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  1. I sometimes forget what great senses of humour people do actually have on here Nice when we have a giggle
  2. Stallard I really have no idea what you mean cos I've not deleted anything from anywhere. Unless of course you are just having me on trying to make me think I'm loosing my marbles now I'm the bit older on paper. If so it worked for a few minutes 🤣 😜
  3. Thanks Confused52 & Bill 😁 PS Bill....Forgetting your own sons birthday is really bad 😂.... hope you've rung or messaged him now eek.
  4. Seems our council's decision makers and of course Clr Maher who voted to approve despite not even knowing where it was have hit the big screens over the farce of the Stobarts approval ...well ok so only youtube for now.... but i'm sure a feature length box office smash hit film could be made out of all their goings on and cockups from over the years. Must remember to book my front row ticket with reclining chair and popcorn
  5. Hasn't the nasal spray flu vaccine been available for kids for a few years already. I know my little niece had it a few years back when she was only about 5 or 6. As for the Muslim community refusing to let their kids have it as it's not considered 'Hilal' then that's their choice as parents. We all have choices and our son didn't have his MMR jab until he was about 18...my choice although probably many wont agree with me there. As long as all the other kids have their flu spray it I guess they wont catch flu off any whos parents have chosen not to have their own kids or themselves immunised if they get it. I've never had a flu jab as it's never been offered to me. Maybe I should though considering I work with members of the public and handle their dribbled on money all the time not to mention some coughing and sneezing on it and me often...yeuch dirty buggers.... but touch wood I've never had flu and hope I never do.
  6. Good excuse though to blame 'it' on 'technical issues'. Not really on subject but years ago a petition of over 5000+ signatures was personally handed into WBC on the steps of New Town House re the demolition of Stockton Heath Primary School. Some time later it was 'said' no petition had been received but ooh hang on a minute a person who shall remain nameless had taken photos of it being handed over and received by the then head of planning John Groves. So where the heck was it then? Funny how once they were informed that a full photocopy had been taken before it was all handed over and that a photo of it being handed over was taken too (errm 'the receiver' even posed for the camera but didn't look too happy though lol) that it was suddenly found having been put in 'a drawer' and forgotten about . The token gesture of apologies were duly made
  7. C please stallard or G..... never really liked D
  8. Dizzy


    TR is a complete prat and deserves everything he gets. You only have to watch some of the 'allegedly' staged <just covering myself with the word allegedly>) footage filmed in Warrington and other areas on his campaign trail lately to realise he's nothing but a trouble maker. Yet his army of little gullible people still follow him round the country like he is some sort of god. They need to WAKE UP and see him for what he really is. YAWN !!!
  9. I don't usually like violin music (I blame that on my sister when she was trying to learn as a kid...eek) but I could listen to, and watch, that little girl who was playing in the video for hours. Absolutely amazing and so relaxing :D
  10. Dizzy

    PC ban -

    Oh my goodness I'm not whining and moaning PJ. Ok so I guess you are right that the adverts have no effect on my life whatsoever either way..... You seem to be the one with the 'upset' issue though not me so what effect do the adverts have on your life? Any or None ? ..... and for the record you seem to upset way more people than I do...so ask yourself this....is your habit or trying to 'upset' people (1) intentional (2) Necessary or (3) Unnecessary or (4) <insert your own reason> Nighty night poppet...don't let those evil fluffy bed bugs bite ha ha
  11. Dizzy

    PC ban -

    Naah PJ I'm not offended by the ruling at all....... I find it all rather laughable to be honest that we live in such a bonkers society these days that people feel the 'need' to look at something as daft as some tv adverts and say 'hey this needs to be stopped as it might hurt some little gentle wallflowers feelings'. Most people probably never even gave it a second though until someone with nothing better to do made a big deal of it. Bit like the 1000's of numpties who have been complaining to OFCOM this week about not liking something on Love Island. Durh...well stop blummin' watching it then lol. PS Mr Dizzy can't parallel park our new car..... I think he's still quite offended by me laughing at him though (but hey I can't park it either shhh)
  12. Dizzy

    PC ban -

    It's completely bonkers. If I see say an advert of a woman unable to park it doesn't upset me in the slightest just as seeing a woman hoovering when the man just sits there. 'Hurtful gender stereotyping' my a*se. People who dream these new rulings up or are easily offended need to get a grip on life and stop being so blummin pathetic.
  13. Dizzy


    Great posts Stallard & Evils I'm not sure I could live where you do with that heat and all those pesky critters though Stallard. I think your Magpie has come to ours Evils as ones been making a right racket on our roof all day in the rain, plus my back yard had hundreds of blummin' slugs of all shapes, sizes and ages all over the flags last night too cos it had rained. Where the bloody hell do they hide all day and why our yard?....we haven't even got any plants or greenery for goodness sake. Can't put slug pellets down cos of the dog aargh....
  14. I'm sorry as I'm not being much use as everything else I'm finding just says Victoria Square too for James Snr and Jnr but I;m having so much fun looking . One thing has just occurred to me though and that is that Victoria Square outside the Mulberry Tree Pub used to be the place that all the large Horse Drawn 'busses' used to go to and from . It was a very busy area back in the day for that form of transport and people were taken back and too to Warrington town centre and other villages. Back in those days most forms of transport involved horses and James Snr & Jnr both clearly worked in the horse business as Groomers, Coachmen etc. according to their records some of which I've already posted above. The Mullbery Tree Pub also had a large stable block at the back (which are still there today and I think there were more right next to it too down the back alley at the rear ( so I'm wondering if the 'CAB' Proprietor business was more to do with Horse Cabs. It would make sense. Perhaps they started up their own Horse 'Cab' business but ran it from premises/stables at the back of the Mulberry Tree or the buildings behind in the alley way hence it just saying 'Victoria Square as it would have no street address. Maybe they ran Hansom Cabs (horse drawn smaller carriages which would carry a couple of people along with the 'driver') as perhaps they noticed a niche in the market and went into competition with the bigger Horse Busses which were often over full and presumably only covered set routes but theirs being smaller carrying only a few people could be more adaptable to take people where they wanted to go ie direct to their own home or to the next pub lol. I'll stop rambling on until I hear back from you on here Victoria as I may be telling you things you already know anyway....oops if I am
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