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  1. Airlines

  2. Happy birthday Dizzy

    I wish !! Double that now plus a little bit more. Gawd where do the years go
  3. Happy birthday Dizzy

    Ha ha very funny Gary I'm not as slow as you think I am on here but I decided to leave it a day before I replied to you just to give you a sense of being half right. PS you are on facebook way more than me and I bet you use twitface just as much too ha ha. Cheers for the birthday wishes though
  4. Breaking News

    I must admit Obs that after seeing it on the news tonight with all the forensic people and police around it I said to my other half "how do they know there's not a hidden device in there just waiting to be triggered and go off killing them". He said...'they will have already checked". Surely it wouldn't take much though to remotely explode a car by butting a tiny device near or in a petrol tank though EEK. The poice are very brave as no way would I have gone near it
  5. Pest Control ?

    sorry I know I shouldn't be laughing but those comments really made me giggle. Joking aside though I just re-googled Warrington Councils pest control fee page and I don't remember all this...has it been updated for all other critters ? Seems rats are cheap compared to some others. Fleas for example £111.50...really ? Bed bugs..well I'm trying to ignore reading or thinking about those or I wont sleep tonight EEK. Ants...£57 ?? Blimey you can buy ant powder or bait traps for a few quid at DIY centres..or better still sprinkle inexpensive bicarb of soda down as they wont cross. Domestic properties* Rats - £83.50 Mice - £83.50 Cockroaches - £111.50 Bed bugs - £167.00 Fleas - £111.50 Wasps* - £62.00 Bees - £62.00 Ants - £57.00 Squirrels - £167.00

    It has been on the news pages a few times recently that Woolston's was closing for some weeks Bill (getting revamped as is Gatewarth so as to put the final nail in the coffin of Stockton Heaths Tip.....sorry I mean CRC). I agree with you though as I doubt many would have any idea what CRC means as I'm sure most, like me, just call it them the TIP. I'd have presumed CRC was a business down there not the tip. PS what is QRC..as in your header title? lol
  7. Need Help

    Fantastic news Bill and well done I'd seen your post on social media earlier today on various groups and I shared it too. I've not been on line again since until now and am so please to see this update FAB
  8. Evolution

    Good one ha ha
  9. Siamese Twins

  10. losing text

    Aww sorry Evils...I got the job
  11. Chickens

  12. What's the fascination in a cave ?

    Why on earth anyone would want to go down there is way beyond my comprehension too as is why the the kids parents allowed them to go. But the fact is they did and now they are all stuck.... hope to god they all get out safe and all the rescuers are ok too as it's so terrible. Maybe a very good lesson to be learned for others who may want to venture into those caves or others ...STAY OUT !!!
  13. WBC You're joking!

    If it was me Bill I'd rant and rave on the media sites and also across social networking too and I wouldn't pay the fine. Although saying that I don't think I'd have parked over the white lines in an near empty carpark but then again I am quite paranoid about parking within the bays in spaces anywhere probably cos one of out car does only just fit. In your case if the lines weren't clearly visible then you should deffo contest it but then again without any photo evidence you might fail:( Surely the ticket slappers should show some leniency in a near empty carpark. Some years back I saw a WBC traffic warden slapping a ticket on a car in the lower Stockton Heath Forge car park (near the church end). I asked why he was ticketing the car and he said the wheel was over the white line. It was the ONLY car in the lower car park for god sake. I was disgusted and told the jobsworth that. I have also seen them ticket another lonesome car for not displaying a ticket and the elderly person was so upset as the penalty was half their weeks pension but once written they said it couldn't be cancelled. I sometimes wish I was a parking enforcement officer as I'd use my brain cells and if someone deserved to be ticketed they would get one but like in your case on an empty car park or just a mistake I would turn a blind eye as everyone can make the odd mistake.
  14. Winter Hill Fire

  15. Winter Hill Fire

    I often go up to Hill Cliffe on sunny day to look at the view which stretches for miles when it's a clear day. You can easily see Winter Hill from up there too...which is on fire Busy time for the fire service at the moment..... https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/gallery/pictures-winter-hill-fire-14843097