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    If they vote against a no deal can we get them to have another vote for a no deal until they get it right.🤔🕵️‍♂️
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    It's now the EU who can give us what we voted for, by refusing an extension (as there is nothing new to offer them); any vote by Parliament against "no deal" will be none binding and without an extension to article 50, the clock runs out on 29th march - then we're OUT (NO DEAL) - which is what we voted for.
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    Sorry folks, United had just lost to Arsenal and my mind was in a tortured state! I was trying to compare the non-stressed life of the 50''s, 60's and 70's (at least for me) to today's daily turmoil and asking for opinions. Apparently, I made the mistake of starting with a very cute line about us all being so old, that we must be funeral planning ! It must have been so cute that it overshadowed my original intention and made a life of it's own. Damn, this is not getting much better. Still, on that subject, my wife signed me up for cremation policy, it was listed at the funeral home as a Fire Sale and that's actually true !
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    The government has said it will make the NI border tariff free in case of No Deal, and the Irish farmers are still complaining!
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    Thanks Asp, hard to tell fact from fiction in a world where no lie gets punished. Pity Guy Fawlks failed, cos he could then have moved on to the BBC and MSNBC.
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    Perhaps it is just an advertising stunt Obs. You would need plenty of wind to inflate them & keep them inflated. Maybe extra sprouts should be compulsory for all sailors.
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    Dizz they have to be soaking wet so that they trap the air.🤭 Tying the ends together using a reef knot is probably easier when the jeans are wet. Also why would you need a floatation device in your kitchen do you require the services of a plumber? (to fix any leaks obs before you start with the innuendoes.)😯
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    Dizzy giving a BJ, well I never !
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    Oh I outgrew the stabilisers, hope the new bike fits lol 😳😳😳
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    Yes, tariff free south to north ,tariff to pay north to south.
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    It was a ploy Dave, inserted at the request of the Irish, in order to keep N/Ireland in the customs union and thereby bring the Union of the island of Ireland closer - but it seems to have backfired. The reason the EU is unlikely to grant an extension is (a) as they say - the UK is not coming up with anything of substance, and the "deal" was their last offer. and (b) they don't want disruptive eurosceptic Brits in the new EU Parliament led by Farage.; which would be highly likely if the clock goes past May. What we are now seeing in Parliament is positioning for the blame game that will follow a no deal Brexit; so more pointing of fingers and denials of who voted for what - clearly the worst bunch of MPs since Cromwell turfed a shower of these deadbeats out
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    Apparently, the EU has no limit on referendum re-runs as long as the "right" conclusion is attained.
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    Charming lol 😂😂 Must admit though at least it would mean I still have a use after I've popped my clogs. I wonder if my whole body would have to be specially preserved or just my bum cheeks lol. Bit pointless you going to the trouble of parking your bike 'there' though as surely your stabilisers keep your bike upright anyway whenever you get off it 😏
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    Ah, I've just seen the spoof of what happens after Brexit from the same source. I particularly liked the effect on Owen Jones, Guardian readers and BBC staff. Less keen on the nuclear war footage!
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    they should bury you at Walton Gardens but leave your backside sticking out, so I have somewhere to park my bike when I visit
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    So 25 % of the vote for the apathy party level with all the remain parties. Quite a good non-turn out then. 🙈 🙉 🙊 🤭
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    Well that must have been one of the strangest posts I've read on here in a long time Stallard I'm not even quite sure where to begin or what the topic is really about As for your opening sentence (Is that the main just of the thread?) .....I haven't invested in a burial plan. I've never even considered it to be honest. I do see all the adverts on the TV telling us to do it so we don't leave our loved ones to foot the bill when we pop our clogs but I just ignore. If I did invest in one I'd probably spend the rest of my life worrying that they would go bust and all the money I'd paid in would be lost and have been for nothing. Not to mention I don't know how long I will live for so say I start paying into one now monthly but live until I'm 95 then I will have paid into it every month for 40 years which I'd imagine is way more than the cost of paying to be buried/cremated. I suppose I could just set up a savings account in the bank and put a bit in every month and when my time comes I'm sure it will cover the cost of a cardboard coffin and a hole in the ground or better still a huge bonfire to lie me on top off up at Hill Cliffe.... great views from up there and people would see me burn for miles too....or a home made Viking style ship dropped in the Manchester Ship Canal opposite ours and I could sail off 'lit' into the sunset. Mmm that could be tricky so it might have to be my sons canoe instead ha ha. PJ...you could come and take some photos and 'launch' me
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    Stallard mate, I personally don't give a flying (enter your favourite expletive in the space provided) what happens to my remains when I'm gone (Except for the proviso that my ashes aren't spread anywhere near Anfield). That covers your burial plan bit. I think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, but again I think I'll be long gone before it happens, so I'll just keep trundling along until the inevitable happens.
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    The Leave campaign was s feast of lies, false promises and outright deceit, must have cost a fortune to put that campaign together 😄😄😄
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    No Deal sounds good to me. Labour don't want anything except to get into power and, this time, ensure that they can't lose it again.
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    I'll go with "no deal" too; we're being threatened by the Remoaners with everything up to and including an asteroid heading for the UK, due to our Brexit decision. The reality is however, somewhat different; as the EU sell twice as much to us as we do to them, so trade restrictions will hit them harder, and late in the day, I think they're beginning to realise it. The problem for us is, that we have an elite of Remoaner politicians in Parliament, determined to scupper the will of the people and cave in to EU domination. So ultimately, it for the electorate to decide one way or the other at the next G/Election, and just hope that they're not so fickle, that they change their minds.
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    very droll, wrong but droll.