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    Seems the snowflakes were out in force, on the streets of London, protesting about the election of our new PM. (eh?) Grown up in a world where they're refused nothing, these middle class kids no doubt form around Momentum (ex-militant), that has taken over the Labour Party and injected Corbynism. Well, that has been rejected by the electorate, just as Remain has; but these people simply won't accept democracy. Seems the British mainland is now divided into three Countries - London, Scotland and the rest, alien to each other and preferring the company of their own echo chambers on line. So it seems "the healing" will take some time, at least until these youngsters have mortgages, kids and other grown up responsibilities, to distract from their more fanciful ideas.
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    The total separation of the three branches of government is not a British tradition, rather it is a continental one which the liberal elite have been trying to introduce here for decades. For myself I find that every invocation of this principle has behind it an attempt to reduce the power of the executive and the unlawful prorogation decision was exactly one such decision which invoked separation of powers. Careful what you wish for.
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    I have heard that discussed a lot recently but the discussion often points to the issues of meaning creep over time that happens with written constitutions. The US constitution on gun ownership being a prime example. We actually have more written constitution than is appreciated what with civil service rules, Standing Orders in Parliament and Erskine May on top of Statute and Common Law. Writing down those things which are conventions has also been done by the Parliamentary Librarians as a record of custom and practice. Given that Constitutional Law cases often quote these sources showing that they are well known I wonder what you want to be different? What if I suggest that writing it all down in one place would offer the lawyers a ready made opportunity to change it as they write it down and that would give the law a larger role than today. Would you be happy with that? I know I wouldn't.
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