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    I have a signed van dyke painting at home. I tell you Dick van Dyke is a better actor than painter.🤭 Art is what you make of it. Three black dots arranged in a triangle on a white background and labelled as a polar bear in snow. If done by me would be laughed at by everyone..if it was done by say Picasso or one of the other well known painters, it would be lauded as a masterpiece and fought over by people who have more money than several banks could count. I once heard a very humorous description of the difference between art and lewd paintings. if it has urns it is art, if it has cherubs it is art, if it has a potted plant, on a stand it just scrapes through as art, anything else is just lewd pictures. Years ago spray painting on a wall was classed as vandalism, now it sells for thousands of pounds and is classed as art. I understand what stallard is saying. it is not the art as such he is saying is a hoax but the pretension of the people who will go into raptures over a certain wine that to your average person would be just fizzy vinegar in a fancy bottle. Sniffs glass,takes a sip of wine, swills round mouth, stares meaningly at ceiling and then says,"oh it a chateau naff de pope, 1820 (or twenty five past six at the latest), grown from grapes on the sunny side of the hill in the vineyard situated seven foot eight inches from the friary of st Herbert. stomped by a left handed leprechaun with a squint and bottled in hand blown glass from the desserts of africa with a cork specially imported from the sacred cork trees of the outer Himalayas and harvested using ancient techniques known only to three ancient masters of the temple ding dong in the valley of Avonk a ling. Am i right?" "nah mate fifty pence a bottle at bargain booze"
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    He should have just told her she had two days to live with her symptoms. Given that doctors often make a diagnosis on what the patient tells them initially. Wonder how she manages at the dentist? Last time i saw a doctor he was surprised I was a patient of his. He had to send somebody down to the basement to find my notes.
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    He didn't say he was concerned about the lack of health care staff. Rather he is upset by cultural appeasement. You need to get off your racist finder hobby horse and actually stay on topic once in a while.
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    Errm nope; the report stated that the Doctor complained that the niquab muffled the sound of her voice - end of. I'm merely observing the absurdity of the situation, where a much needed professional is being threatened with being struck off because of some primitive religious practises, based in male dominance.
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    £4,500 for a bottle of wine!!! I paid less than that for the harley and it will last longer and give more enjoyment. (well to me at least) I always laugh when i see these wine experts on tv. Swills glass around,sniffs, takes a sip, "ah yes there is a definite hint of honeysuckle and just a slight after taste of either gnats or cats" Most ordinary wine drinkers are like. "it has alcohol in it yes" glug glug "another pplease hic".
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    Carries stuff in the back ,doesn't run on a track, That's a lorry.🚛
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    If you were so concerned about the lack of health care staff you wouldn’t be so anti immigration.
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    Oh dear, the usual go to having been proven wrong.
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    Seems the EU has swallowed the CH4 smear campaign and will investigate Nigel's financial affairs; just like they did with Mariane Le Pen. This from an organisation swimming in corruption that hasn't had it's books audited in over a decade. Don't they know that our Tory Party has been funded by Millionaires since it was founded, and if millionaires want to start funding a popular politician for a change - so be it. Just sour grapes from our liberal media and the EU. Still, if they can't play the ball, I suppose they have to play the man.
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    ...or he couldn't understand her due to her poor English; either way, not accepting 7th century ignorance isn't a crime. btw. wonder how she manages with the dentist ? !
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    Be very hard to replace him....
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    You miss the point there, they only get that chance to vote for a referendum if they vote for her deal. I quote directly from the text of her speech as delivered "So if MPs vote against the Second Reading of this Bill – they are voting to stop Brexit." A referendum is not the main threat - it is clearly revocation., she also said " So we are making a new offer to find common ground in Parliament. That is now the only way to deliver Brexit." She makes the point that Parliament will not allow a no deal. Looks like your Brexit hopes may be going down the pan along with the Conservative Party.
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    Good one Sid, almost missed that. You're right, I was mocking the dumb, elitist snobs. Do we know any of those ?
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    did he get a tin of Mr. Sheen with the magic cloths?
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    "Crash out" with no deal is just remoaner propaganda, designed to make it seem like a bad thing.
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    A disappointing game, filled with errors and some fighting. Wire took the lead but Hull soon equalised and then forged ahead thanks to poor tackling and handling errors by Warrington making the score at half time 18-6 for the visitors. Wire scored another converted try in the second half but couldn't find a way through the Hull defence again. Hull added another point with a drop goal, but even that proved unnecessary in the end. Josh Charnley was named Man of the Match for Warrington, probably because he made less errors than anyone else. Final score 12-19, another loss for the Wire and St Helens pull further ahead. Hull demonstrated a fine array of tactics in slowing the game down at times, players collapsing at the first sign of a dirty look from a Warrington player. Not an exciting game at all.
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    I am offended by the fact that i have not found anything to be offended by today. It always amazes me that people Can find things to be offended by. Usually trivial things like a picture or an off the cuff comment. most of the things that have been put up as "offensive" are to me at the least mildly humorous at the most rather sad and pathetic. I do find some things offensive though. Mp's who get a 29% pay rise whilst preaching austerity for one.adverts by celebrities earning millions to ask me to give money to fund (insert any cause you want) for another.
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    I have been recently informed that the correct term for a twitter user is tweeter and not as seems to be the case twit.
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    You could say the same about the remain voters, or the none voters all are equally to blame given that criteria, but really the only ones you can reasonably blame are the politicians who have prevaricated and procrastinated us into that position.
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    Not at all, I genuinely don’t care what offends you or others on here, thought that would be obvious. Great to see you can do a concise post that doesn’t drone on ad nauseum 😄👏
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    Just getting dafter - so yes, ignore the pllck .