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    Just watched the video on FB showing the little lad handing in the petition at the Town Hall to the Mayor. Firstly the Mayor wouldn't come out to take the petition, secondly he didn't even thank the little lad and finally he went off on some strange rant at Warrington Worldwides own Gary Skentlebury... I have to say, "Les, you were totally out of order, made yourself look a complete arse and a disgrace to your office... apologise now or clear off and let someone with some manners do the job" Rant Over
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    Sorry Geoff, I don't agree with you on this. The 'City for Peace' concept didn't work and I don't think a bid for 'City of Culture' will benefit from us being portrayed as a town in constant mourning. The bombing happened 20 years ago, isn't it time to move on? Other towns have been bombed or had terrible tragedy but they haven't made it a trademark. Manchester has recently had one of the biggest tragedies ever in the UK but they straight away organised another concert to restore confidence. Warrington's yearly bridge street vigils achieve nothing but to make people re-live the terror of that day and with what's going on in the world at present can only be a reminder as to how vulnerable we are. I feel sorry for the Parry's as everyone else in the town who remembers must, (as if we'll ever be able to forget), but the children of today need to be able to live unfettered from past misery and be allowed to grow up in an optimistic, joyful, forward-thinking atmosphere. Can we not just dump the doom & gloom and go for 'Opportunity and Optimism'? be a town where there are opportunities for all, (young & old & socially inclusive) where talent is nurtured and where life can be lived fully & joyfully. We already have good educational standards, integrated communities, the disability awareness project and recently the wonderful and much needed disability inclusive playground, etc. So why don't we just build on the positives we have? We need to increase and improve arts provision, (re-open the old art college?) build a theatre, increase and enhance our open spaces, provide good hospital & healthcare facilities and upgrade the transport system. (loads more to add to that list but it'll do for a start ) Instead of 'Warrington a Town Pledged to Peace' couldn't we be 'Warrington - Where Everyone's a Winner!'
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    I agree Dizzy, Perth looks lovely, and makes me want to go there too! But, do any of you honestly believe that this competition really has anything at all to do with culture? In these days of 'fake austerity' it seems to me like nothing more than an excuse for pouring public money into developer's pockets. Check out how much previous contestants have spent on building 'cultural' venues in order to be a 'contestant', then check how many of these venues have become money draining white elephants only to lie empty or be converted to cheap offices etc. WBC has for years allowed its built heritage to be destroyed, have employed a 'regeneration officer' infamously renown for destroying precious roman heritage in Chester and wouldn't know what 'culture' was if it smacked them in the face. They have embarked upon a town centre regeneration programme that CABE actively criticized and refused to support, whilst the beautiful Victorian Bridge St which could have been the town's best tourist attraction has been left to rot. They have allowed a town centre nightlife of drugs, drink and violence to flourish, have allowed the ancient home of the first Lord of Warrington to be converted into yuppie apartments and but for mass public outrage would have sold off Walton Hall and Gardens to become a 'boutique hotel'. etc. etc. etc. Notably, they were recently voted worst in the country for culture. Yet despite all this I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were well placed in, or even won, this farce of a competition, because I think the real criteria is how much profit the contestants can generate for the developer friends of this greedy, materialistic government.
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    So the EU are demanding we pay them billions to get out. They are demanding that all agreements are done BEFORE we start trade talks too and also want the rights of EU citizens living here to be all agreed and rubber stamped ..... and yet when we throw an ace into the ring, namely the fact that the EU rely very heavily on our security services and expertise, they cry in unison that that shouldn't be allowed??? Of course it should. Our security services are paid for by OUR taxes and is bugger all to do with the EU. If they want our info to keep them safe then they should bloody well pay for it and make concessions to keep that info flowing. If you negotiate, you negotiate with everything you've got. You don't agree to the other parties terms ad infinitum and then accept a few crumbs back.
