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    found this snippet earlier.
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    OOh you little trouble maker you.🤣
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    If the alarm is usable then get some advice on who to use it as an alarm system is an important part of the protection of your property, Webb Alarms service ours and as part of their service they will talk you through how to operate it. Google for their web site the contact number is on there.
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    Drones are really difficult to deal with: https://youtu.be/vRJjBYp76QY
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    Nah it's all part of the rich tapestry of politics and if they are not up to a bit of barracking then they should not become public figures in the first place. Also it would probably contravene free speech rights, or human rights or some other such. 🤡
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    I can't believe that any regular user of this forum would be so callous as to down vote your post Latchford so this is most likely to be some brain dead lowlife just trying to cause a bit of bother. Bill
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    There is an alarm Co on Bridge St that has been around for years, been in the shop once. I have an alarm that is really old too, goes off for 10 min, stops for a while then goes off again. I removed all the fuses from the control box, which silenced the alarm but the panel is still lit up and the power on light is still on. But like Bill said I can not imagine it uses much power.
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    Or possibly a disabled sports team on a European tour ?
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    I'd leave in place if it's still working and forget about the electricity usage because that's going to be absolutely next to nothing. Bill
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    I talked with a ufologist friend of mine and even he could not tell if it was a drone, a bird or an alien space ship. of course if it was the latter then the gov would automatically hush it up, he told me it is amazing some of the things the gov has hushed up about ufo's (he never did get round to saying how he knew about them though, odd that if they was hushed up) Sort of reminds me of the superman comics i read as a kid. "Look! up in the sky!", "It's a bird", " It's a plane", "No it's superman!!", "Our hero" *sigh!*
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    These are the police that are so underfunded they can only afford to have a few dozen police cars' paint jobs redone to reflect "GayPride" day, and don't investigate crimes that don't involve "hate speech" any more.
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    switch the electricity off supplying the panel usually on an unswitched spur. open the panel and disconnect the battery. the onboard battery in the bell box should be dead after all the years of not being used.
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    You are far off base with Airbus. Look at their rival Boeing and how they outsource the parts for their planes: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/36507420/ns/business-us_business/t/hundreds-suppliers-one-boeing-airplane/ Same horse, different jockey. China is now making some Airbus models in, surprise surprise, China (which wasn't in political union with the EU last time I looked). This is the way of the world Obs whether you like it or not.
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    A nice thought milky, but the elderly tend to be belligerently independent and insistent that they can cope. I went through it with my mother who refused to admit that thing were getting beyond her as she got older. The lengths we had to go to to help keep her safe and at least looked after for an hour or so daily, often caused friction between her and the family. She was lucky in that we all cared for her so much and did our best. Some elderly are not so lucky either having families who only acknowledge they exist at Christmas and birthdays or who live on the opposite side of the world. Some are even less lucky in that they have no living relatives left to care for them but still admit that they are fine and can manage on their own. "i survived a war so don't tell me i can't cope" was the usual phrase banded about by the elderly when i was growing up. Just to keep the topic on smart meters with nothing running at all they will clock up about 28 pence per day per utility. so dual gas and electric will show 56 pence per day usage. (This is the standing charge plus vat per day)
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    Happy Hogswatch to one and all.🤶
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    I must be honest ,if i need to go to Warrington Hospital , i only use my car as a last resort. I would rather get as close as i can by bus then arrive for my appointment on Shanks's pony.
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    If hospital parking was free across the board you would never get a space as it would be constantly full.
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    i think that the punishment of six months is about the right sentence. Six months in a cage outside gatwick with a sign detailing their crimes and a barrow load of rotten fruit and veg supplied daily for airport users to throw. (got to feed them something for six months) Hosed down twice a week to keep the smell down and provide fresh drinking water. Cruel and unusual punishment, well yes but it is only for six months and it will save the cost of a prison guard, electricity for lighting heating and also provide some much needed entertainment for delayed passengers. Be more of a draw than some magician in a box anyhow.🧙‍♂️🤔
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    No wonder we have so many MPs wanting to remain & wanting to be seen to want to remain when there are quite a few top jobs coming up in the EU polit bureau next year.
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    Another unwanted bi product of the internet /techno/ electronic age , but hopefully just a bit of mischief that will open a few eyes to how dangerous they would be in the wrong hands. A brilliant piece of kit but the antidote to their nuisance value should have been concretely put in place before they were put on sale to the public.
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    The established ethnic minority communities are made up of people who came to Britain fully prepared to live by British rules, their older generation are conservative people and they really don't trust the latest arrivals, some with good cause. A lot of the Sikhs and Hindus who came to Britain in the 60s/70s were genuine asylum seekers who barely escaped with their lives, victims of Muslim ethnic cleansing, these same people are watching the Islamification of their neighbourhoods and getting nervous, and that's not racism, that's experience...
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    Wrong again Obs You once stated that you thought all the major parties were pro european. Tories, Libs, Labour. add there vote up they got the majority of the peoples vote