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    Congratulations to my old buddy Mike Nicholas on his MBE. I last saw Mike in 1974, he had started a one car taxi service on the side. Over a beer I asked him if he could take me and my family to Bank Quay station on our first leg of our emigration trip to Texas. He arrived thirty minutes late in a beat up small car. We were stood hopping from foot to foot on the sidewalk with two kids and four large suitcases. He opened the trunk and it was packed full of oily junk and two bald tires ! He apologized in his soft Welsh accent and drove off, my neighbor thankfully filled the breach. I'm pretty sure that he didn't get his MBE for business !
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    Lidl has said it will remove cartoon characters from its own-brand cereals to help parents buy healthy products. It hopes that the rebranded packaging, to be introduced in the spring, will alleviate the pressure of children's "pester power". When I was young the World was so simple and orderly,I went with my Mum when she did her weekly shop(to help carry the bags) she let me pick my favourite cereal as my treat.I remember looking at Tony the Tiger and all the other brands plus looking at the free gifts on offer which were often in the boxes, Obviously it made a young lad happy as a sandboy picking these cereals.Well it must have if I still remember the warm glow of Saturday morning shopping with Mum sixty years later. And now such small treats are being demonised (yet again) by our interfering do gooders who must have a very sad life if they just sit in some office looking for new""Hidden"" threats in the innocence of buying a box of soddin cornflakes with cute cartoon characters on them !!!!.
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    Not ther kind of story I like writing at any time but especially in the run up to Christmas when many people will be over indulging. Hard to believe in our modern society that childrten in our home town are going three days without food! All politicians need to work toegther to come up with a solution. We are almost going back in time to Dickensian times! https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2019/12/19/foodbank-reaches-out-as-young-girl-and-two-siblings-go-without-food-for-three-days/
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    I think you also have to wonder if food banks are being exploited by people who don't really need them & just like the idea of saving money on their groceries.
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    Never judge a book by its cover - the tattoos could have been done years ago and the car could have been borrowed or purchased on a leasing agreement prior to falling on hard times. It is often quoted that many of us are just two pay cheques away from needing a food bank. But I do understand that some people will be getting their priorities wrong when it comes to feeding their kids and buying booze and fags with their benefits. May be a percentage of benefits should be paid in vouchers which can only be used on life's essentials to ensure cash is not misused?
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    Maybe the SNP should be told they can have their vote. However if the Shetland Islands vote to stay in the UK then the Shetland Island (and most of the oil reserves) would remain part of the UK. The Shetland Islands are many miles away from Scottish mainland and never used to be part of Scotland, they have never voted SNP either. As Nicola Sturgeon and her party are such believers in democracy they would no doubt agree.
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    Seems things aren't going to well for the Royal family; with the antics of H&MM, and randy Andy. Perhaps time for some radical pruning of the spares, to leave just the heirs ?
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    Well that always happens when too many try to jump on the same specialist bandwagon irrespective of where they’re located. Running might be a big thing right now but supplying only running shoes seriously limits the number of visitors, so to keep them coming back they need to be right on their game. It seems very few shops these days stand the test of time and even the big names are deserting our town centres. Perhaps they should look at stores like Handcock and Woods and see if they can work out what the magic formula is. Bill
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    Another one off the bucket list then.
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    The worst fires they've ever had Bill? The first British colony at Botany Bay was established in 1788, a mere 232 years ago. A mere blink of an eye in history really, and it's not even recorded history. The Aborigines used to set fire to brush to clear the land for planting and aid in hunting. In fact Captain Cook called Australia "the continent of smoke" so prevelant were fires at the time. It isn't "Internet conspiracy theories" that set government policies which penalise landowners for trying to protect their property.
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    We will have to pay for their security outside the country in order to make sure that it is reliable. The effects on this country and its foreign policy of one of the Royal Family being kidnapped abroad do not bear thinking about. Terrorists do not count the value of their acts in money and to fight terrorism we have to think like them.
