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  1. And I just checked when we are both entitled to our free bus passes. Age 67 for that too. I might move to Wales or Scotland as you still get them when you are 60 there!
  2. I agree with you Milky it's wrong. Infact now retirement age has gone even higher I think everyone currently over 55 should get compensation. I've just checked my state pension retirement age on hmrcs website and I won't get mine until I'm 67...the same age as Mr Dizzy.... and it says changes are in the pipeline and both might go up. Gawd I wish I'd not looked now
  3. I'm registered with the free TPS service (well I presume I still am as I did it years ago). To be honest I don't get may sales/questionnaire calls and I've only had one type of scam call and that was 'from' Hmrc sayng a warrant had been put out for my arrest ha ha. My dad's also registered on the free TPS service but he gets loads of scam and sales/questionaire type calls. My land-line is with virgin media, dad's is with BT so I wonder if that makes a difference somehow.
  4. Dizzy


    And apparently the Fiat garage had some done too according to my source.
  5. Dizzy


    Here's just a few of the cars that all had their windows smashed. The repair bill for them all will cost a fortune. Hope the idiots are caught and made to pay every penny and more besides, plus lock the idiots up.
  6. No, Gary is on about the forum upgrades we have to do every now and again Algy. Just behind the scenes stuff really and at user level doesn't make any difference. PS I'm still running Windows 7 My other half's laptop is Windows 8 and I've hated it from day one so I'm staying as I am as long as I can ha ha
  7. Dizzy

    Car Insurance

    Ours in nowhere near Β£855 a year (in Warrington). I suppose when they take an average price per place that includes all the premiums paid by younger drivers. Maybe Warrington just has more younger drivers that Exeter etc.
  8. Dizzy


    I love seeing all your old photos too Algy, even those I have seen before. I will never get tired of seeing them πŸ˜€ It is a shame that many of your uploads on older topics have gone and been replaced with a photo bucket icon pic but on the plus side it will give you something to do during the cold and dark winter nights. I've not used my photo bucket account for probably over a year now. It used to e a great hosting platform but then kept bombarding me with adverts and other spam blah blah and I got sick to death of it. Looking forward to seeing more pics from you πŸ˜€
  9. Great photo Algy. The town centre always looks much busier with people on older photos. Always reminds me of my teenage years going into town every Saturday daytime with friends even if I had no money.
  10. And in the case of the South Warrington MP ...I watched an elderly lady walking back and too today (or was it yesterday) past our house quite a few times looking at door numbers and somewhat confused. She had a small pile of white envelopes in her hand. I'm guessing shes the one who hand delivered an personally addressed letter to our son through our letterbox which I found later on. Very nice of him and her but hang on WHERE are mine and Mr Dizzy's. We didn't get one and we actually live here ....our son doesn't live here any more and even their electoral register 'please check' form delivered months ago didn't have his name at our address anymore. I guess they must be just targeting the younger generation ?? Gawd if they can't even keep up with who's living where for voting and targeting purposes when it's on their own councils system there really is no hope for them doing anything
  11. Yep that just about sums it up nicely.
  12. The Warrington Transporter Bridge website has a 'Visit The Bridge' page telling you how to get to it from both routes Here's the link.... http://www.warringtontransporterbridge.co.uk/visit_the_bridge.html
  13. Yes you can get to it by down Slutchers Lane past RSPCA and further up to where the car park for Warrington Animal Welfare is. I've never been as it's not the sort of place I'd like to wander on my own as the one time I did try there was a chap living in a tent in the long grass and also the pathway through to the river and along to the bridge sometimes has nasty Giant Hogweed growing along it. I think the council usually put warning signs up though if it's there. (he hogweed I mean not the chap) I'm sure PJ posted a map on here showing the exact route to it through Crossfields site though.
  14. I've been in there a few times over the past months and they have some really nice food stuffs in there and things you don't tend to see in the likes of Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and other well knows shops. I like the way their shelf edge labels have the product in English too so you know what it is. I do wonder how they will survive though as I was the only person in the first time I went but second time there was another lady shopping in there too. Nice friendly staff though
  15. Dizzy

    Bus Company

    I've been on a couple of busses lately and I have to admit the new CAT busses to town are really nice and have little coat hooks, a pop out stand for balancing your mobile phone or table on, WIFI and even charging points. I didn't really have any use for any of those just going from Stockton Heath Village to the Town Centre though but I'm sure some people probably would lol. But I still think it's way to expensive to travel by bus hence me not using them more often....sorry (negativity strikes) Infact my return train ticket to Liverpool cost pretty much the same as my bus ride from SH to town and back. I could have parked my car opposite the station for the whole day for less than the bus too (oops more negativity) I will start using busses more though if they reduce the prices a bit from this neck of the woods like they have done for the other parts of Warrington... or when I get my bus pass.
  16. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚well done Gary I'm sort of proud of you now for actually doing oneπŸ˜…πŸ€£ psI did have a very good reason for not being able to do it for you this time..... I bet you had help though and didn't do it all on your own tee hee.....
  17. I wonder how many miles he rode in a day and how many he sold. I'd imagine everyone really looked forward to him going down their street and he probably got to know most people on his routes too. Nice that 😁
  18. No need to thank me....I'm not the one paying for it. That's a heck of a lot for you to pay each month Gary just for the forum but I'm glad you're still willing to do so (for now anyway) cos I'd miss it and all the years of posts, info, discussions (and arguements lol) that are all still on here. I often search back through the older topics to find info again. Some are a great read πŸ‘πŸ˜
  19. Dizzy

    TV Licensing

    A lot of people still seem to be getting the TV licencing one and some are saying it looks really official and they nearly fell for it despite being computer savvy. There is also apparently a dodgy website that people are inadvertently using to pay their Mersey Gatway tolls that's not actually the official site. It even apparently comes up first on searches for paying the tolls and looks like the real one !!! Plus when you pay you get an email 'receipt' which again looks official and seemingly from the official site but it's NOT. Bloody scammers everywhere but for whatever reason most seem to still be able to get away with it. You'd think in this day and age once they are know about the world wide web boffins could pull the plug on them in seconds...so why don't they !!
  20. Sounds like you are having a great holiday Bill Nice that you are meeting up with Stallard too.....hope you post some photos for us all to see. Have fun and enjoy
  21. Clowns to the Left of me....Jokers to the right...Here I am stuck in the middle with a 3 legged sheep ?
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