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  1. Colourful collision

    Oooh I'm sort of wishing I hadn't just said I don't get it now if you would have got it when you were 10
  2. Colourful collision

    I don't get it ...... other than to say I know red and blue make purple.... so is it something to do with 50000 tons of purple paint and a sailing term ? It will bug me now
  3. First woman on the moon

    really made me chuckle
  4. Space reserved ?

    As I don't have any children of appropriate age I'd just smile and pass her by. If I did have a child of an appropriate age and wanted the space too I'd just drive in and make her and her kid get out of the way. I remember what it was like to have youngster in the car (usually whinging) and nowhere to spark......needs must lol
  5. Mobile phones on the train

    Good one
  6. Remember

  7. Cow plays fetch

    Aww lovely to watch..I want a cow now The other one didn't look too interested though ha ha
  8. Westminster attack.

    He wasn't on his own in the car though so also had others safety to consider. With no warning it would be a split second decision and in a terrifying situation like that none of us surely know how we would actually react either...... although I must admit I think I would have locked my doors and driven off like the clappers. Flight or fight?...I'd fly...through fear and the want for my own safety and self preservation Wrong that I know but no point lying saying I would do any different
  9. The Railway in Latchford Village.

    Aww this thread being 'resurected' after all these years brought a tear to my eye when I read it. Started by Peter T and his was the last comment too before Friday. I miss Peter T...he was such a lovely chap even when he occasionally got grumpy on here and we all battled it out lol. The good old days <3 RIP Peter T....you are still always here with us though in forum 'spirit' x
  10. Climate Change ?

    But surely PJ does have a point there Asp. Past and to some extent current generations of us 'human beings' have probably added to the problem of global warming/climate change and problems we are now seeing and which could get worse. When you think of all the industrial type factories and works in just Warrington alone over the last century with tall chimneys everywhere bellowing out smoke and other fumes it surely can't have been good for the environment but it was simply the way things were. While these sorts of factories and works are not as rife now in our area and rules are more stringent I guess things like car fumes and other pollutants have take over from the factory poisons...oh an we chop down all our trees and build on green space now too...does that help or hinder our planet? Maybe the newer generations to follow on from us WILL grow up more aware of the planet and it's issues and actually make a difference.....if they can all get off their mobile phones, electronic game stations etc for long enough though lol
  11. swans in a picture

    Ok so I think I can see 13 swans and 1 goose now...but maybe that's cos I've had a glass or two tonight I sort of feel sorry for the goose though but hey if it thinks it's a swan and they have accepted it as such then that's good Can geese and swans mate?....look out for little Geens or Swagees next year bless <3
  12. swans in a picture

    I counted 12 swans and one goose too. OK I'm lying... I actually counted 13 swans but then saw your answer Asp and only then did I spot the different beak... smart ar#e 😏
  13. Chester Rd Traffic

    Yes there was a problem with the Chester Road swing bridge. Not sure quite what the problem was but they seemed to be having trouble getting it to swing into position and kept having to retry.
  14. Observer and PJ

  15. Happy birthday Dizzy

    Ha ha thanks Algy x