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  1. We went to bents/high legh a few weeks ago (gawd where was I as I always get the two confused) and I bought a little hanging 'apple' birdfeeder. It was only about £3 so was quite impressed. I wont mention all the other price tags I spotted walking the store though <ouch> So then I looked for bird feed stuffs they also sold so I could fill it to fill it and the cheapest was about £5 a pack so I didn't but any and though I'd get from elsewhere. I went into out local family run pet shop in Stockton Heath this week and got a bag full of bird seed for 85p. Sort of wish I'd bought a bird feeder from them too now
  2. I forgot how happy we used to be as kids when we got a new pack of breakfast cereal until I read this. When I say 'happy' that was not entirely true I suppose as there were 3 of us (me, my bruv and my sis) and it was always a bit of a battle to see who's hand could get in the box and find the little free toy the quickest. Those were the days when the little toy was somewhere IN the cereal and not between the plastic bag and the outer box. Gawd we never even used to wash our hands...the 3 of us were straight in often all at the same time grubby or not. I'd love to be that age again....aah well
  3. Dizzy


    Our local church (St Thomas'a in Stockton Heath) is apparently is a drop off point for the Warrington Food Bank Stallard so maybe others are too.
  4. Dizzy


    Heartbreaking to watch the video in that link and to hear how many people in Warrington alone are struggling so much that they can't even afford the basics of food each day and even more heartbreaking to hear that children are going days without food because their parents are too proud to ask for help. We all know there are foodbanks and most of us probably donate to them at some time or another when we see collection points in shops etc but I'm ashamed to say I only ever do it around xmas time. Whether that's because there are more visible collection point this time of the year or maybe it's because it's the time of the year where my thoughts are with other people so I notice them more. What just made me feel worse after watching the video was earlier today I sorted out my fridge and freezer and as per usual threw away a lot of food stuff I'd bought that had now gone past it's eat by date or had been opened, partly used, then needed throwing. The amount I throw away each month is terrible when I think about those having nothing and I'm sure a lot of us are the same with the amount of food bought and wasted.
  5. Here's the link for anyone who wants to see more lol https://www.warrington.gov.uk/news/changes-time-square-car-park
  6. Since 5th December the new Times Square Car Park is now open 27 hours a day 7 days a week (with different charges according to days/times you park.
  7. Did you forget to upload your photo Algy x
  8. And I just checked when we are both entitled to our free bus passes. Age 67 for that too. I might move to Wales or Scotland as you still get them when you are 60 there!
  9. I agree with you Milky it's wrong. Infact now retirement age has gone even higher I think everyone currently over 55 should get compensation. I've just checked my state pension retirement age on hmrcs website and I won't get mine until I'm 67...the same age as Mr Dizzy.... and it says changes are in the pipeline and both might go up. Gawd I wish I'd not looked now
  10. I'm registered with the free TPS service (well I presume I still am as I did it years ago). To be honest I don't get may sales/questionnaire calls and I've only had one type of scam call and that was 'from' Hmrc sayng a warrant had been put out for my arrest ha ha. My dad's also registered on the free TPS service but he gets loads of scam and sales/questionaire type calls. My land-line is with virgin media, dad's is with BT so I wonder if that makes a difference somehow.
  11. Dizzy


    And apparently the Fiat garage had some done too according to my source.
  12. Dizzy


    Here's just a few of the cars that all had their windows smashed. The repair bill for them all will cost a fortune. Hope the idiots are caught and made to pay every penny and more besides, plus lock the idiots up.
  13. No, Gary is on about the forum upgrades we have to do every now and again Algy. Just behind the scenes stuff really and at user level doesn't make any difference. PS I'm still running Windows 7 My other half's laptop is Windows 8 and I've hated it from day one so I'm staying as I am as long as I can ha ha
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