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    Just about sums things up David Davis is at the golf club returning his locker key when Michel Barnier the membership secretary sees him. "Hello Mr Davis", says Mr Barnier. "I'm sorry to hear you are no longer renewing your club membership, if you would like to come to my office we can settle your account". "I have already settled my bar bill" says Mr Davis.. "Ah yes Mr Davis", says Mr Barnier, "but there are other matters that need settlement" In Mr Barnier’s office Mr Davis explains that he has settled his bar bill so wonders what else he can possibly owe the Golf Club? "Well Mr Davis" begins Mr Barnier, "you did agree to buy one of our Club Jackets". "Yes" agrees Mr Davis "I did agree to buy a jacket but I haven't received it yet". "As soon as you supply the jacket I will send you a cheque for the full amount". "That will not be possible" explains Mr Barnier. "As you are no longer a club member you will not be entitled to buy one of our jackets"! "But you still want me to pay for it" exclaims Mr Davis. "Yes" says Mr Barnier, "That will be £500 for the jacket. "There is also your bar bill". "But I've already settled my bar bill" says Mr Davis. "Yes" says Mr Barnier, "but as you can appreciate, we need to place our orders from the Brewery in advance to ensure our bar is properly stocked".. "You regularly used to spend at least £50 a week in the bar so we have placed orders with the brewery accordingly for the coming year". "You therefore owe us £2600 for the year".. "Will you still allow me to have these drinks?" asks Mr Davis. "No of course not Mr Davis". "You are no longer a club member!" says Mr Barnier. "Next is your restaurant bill" continues Mr Barnier. "In the same manner we have to make arrangements in advance with our catering suppliers". "Your average restaurant bill was in the order of £300 a month, so we'll require payment of £3600 for the next year". "I don't suppose you'll be letting me have these meals either" asks Mr Davis. "No, of course not" says an irritated Mr Barnier, "you are no longer a club member!" "Then of course" Mr Barnier continues, "there are repairs to the clubhouse roof". "Clubhouse roof" exclaims Mr Davis, "What's that got to do with me?" "Well it still needs to be repaired and the builders are coming in next week", your share of the bill is £2000". "I see" says Mr Davis, "anything else?". "Now you mention it" says Mr Barnier, "there is Fred the Barman's pension". "We would like you to pay £5 a week towards Fred's pension when he retires next month". "He's not well you know so I doubt we'll need to ask you for payment for longer than about five years, so £1300 should do it". "This brings your total bill to £10,000" says Mr Barnier. "Let me get this straight" says Mr Davis, "you want me to pay £500 for a jacket you won't let me have, £2600 for beverages you won't let me drink and £3600 for food you won't let me eat, all under a roof I won't be allowed under and not being served by a bloke who's going to retire next month!" "Yes, it's all perfectly clear and quite reasonable" says Mr Barnier. Now we understand what Brexit is all about.
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    My condolences fugt, it must be so depressing to be permanently negative. Liberals lost to a businessman, get used to it. The man made billions of dollars, lost it and came back and did it again. Anyone who can equal that is entitled to unfairly criticize him. He's been in office for seven months, please give me a list of his evil deeds to date. He has reduced illegal immigration, he has backed the police forces, he has removed many of the idiot Obama's job destroying regulations, tried to revise the healthcare but was stalled by 'politicians'. I could go on, but I await your list with interest. By the way, the Unions are right behind his agenda and his agencies have never arrested or deported any illegal who wasn't a violent criminal. Finally, can someone please give an answer, as a normal human being I'm at a loss. Why do left wing liberals always feel that they have to turn human suffering into gotcha politics - the epitome of bad taste. I guess it's because they have no original thoughts and it comoflages their lack of ideas. I apologize folks, been taut as a spring for a couple of weeks, but feeling better right now- just opened the bar. Aaaahh
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    Seems travelling by air is becoming an even more tiresome task, as "enhanced immigration checks" are causing even longer queuing times for Brit tourists in Europe. Meanwhile, thousands of illegal immigrants are entering the EU from Libya, where such "enhanced" checks may be more usefully employed.
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    No doubt, the Remainers in the political establishment have tried to confound our leaving at every turn, and if allowed to succeed, will inflict a humiliating and costly compromise on the UK. OUT means, out of the single market (= no free movement). out of the customs union (= make our own trade deals), out of the ECoJ (= control of our own laws). Anything less would be a sell out of the wishes of the British people, as expressed in the referendum.
