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  1. losing text

    Aww sorry Evils...I got the job
  2. Chickens

  3. What's the fascination in a cave ?

    Why on earth anyone would want to go down there is way beyond my comprehension too as is why the the kids parents allowed them to go. But the fact is they did and now they are all stuck.... hope to god they all get out safe and all the rescuers are ok too as it's so terrible. Maybe a very good lesson to be learned for others who may want to venture into those caves or others ...STAY OUT !!!
  4. WBC You're joking!

    If it was me Bill I'd rant and rave on the media sites and also across social networking too and I wouldn't pay the fine. Although saying that I don't think I'd have parked over the white lines in an near empty carpark but then again I am quite paranoid about parking within the bays in spaces anywhere probably cos one of out car does only just fit. In your case if the lines weren't clearly visible then you should deffo contest it but then again without any photo evidence you might fail:( Surely the ticket slappers should show some leniency in a near empty carpark. Some years back I saw a WBC traffic warden slapping a ticket on a car in the lower Stockton Heath Forge car park (near the church end). I asked why he was ticketing the car and he said the wheel was over the white line. It was the ONLY car in the lower car park for god sake. I was disgusted and told the jobsworth that. I have also seen them ticket another lonesome car for not displaying a ticket and the elderly person was so upset as the penalty was half their weeks pension but once written they said it couldn't be cancelled. I sometimes wish I was a parking enforcement officer as I'd use my brain cells and if someone deserved to be ticketed they would get one but like in your case on an empty car park or just a mistake I would turn a blind eye as everyone can make the odd mistake.
  5. Winter Hill Fire

    I often go up to Hill Cliffe on sunny day to look at the view which stretches for miles when it's a clear day. You can easily see Winter Hill from up there too...which is on fire Busy time for the fire service at the moment..... https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/gallery/pictures-winter-hill-fire-14843097
  6. Winter Hill Fire

  7. losing text

    Will do Bill, thanks I'd best keep practicing then to get to your higher level ha ha
  8. Heatwave -

    So what colour were your exposed parts before you managed to get a nice even white colour
  9. Heatwave -

    My dads weather station in his garden was showing 37 degrees on Tuesday too Bill. Blummin' hot that eh? Hope you got all your jobs done
  10. Heatwave -

    Good advice Algy. It was so hot yesterday that tar in a pavement near us was actually melting. It was like a joining strip not the actual stony pavement. I didn't notice until I stood on it and my shoe stuck and came off. Yes the pavement was hot with a bare foot lol. Sods law I had my favourite comfy and fairly new WHITE soled summer shoes on. I managed to immediately scrape some of the melted tar out of the tread pattern with a strong piece of plastic then got a bit more off later with a knife after it hardened but there's no way I can get it all off. On the positive side though at least it was me who stood on it and not my dog
  11. Bins

    Thinking about it...no I wouldn't fancy that job Asp especially in this heat with fortnightly bin collections (wiffy or what !!) It was bad enough looking through bags in my own black bin when I thought I'd accidentally thrown my house keys in it. What made it worse after looking through the bin I found them in my work coat pocket even though I'd looked there first..clearly not well enough
  12. Interesting and thanks for the info Confused52
  13. Yes it looks a bit of a mess these days Bill but I certainly wouldn't want to see it go. I'll chain myself to it if they ever do decided to knock it down and the same goes for the wonky roof building next to it. I agree that owners should NOT be just allowed to just sit on a building and leave it to go derelict though. The council do have powers to stop them doing that as mentioned previously and they can force action especially in a conservation area (and Bridge Street and the Packet House building are all part of the conservation area..and nationally/locally listed)...but for some reason the Council never seem to take real action an force owners to maintain or repair. I guess they have their reasons though....
  14. It's been like that for a couple of years now PJ. I seem to remember Algy posting a photo when the guttering and brickwork first came loose and fell off after a heavy storm and high winds and bugger all has been done to put it right by the owners since. Saying that prior to the storm and that damage the upper windows were broken and some left open for a long time before that too letting in the elements and pigeons etc ..there are pics of that too. I had the land registry docs for it but lost them when my hard drive died a sudden death last year but at the time (from memory) it was owned by the same person who owned the go carting place down Slutchers Lane. Guess it's changed hands now and someone else will be sitting on it waiting for it to fall down or be bulldozed due to 'health & safety' thus freeing up the land space for a heafty sales profit. Ah well....
  15. losing text

    Opps sorry I somehow missed that one but have seen it now I've scrolled up again We are clearly both as bad as each other then Bill..? PS me and my dad were talking about you the other day....he's still sitting very comfortably
  16. Heatwave -

    And in todays local news pages the council is warning us all to stay indoors and out of the sun cos we are having a heatwave...blimey do they think we are all stupid? Yes it's hot...we only need to go outside and we know that but thanks for the warning in case any of us have missed the fact On a serious note though re the heat....SOME BLOODY IDIOTS still think it's ok to leave their dogs and kids in locked cars while they pop into shops. Are these people for real ???
  17. Thanks for the reply Steve P and yes I was getting the two confused again, sorry. I did drive past the day after seeing the post and was glad to see the other old Industrial School was still standing but sad to see the other had completely gone. Understandable really as it had pretty much fallen down anyway but I stand by what I said re the council buying that one from the church because the church needed to raise money and couldn't afford the upkeep at the time...and the council did use it as offices ...and then they allowed it to away (presumably after selling on again when they no longer had a use or desire for it due to bigger plans?? ) I had a lovely chat with people associated with the church a while back who told me all about it and how it became to be in such a state..sad considering it;s history and how the church though they were passing it on to safeguard it. Ahh well ..... I am of course aware of the difference between statutory listing, and local listing etc etc and it does seem slightly pointless to have a locally listed 'status' and list when really it serves as no protection at all to the buildings listed on it. It's a shame really as these locally listed building, if safeguarded and maintained, would probably become nationally listed if time allowed and the council did more to safeguard them. They way things are going there will soon be nothing left other than modern day new buildings which are built with a life span expectation of 30 years if that before scrapping and replacing. Sad eh A prime example of where the 'locally listed..of importance...but we will knock it down anyway' happens was the lovely, well built and sound Edwardian Stockton Heath Primary School building dating from 1910. But hey don't get me started on that farce again. Safe to say the council had plans..they wanted it gone and replaced...and so it went. <Dizzy now sits on hands to stop fingers taking over the keyboard saying what her mind is really wanting to say and takes deep calming breaths> I have my bet placed on the very old Packet House building (bottom of Bridge Street) being the next one to go to it's rubble grave..then after that my bet in on a few other Locally Listed which I wont name for fear of giving the council or prospective developers ideas eek !!!
  18. Heatwave -

