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  1. Perhaps it is ear-marked for the travellers.
  2. I think it was where the new church is on that corner.
  3. How does this work? confused.com Do I write on mine or yours?

  4. Yep. You still there?

  5. Peter T

    20 mph

    Now that's the statement of the year. 20mph will bring speed reductions!!!!! As Grey man said, it won't stop those who ignore any speed limit. At the end of the day, it will depend on what stats are taken and comparing like for like, though I doubt that will happen as those for, will want conclusive results without any room for doubt.
  6. Peter T

    20 mph

    Is Lt Kije an alias for Rodk? Same sort of logic and denial of popular opinion.
  7. There you are Dizzy. The Red Fox has spoken.
  8. Hi Dawn,

    only just seen your comment. Up to my eyes sorting my parents stuff out in SOMERSET. Waiting for a removal date and hoping some time wk commencing 22nd April, we will be back up there. I've been down here since Jan 2011. Jane since about May. Missing my life up there. Is life treating you kindly?

  9. Hello Peter, I see you are online?

  10. Total waste of money. It won't stop drivers going at 45/50.
  11. Peter T

    20 mph

    they are renowned fr their eyesight.
  12. Peter T

    20 mph

    The reason for the high cost is the 100% council mark-up. The bottom line is that the only cost should be the signs that would be bought at bulk. the rest in theory would be the installation done by their own employees (if there are any left) who are already getting paid.
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