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    13 Golden grove street warrington cheshire

    Golden Grove street ran from Lyme Street, crossing Peter Street through to Queen Street. Today one end of the street would have been where the Lyme Street/Blue Bell entrance to the Mall currently stands and the other end would have been where the new bus station is. It ran behind the Hop Pole. Hope this is of use.
  2. Wireforever

    Barracks and padgate camp

    I would imagine it is named after the Peninsular wars that were foughtagainst the French on the Iberian Peninsular. Sharpe and his merry men were fighting there in the TV programmes.
  3. You never cease to amaze me Algy. You are a font of knowledge, able to answer most queries and always able to find a link to a relevant and interesting article. Keep up the good work.
  4. Hi Tracey, Yes there were a few of them in Warrington. Bridge St, Horsemarket St, Liverpool Rd and Market St. There may have been others but these are the only ones I've seen. They were set up as an alternative to public houses and didn't sell alcoholic drinks. I think they were similar to the temperance movement. Trying to keep the working classes away from the evil drink. Never worked for me.
  5. Wireforever

    Where is this?

    Its the newly refurbished Black Horse. I grew up in Sankey Bridges and use tthe Black Horse and the Sloop when I go back to see my family. Although the pub needed tidying up I hope they haven't spoiled it and turned it into a stainless steel and mirrors type of place.
  6. Would love to Algy but do not know how to put photos on the board
  7. Wireforever

    Name your Pet Hates when out Driving.

    Don't you just love those drivers who join a motorway from a slip road doing about 40mph causing every other driver behind them on the motorway to stand on their brakes. Then they drive off oblivious to the chaos they have caused behind them.
  8. Hi Algy, Yes more or less. Same image just taken from a different point.
  9. Algy I know its a long time after the original posts but better late than never. The S & C was listed in the Warrington Guardian 26 Aug 1854 as a licensed beer house. It operated until the late 19th century. Later it became a shop and was run by a Mrs Daglish in later years. It was compulsorily purchased in 1975 and was subsequently demolished as part of the A49 diversion programme. I did try to put a picture on here but unfortunately baffled by technology.
  10. Wireforever

    Are you in this photo?.

    Absolutely brilliant photo Algy. Reminds me of my own childhood playing with my cousins in Plumpton Street. Playing out all day long with not a care in the world.
  11. Wireforever

    Bye Bye Bewsey Old School

    Destined for more houses no doubt
  12. Wireforever

    Church Street & Bank Street Photos.

    Thanks Algy, that's very kind of you. They lived in Union Street from 1918 to 1933 when they moved to Sankey Bridges. Another relative lived in Dolmans Lane. When I was young, I would listen for hours to the stories of old Warrington and the goings on around Union St, Bank St. They were very poor and had nothing but listening to their stories they were happy. Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from them. What do you think?
  13. Wireforever

    Church Street & Bank Street Photos.

    Some excellent pictures there. My family originated in Union Street which was just opposite the Ragged School. Incidentally the building to the left of the Ragged School was a public house called the Royal Arms.
  14. Wireforever

    Lost Pubs of Warrington

    This is my first post so please be gentle with me. There was a pub, probably a beer house on the corner of Orchard St and Church St, but it closed in 1953, probably before most of the members were even born. It was called the Gladstone Arms. I can't remember it but I remember my dad telling me he had been in it. The last landlady was called Beatrice Spencer who went to be the first landlady of the newly opened Spa Brook in Orford. Hope this is of help.