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  1. Are they drafting any ex players in as I was always rather obsessed with Adrian Morleys arms.... and then there was Ashton Sims. gawd my blood pressure is rising already thinking about him lol. But hey any will do for me as they are all rather hunky but current team do seem rather young to me these days lol
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    It's now driving me mad....I get the damn adverts on here in the middle of topics and same on the news pages. It's not cos I;m using Google Chrome as I just tried with Firefox and that's just as bad. It's not cos I;m using my desktop PC running Windows 7 Professional as I also get them when I use my android mobile phone and tablet. I've already got the in-built Adblocker in Chrome set to block any annoying pop up adverts and that has been enabled for a year or but instructions online say I should also be able to block all Add's from a Specific Site so having now had enough I was going to Add Warrington Worldwide to the BLOCK ALL list but when I can't find out how to add it I'm getting cross with it all now now aargh lol
  4. Well done to them and what a fab thing to do. I wish I was over 70 now as I'd love to have my loaf of bread delivered by a Warrington Wolves player.
  5. It;s all very well and good them saying that everyone should 'keep your distance at all times - at least 2 metres apart but what about till workers in supermarkets as they aren;t 2 meters apart form all the 1000's of customers they are serving every day and are handling their money too. It's even worse for smaller convenience stores and the isles in them often aren't even 2 metres wide (1 metre is the minimum requirement between isles and fixtures) so anyone walking the store would have to be in one single file line all going in just one direction (arrows on the floor might help) when shopping with 2 metres between them and god forbid they then found an overworked staff member trying to replenish the shelf stock as they would have to stop in queue and wait or ask the staff member to join the front of the line and 'walk this way'to WALK WAY. Then of course you have the situation in smaller convenience stores where isle ends meet so you would get a PacMan situation (do you remember that old arcade game?, it was always my favourite). Then depending on the direction the line was having to follow the tills could be nearer the end of the line so how does the shop worker then get back to the till to serve the first customer in line without getting closer to anyone than the 2 meters.....then said shop worker and customer have to use a pole with a little saucer on the end to somehow pass the money over blah blah.. Then customer tries to leave the shop but cant get to the door because the '2 metre apart queue in the line' has grown so long that its right round the store and contunued outside through the single access door.....so they are all stuck lol If you have so far read all that then you are clearly as bored as me tonight. Joking aside....pubs, restaurants, gyms, libraries. businesses.....pretty much everything.... is being told to close down now with billions set aside to cover some peoples wages BUT NEVER ONE WORD ABOUT ALL THE STAFF IN SUPERMARKETS AND OTHER LOCAL CONVENIENCE STORES etc who the government will NOT be closing and who's staff are carrying on working massive extra hours flat out to try and keep up with demand stocking shelves and serving 1000's of extra people every day (even in the small stores) thus putting themselves at a much greater risk of catching the damn virus. Perhaps the government could see fit to pay them an additional £1 an hour on top of their employers hourly wage to cover the additional risk and for them carrying on. I know that will not happen though but just thought I'd rant and bore you all even more to keep you occupied. I do think all our wonderful NHS Staff should be getting a BIG government funded pay increase for everything they are doing and having to cope with in such difficult times, they must be exhausted. We are so lucky to have all of them and they are doing a fantastic job
  6. Dizzy


    Sorry for the slow reply to all the comments.... only just catching up. I really have no idea what is going on and and wondering if Gary has decided to fib about his age and gone into TOTAL self isolation as he's not posted on here lol. I'm getting bloody annoying ads on my android tablet and mobile too so it can't be just cos I'm still using my Windows 7 Pro on my desktop computer ( as I am again now). And to make things worse I've just read the first news story on the front page news here about the new cases of Corona in Warrington and that has adverts stuck in the middle of it all too. I screen printed it all and only then as I was cutting and pasting to join them all together to upload to here did I notice I'd not actually read the whole story in the first place as I though it was just short and sweet and the end once I saw the first advert. HOW CAN I READ A NEWS STORY that simply doesn't flow because of the damn things...<insert own swear word here as I can't type the ones I said as they aren't very ladylike lol> They all seem to be google types adds though (to me) so how do I block them all on Win 7 Pro or my androids. I don;t mind the od adverts top of bottom of the screen BUT NOT BLOODY EVERYWHERE ON NEWS PAGES AND FORUM AND IN BETWEEN EVERYTHING. Gawd almighty....please can I self isolate with no online access to the outside world at all please lol I've put big pink crosses through all the crap appearing through the one news story I was TRYING to read
  7. Dizzy