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    Davy, Quote from https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/news/veganism-judgment-doesnt-change-employment-law-expert-notes/5102613.article published by the Law Society. "However, Barry Ross, director at specialist firm Crossland Employment Solicitors, noted that the landmark ruling does not affect the law. He said: ‘It is important to remember that this is the judgment of the first instance employment tribunal. It does not have to be followed and does not implement any change in the law. It does give employers guidance in relation to the likely treatment of ethical veganism before the employment tribunal and as such, the types of steps they should be considering for their employees and the workplace.’ So this is not a case that can set a precedent because it is too low a court and in statute law Terrorism is defined and a court cannot change what is on the face of the Act. However you make an interesting point in that if it were, in effect, a religion then it would be protected under the Human Rights Act and the Human Rights Act trumps all other legislation which is required to be compatible with it! What you highlight is why this Human Rights stuff in contrary to common sense and has just gone too far!!!
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    He went on to launch a highly successful Wire Wheels taxi business from what I can remember! But any way well deserved ont he rugby front!
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    baking soda powered "atomic" submarine. remember it well. Never did get it to work properly. Maybe i used the wrong type of baking soda. Surprised that the "i know best" brigade have not gone all out to go back to the "standard" cornflakes rather than the chocolate/sugar/ icing sugar coated brands we have today.(those ones that were made out of recycled cardboard boxes or so it seemed to me as a kid.) The thing is kids pester. It is a well known fact. it does not matter what is on a box if the kid wants it they will pester and throw an atomic tantrum until they get it one way or another. Either what they want or the much needed clip round the ear, which will result in the obligatory reporting of parent to the authorities for child abuse etc.
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    Frogmen and submarines! Remember them well. Down with the bansturbators!!
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    Broadly speaking, your are correct Sid. Bill
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    No not at all. There’s always been help for the needy, we just never referred to them as foodbanks in the past. But think about how things have changed since you and I were lads. Back then most people tended to remain in the town where they were born and work there too, so families were always a lot closer together than they are these days. Then consider also the fact that most of us lived in streets where we had neighbours that we could always borrow a cup of sugar from but today the term neighbourly is almost unheard of. Fewer people go to church, socialise in a local pub, shop at local shops, play bingo, the list could go on forever. The bottom line is that we are rapidly becoming a society of fragmented stay at homes whose family are too far away and where friends are all virtual. The lack of face to face contact thanks to our obsession with mobile technology certainly has a lot to answer for. But neither governments nor the general population created these devices but society is now dominated by them. Sorry if anything didn’t make sense but in a big rush to get out to socialise (wife’s birthday!) Bill 😊
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    Happy New Year to all, I fear Sid that it should possibly be feel the girth!
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    Never mind the quantity Gary, it's the quality that counts! Bill:)
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    Oh well - only seven of us showing an Christmas spirit!
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    I too know nothing about food banks and feel sorry for the people who are in a situation that require them to use one. Whenever there is a collection at the supermarket I contribute. Last couple of times they have been featured on the news have left me not so sympathetic. Last time ( I think it was the BBC news) featured a young woman who could not feed her children driving a nearly new Renault Kadjar to the food bank. Previous to that it was a story about children going to school hungry and a school opening early to feed the children, interviewed were two heavily tattooed ladies with I phones on the table in front of them who were saying how valuable this service was to them and their children. Now I know the system isn't perfect or generous but the majority of people seem to cope on it, some people even manage to have things like Sky TV which again I do not have, others need food banks on a regular bases, apparently.
