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    Which just goes to show you don't know what you're talking about. Do a bit of research, but avoid the Guardian, BBC, Channel 4 etc like the plague.
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    seems to be the problem with tomkins this season, either he plays a blinder or spits the dummy out if decisions go against his team. Thought the new signing made a good showing, not afraid to get stuck into the bigger players and seemed to be no respecter of reputation. The game did lack a certain winning attitude from both teams and plays seemed to be rather predictable up to the final ten minutes at least. Man of the match for me Robert Hicks. No messing no mithering I am in charge end of story go away.
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    Here we go again with the public good private bad nonsense. The timetabling shambles was caused by the public Network Rail who did not have sufficient capacity to deal with the magnitude of amendments in the timescales mandated for small changes each year. Andrew Haines their chairman said that this week to a select committee. The congestion in Manchester is caused by long distance trains being sent from Victoria to Piccadilly so that services from everywhere can get to Manchester Airport to meet the financial plans and green veneer of the local authorities in Greater Manchester. There is insufficient capacity to let the trains stop at Piccadilly on the two platforms available and delays just build up. Cause politicians from Manchester driving Transport for the North, led by the idiot Andy Burnham. The same idiot also supports the RMT who are striking to save the guards on Northern trains that the company says aren't going to be removed anyway. The franchise legally requires most of them to be kept! The problem is that there is not requirement in the franchise to cancel the train if there is no guard available. So the RMT are actually striking to preserve industrial power to cause chaos to passengers!!! … the idiots in the North West support them... Turkeys --- Christmas! All this private rail chaos stuff is just left wing propaganda, railwaymen are relatively better paid in the private system it carries more passengers and is cleaner and safer. Where public ownership and control intervene it falls to pieces. The lefty position is not in touch with reality and is mostly propaganda.
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    And perhaps if all governments had kept their noses out of private businesses, took less money out of private enterprises in taxes to spend on their own, uneconomic, pet projects we would have an adequate transport infrastructure. And an education system that taught people how to spell "fourth".
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    Think the darwin awards have been cancelled this year due to there being too many contenders. There are any number around where i live be it the people who cross the road at it widest part despite being ten feet from a pelican crossing to the ninja cyclists that ride the area at night wearing all black and with no lights. add to that the smartphone zombies and you would be spoilt for choice.