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  1. Downvote

    I knew I was supposed to be doing something a few weeks ago..oops. Gary...can you like or vote on others peoples post comments now? I'm not sure if other people can like or vote you and me up or down again though...probably a good thing that though especially for me ha ha
  2. The KFC panic

    Good point Obs. Maybe the police should charge them as they are wasting valuable police time which is surely a case of falling fowl of the law ? KFC withdrawal symptoms for some could be hard though...but there's no such thing as 'going cold chicken' only 'going cold turkey'
  3. You'll have the political correctness police after you now for derogatory comments re a persons height or body shape Obs Regardless of the 'said stature' she was clearly doing her job very well if she was on her own enforcing the law I sometimes wish I'd been a Police Officer as I think I'd be good at it ...oh and and I'd love to be able to slam dunk tackle a person to the floor then hold then in an arm lock while reading them their rights. I guess that's not the right reason for signing up though We do still occasionally see CPO's round here (both male and female) but not very often unless there is an event on and all look very young. I think they probably patrol the village centre at weekends too but I never go there. Well done to them though I say as it must take guts and a calm but firm nature to deal with many of the idiots on the streets these days without resorting to slapping them.
  4. The KFC panic

    DHL are blaming it on a computer system failure. Yeah right...they just took on more than they can chew and didn't have the logistics in place to actually deliver. What is more worrying to me though is reading how they have chicken stored in a big cold storage warehouse that is unregistered so ISN'T regulated by the local health authorities. Surely that's illegal as without inspection there's no say that it's being stored correctly in compliance with H&S regulations. An insider also reported that there is no hand wash in toilets or soap at sinks at the depot OMG !! Maybe that's just a disgruntled worker wanting to make things sound even worse though.... Another news report said that out of some deliveries which have managed to be made have contained chicken transported at incorrect temperatures and even out of date chicken meaning it has had to be returned....but has it all been returned as some deliveries may have been accepted without the full checks being made by the staff upon receipt. I don't think I'll be making a trip to KFC for a while just to be on the safe side.
  5. At the Zoo

    That made me loaf out loud
  6. Togger1..End of the line....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !! I too have become increasingly bored of your constant jibes at other forum members and the rudeness of some of your posts towards others of late which have caused unrest across the whole forum and also resulted in some lovely members staying away. You have overstepped the mark now as you have been ruining the forum for everyone....I've just been sitting here (on my day off) catching up and been reading through all the topics and posts and they don't make nice reading. I don't live by the 3 strikes and you're out rule...you are now just OUT. Bye !!
  7. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    No I have never tried and have no intention of thanks ha ha. Good point about the person paying to watch though having not much self respect either... maybe they could take up golf or fishing instead
  8. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    OMG now I'm taking the topic completely off course again too by asking about other missing members.....it's blummin' catching
  9. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    Some people get too engrossed in their little silly tittle tattle arguments and point scoring (plus taking topics way off track) to remember what the topic was really about and as such their eyes overlook the more important posts which still relate to what we were all bloody talking about in the first place My eyes try to block out the silliness to try and keep focused on the more normal and sensible parts of the discussions...as hard as that is at times...the 'joys' of the forum at times eh...yawn I wonder where LT K went too though now you've mentioned him. Last I heard a long time ago in a message to me he said was going working away in some far a way country. Probably just to get away from this forum I've not seen PJ posting on here for ages either..or Baz. Wonder where they are these days too ?
  10. Togger1...are you intentionally trying to rattle and alienate certain other posters on here all the time ? Just a little observation across the board of late that's all.... but you do seem to come across rather argumentative and somewhat personal in many of your attacks replies to some members. Please don't make personal attacks though cos it's against forum rules as I'm sure you are aware. Maybe it's just the way your words come across though...or a male menopause/mid life crisis sort of thing Just kidding with the last bit <errm honest> Ta cherub... now play nice all.... Diz
  11. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    I'm sure Milky has far better things to be doing with his time Togger1 and if you had ever met me you would know that I deffo wouldn't make a good lap dancer ha ha...not to mention that I can't understand why people would do that 'job' anyway. They mustn't have a lot of self respect.... <hope I've not offended you if that's what you do for a living >
  12. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    Only on Friday night
  13. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    Please don't tell me what happens cos I'll be in work so will have to watch on catch up Tuesday.
  14. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    Aww I'm so glad to hear the gent is ok Algy and thanks for the update I drove past when the road was closed by the police and heard on the local Wire FM radio that he had been cut from his car but was in a serious condition. Gawd they really shouldn't say things like that unless they know the facts. The same so called 'local' radio station was reporting tailbacks all the way up Wilderspool Causeway, through Bridge Foot and all the surrounding roads at the time too..as I was driving up them wondering where all the traffic they were mentioning was. PS Did you mean to say he was a 'fiend' of one of your wife's friends though or did you mean 'friend' I bet he will laugh if he find out you said that ha ha. x
  15. Sorry but I don't quite get what smoking and drinking has to do with gender reassignment and/or the belief that a person has been born into the 'wrong' body type. I must be missing something......
  16. New car tax rules ?