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    yes, the shops close on new years day, well most do or some do, ok so one or two do. But there is online shopping which is a 24/7 365 days of the year thing.(or 336 for the leap years) so i am not even sure of anything regards shopping days these days. In fact it is getting to be "ground-hog day" with me at present or past or however it works for that sort of thing. (Stephen Hawking might have known how to explain it better) As for me lack of sleep and caffeine are taking their toll. lets just leave it at shop early for Christmas......🤪
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    Just to remind people. THERE ARE ONLY 363 SHOPPING DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS after Boxing day.........🤔🤭
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    Same here. I'm starting to believe there might be something in this global warming thing. Only kidding I think it's about 5C at the moment. Anyway, hope all my forum mates all had a very merry Christmas and I'm just going to start getting a bit merrier now I'm done with the day's driving. Bill
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    You lookin at me ! I said you lookin at me !!! 😄🍺
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    Bah!! Humbug!! Only kidding 🤣 . A very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year 🌲🥂💹. Don't drink too much (you know who you are 😂)
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    But wasn't it the case that 90% of their business and staff was already US based? Bill
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    Ed Davey thinks it's a bad idea so it must be good..............................................
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    The first female darts champion beat "a man" - perhaps it was because she was a better darts player - after all, it's not exactly arm wrestling is it.
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    I can't pretend to know much about the subject of food banks, I can sympathise with people who find they need them for whatever reason. Their existence points to failure of government to organise this sort of help for those in need, and for this reason I can't understand the calls for the government to be organising this sort of assistance. However, the government needs to urgently sort out the benefits system so that those in real need get the help they require, but in the mean time the voluntary sector, in the form of food banks, is filling the gap much more efficiently than the (obviously) inefficient government can do. I believe that the use of food banks has risen massively in recent years, but the number of food banks has also risen massively so it's a chicken/egg scenario isn't it? In the mean time it is beholden on all of us, and not just because its Christmas time, to help anyone we know in need as much as we can all year round and not just demand that the government "does something" when we know what a useless shower we have in Westminster at the best of times.
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    In any case most of the current hospital isn't that old, probably 20/30 years tops so either the planners weren't forward thinking enough or as Davy says it's just overcrowded with people who should just see a local doctor or take an lemsip. Bill
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    Also, in the good old days of doctor's surgeries handling more patients, there wasn't the need for so many unnecessary A&E visits.
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    What the SNP appear to want, like the Remoaners in England, is a Neverendum; continued until they get the decision they want. The evidence suggests they can't even manage the devolved powers they already have, with Education and Health taking a dive under their stewardship. Whilst in principle, the idea of devolution was good imo; providing a structure for the dispersal of funding support throughout the UK; which should have included the English Regions and countered the poverty the North and Midlands; sadly Prescott didn't impose that option, leaving it to be hijacked by Nationalists. Yorkshire for example has a larger population than Scotland.
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    It was changed to the Barnett Formula, where they get paid by the English taxpayers ! 😉
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    And they're going to decimalise the number of days in a year which will lead to a massive increase in life expectancy.
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    They are just small minded and bored time wasters hungry for a bit of coverage on tv or the press. If it wasn't for our patience with these nuisances they would have been hauled up before the magistrates and fined for wasting police time who have the onerous task of humouring them whilst trying to keep order on our streets.... ..
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    People clog up A&E also because they can't get doctor's appointments.
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    Well it makes a change from brexit i suppose.
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    *Dusts off tin hat, applies fresh coat of polish and hands it over.*....⛑️
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    Hi All, I used to attend Dickey flour bags/ aka, Richard Fairclough's school so named after the Fairclough family, that is still located (although no longer a school now and industrial site), right on the side of the Black bear canal and the black bear bridge that carries Knutsford rd.between Warrington and the south. as I recall the building right across the canal from the school by the bridge was a basket weaving factory next door to that was the Black bear inn. if I was on the top floor of the school I could see Fairclough flour mills building and to the best of my recollection their name was on the building right next to the NWF building, further along past Fairclough's mill right on the bend was Bishops wharf where they loaded hides, rolls of paper and other commodities. just behind Fairclough's mill was Howley power station re the buildings on the right of the picture yes you are correct I believe they where the old two story terraced houses.
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