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    Seems are ever active scientists have come up with the suggestion that "bald men" may be at a high risk of dying from Corvid infection - perhaps all slap heads need to get out there and protest - Bald Lives Matter ! 😉 😷
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    He said, she said, oi vey ! Everyone should have realized by now that, worldwide, there is one singular institution responsible for this chaos - the universities. They produce all of the media people, the liberals and the politicians and the garbage that they have taught for the last fifty years is now ruining life as we 'oldies' know it. Close all but the engineering, business, medical and scientific schools and we could get back to a pleasant life. I hate modern art too! Wouldn't miss it.
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    Notice Barry Gardiner MP (lab) has admitted breaking lock down rules by attending the BLM demo in London; media very quiet about it though - wonder if he'll resign ? 😷
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    These idiots that are supposedly governing our country are attending parliamentary sessions in Westminster then most are catching trains back to their constituency towns and cities all over the UK with the possibility of giving the virus free transportation with them, what a load of plonkers.🙄
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