    I haven't seen them...off to google now just in case I buy a new car in the next few weeks on a whim.
  17. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    Naughty...but blummin' funny
  18. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    Have you been watching too much Coronation Street Milky
  19. Computer passwords

    I changed all my passwords to the word 'incorrect'....now if I forget and type in
  20. Grid lock at Sainburys - again

    It's on the front news page Obs althogh it says 'photo submitted' so not a Gary one. It said on the radio and hour or so ago that the driver had to be cut from the car and is though to have serious injuries Hope he's going to be ok.... I must admit I was going to Tesco (and even more supermarkets are available) and Screwfix both up Winwick Road and considering it was 5.45pm and Church Street was closed there was no traffic on Wilderspool Causeway at all and I even sailed through Bridge Foot too (bit of a queue on Mersey Street due to the new carpark traffic lights)....but then no traffic again and same up Winwick Road. It only took me 10 minutes and normally that time of the day it would take well over 30 minutes if not longer. Maybe everyone was just avoiding the whole area though presuming town centre would be gridlocked.
  21. Tanneries in Warrington

    I've heard that too Mimocuja. I've seen photo's in books of the tannery workers walking nothing wider than thin planks between the 'tanks' of hides soaking in all sorts of chemicals and dyes and then having to pull them out by hand too. As most of my ancestors were tanners on my dads side (from his grandad back 3+ generations) I often wonder just how they survived working in such conditions over the generalions and how I am here today.
  22. Life hacks

    Now those I like...especially number 1, 5, 6, 7, 12, 16 and of course number 22
  23. The world is going bonkers...well not the world but just the sad people with nothing to do but go around looking at sinage then complaining that it is either too gender specific and not politically correct as it doesn't include reference to all genders or 'body types'. How many of us have ever really noticed or care that these little computerised 'icons' are male or female?...not many of us I'd imagine that's for sure. Maybe they could just print a gender neutral sort of person icon....is there such a thing ?
  24. Downvote

    I've never used a thumbs down either on here..well not that I can remember doing anyway. But the facility is there is people want to use it...it's just how the forum works as do other social media sites these days like facefook etc. Clearly some on here really want the voting system to be removed though...I don't see why it should be if it is used as it is meant to be used but even I am staring to get a little p'd off with it now with some people playing silly games and seemingly joining forces in the game play. Gawd I really have better things to do with the small amount of free time I have these days than watching other peoples stupid and somewhat childish antics . That is not aimed at the person(s) who downvoted any of the comments on the 'First Ancient Britain was pink with purple spots' topic by the way ! I give up....right you're all on your own now and can do what the heck you like.....fall out, call each other, downvote every single topic comment then cancel out with an upvote the next day...I really don't care Have 'fun'
  25. Coronation 1953 photos

    Absolutely wonderful photos Mimocuja as are the ones you have posted on your other topics over the past couple of days. You are so very lucky to have them and thank you so much for sharing them on here for us all to see. I'm loving them and can;t wait to see even more. I'd love to be able to go back in time to those days and experience the excitement of things like the Coronation or even just to see how life was back in the older days on a normal day. Would it worse than today or better I wonder ...I recon both but in different ways