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    So we are all ok with a time travelling, self regenerating, immortal alien zooming about in a phonebox yet we struggle with a woman playing it, have a look at yourself or better still jump in the tardis and whizz back a few centuries to where you belong.. The very notion of a female doctor this day and age indeed
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    The thing is Gary, Warrington isn't. And not just by a little. It's a million miles behind even a city like Stoke, with all its challenges. Until the local media and council identify and accept that, nothing will change. As I said before, even a small town like Newcastle under Lyme has more to offer than Warrington. The town is a cultural backwater and it's only been the action of residents standing up to the council that has ensured Warrington has something left to offer culturally, however little. How many RSA reports and rejections do you need to see things for what they are? If the council had its way, there'd be no libraries and no Walton Hall for a start. It's only residents and local groups that ensure there are any green spaces and cultural life at all. The council's vision is purely shit housing estates, out of town retail and business parks with everybody moving between them in cars on inadequate roads. No amount of sloganeering from the council and well-meaning but deluded councillors like Dan Price is going to cover that. I hope the council wakes up soon and people like you start to put real pressure on them instead of making statements like this. Until then, it's up to the people to preserve whatever culture and heritage the town has.
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    Both my son and his wife went to University at the same time. They are both now in their early 30's (They were childhood sweethearts ) they both have since gained good jobs based on their degrees. Both are paying back their student loans (My son maxxed his out because he saw it as free money) and they also own their own house and are looking to move in the next few years. Student debt isn't as ominous as it sounds if the course the student is taking is likely to reap benefits in the future and the government will get money back as long as the degree course doesn't lead to a job paying minimum wage. Can't really see what the fuss is to be honest My youngest son has just left school at 16 and is looking at college with a view to going to uni
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    Correct Davy, their every utterance shows them up to be the nasty dictators that they are. Whatever the consequences we're better off out.
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    Corbyn should be ashamed for using this disaster for political point scoring. No class.
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    if only they were all "hung".... that would be a much better outcome for the country. We could start again
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    I see that PCC David Keane (Penketh and Cuerdley LAB) has appointed as his new Deputy Sareda Dirir, the daughter of Allin Dirir (Penketh and Cuerdley LAB) and Linda Dirir (Penketh and Cuerdley LAB). Even though her interview by the Police and Crime Panel confirmed she is far from an ideal candidate, to put it mildly. You can see it here. https://cheshirewestandchester.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/272335 If any politicians want to know why they are held in such generally low regard, here is the reason.
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    What grips my pipe is that whatever some politicians do, however morally ambiguous, corrupt or illegal, the standard response from their colleagues is what Geoff has done here. Namely, just to claim it's what goes with the turf of being a politician. You can imagine them all sitting around in the Councillor's Social Club. "Course in my day, it was OK to pay tens of thousands to a friend's daughter and nobody took offence. Now people just expect you to employ the best person for the job which means interviewing twenty people before you give it to the person you were going to give it to in the first place." "It's political correctness gone mad, Dave." "You're right there Terry. I remember we just used to set fire to planning records when nobody was looking. Now you can't even build something for yourself using public money without somebody asking how much." "Just put a towel over your head and say that there's no such thing. We're not building offices for ourselves and even if we were they wouldn't cost anything. And even if they did cost something, they'd come from the capital budget and not revenue. And even if the loan repayments came from the revenue budget, they'd still not count. And even if they did count, we'd keep it all to ourselves. Bloody taxpayers, coming over here, paying their taxes and asking what we're doing with them." "Wise words, Russ. How's the City of Culture bid going Dan?" "All sorted. We've sent them a dictionary and crossed out the definition of culture being about arts and theatre and music and whatever and highlighted the one that says 'The growing of microorganisms, tissue cells, or other living matter in a specially prepared nutrient medium'. Coventry, Stoke and Perth may have historic buildings and theatres but that's only one definition of culture. We've got the Persepolis on Orford Lane and its two star hygiene rating."