    No doubt we'll have a hose pipe ban in the next few weeks and people will do into panic mode if the sunshine continues..ant then it will snow As for the dreaded CO2 shortage.. shops are already removing offers of some of their fizzy drinks and putting them back to normal price presumable to stop people mass or panic buying. All a bit strange if you ask me as surely with technology and science these days it is easy to create CO2 bubbles for pops and beers so why is it running out ? I just don't get it....
  19. Bins

    I'm glad I don't live in Edinburgh as I'd never keep up with that rota for 5 different receptacles and I don't have space for them but having just googled what goes in each of theirs it does sound like they cater for a lot that maybe we just put in our black bins which goes into landfill. Saying that does our black bin waste actually get sorted through at the depots/landfil sites in case some can be recycled before it is deposited into landfil...I'm sure it must...but if it doesn't WHY NOT ?
  20. Pest Control ?

    I've lost count of the number of times I've tried ringing the council about various things and like you say obs you go through the long automated 'press this button/that button' routinr then find yourself on hold for eternity other than Mr's Automates saying 'we are sorry for the delay someone will be with you shortly'. I usually give up too and longest I persevered for was 32 minutes as I timed it but still no human answered. Blummin' ridiculous !!!! As for rats I've often wondered why Warrington council charge such a high price for domestic as the same service is FREE from other councils like Halton, Salford, Liverpool. Manchester City Council do charge though but theirs is only £32 for a full course of treatment to rid the blighters which to me seems reasonable. So were are your rats? Inside our out and are they native or foreign A rat trap baited with a big blob of peanut butter works a treat although I have to say when I caught the one who'd been blighting our back yard and outhouse I felt really bad apparently it was a lone juvenile male most probably ousted by the male members of its family (as that's what males do according to my pest controller friend) and not half as big dead as it looked when it was running around our yard scaring the life out of me. In 26 years of living near the canal that's the only one we've ever had...or seen anyway.
  21. losing text

    I've just edited my above post twice from the 6th June. I could see the word 'required' in red but it still worked ok. I just don't get why yours wont work on any of your browser Bill. It's blummin' bugging me now aargh lol
  22. It was in decent nick PJ when the council bought it off the church (the Church needed some money at the time so they sold that building). It must have been in good condition because the council used it as offices for a some time.....and then they (council bods) moved out leaving it unused and then I guess PTS then acquired it with the other Cabinet works buildings and ALL were left to rot away or allowed to be vandalised and the council did bugger all to stop them (the owners PTS) letting that happen. Surely the council had powers and a duty to stop that happening...mmmm And then once in a completely delapidated state the council do take action....and BUY it all back for a small fortune and then they give themselves permission to bulldoze it all to make way for new development that they had wanted many years ago. Like something out of a story book don't you think ??
  23. losing text

    How weird especially re you getting the html/other code displayed too. I've never had anything like that happen. What browser are you using bill and are you using a PC, mobile or tablet not that I can see why that would make a difference. Just a thought though....when you are writing your post or editing it have you perhaps clicked on the 'source' button top left of the editor window. That would make all the code visible to you as you type in the box...obviously when you hit 'submit reply' the code is no longer visible to the reader though. PS I have just posted that and now I'm editing it too but it still works fine for me regardless of whether I press the 'source' button or not. PPS Editing again.....with (source pressed again and not coming out of that mode) PPPS Tried all sorts since the above and every time edit works fine for me...you have me beaten Bill lol. Tues 20th June Edit...I see the word 'Required' (in RED) at the top of the edit box..this only shows when you are in 'edit post' mode after clicking EDIT on an existing post. So what will happen when I press 'save' I wonder. Tues 20th Editing again....it worked fine...and I've just corrected all my typos in the above sentence too oops lol
  24. losing text

    Hiya Bill and nice to see you posting again after so long even though just to say you have been having some issues. Hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine This topic and it;s last reply is 3 years old...heck I hope it didn't take you 3 years to manage to post a reply on it ha ha What browser do you use (I know you say it shouldn't matter and you are right it shouldn't). I'll try to look into it for you if you can let me know. I must admit I never have any problems and I use a couple of browsers depending on what I am using to access the site. On my desktop I tend to use Chrome but I do use firefox too. I think my mobile and tablet use Chrome too....but maybe they don't I will check lol
  25. Twitter dictatorship ?

    Each to their own I suppose and people choose tattoo designs for different reasons and he has explained his.... although why anyone have a tattoo of an assault rifle on their leg is beyond me especially if their dad had been killed by a gun as he says his was. Seems a bit odd but his choice and his leg. Have to say though it is a pretty naff tattoo and maybe he should have gone to a better studio. To me it looks like a kids drawing of a fat cartoon stick man doing a funny 'John Cleese' walk with a hat on.