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    And the latest is: that MPs will get to vote on the final Brexit deal, assuming there is one. So, if they vote against the deal, we leave without a deal, which could be better. With 27 other countries, plus the EU Parliament having to do the same, is it possible they'll actually agree a "deal" before time runs out ?
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    Looks like it has! Think this could be a very significant signing http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/10/10/coach-of-the-year-henderson-joins-wolves/
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    Just watched the video on FB showing the little lad handing in the petition at the Town Hall to the Mayor. Firstly the Mayor wouldn't come out to take the petition, secondly he didn't even thank the little lad and finally he went off on some strange rant at Warrington Worldwides own Gary Skentlebury... I have to say, "Les, you were totally out of order, made yourself look a complete arse and a disgrace to your office... apologise now or clear off and let someone with some manners do the job" Rant Over
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    <Tries..to...resist...tap-in...fails> Brexit severance cheques". I was curious as to what these are , and it appears to be a scam of some sort.