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    if it is owt like my surgery you have to go online and get assessed by a triage nurse who will then probably tell you to call the NHS helpline, they will then assess you and tell you to call your GP you then go back online and go through the whole rigmarole again until either you die of whatever you have or you get better. what amazes me is all those people who would come up with any illness as an excuse to get off work are now complaining that they want to go to work again....๐Ÿคญ
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    These idiots that are supposedly governing our country are attending parliamentary sessions in Westminster then most are catching trains back to their constituency towns and cities all over the UK with the possibility of giving the virus free transportation with them, what a load of plonkers.๐Ÿ™„
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    The question is, did any of them ever have it to lose? ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคช
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    I thought the topic was about my state of mind ! Glad to see some doom & gloom has resurfaced. In truth,whichever party had this poisoned chalice things would have been very little different.We are in a quagmire of another's making ,with difficult decisions to make ,the health of the population or the economy . All this quarantine for people entering the country is leaking like a sieve just like the testing procedures. I think the people from Hong Kong should be welcomed ,their country didn't get where it is now by playing mah jong.
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    Wow Obs I bet your the first person on everyone's dinnerparty guest list
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    No they said he "might" have committed an offence for which they would have not given a fine if he had just gone back to the farm, which he did anyway. The regulations allow a police office to consider anything reasonable at the time and since that did not arise they cannot say what would have happened. The BBC said he did commit an offence when they were reporting on the first break of the story from the Telegraph. However they change the wording when they got hold of the actual press release from Durham Police. The BBC were only to too happy to repeat the did line as an unconfirmed story from the Telegraph!
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    The attacks from the media are what has caused the damage, people seem to have been told by the BBC in particular that they should be questioning whether they should follow the rules when Cummings didn't. The problem is that Cummings didn't break the law or risk spreading the virus, All of the evidence from the media that he did appears to have been fake. We have to remember that Cummings wants to get rid of the licence fee so the BBC is not neutral is this. They were desperate to get rid of him but their tactic may well have now got the potential to cause local second waves. The pictures at the weekend and the significantly less careful behaviour in shops since the weekend suggest that the public is responding to the repeated calls of easing by the media. They should have reported it as minor changes for some people and ignored Cummings to protect the public. They have put their own corporate fortunes ahead of the public interest and I wonder if they will be made to pay. Suggesting that Cummings wrote the Health regulations rather than it being the job of a civil servant in the health department is an interesting stretch. I for one suspect he didn't write it but did read it as the law assumes that we all have. The problem remains that the broadcaster's summary of the actual situation with conflation of regulations and guidance is all most people ever heard. No wonder they are easily manipulated!
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    If DC committed an offence, which the Police said he didn't; he should have been fined - end of. Will any of the antifa protesters in London or the lemmings on the beaches be asked to resign ? Just bitter and twisted Remoaners, still trying to sabotage Brexit. ๐Ÿ˜  ๐Ÿ˜ท
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    One theory Dave, is that people with dark skins are unable to absorb vitamin D, essential to the immune system, from our poorer sunlight. If true, this would suggest that there are an awful lot of people living at the wrong latitude. ๐Ÿ˜ท
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    Not to mention all the other MPs who are being found to have flouted the rules - with no media condemnation.
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    Even worse than i thought. Never could get the hang of these physics calculations. Metre per second to miles per hour or is it metres per second squared. About the only thing i do remember is that acceleration due to gravity on the earth is 9.81 metres per second or per second squared whichever it is. not really something i would use in every day life. just basic adding up and take away with the odd bit of multiplication thrown in and occasional division was what i was taught in school when i were a lad. These days they have Chinese and Indian take aways. No wonder kids are stressed out....๐Ÿคช
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    They're getting dafter - the London liberals were out in force in Trafalgar Square (no social distancing btw), protesting over the black guy in the US being murdered by the Police. What they think this will achieve is completely beyond me; think I prefer them jumping off cliffs ! ๐Ÿ˜ท
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    An alternative is here: https://www.accuracyproject.org/pinchdash.html It claims the answer is 1/16 teaspoon. A teaspoon is about 5ml, ask a pharmacist if unsure. The density of Fine Table Salt is 1378 kg/cubic metre (https://www.powderhandling.com.au/bulk-density-chart/) So 5/16 ml = 0.3215*0.001 litres=0.0003125 * 0.001 cu metres= 0.0000003125 cu m Which has a weight of 0.0000003125*1378 kg = 0.000430625โ€ฌ kg = 0.430625โ€ฌ grams or approx. 0.0151898 Avoirdupois Ounce (1/66 of an ounce!) But of course you take this stuff you find on the Internet with a pinch of salt.
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    There are doctors expressing concern about seriously ill people not being treated by hospitals because of the concentration of resources against the wuhanflu. I guess when the results come in we will see how mant people died of what, but I'm not tended to believe anything these days. Is there a cure for cynicism i wonder?
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    Not the only ones: Piers (the mouth) Morgan and opposition politicians are after his scalp (but he's bald !); so much for constructive opposition. If Cummings has committed an offence he should be fined like anyone else, but no, they are after undermining the Gov at a time when we need some political cohesion. ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท
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