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    Seems some mental health charities have challenged the name of some toffees on sale in Poundland, saying "nutters" is offensive to the mentally ill. We had the PETA court case of the monkey that took a selfie, with PETA claiming the monkey has image rights. Seems we now live in a world of sad folk just looking for things to be "offended" by, the nutters have well and truly taken over the asylum.
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    The old one was a concrete monstrosity which was out dated and not very welcoming - the new one looks fantastic in comparison, is bigger and will be lit up like a welcoming beason once it goes live later this year. Personally I think it is a huge improvement - just like the new temporary market.
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    No doubt along the lines of Dear sir/Madam/Other With regards to your enquiry re (insert name of project/department/request for information). The matter has been referred to the relevant department and the head of said department will look into the matter. Further action will be forthcoming in due time. If you need to contact us about this at any time please call the dedicated phone line and ask for extension (insert extension number here) and ask to speak to (insert relevant name here). Please note that the (insert department name here) can be very busy at this time of year and it may be some (weeks/months) before you get a reply from them. In the mean time be assured that everything is being done to resolve this matter. Yours sincerely (insert name and leave space for signature.)