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    if it is owt like my surgery you have to go online and get assessed by a triage nurse who will then probably tell you to call the NHS helpline, they will then assess you and tell you to call your GP you then go back online and go through the whole rigmarole again until either you die of whatever you have or you get better. what amazes me is all those people who would come up with any illness as an excuse to get off work are now complaining that they want to go to work again....🤭
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    I would love to give you a proper Basil Fawlty response but forum rules forbid it. I certainly won't be quitting and the only thing I will be seeing in the mirror is a sour moaning milky who appears to have a very sad isolated life trying to pick fights on forums. Please clear off to the other news site and leave me to run my business, which I am delighted to say is booming since we increased the number of adverts by well over 500 per cent increase in revenue, some of which has been invested back into the community - and if you have the guts to reveal your true identity I may start to take notice of what you say.
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    To call it a media frenzy would be an understatement, with wall to wall indignation all over the news - the media have reduced a real crisis into a trivial blame game, in order to destabilise the Gov. Clearly the Remoaner Press and Liberal allies are still smarting at Cumming's successfull involvement in the Brexit Referendum and are jealous of his apparent Rasputinesque influence with the PM. So like some Western lynch mob, they are demanding he resign. Well I hope BoJo and his fickle backbenchers don't wilt under this onslaught, but continue to provide a semblance of decisive governance, that opposition carpers clearly would find impossible. 😠
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    What i find amazing with the likes of Corrie & Eastenders is they are all on the breadline but manage to be in the pub everyday & when somebody gets a "few hours" at the local shop they are buying a villa in Spain within weeks. Nobody is ever ill....the only time there has been illness is when they opened a doctor's surgery in Weatherfield ,once it was shut down everybody was A1 again. Perhaps that shows that doctor's surgeries are the main source of illness.
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    Not the only ones: Piers (the mouth) Morgan and opposition politicians are after his scalp (but he's bald !); so much for constructive opposition. If Cummings has committed an offence he should be fined like anyone else, but no, they are after undermining the Gov at a time when we need some political cohesion. 😷😷
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    An alternative is here: https://www.accuracyproject.org/pinchdash.html It claims the answer is 1/16 teaspoon. A teaspoon is about 5ml, ask a pharmacist if unsure. The density of Fine Table Salt is 1378 kg/cubic metre (https://www.powderhandling.com.au/bulk-density-chart/) So 5/16 ml = 0.3215*0.001 litres=0.0003125 * 0.001 cu metres= 0.0000003125 cu m Which has a weight of 0.0000003125*1378 kg = 0.000430625‬ kg = 0.430625‬ grams or approx. 0.0151898 Avoirdupois Ounce (1/66 of an ounce!) But of course you take this stuff you find on the Internet with a pinch of salt.
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    You know the same thought crossed my mind. As A&E attendances are 60% down on last years figures for April I can only assume the same knock on effect is at the gp centres as well
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    The thing is that members of the public are up in arms because they haven't been doing things they wanted to do, not because they weren't permitted by the regulations, but because this is what they thought was the case according to what the media was telling them. I think the government was taken by surprise by the willingness of the British people to shut up shop the way we have. The fact that thousands have felt entitled to go to the beach because the weather has warmed up doesn't seem to alter that perception. I'm perhaps lucky in that it hasn't changed my life too much, the only things missing being no Wolves games and my weekly meet up with my mate in Wigan. I have to comment on the ongoing hypocracy of Starmer who, in his speech in January after becoming Labour leader, praised himself for never ever sacking a member of his staff for making a mistake. Now the same guy is saying that Boris should sack Cummings for "making a mistake". These people forget that everything they say is recorded for posterity and yet think they are the clever ones.
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    I bought the box-set of Brass a couple of years ago and binge-watched it. Brilliant acting by Timothy West and the rest. I lent it to a mate of mine and haven't seen it since.
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    Bradley Hardacre. Brass was like a send up of all the Dicken's & C.Cookson classics that were being shown on tv. The future "Don Brennan" ,Corrie's limping taxi driver was in it' Sam was another strange production with Mark McManus with a dodgy Yorkshire accent.
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    "thers trouble ath mill" sorry that was the Spanish inquisition sketch that popped into my mind again. Never really got into brass. no idea why maybe it was the cast or maybe the characters.
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    The more I think about this business the more furious I get. Boris announces all retail is to open on 15th June and they carry on asking about Cummings. If the BBC don't apologise soon I want it shut down!!!
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    The later questions in the conference were truly appalling and essentially aimed at promoting rule breaking by the public at large. Why, because feigning outrage is the only way they can justify the utterly appalling abuse with all the media preferring to believe their own version of events compared to what was said by the PM and later Cummings. In my view the worst of all were the BBC who claim to be the bastion of truth whilst effectively running a vile campaign of hate based on nothing more than editorial opinion. The broadcast media have worked themselves up into a frenzy in an attempt to discredit Cummings and by association the Government. This has been nothing short of seditious tripe.
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    I don't think people "meeting up" in The Job Centre or local Bus Station would make good tele. So the pub is ideal. Hang all reality ; we have enough of that everywhere else. Remember Deidre's Morrocan husband ? She borrowed the money off Emily to pay for his air fare to come and live with her and Tracey. Then a few months later he was taking her back to live in a Bar/Restaurant he was buying for her on the seafront in Agadir !!! Priceless 🤣
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    Did they ever Exorcise Martha Longhursts ghost?
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    Corrie was good when it was on twice a week but there are only so many plots & storylines & the more often a programme is shown the more the stories are diluted. It used to be one of the best tv comedies too & was a springboard for many rising actors. Comedy ,imagine showing Love thy neighbour, Brothers McGregor or Till Death Us Do Part in this day & age ?
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