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    Correct, which is why we were told months ago not to wear gloves in work but rather to wash, wash, wash and sanitise hands frequently. As for wearing face masks or coverings, well many are abiding by the new rule but some aren't. Guess that will always be the case regardless of what rules are in place. Have to say wearing a face mask for 6-8 hours a day is bloody awful though and I now have an even bigger respect for the wonderful NHS staff who have always had to wear them. I don;t know how them manage to do it day in day out. So for all those anywhere who are moaning about having to wear one for less than an hour to do their shopping....count yourself bloody lucky !!!
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    I find having a tap like sinus a boon in those circumstances. Hanky out, good loudly bubbly blow followed by the inevitable sniff sniff sniff. If that fails a good volcanic bought of coughing helps. Surprising how much room people give you.....🤧
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    Don't watch adverts... Always record everything so as to fast forward the overlong Ad Breaks.. if you time them they average 4 mins each time say 3 breaks per show a lot of of wasted time. I pay enough money already for my viewing package I won't be screwed twice for the same show
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    Many thanks Latch it means a lot - the occasional thank you is greatly appreciated as people are always quick to criticise and it has been quite a lonely place the last five months on social media getting battered left right and centre for just trying my best to keep a free independent media service going for this town. I always try my best to keep a balanced view, while supporting those who support us. I always try to report on things to the best of my ability in a factual way.
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    #And regards the Aberdeen pub outbreak All those who have tested positive in Aberdeen are showing only mild symptoms, though the health board said there may be further cases linked to the cluster. One man, who is now being treated in hospital for coronavirus and who visited the bar last week, said he first began feeling ill on Wednesday. The patient, who has asked not to be identified, told the BBC: "By Saturday morning I felt terrible. I had a severe fever and my eyes were really sore. I also had a pain in my side and doctors considered removing my appendix which they thought may have become infected from the virus." He added: "It was very surreal being rushed to hospital and my mind did start to wonder in case things took a nasty turn. "However, I do feel lucky that I only have mild symptoms and that I haven't had any breathing difficulties." Well if he feels lucky what would it take to worry him.. a Firing Squad 😵
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    Having been shielded for months, in front of the TV; it's contents grow in importance. Take the adverts - aside from all the woke ads, that would have us believe that most normal families are racially diverse and amount to more than 20% of the population, they seems to know who their main audience are, with ads for life insurance, funeral plans etc ad nauseum; just to put you in the right frame of mind for the future ! 💀
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    Beaches along the S/coast were packed today, no social distancing at all - and folk wonder why this virus isn't going away. 😠 😷
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    Had the xray now have to wait for at least a week for i tot get to doctors and be assessed. Went in gave details waited about five minutes and was out five minutes later. last time i took anybody for an xray e waited over an hour as they were busy. have to say spent longer getting on and off the table than they did taking the xray.....🤣🤫
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    For a first line defence against illness & possibly major health problems a telephone appointment is an abysmal response to patient needs. How many life threatening illnesses are likely to be undiagnosed due to lack of hands on contact or simply because many people won't bother phoning the doctor in the first place ?
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    What's this holiday thing people keep going on about?
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    Why the surprise indeed - the lemmings who have rushed off to Spain are now shocked that they will have 2 weeks quarantine when they return to the UK, due to a surge in virus cases in the Costa del Covid. 😷
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    As my buddy said, " I'm going to be sensible, but I sure as hell ain't going to be terrorized by it."
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    wonder how many antique shops have had enquiries about ww1 and ww2 gas masks? what type of mask you wear does not matter as long as it covers the nose and mouth. a full face motorcycle helmet could qualify so could an open face one if the visor comes below the chin. You may get mistaken for a security guard but at least you would not be spreading the virus, if you have it that is.
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    The problem with gloves is that they can spread germs/viruses equally as well as bare hands, and don't tend to get washed as often. When used in a medical environment gloves are, or should be, changed very frequently i.e. after every use. That isn't likely to happen in a shop!
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    You will probably find that the people who refuse to wear masks are the same ones who, if regulations were made to forbid the wearing of masks in shops, would insist on their right to wear one. People, in general, are thick. I see it on buses all the time. Everyone getting on wears a mask but then, when they want to talk to someone, pull the mask down over their chin thus defeating the whole object of the exercise. I don't have an answer except look out for yourself and leave the rest to their own device.
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    I hope you have taken the time to read Gary's article on today's (Friday) news page about the mask legislation. it gives the guideline for the shop staff to try and resolve any issue regarding people NOT wearing a mask. It may be just asking politely why they are not wearing a mask but if it escalates to heated argument or worse then they can call the police who will act with discretion. The law does not apply to shop staff or in pubs and restaurants. article link in case you have not had the chance to read it. https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2020/07/23/police-urge-residents-to-prepare-for-new-face-coverings-legislation/
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    Certainly is Asp; and the excuses and mixed messages being thrown in by various factions , increases as each fresh event evolves. EG: On why Leicester has been hit with a surge in cases. Although there is still inadequate and a lack of cooperation with testing, testing is being blamed for exposing an increase in cases. Then the usual suspects put it down to poverty and crowded living conditions, rather than ignorance of the scientific advice. But the classic for me, was the BAME excuse, that ethnic groups weren't informed in their own language; excuse me, but we all live in the UK, where the official language is English - get real or get out. Now, as if to take the rug from under the whole scenario; China has announced that it's identified a new "swine flu" that can transfer to humans, with the same contagion features as Corvid. So why isn't China being isolated by the international community, until it gives transparent information and starts to tackle the cultural causes, and why isn't the UK banning all traffic from China ? These viruses have to be isolated and contained as early as possible, if this saga isn't going to go on and on. 😷
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    We are booked for the Costa del sol in October ,hope it is safe to travel. We booked it before all this pandemic kicked off. One thing we all have to be mindful of is that many European countries are tourism dependent & when travelling abroad we have to weigh up whether or not these desperate destinations are completely honest with the Covid19 state of play in their countries. I fully expect European countries to extend their seasons this year to try & recoup their losses.
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    We can usually book appointments on line if not urgent & order prescriptions online but ,strangely enough, there is no complaints process.
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    Well it seems GPs aren't the only one's terrified of this virus, seems most of us are. A&Es have reported an 85% drop in custom over the last few months. So there's either a lot of trivial cases out there practising first aid, or genuine cases suffering in silence. 😷
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    Aside from the usual trivial attendances being reduced, no doubt some more serious cases will be hidden due to people's fear of Hospital environments, to the point of a Devil or deep blue sea choice. If folk decide to die at home, at least they can say goodbye to loved ones. Meanwhile, I think GPs are diagnosing folk over the phone or skype; anything to avoid contact. 😷
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    As I try to avoid the medical profession as much as possible (you don't know where they've been) I couldn't really hazard a guess, although if the gang of medics living in the house at the top of my road are anything to go by, they are partying like there is no tomorrow. All the old moaners discouraged from even phoning the surgery means there is practically no work to do.
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