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    Let's hope so. Macron visited a factory, that was due to close due to re-location to Poland; to speak to TU reps. Meanwhile, Le Pen met with protesting workers outside. Later, when confronted by the workers, Macron had the hard faced arrogance to suggest that the move would benefit them, as they could buy cheaper washing machines from Poland. This is typical of the contempt that the EU elite have for the working class; let's hope they return that contempt at the election.
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    Great effort... but sadly, although much of your waste was recyclable, if people don't have the money to pay for the recycling, the council aren't interested. The waste collection services in the town are atrocious and IMHO it should not be left to volunteers and community groups to carry out this essential service, it should be done by the council as part of their commitment to saving the planet and recycling its resources. But of course they have expensive new offices to pay for and need every penny they can grab
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    Geoff (and others) I don't know whether you're still interested but this is the video supporting Stoke's bid. http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/video-why-would-anyone-want-to-live-in-stoke-on-trent/story-30236025-detail/story.html?641 I wouldn't even say Stoke is favourite but you can see Warrington's problem. Not only is it an inferior candidate, all I've seen so far from WBC are some t-shirts, a couple of press releases and a competition to get kids and amateur artists to send some work in to be pinned up in the council's offices. You have to wonder whether anybody thought any of this through before spending time and money on it. This is not to say that Warrington isn't a great place in many ways, but you just know if the council came up with a promotional video, it would be like this.
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    Having sent our troops out to kill Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan, we've had the bizarre spectacle of seeing a Marine convicted of murder for doing just that. Finally, common sense seems to have prevailed with a reduced charge and sentence for Sgt Blackman. Perhaps time our soldiers were protected from being stabbed in the back by these HR lawyers ?
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    Apparently an Imam in Rochdale has asked the authorities for protection for Muslims. Surely it's in the hands of the Muslim communities to weed out the nutjob elements amongst them and hand them over to the police.
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    Made it into the pages of Private Eye this week, but full coverage still missing from the pages of Pravda the Guardian. As ever, local Labour councillors are being given an easy ride by the local media, even when one of them who also functions as the PCC for £72,000 a year but won't commit to it full time has to move his office away from Police HQ and appoint a family friend for £50,000 to help him maximise his income for as little work as possible. If that ain't a front page news story, then I don't work in publishing myself. All three Warrington councillors should be suspended and the appointment investigated. What Salford do with the DPCC is up to them, but they may be glad to see her turn up for once if they do decide to ask her what she's playing at.
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    Apart from anything, I question the morality of lumbering the town with a 60 year loan, or even 40, what right have the council got to put the next two generations of Warringtonians into debt so they can play around with big piles of borrowed money in 2017?
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    This woman is power tripping in the hope of turning her job as glorified county council mouthpiece into the leader of a European sub state. Her disdain for the UK is shamefully obsessive & an insult to popular democracy.
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    On the bright side, with an independant scotland we can get rid of about fifty percent of the politicians now in parliament, thus saving on their wages, expenses and second home costs. we would not need HS2 to go as far so would save a few bob there as well. finally think of the boost to the building trade when we rebuild hadrian's wall across the whole of the border. personally can't see a downside.
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    because in Australia they have long, empty, open roads where having a 300ft long lorry doesn't cause any issues....
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    Hey Fugs you were the one that said it is the ONLY country in the world where it happens. I didn't say it isn't a problem (for the USA), but if you look at the statistics the States that have the most stringent gun laws also have the highest gun crime. We have a blanket ban on guns in this country but it doesn't stop people getting shot. The problem in the USA is wider than just gun ownership, it's lawlessness amongst certain demographics. Have a look at the statistics yourself, but try and find a more reliable source than the Grauniad for a change.
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    Less than a week to get an appointment! Gosh, you're lucky! I recently had to wait over a month to speak to my GP over the phone!
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    Algy's picture even has a cannabis leaf on the gantry....that must be to encourage drivers to chill & slow down .
