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    I was quite shocked the other day when It was announced that nearly 5000 people commit suicide each year and a large and growing proportion of these deaths were young children that were subjected to online abuse. I have my daughter, her husband and their two children living with us at the moment while their house is being refurbished I now I can see first hand how much their life revolves around their mobile phones. I don't know how typical this is but every single day, these two (aged 11 and 13) literally have their faces in their phones from first thing in the morning to last thing at night and are totally oblivious to anything being said to them or happening around them. Now I'm no expert but I feel that anyone who spends the majority of their life online are far more likely to be affected mentally when things start going wrong in their virtual world. Then because they've lost some of the ability to communicate with the people around them, things can build up that might lead to more serious issues like suicide. Bill
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    Great unless you are allergic to nuts. And just what do you do with the half an egg left over for the rest of the week? I do wonder how long the people who advocate such diets would fair living on said diets for twelve months and whether they would change their minds afterwards.☠️ I do note that there is no mention of how much beer/wine/gin you are allowed to consume or any beverage for that matter.πŸ₯‚
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    Give it a few years and you'll be accused of being a blondist Latchford! Here's a true one, not quite a joke but made me laugh. Just before Christmas, the wife and myself had been into town on a nice sunny day for some last minute shopping. When we got back home I said to her "It's rained here" She looked confused and asked where? Now I'm confused because she doesn't do that kind of humour. Finally the penny dropped when I realised she was looking for a reindeer. Bill
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    Yea, that's why they're called Big Mouth Bass, average 6 to 8 lb. and rife ( means a sh**t load) in our local waters. One of the many things you don't know PJ.
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    However only 11 billion by the end of the century is the forecast, the rate is slowing down. What we need is continued development in the places with high population growth as with better health and economic conditions the birth rate always falls. The danger is listening to the green/climate fanatics who want to reduce development as with that comes self-defeating population growth. Watch the Rosling video, he didn't make the numbers up.
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    Congratulations Bill, nothing good about being an old fogey. I have the same blessing, I'll be 80 next Tuesday but I look about 30 !! Naw, make that 60, 65 ? Been a Lycra fiend ( racing cyclist) all of my life, it was wool when I started, and I still train every day on the road, plus 18 holes of golf. However I'm beginning to find that on all my construction projects around the house, the first piece of equipment on the job is a lawn chair - work for 15 mins and sit for 15 mins - a man's got to know his limitations !
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    Perhaps we'll finish up with Solent Green ! πŸ˜„
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    Living alone these days,I try not to do one big supermarket shop a week.which was the routine when we both worked. Now I enjoy bobbing to town using my bus pass and wandering around shops to pick something for tea and also to bump into fellow school friends from 50 odd years ago. Then maybe a visit to the library to replenish my reading, Followed by a bob into the Museum occasionally; Then home to a bit of cleaning or washing and ironing.πŸ˜’(Back ache alertπŸ””) Plus when the weather allows ,I walk up to The Rowing club to feed the swans and ducks.πŸ¦† Home to surf the web and plan the evenings tv. I very often wonder how I managed to run a business 5 days a week as well 🀨... Apart from the obligatory aches and pains of advancing years this really is one of my "Better Era's" Oh and the rugby season is also in sight πŸ‘
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    I recently hired a limousine for my daughters prom, cost me Β£300. When it arrived it turned out that the price didn't include a driver. I was furious. All that money and nothing to Chauffeur it. Here all week,
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    I wonder where all those christmas crackers went from poundland.🀭
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    http://radio.garden/live/ Open Radio Garden and you will get Google Earth covered with green dots. Click on any dot and you will get the radio station at that location - worldwide! Give it a go!