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  1. Dizzy

    Thomas Francis Mitchell

    You may already know this but I just googled and there is a website for the Vulcan Foundry. The site contains copies of ALL the Vulcan Magazines from 1948 to 1962. There are photos in some of them and mention of staff etc but unfortunately they are not searchable so you'd have to read through each. The website also has a few videos too (Vulcan on Film) and a whole host of other sections too. May be worth a try anyway. Here's the link http://enuii.com/vulcan_foundry/index.htm
  2. Dizzy

    Thomas Francis Mitchell

    Welcome to the forum john c G I can't help re your Grandad I'm afraid but hopefully someone on here can. Good Luck and I have my fingers crossed for you
  3. Dizzy


    Hiya I've changed the settings so that you can ALL now delete your own attachments more easily. Same 1st 3 steps as I posted above ie 1) At the top right of the screen you will see an icon showing your forum name and picture...Click on that2) A drop down menu will appear saying 'Content', 'Profile', 'My Attachments' .... and more options3) Click on 'My Attachments'. This will open a screen showing thumbnails of ALL your attachments .... but now you have a little 'bin' icon at the right of each attachment so you can just click on the delete button to zap specific attachments if you don't need them now. It will delete the attachment from your original topic post too though so just be aware.... I HAVE ALSO INCREASED THE PERSONAL & INDIVIDUAL STORAGE AREA CAPACITY ALLOWANCE from 500kb to 800kb per person. That should do the trick
  4. Dizzy

    State of the Nation ?

    That's really sad Makes you wonder what else they may have missed out on if their parents haven't even bothered to teach them those 3 things. Poor little things
  5. Dizzy

    A German view of Brexit

    I watched it last week, brilliant speech.
  6. Dizzy


  7. Dizzy


    Have you managed it get Latchy?
  8. Dizzy

    Speed limiters on cars ?

    I know it's not quite the same thing but my sons little works van is limited to 60mph by some little gadget. As most of his works journeys are long ones and on motorways he says it's been down right dangerous at times as when there have been occasions where he does need to pull out and/or overtake to avoid idiots at more than 60 he simply can't. On the plus side though he's never gone over the 70mph speed limit lol
  9. Dizzy


  10. Dizzy


    Hiya, sorry for the slow reply Latchy. I had no idea but have just figured it out and managed to delete one of mine...talk about long winded though. Right here goes...I hope this makes sense. 1) At the top right of the screen you will see an icon showing your forum name and picture...Click on that 2) A drop down menu will appear saying 'Content', 'Profile', 'My Attachments' .... and more options 3) Click on 'My Attachments'. This will open a screen showing thumbnails of ALL your attachments and the topic each are posted under. 4) If there is one you want to delete....click on the forum topic title on the right of the screen for that specific attachment. The topic will open and you will be taken directly to your post with your attachment. 5) Click to EDIT your post 6) You will then see a box within your post that says 'Uploaded Images' and a little delete/bin icon in the bottom right hand corner of your attached image in your post. 7) Click on the delete/bin icon and the attachment will be deleted...then press SAVE. Only the attachment will be removed...the rest of your original post will remain if there was anything else written on it. Hope that made sense....if not reply back or if there are none you feel you can delete as they are all really important to your posts I can possibly just increase your personal storage quota a bit
  11. Dizzy

    Deal or No Deal ?

    How the bloody hell is extending Brexit until 30th June going to make any difference. Gawd all it will mean is we get 3 more months of embarrassing bickering, party point scoring between MP's, parties and government and no agreement on all sides for anything. It's a waste of blummin' time and will just make us (the UK) and our so called leaders a bigger laughing stock than we are already. I'm sick to death of it all and if I could I would just pull the plug myself right now and say 'There You Go...I've Done It For You...BYE BYE EU....NOW LETS ALL WORK TOGETHER AND GET ON WITH LIFE '
  12. Dizzy

    Indicators ?

    I've never replaced my blinker (indicator) fluid though. I didn't even know you had to to make them work better....
  13. Dizzy

    Indicators ?

    I use mine all the time but then again mine is an older car. Seems to me these days that the more flashy and expensive the car is less likely it is to see indicators flashing. I suspect this is because the owners presume the car will do that for them as well as everything else like parking itself
  14. Dizzy


    Funny 😂🤣😂
  15. Dizzy

    jeanious ? !

    Oh my word I'm sat here wishing I'd never said anything now lol. Some funny comments especially yours Obs 😂 Lovely to see you back on here Lt Kyje. Crikey you've been awol for a very long time. Hope you are well and have been having fun