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    Proposed area affected I would have thought that the timescale in planning and executing this 'ambitious', and costly project which includes removing the Latchford high level railway bridge and replacing it with a road bridge would take a number of years to complete!. The modifying of the existing railway embankment to build the new road over the canal will require demolishing many of the existing houses in the locality, I have it on good authority that householders have already received letters informing them that many of their properties would be subject to compulsory purchase orders.
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    According to google warrington has 3 drop in centres. Bridgewater community healthcare, bath street health and wellbeing centre and cockhedge medical centre. Bath street is free parking ask for a token for the barrier when you leave.
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    Welcome and i am sure that should such a picture exist then one of our members will no doubt come up with the goods. Must ask out of curiosity if she was related to Elsie Grundy (i think that is the right name). My family have lived in the area for a few generations and the name Elsie Grundy has cropped up a few times as friends of my grandmother. I would have to confirm this with the only one who would know now which is my sister, who has inherited the title of fount of knowledge of the "who did what with whom and where and whom they subsequently married etc.". A title that seems to run in the females of my family for some reason. That being the case I may have a picture of Elsie and possibly of Edith amongst the many albums dotted about the various family members. Finding them though will be something else but if there is a link i will do what i can.
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    Good on them, they used the system and it paid off for them. Unfortunately quite a lot don't end up with a decent paying job. Seems today's youth just want to live long enough to earn the money to pay off the student loan. I just wanted to earn enough to pay off the mortgage and maybe a bit extra to allow and early retirement. I suppose it all stems from wanting a career as opposed to a job. I remember seeing a quote somewhere that read along the lines of "a career, for those that can't hold down a steady job".
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    I think every little gem of nastiness & barbed comments that these Eurocrats lace their threats with are proof positive that the future of the UK is outside the corrupt EU.
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    Just one other thing.... when we first started up back in 1998, the first letter we ever received as a company was from HMRC telling us of what we were legally required to pay and provide and on what date is was due to be paid.... the second was from HMRC regarding when our first VAT payment was due... I should have closed the doors then and gone and worked for someone who would give me 6 weeks holiday a year and paid for my bank holidays, a job where I could close my computer down at 5pm on a Friday and not worry about anything until I walked in the office again on Monday morning.... where a holiday would not mean spending half of the day on the phone... oh now that would be bliss
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    So is driving vans onto pavements and murdering people, so is stabbing people out for a night, so is detonating a bomb in an arena full of children. These medieval neanderthals who believe in this religion mumbo-jumbo should be brought to book. It is responsible for the majority of the worlds conflicts and the catalyst for ever increasing trouble here at home
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    You see Geoff,what is wrong with installing solar panels on the rooves of the large warehouses all over Warrington & feeding the grid ? Maybe warehouses of the future could be a stronger construction to incorporate intensive solar production but surely that is better than sticking these panels in a farmer's field .
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    Another factor that may be at work is the last minute registering of over 2million on the electoral register. Unlikely to be grumpy Leave voters, so perhaps Jeremy's Red Guards are trawling the Universities to reel in the lefty luvvie vote, as they did with the Labour leadership vote !
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    Somebody was probably whiling away their tedious hours at work by downloading pictures of amusing cats.
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    That whole 'it's the system' thing doesn't wash any more Geoff. Keane is in clear breach of the Nolan code of conduct and resents it being pointed out. 'The System' tells him how to behave even though it shouldn't have to, he's signed up to it on several occasions. Yet when it comes to it, he breaches it without hesitation. I'll say it again. He's unfit for public office and should be removed. What seems more likely is that he's about to appoint somebody else he knows as his chief of staff. There is no trust in politicians any more and the people to blame are the politicians themselves. Both chancers like Keane for what they do and people like you for justifying it.
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    Over the years I've sailed and worked with Poles, Rumanians, Russians, Latvians, Lithuanians, French, Germans, Dutch, Spaniards, Nigerians, Ghanaians, Sierra Leonians, Brazilians, Somalians, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Malaysians, Chinese, Filipinos and even Canadians and Australians. In all my time at sea sailing and working with all these different nationalities I have never had a problem with any of them that I wouldn't have had with someone who was British. In other words it's who you are, not where you come from.
