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  1. losing text

    I've just edited my above post twice from the 6th June. I could see the word 'required' in red but it still worked ok. I just don't get why yours wont work on any of your browser Bill. It's blummin' bugging me now aargh lol
  2. It was in decent nick PJ when the council bought it off the church (the Church needed some money at the time so they sold that building). It must have been in good condition because the council used it as offices for a some time.....and then they (council bods) moved out leaving it unused and then I guess PTS then acquired it with the other Cabinet works buildings and ALL were left to rot away or allowed to be vandalised and the council did bugger all to stop them (the owners PTS) letting that happen. Surely the council had powers and a duty to stop that happening...mmmm And then once in a completely delapidated state the council do take action....and BUY it all back for a small fortune and then they give themselves permission to bulldoze it all to make way for new development that they had wanted many years ago. Like something out of a story book don't you think ??
  3. losing text

    How weird especially re you getting the html/other code displayed too. I've never had anything like that happen. What browser are you using bill and are you using a PC, mobile or tablet not that I can see why that would make a difference. Just a thought though....when you are writing your post or editing it have you perhaps clicked on the 'source' button top left of the editor window. That would make all the code visible to you as you type in the box...obviously when you hit 'submit reply' the code is no longer visible to the reader though. PS I have just posted that and now I'm editing it too but it still works fine for me regardless of whether I press the 'source' button or not. PPS Editing again.....with (source pressed again and not coming out of that mode) PPPS Tried all sorts since the above and every time edit works fine for me...you have me beaten Bill lol. Tues 20th June Edit...I see the word 'Required' (in RED) at the top of the edit box..this only shows when you are in 'edit post' mode after clicking EDIT on an existing post. So what will happen when I press 'save' I wonder. Tues 20th Editing again....it worked fine...and I've just corrected all my typos in the above sentence too oops lol
  4. losing text

    Hiya Bill and nice to see you posting again after so long even though just to say you have been having some issues. Hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine This topic and it;s last reply is 3 years old...heck I hope it didn't take you 3 years to manage to post a reply on it ha ha What browser do you use (I know you say it shouldn't matter and you are right it shouldn't). I'll try to look into it for you if you can let me know. I must admit I never have any problems and I use a couple of browsers depending on what I am using to access the site. On my desktop I tend to use Chrome but I do use firefox too. I think my mobile and tablet use Chrome too....but maybe they don't I will check lol
  5. Twitter dictatorship ?

    Each to their own I suppose and people choose tattoo designs for different reasons and he has explained his.... although why anyone have a tattoo of an assault rifle on their leg is beyond me especially if their dad had been killed by a gun as he says his was. Seems a bit odd but his choice and his leg. Have to say though it is a pretty naff tattoo and maybe he should have gone to a better studio. To me it looks like a kids drawing of a fat cartoon stick man doing a funny 'John Cleese' walk with a hat on.
  6. A boozy weekend.

    Good one Algy. PS I have no idea why I've only just seen this a month after you posted it though...
  7. Manx Arms

    I can't say I'm bothered about it being knocked down as the whole area around there is a scruffy dump now anyway with grots hanging about on the nearby street corners most days. I already know it wasn't grade listed (despite the other local rag inferring otherwise) but I did know it was locally listed. As already mentioned above being 'locally listed' offers not protection to a building anyway as we have seen many times before. I can't see why anyone would want to live around there but I'm guessing from reading between the lines that the 'proposed 10 bedroom multi occupancy house' could be for people who have no real choice where they live as there's not much choice if you need real 'affordable' on offer these days
  8. Facebook

    Funny Asp...although laughing aside like Davy says I can never understand why people always 'advertise' the fact that they are away on holiday and many have their posts set as 'public' for anyone to see. Saying that even if they set it to 'friends only' so many people have 1000's of accepted 'friends' and surely they don;t actually know them all. Asking for trouble that IMO. Anyway back to the funny side....your post reminded me of this all time favourite spoof song I saw years ago on youtube It's so funny and true ha ha
  9. Help required to trace two addresses.

    Hi and welcome to the forum Jon Jones Great info Who'd have thought that after 4 years since the last post on this topic someone would come along and post on it saying they had lived there. It must have been a lovely house to live in, you are so lucky Obvious most locals like me have heard of Alfred Jones (through the Spar Shops) but I never knew the Alfred Jones company also built Bethesda Chapel. Fascinating.
  10. Town Hall flag

    Does it look like this one Asp? If so then it's the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games flag
  11. Town Hall flag

    I've no idea Asp. Maybe someone has climbed up there and changed the flag as some sort of protest...what sort of motif was it cos I can think of a few I'd like to put on a flag and hang there ha ha......just kidding. I've just had a quick look on their website and their facelessbook page and couldn't see any mention about it on there. I'm intrigued now...I might have to drive past later to see what it looks like.
  12. Raw Meat -

    I remember my mum buying frozen boil in the bag beef and gravy many many years ago so surely that's just the same. In fact what ever happened to that as it was so tasty Supermarkets have been selling chickens and fish in bags for years (not together obviously ha ha) that you put straight into the oven too without having to open them so nowt new I'm afriad Obs.... not to mention those little packets of seasoning which come with a bag that you just shove everything in then seal with a little tie and cook. Just to show I'm not a complete lazy ar*e though I did make a hotpot today with beef that I cut up myself with scissors (easier than using a knife) .....ok so I didn't spend ages chopping and peeling all the leeks, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, onions etc etc as I bought 2 bags ready prepared ... I did open them myself though unaided
  13. Taking a tinkle.

    oh dear
  14. Worth every penny ?

    The mugs or thee royal pair and their marriage ?
  15. Royal Wedding

    Sounds rather nice actually