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  1. Fearnead Center Grotto

    Aww what a shame I guess Father Christmas is very busy though and can't be everywhere during the run up to Christmas saying 'Hello' and meeting people as he needs to conserve some energy for Xmas Eve. PS if he's reading I've been a VERY GOOD GIRL this year...honest
  2. Advertisements

    You weren't missing me that much then...it took you 11 days to reply to me Yep working silly hours totally knackered computer (now finally up an running again)..oh and LIFE...just gets in my way lol
  3. Red means Go for Western Link in the dark

    I'd probably scare everyone off Geoff or say something I shouldn't which would get me in trouble
  4. So just as we suspected nearly a year ago then !!! .....and Baz was right too re the land becoming a temporary car park....
  5. Travel ?

    No I wouldn't. Why do you ask...are you planning a xmas holiday Obs ?
  6. Travel ?

    No I wouldn't. Why do you ask...are you planning a xmas holiday Obs ?
  7. Red means Go for Western Link in the dark

    Geoff.. having just watched the footage again from the link you posted the bloke at the end quite clearly says he had had a letter from the (HCA) Homes & Communities Agency about moving his horses from Houghton Green near The Plough. The first bloke made a few good points re the Western Link which many people are already concerned about but some of what he said was a little bizarre and didn;t make sense not would it probably hold up to scrutiny...maybe being filmed was putting him off his thread though
  8. Advertisements

    Ps Gary....forum is working again for me now on my tablet. Bet nobody missed me though....
  9. Advertisements

    I've got an ad for disabled parking advice... I closed that ad with the X and Google asked me why so I clicked not interested... and it was replaced by one advertising dating older single people. Made me giggle... I closed that too saying inappropriate and Google said sorry 😂
  10. Reams

    Surely you've heard of Depeche Mode and know what a 'ream' is Togger Saying that maybe it's an age thing... errm not saying I'm as old as Asperity of course..I'm still in my late 20's (honest) lol
  11. Green Belt Under Threat - Areal View

    Blimey remind me never to start a topic about the green belt again Saying that hoola hooping or even trying to jump through them in the fresh air and open green fields could be nice relaxing way to spend some time....... anyone care to join me...You've Been Framed still pay £250 a clip and god knows how it would turn out on the day with everyone face to face with each other
  12. Hurricane Ophelia

    I am doing...again....but WHY am I at 1am in morning ? See what you do and this forum does to me Asp lol
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    ooh now that I like Asp...I clicked on the right and viewed the waves too....lovely colours (not that I know what all the colours mean) but I could watch that all day....it's so relaxing
  14. Hurricane Ophelia

    ....depends how fast you want to fly Evils
  15. Green Belt Under Threat - Areal View

    waste of time now...they should have actioned a 'Call-In' BEFORE the planning approval decision to was made. Muppets !