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    Hi Bazj. Your right Bazj, it should be in the interest of the council to take a more proactive role in recycling, unfortunately this is not the case. We at BCA are now looking at plans to ensure that the council take a more proactive role in our next " skip day " . We need to bring these departments out of their comfort zones, lose their attitude of " it cant be done " and replace it with the attitude " you have a problem with recycling ? how can we help ?" One thing that did come out of our project was the negative attitude residents have towards WBC when it comes to recycling and rubbish removal's in general
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    Seems the PM is already back tracking on immigration, by suggesting that free movement may continue post-Brexit. Aside from an apparent inability to construct the required legislation and apply visa controls through a UKBF; there is the continued lobbying of employers to maintain their supply of cheap labour. Well, it might help if these employers started training indigenous labour to fill their ranks, and if this means increasing pay rates, so be it. But, assuming they still require foreign labour for seasonal or menial work; a simple visa system of time limited work permits would suffice. However, what it does demonstrate, as in the USA, voting for something and actually getting it delivered, are two totally separate things.
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    How women shop - non sexist disclaimer obv
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    My first match of the season for me and a point gained mind you I nearly went across the road to buy a pair of boots at half time. The wire made too many soft error they could pass or receive at all - however after the team talk they were a different outfit and fought back to a fine 22 all draw and if a kick had gone between the sticks we'd have won. Towards the end Hull were punch drunk. Let's hope they put the errors to bed and carry on as the finished today.
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    Much better than the so called wrestling of today. Best of five rounds, two falls, two submissions or a knock-out to decide the winner. good eduction for those who had a grandmother like mine who thought every ref was either blind biased or both and said so in language that would make a glaswegian welder blush. but back to whether warrington should have a public debate on their efforts at gaining city of culture status. Actually they already have and it was well advertised on the internal notice boards at the council recycling centre between ten and half past on a quiet sunday night. (the caretaker saw it honest it was there)
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    Surely the only way this would work is if the employer laid down what items of clothing are to be worn in the workplace, and specify that no other items (including jewellry etc) are to be worn. If the employees don't agree then goodbye.
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    Interesting news clip Cas. I wonder if they appealed and were successful or if they just paid their £5 fine? An online Historical Inflation Calculator shows that as being equivalent to £540 in today's money. It doesn't seem much really for selling without a license tut tut
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    Cas, this is another shot of the same pub but with more traffic and after they demolished the one above, they built a new pub and called that the Woolpack. It was situated about 40 yards up the street on the right of the photo above (Where the MK2 Consul is pulling out of and where the cycle is turning into) Hope these help
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    War has been part of life on earth since the world was created. There, apparently, will always be an aggressor, for whatever reason and for civilization to survive, there has to be a responder. The problem is, that in the final analysis, there is no real alternative to war that can possibly succeed. If your house is invaded by cockroaches you have no other option than to kill them, you can't talk to them or reason with them or trust them, so what options do you have if you want to survive - succumb or fight. All wars are started, for a variety of reasons, by factions of people with the mentality of cockroaches, Viking pillagers, Nazis, Islamic radicals etc. They have to be treated as vermin and destroyed, any other mindset is a fantasy. So like it or not, want it or not you have a war. Once you have a war you have to do everything to win it and if you let fairness, PC or scruples dictate your plans, you will lose. Once the die has been cast, people are going to die, accept it, so win it and win it fast. In a match between a Marquis of Queensberry boxer and an 'ultimate fighter' who do you think would win? I'll give you a clue, one will play by the rules and one won't. Progress has made the consequences of war more problematic, but it has still not offered the world a viable alternative, it is still stand and face up or be eradicated. The action taken against the Japanese ended the war and saved more lives than it took, a 'boots on the ground' invasion alone would have cost more lives than were lost with the bomb and the war would have gone on killing for several more years. Sad news, I finally sold my motorcycle (pictured above) yesterday. I had gotten to the point where it took me longer to unstiffen my joints when I got off, than the time I been on the ride !!!!