    Thanks Obs and gawd almighty others are all showing on this topic to me now too when they weren't when I first read it and commented. Davy51, & Obs are you seeing them when using a desktop pc or tablet or mobile phone. Asp...what are you using. I'm using my desktop PC at the moment but will try looking with my tablet and mobile once they both charge up. As I've not read most topics/posts this week (been way too busy, sorry) and having just looked at another topic in Local Issues ie the IT'S HERE topic that I'd not read either I wondered if maybe they are only showing when a viewer reads a full new page of a topic for the first time as I have just done. But clearly that's not the case if I'm now seeing the damn things on this one too. One things for sure...if they don't bugger off I'll be staying off for longer as they are so damn annoying and make a topic very hard to read, follow and comment on indeed!! For Gary's info (I've messaged him to read this thread) here's the screen shots of the crap I just saw when reading the Local Issues 'ITS HERE' thread too.
  8. Dizzy


    I'm glad you asked that Davy51 as I thought I was seeing thing for a minute. From the main menus I just clicked on National Issues... it showed there were some new posts I'd not read on the Corona Virus topic so I clicked to go straight to page 3 (presuming that's where they would be and that I'd have already seen everything on page 1 & 2. So reading through page 3 I too got loads of adverts showing mid way between everyones posts (screen shots below) and even more bizarely most were ads showing to me were ' to meet beautiful women from around the globe'. And before anyone says google must have picked up on my recent browser searches or views I can assure you that I have never searched or viewed any such thing and there is only me who uses this computer. I then clicked to view page 1 and 2 and none of those had ads so clicked back to page 2 again and they had all vanished. So I repeated what I had done first time round going straight to page 3 and there they were back again. I've never seen adverts in between our actual posts before so beats me unless there had been a recent forum update/patch applied (Gary have you done one recently as I haven't for ages cos I forgot my password many months ago lol) or Gary ha you changed how google ads are placed etc.....If not then answers on a post card please to.... 'Friday 13th Gremlins Strike In Warrington'
  9. I'm do see what you are saying but I'm sure a lot of people round the 65+ age and over do use computers Confused52. Crikey come of my relatives are in their 80's and are perfectly compuer literate and you only have to go on many of the local facebook group pages to see many on there reminiscing about memories and growing up in the 30's etc etc so if they can use facebook then again they are more than able to keep abreast of the internet world or do things online. For those that can't though, or like me have never done my food shopping online and have no intention of ever doing tbh, surely if any poor souls do have to self isolate then their family, neighbours or friends could get their shopping for them and just knock on their door and leave it on the doorstep.
  10. We went to bents/high legh a few weeks ago (gawd where was I as I always get the two confused) and I bought a little hanging 'apple' birdfeeder. It was only about £3 so was quite impressed. I wont mention all the other price tags I spotted walking the store though <ouch> So then I looked for bird feed stuffs they also sold so I could fill it to fill it and the cheapest was about £5 a pack so I didn't but any and though I'd get from elsewhere. I went into out local family run pet shop in Stockton Heath this week and got a bag full of bird seed for 85p. Sort of wish I'd bought a bird feeder from them too now
  11. I forgot how happy we used to be as kids when we got a new pack of breakfast cereal until I read this. When I say 'happy' that was not entirely true I suppose as there were 3 of us (me, my bruv and my sis) and it was always a bit of a battle to see who's hand could get in the box and find the little free toy the quickest. Those were the days when the little toy was somewhere IN the cereal and not between the plastic bag and the outer box. Gawd we never even used to wash our hands...the 3 of us were straight in often all at the same time grubby or not. I'd love to be that age again....aah well
  12. Dizzy


    Our local church (St Thomas'a in Stockton Heath) is apparently is a drop off point for the Warrington Food Bank Stallard so maybe others are too.
  13. Dizzy


    Heartbreaking to watch the video in that link and to hear how many people in Warrington alone are struggling so much that they can't even afford the basics of food each day and even more heartbreaking to hear that children are going days without food because their parents are too proud to ask for help. We all know there are foodbanks and most of us probably donate to them at some time or another when we see collection points in shops etc but I'm ashamed to say I only ever do it around xmas time. Whether that's because there are more visible collection point this time of the year or maybe it's because it's the time of the year where my thoughts are with other people so I notice them more. What just made me feel worse after watching the video was earlier today I sorted out my fridge and freezer and as per usual threw away a lot of food stuff I'd bought that had now gone past it's eat by date or had been opened, partly used, then needed throwing. The amount I throw away each month is terrible when I think about those having nothing and I'm sure a lot of us are the same with the amount of food bought and wasted.
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