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  1. Help required to trace two addresses.

    Hi and welcome to the forum Jon Jones Great info Who'd have thought that after 4 years since the last post on this topic someone would come along and post on it saying they had lived there. It must have been a lovely house to live in, you are so lucky Obvious most locals like me have heard of Alfred Jones (through the Spar Shops) but I never knew the Alfred Jones company also built Bethesda Chapel. Fascinating.
  2. Town Hall flag

    Does it look like this one Asp? If so then it's the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games flag
  3. Town Hall flag

    I've no idea Asp. Maybe someone has climbed up there and changed the flag as some sort of protest...what sort of motif was it cos I can think of a few I'd like to put on a flag and hang there ha ha......just kidding. I've just had a quick look on their website and their facelessbook page and couldn't see any mention about it on there. I'm intrigued now...I might have to drive past later to see what it looks like.
  4. Raw Meat -

    I remember my mum buying frozen boil in the bag beef and gravy many many years ago so surely that's just the same. In fact what ever happened to that as it was so tasty Supermarkets have been selling chickens and fish in bags for years (not together obviously ha ha) that you put straight into the oven too without having to open them so nowt new I'm afriad Obs.... not to mention those little packets of seasoning which come with a bag that you just shove everything in then seal with a little tie and cook. Just to show I'm not a complete lazy ar*e though I did make a hotpot today with beef that I cut up myself with scissors (easier than using a knife) .....ok so I didn't spend ages chopping and peeling all the leeks, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, onions etc etc as I bought 2 bags ready prepared ... I did open them myself though unaided
  5. Taking a tinkle.

    oh dear
  6. Worth every penny ?

    The mugs or thee royal pair and their marriage ?
  7. Royal Wedding

    Sounds rather nice actually
  8. The wonders of officialdom...

    Fair points Greyman, Davy and Obs and yes some low life owners do choose staffies and other big breeds as a 'status' symbol and yes some are so idiotic that they love nothing more than to teach their dogs bad habits. It's such a shame as staffies as a breed are such loyal, gentle and loving dogs. I'd have one any day. In my opinion where owners have purposely made a dog aggressive to the extent that it attacks someone then owner(s) should be put to sleep too just like the dog often is.
  9. Downvote

    Has what gone Fugs ? If you mean the downvote/upvote thingy well no it's still there as it always was although we also added a 'ha ha giggle' type reaction too We (admins) can't see who actually votes either way again now (thankfully) as that was only a temporary measure for a short while while we/Invision were looking into the issue of the perpetual and rather annoying 'downvoter'. Glad it all stopped and we are back to being a happy(ish) place once again
  10. Google

    I was laughing while reading that but then I thought...OMG !!
  11. Worth every penny ?

    You can't expect them not to have security Obs but I must admit £30million does seem very high. I guess that cost is to protect us all though including those in the City wanting to watch the processions etc etc. The threat from a terrorist attack or other deranged person/people attack must be HUGE. Just think how much shops. hotels, public transport and a whole host of other businesses will make though out of merchandising and supplying whatever services in the run up to the wedding and on the day too etc. Maybe it will balance out Nowt like a Royal Wedding to put people in good spirits though. Is it going to be a public holiday too so we can all have street parties and get tiddled or do we all have to go to work as normal while the finer of our society have all the fun
  12. The wonders of officialdom...

    Crikey that's awful and surely the police should have taken the report of live electric cables seriously especially as you say they were at a height that kids could have reached. They should have acted upon it immediately even if to just cordon off the underpass until such time that 'whoever' could have made it safe. Thank goodness nobody was hurt.... I hope it has now been sorted !! As for the dog running about near a road surely they should have done something about that too if the little four legged chap could have caused an accident or been hot by a car and been killed As for it being a Staffie...why do people always presume they are dangerous dogs and will attack people Sad that so many people have that view.....
  13. Posh food

    You have to admit the way it's described does sound delicious though rather than just simply saying 'egg and cress'. I must be an advertisers dream
  14. UK Passports ?

    As an afterthought...will everyone who currently has the nice red colour passport have to re-apply and/or pay to get the new dull blue one or will that only be when their current one expires?
  15. UK Passports ?

    Re the passports..I don't get why the French company has got the contract and how they say it will save £12 million a year. We all have to pay for our passports out of our own pockets so how does it save the government money or do they subsidise them all in some way. I've not got a passport ether... maybe I will get one while they are still made in the UK.
  16. International Women's Day

    I can hear her saying to her hubby before a girly night out on the town (and spoken in and Arny Swartz type voice) "I'll be back when I bloody want to be back!!'
  17. Contagion ?

    Crikey I'd heard of the Spanish Flu pandemic but that's as far as my knowledge about it went. I had no idea it killed more people that WW1 & 2 combined When was the prog on Obs and what was it called as I'd like to watch that if it's on catch-up. How did the use of GPS tracking of mobiles help in their findings though? Was that to see how modern people's movements are and how far the may travel so 'if' they were infected how far afield they could spread their germs? Surely if you had flu though you wouldn't go very far cos you'd feel sh*te and unable to get out of your bed... oh but then there's probably and incubation period. Interesting and maybe we should all wear face masks and stock up the ration cupboards just to be on the safe side as you never know when these germy buggers might arise eek !
  18. Cartoon assassin

    Ha ha that really got me, good one ....shame on you though as you made me almost choke on my drink <future reminder to myself 'do not drink at the same time as reading jokes on here> and I scared our dog with my choking, coughing and spluttering. Mr Dizzy never noticed me in distress though...or did he..mmm !?!?
  19. Local History ?

    You really need help Evils
  20. International Women's Day

    Damn I missed it...any by a whole week
  21. Daylight Saving Time

  22. Thanks for the explanation re 'grading' Evils. That makes sense. Saying that most have been there for hundreds of years though and are worn and settled in their positions with each other so why don't they just write numbers on them before they take them up and put them back in the same position . Bet that would be fun to do too like a huge big outdoor jigsaw....maybe the locals could join in... I too have strange images in my head now of cobble graders after reading the rest of your reply.....
  23. Oooh I'm not really liking the sound of that one bit and as you say Algy I too fear that 'unforseen circumstances' in the not so distant future could mean they never go back. Maybe it will be lack of funding or costs that prevents the relaying or maybe they will find when they take them all up after them sitting there for hundreds of years there are 'issues'... Who knows perhaps after not having to drive or walk over them some people will say it's actually better without them and cause a stink saying they don't want them back. Saying all that it's a conservation area so permission will have to be sought to remove them and conditions will probably be there saying they have to be put back ie stay. Unless of course they are replaced with new modern but with the same sort of old style 'look'. On the plus side maybe they will lay cobbles in all the areas along the cobble stretch which have been botch infilled with blobs of tarmac as those quick fixes look a righ mess and spoil it all. Have they give an idea of how long it will take to remove, clean, grade and then relay them? Why do they have to 'grade' them? I guess if it's only a month or two things could be ok though.... it's quite a big job though when you look just how many cobbles there are. (I just google streetwalked it). The old original cobbled road is part of Grappenhall Villages charm so I'm sure it will be ok and we are worrying for nothing.
  24. Local History ?

    Ha ha good name for it...maybe we should think about renaming all the forum categories to more reflect the moods and goings on in each
  25. Local History ?

    Maybe they will all somehow find this forum Algy. I'm not sure what they would make of it all if they dare venture out of the Local History of Photo's section though