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  1. Most popular name ?

    It's never happened to me Bill....... Could it be that you perhaps somehow highlighted your text before pressing 'return' as that would then delete whatever was highlighted.
  2. Bomb proof material

    Aye that's true Asp. Hope my comment didn't offend you x
  3. Cockhedge Foot Bridge

    To be honest I've not walked over it for years so hadn't even noticed it was closed. I always walk on the 'flat ground' and cross the road as it's not a very busy road but yes I guess if you had kids with you it could be a bit of a hazard with it being the bus route and also used by speedy taxis.
  4. Grid lock -

    Obs, there was a bad accident which closed the A49 in both directions at Stretton and also another one on the Warburton Bridge forcing the closure of the bridge too.... both around tea time. These caused traffic congestion everywhere with them being main through routes. I hope those involved in the accidents are ok and not seriously hurt....
  5. Bomb proof material

    Sorry Asp but I have to say I did just find your post rather insensitive considering the loss of lives and injury that could have happened had it detonated fully like the terrorist scum had planned it to Thankfully no injuries from it seem to be too serious. It must have been so terrifying for all involved
  6. For sale

  7. Well you never know..... To be honest though I've never been in the pub and it's not near me so I guess if it's flattened I wont really loose any sleep over it...but I will whinge for years that another lovely chatacter OLD building has been lost forever. There are newts at the Walton end of the new proposed bridge/road route though as that's quite open ground being close to Moorely Common and the old river part of which still has water in it. There's a lot of wildlife round there to be honest but some species I wont mention on here because I fear they will be killed if word gets about
  8. Are you buying Gary? Who owns it? Is it a pub chain or an independent owner, do you know Gary? I am told that a lot of the land and businesses along the now chosen route were bought up some years back for way above market value at the time. Some that has businesses on it were/are still rented out but on a year by year lease term...sort of like the new owner(s) were just biding their time until certain plans finally came to light. Can't say I blame whoever was buying it up though as now with compulsory purchase and the likes their over payment back in the day will deffo have raised significantly for what they will get for it all now. Bugger why didn't I buy some...ahh yes I remember now it's cos I didn't have foresight, some divine intervention, inside knowledge and a big wad of cash All very interesting though but I've said enough as any more could be seen as libelous....
  9. I wonder if it's the original building. Right go and do some research...and a have a pint for me while you are in there ha ha
  10. There are banners over my way opposing all the routes Asp although saying that they all start from this end so the people living near the start route are in a no win situation like I just posted under the news story. As for the Sloop Inn, I just mentioned mentioned that in my comment under the news story too as I hadn't seen yours on here at the time but yes I'm sure too that it's much older than 100 years. Some time ago ( 3 August 2013 to be exact) Algy posted a list on here of old pubs/inns and he said that in 1826 an Issac Turner was the Inkeeper/Landlord of the Sloop. I suppose there may have been an older building there before the one we see today though but todays does have a very old look about it externally and reminds me of the Barley Mow in design. As it;s over your neck of the woods do you know what it's like inside and if its got any original features left.
  11. Visit

    I'm looking forward to meeting up with you Stallard Hey have you ever been inside the Town Hall and seen it close up and all the silver in the cabinets and the mace and sword etc and heard more about it;s history? It's great in there and there is so much to see so well worth a visit and a nosey. I went on one of their open days last year (or was it the year before...time flies) as part of the Heritage Open Day event and although it's not open for general tours on a monthly basis they can be arranged. Do you fancy a look when you are over as I'll try and sort it for you if you do
  12. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    Why do you say 'incomers to Warrington'? What about all the youngsters in their mid 20's + who have been born and bred here but who stand virtually no chance of ever buying their own home in their own town with prices already so high and mortgages so hard to get. A lot of the proposed new housing is earmarked for the likes of Appleton, Walton etc where prices are already so high even most of us who already own homes couldn't afford them even if we sold up and re-mortgaged. I can see why the council would prefer new housing in the likes of Appleton, Walton, Thelwall etc though as with the land being worth so much more to any prospective buyer/developer and the higher the house prices the more council tax is there for the taking for WBC's pot. I'm still trying to understand the rest of your post but re te part above where you say up to £16k per year is needed and is that really not possible ....does that figure include mortgage payment, council tax, bills, water rates, insurance, food and all other costs associated with being a homeowner or are they on top of your quoted monthly figure. Either way £16k is a heck of a lot of money per year and I'm glad I'm not looking to buy a home these days