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  1. Gary, I believe the visiting club gets a minimum of 15% of the tickets available for FA Cup ties, as we gave to Exeter in the previous round, and by my rudimentary maths skills thats 1770 tickets that should be coming our way. Whilst I can't see us selling that many, it should be our allocation. I would love Town to sell these, and get more (we will be allocated a 4000 seater stand, according to Gateshead's club website). Even with that athletic track in the way, I am sure the travelling Yellows Army will create quite an atmosphere, in what is generally a soulless place to watch football COME ON YOU YELLOWS. WOODY
  2. Did I try to sell you a match programme by any chance?
  3. Looks nice from what we have seen but yet to see the whole shirt, can we get a pic of the whole shirt please?
  4. With the loss to other clubs of Ciaran Kilheeney and Aaron Bowen, I know some Yellows fans, are concerned of a lack of goals in the team. On Saturday, we missed a number of good chances, and with only Tony Hickey having come up who looks to have an eye for goal, I would hope that Shaun, Lee and Toby, would have someone lined up, as the division this season looks so much harder to get out of than it was last season.
  5. Those are exactly the same as the supposed 'leaked' fixture list, which will undoubtedly have been changed if they were ever correct
  6. 19 Years of hard work for me, that's why this one is special
  7. Despite the reservations of some naysayers on here, Town have finished the season in 3rd following a good 2-0 win at Harrogate Railway Athletic earlier today, this means Town are at home in the play off semi finals to Bamber Bridge this coming Tuesday, 29th April, with a 7.45ko. This is surely, the biggest game for the club in over 25 years, and I, as chairman of The Warrington Town Supporters Club am appealing to all my fellow Warringtonians to attend the game and get behind OUR Town's premier football club, in a massive match The two previous encounters with Brig this season, see Town unbeaten, having won at the QED Stadium and draw the return game at home. Please pass onw ord of this to anyone who you feel would enjoy attending this game, and maybe even come down and watch the game yourself, and whilst there, buy a programme from me, and just generally say hello Lets do this, and see, if we, the amazing people of Warrington, can't come together, when our club needs the support and roar the onto victory together. Come on you Yellows Rob Wood WTAFC Supporters Club Chairman
  8. I'll be there, selling raffle tickets, make sure you have one off me
  9. Gary, its a well known fact that more people from Warrington go to watch live football each weekend, than watch the Wolves. Warrington Football league has always been one of, if not the biggest local league in the country
  10. So Burgerman, with a crucial few months coming up, where would you like to see Town strenthen their ranks?
  11. Why does that not surprise me
  12. What a joke of a bus service there is in Warrington these days. This Park and Ride scheme, despite costing money should be seen as an essential, and traders in Warrington Town Centre should be kicking up a fuss. I as a regular car user, have used this in previous years, as parking in town is in great demand, and as a result, I will either shop afield or online this year, so well done WBT, after the disgraceful strikes earlier in the year, you should be hanging your heads in shame. You should be a PUBLIC service. Maybe its time to let them go under after we, the tax payer, bailed them out previously.
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