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  1. cheeky French Bs -

    That's not at all what I meant and no I wouldn't be ok stepping over their dead bodies. Did you read my whole post or just that bit ? Surely even you can see that there has to be a point where the UK cannot take any more of these desperate people in and surely you have also seen the dangerous and appalling conditions they are 'living' in near the borders in the hope they can get through to get here...not to mention those who come in via other routes and risk their lives in doing so sometimes even die. What about the ones who pretty much hijack incoming lorries or sneak on to them not only risking their own lives in the way they do it but also the lives and futures of the law abiding drivers too. Like I said...something needs to be done for all involved and for the UK as a little island too...cos that's what we are...a tiny little island which everyone from afar seems to think is utopia
  2. cheeky French Bs -

    Something has to be done but whether or not this is the right approach remains to be seen. I don't quite see why we have to pay £44 million though but then again people clearly see the UK as a safe place to come and perhaps a soft touch which is why so many try to come here which in turn must causes part of the problem in Calais. Maybe as a start we (UK) might be better just cutting all social security/housing type payments etc etc and free medical care to any coming in...if there is no incentive to come then maybe not so many would want to. Having seen some of the conditions in the border camps and the peoples desperation to get themselves and their families to a place like the UK where they think they can live a safer and better life I can see why they try.....I think would try too if I was in their shoes and me and my family were living in a 'war' zone Horrid world in some places
  3. Doctor...........

    What a little gem that was Obs The answer is probably not though but they would lettuce believe that have (let us?..oh dear lol)
  4. Plastic problem ?

    Plastic bag charges were brought in to hopefully cut the number of bags used and while many say it has helped and people now take their reusable or bag for life own bags etc you only have to go into the shops to see that sales of bags are still very high despite the charge. Tesco for example have done away with their 5p bags and now charge 10p for theirs and yet people still pay. I think because most know the money from 5p bags (and now tescos 10p bags) all goes to local charities people don't mind buying them and are guilt free. I still buy them
  5. Plastic problem ?

    But surely if the said 25 year old crisp packet was thrown away the day before it would still mean it had been 'discarded' Asp..or am I just being pedantic lol
  6. Rubbish dumping ?

    Maybe that's one an idea for the 2 new bridges and new road infrastructure that comes with them that the council have plans an high hopes for Baz (you know the ones to allegedly combat out towns congestion...yeah right). At least if they use all our recycled plastic etc to build it all we might get a reduction on our council tax from the money we collectively 'give' by us all using our blue bins like the good little citizens we are. If only life were that simple eh ?
  7. Hot or Cold ?

    Definitely the cold for me. I hate being too hot
  8. Presumed consent ?

    blimey £4,000 is a shocker especially as you say that is one of the cheaper options. Why on earth does it cost so much to bury/cremate a person The body is just body in a box in a hole in the ground or burnt....sorry I know that sounds awful to describe that way but that is what happens. Re your comment about people being fly tipped .... I guess the body could be traced back to family though who would then have to foot the bill. I'd quite like to be fly tipped though from a straw laden cart pulled by either shire horses or those black and white gypsy type horses. I'd be happy with that ...but not just yet please
  9. Happy New Year

    Seems the forum gremlin(s) is/are playing silly buggers again. For goodness sake WHO put a negative 'Down Vote' on Davy51's post above when all he did was wish everyone a " Happy & Prosperous New Year to all on the forum & beyond ". How pathetic !! Thank you for you well wishes Davy51 and just ignore the silly prat(s) like I do....I guess it keeps their little minds occupied playing with 'votes' facility though...bless
  10. Happy New Year

    Aww hope you are feeling better now Asp. You men are such wimps when you have a cold Just kidding..... x
  11. New 'Market' Car Park

    Would a water sprinkler system have much effect on a car park fire though with fuel and other highly combustible materials going up in flames. I might be wrong but doesn't water make fuel fires flare up and spread quicker somehow and that foam type extinguishers should be used in such instances instead ? Maybe I'm getting confused....
  12. Happy New Year

    not many it seems so far Anyway... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Hope 2018 is a good one for you all Diz x x
  13. New 'Market' Car Park

    I'd say no they are not needed too...but hey the traffic planner always know best Maybe in a few years time when the rest of the time square development is completed like the new big cinema, new council offices etc etc the traffic lights might be of use though.....we will see
  14. New 'Market' Car Park

    I've not been in again since then Evils. No particular reason other than I don't find Warrington town centre too good for shopping and I don't like shopping either...so a bad combination for me It was deffo chains and not a steel rope I saw in the empty lift space though. I wish I'd taken a pic now. As for those evil paternoster you mentioned up at Risley I still have nightmares about using them. How I wish I could slap the person who designed them for the years of fear they put me through. AARGH !!!!
  15. Mini Ice Age -

    I guess looking at the more positive side.... a mini ice age in 2030 is only just over 22 years away so maybe there is a chance that I could use my sledge and two plastic snowboards i bought a few weeks ago on a whim after all For every negative there is a positive somewhere along the line. Now all I have to do is make sure I live for another 22 years so I can post my pics