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  1. I really can't be bothered addressing all Sha's points in that rant against Urban Splash. But the key is in "Throughout the country they have acquired previously publicly owned heritage buildings at vastly reduced rates". Precisely my point - they've taken on buildings no one else knew what to do with and got them back into use. True, they've now given up on the Ancoats Dispensary in Manchester (which they'd happily sell to you for a quid after spending £1.2 million on it) after the abolition of the NWDA and loss of the expected grants. But at least they've gone and done the work to get the gr
  2. The National School facade is still there. I'll take your word for it that the rest burned down. So in 60 years of having listed builings, Warrington - which has 350 listed buildings - has in fact had none completely destroyed by fire, mysterious or otherwise.
  3. A nasty slur on Urban Splash's reputation, especially given their excellent record on using previously unwanted listed buildings. But so much for "all those mysterious fires in listed buildings" - just one, it seems, and that's not that particularly mysterious, just no culprit yet found.
  4. Just remind you that, so far as I can recall, in the last 20 years the Council has only given consent for two listed buildings to be demolished (the derelict house on Winwick Street next to Greenwoods, and the bit of stone wall in the old Legion building).
  5. Not entirely true Obs as the Local Authority has a big part to play in the statutory listing of local buildings especially those buildings that are only on the 'local list'. Where statutory listing does not exist but a building is at risk the LA can instruct the Government Departments(EH) to temporarily 'protect' if necessary from any works. If you mean a Building Preservation Notice, the sting for the authority is in the tail. A BPN gives 6 months during which EH can look at it and the Secretary of State can decide whether to list the building. But "if it is not listed, compensation
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