicely tanned legs...well only from my wellies up lol
  6. With most people having nothing to do at the moment then surely there are plenty of us available to help local farmers in our areas pick fruit and harvest stuff. I'd certainly volunteer if there were farmers round here needing help...well saying that I'm still in work but I would help on my days off.
  7. I was thinking that too but then it could go twice as bad as it was with the revelers wanting to make up for lost time and celebrating their release from lockdown big style eek. Remind me not to go out for a month or two when lockdown is over lol
  8. To be honest I think Asda moving into the old M&S or Debenhams would be a bad idea as it wouldn't have it's own car park which would make it difficult for big food shopping. I used to go into Wilkinsons a lot when it was at Cockhedge but have only been in twice since it moved into the Golden Square.
  9. I agree, it's a great shame our Warrington Debenhams is closing as it's a great shop with a huge range of things as did BHS. I was never to keen on M&S in town though as it went down hill a bit in the clothes ranges they had and were all a bit old fashioned. Back to Debenhams.....It's not only the middle aged customers who will miss it as I know a lot of young people in their 20's who also shop in there too for makeup, perfumes, clothes, gifts and homeware items etc as some is very reasonably priced and good quality. Yet another blow to Warrington Town Centre but hey ho I gue
  10. PS...no adverts are covering my 'submit reply' button...well not yet anyway
  11. I've had an email one from TV licencing too and it even had their (TV Licencing) real domain name but it was a scam as I know my TV licence payment has been pad fine and their email didn't give our name and had a few typos in it . Bloody annoying these scammers but clever too as I did think it was genuine at first.
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    Hi everyone, hope you are all ok, Regarding the adverts we are all now seeing which I too have had a rant about on here, I have snow spoken to Gary airing my gripes too but now I understand why he is doing it and I hope you will too after reading his. The upshot of it all is that Gary’s personal purse strings have been taking a battering for some time to keep the forum and the website alive for us all and now with the awful situation we have all found ourselves thrown into things have become even worse for Gary as it has for many businesses. With hardly and revenue coming in Gary has
  13. Are they drafting any ex players in as I was always rather obsessed with Adrian Morleys arms.... and then there was Ashton Sims. gawd my blood pressure is rising already thinking about him lol. But hey any will do for me as they are all rather hunky but current team do seem rather young to me these days lol
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    It's now driving me mad....I get the damn adverts on here in the middle of topics and same on the news pages. It's not cos I;m using Google Chrome as I just tried with Firefox and that's just as bad. It's not cos I;m using my desktop PC running Windows 7 Professional as I also get them when I use my android mobile phone and tablet. I've already got the in-built Adblocker in Chrome set to block any annoying pop up adverts and that has been enabled for a year or but instructions online say I should also be able to block all Add's from a Specific Site so having now had enough I was goin
  16. Well done to them and what a fab thing to do. I wish I was over 70 now as I'd love to have my loaf of bread delivered by a Warrington Wolves player.
  17. It;s all very well and good them saying that everyone should 'keep your distance at all times - at least 2 metres apart but what about till workers in supermarkets as they aren;t 2 meters apart form all the 1000's of customers they are serving every day and are handling their money too. It's even worse for smaller convenience stores and the isles in them often aren't even 2 metres wide (1 metre is the minimum requirement between isles and fixtures) so anyone walking the store would have to be in one single file line all going in just one direction (arrows on the floor might help) when shopp
  18. Dizzy


    Sorry for the slow reply to all the comments.... only just catching up. I really have no idea what is going on and and wondering if Gary has decided to fib about his age and gone into TOTAL self isolation as he's not posted on here lol. I'm getting bloody annoying ads on my android tablet and mobile too so it can't be just cos I'm still using my Windows 7 Pro on my desktop computer ( as I am again now). And to make things worse I've just read the first news story on the front page news here about the new cases of Corona in Warrington and that has adverts stuck in the middle of it all
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    Thanks Obs and gawd almighty others are all showing on this topic to me now too when they weren't when I first read it and commented. Davy51, & Obs are you seeing them when using a desktop pc or tablet or mobile phone. Asp...what are you using. I'm using my desktop PC at the moment but will try looking with my tablet and mobile once they both charge up. As I've not read most topics/posts this week (been way too busy, sorry) and having just looked at another topic in Local Issues ie the IT'S HERE topic that I'd not read either I wondered if maybe they are only showing when a viewer
  20. Dizzy


    I'm glad you asked that Davy51 as I thought I was seeing thing for a minute. From the main menus I just clicked on National Issues... it showed there were some new posts I'd not read on the Corona Virus topic so I clicked to go straight to page 3 (presuming that's where they would be and that I'd have already seen everything on page 1 & 2. So reading through page 3 I too got loads of adverts showing mid way between everyones posts (screen shots below) and even more bizarely most were ads showing to me were ' to meet beautiful women from around the globe'. And before anyone says g
  21. I'm do see what you are saying but I'm sure a lot of people round the 65+ age and over do use computers Confused52. Crikey come of my relatives are in their 80's and are perfectly compuer literate and you only have to go on many of the local facebook group pages to see many on there reminiscing about memories and growing up in the 30's etc etc so if they can use facebook then again they are more than able to keep abreast of the internet world or do things online. For those that can't though, or like me have never done my food shopping online and have no intention of ever doing tbh, surely
  22. We went to bents/high legh a few weeks ago (gawd where was I as I always get the two confused) and I bought a little hanging 'apple' birdfeeder. It was only about £3 so was quite impressed. I wont mention all the other price tags I spotted walking the store though <ouch> So then I looked for bird feed stuffs they also sold so I could fill it to fill it and the cheapest was about £5 a pack so I didn't but any and though I'd get from elsewhere. I went into out local family run pet shop in Stockton Heath this week and got a bag full of bird seed for 85p. Sort of wish I'd bought a bi
  23. I forgot how happy we used to be as kids when we got a new pack of breakfast cereal until I read this. When I say 'happy' that was not entirely true I suppose as there were 3 of us (me, my bruv and my sis) and it was always a bit of a battle to see who's hand could get in the box and find the little free toy the quickest. Those were the days when the little toy was somewhere IN the cereal and not between the plastic bag and the outer box. Gawd we never even used to wash our hands...the 3 of us were straight in often all at the same time grubby or not. I'd love to be that age again....aah
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