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    What’s the difference between a hippo and a zippo? One is a large, heavy animal and the other is a little lighter!
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    OMG that is soooooooo funny
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    Have you always had this obsession with men's rear ends PJ, it really is most worrying!.
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    Well done Confused ! You get it - did you see any of the Kavanaugh hearings. The left, helped by the media, unashamedly destroyed a fine man's family with lies, false witness and fabrications and never blushed once ! Fact: 93% of the members of the mainstream media vote Democrat in every election ( I bet the 7% is Fox News !), so it's not hard to connect the dots. When it was announced that Trump had beaten Clinton, there were several female news anchors who couldn't make the announcement without breaking down in tears - it was embarrassing to watch. That was the start of the 'anything goes' war against Trump, lie, cheat, invent etc., just ruin him by any means. But he's alive and well and kicking media butt. God knows why, but it is tradition for the party in power to lose some seats in the mid-term election (next Tuesday), if that happens, and the Democrats win back the House, watch out ! The left has said that they are going to open impeachment proceedings against Trump, but won't say for what crime, just for pis..... them off I guess. Who would want to be President if you achieve the highest GD P ever, cut taxes, get to zero unemployment, there are a million and a half full time jobs still available, wipe out Isis, broker peace with North Korea and still get impeached ! You can have Obama, darling of the media, who thought that he could defeat Isis with a cracking good speech and then closed hundreds of factories with new regulations. Or you can have Mr uncouth Trump who brings you wealth, opportunity and peace. You makes your choice.
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    Well said Stallard, but don't expect PJ to let you off for not following the PC narrative .
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    here we are again happy as can be all good friends and jolly good company.
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    But you have to admit that Obs has a point PJ. If these thousands of people have the drive and energy to walk so far into the unknown, why haven't they got the drive and the energy to change the living conditions of their countries of origin?
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    Q Whats the difference'between a policeman's truction and a magician's wand? A A magicians wand is for performing cunning stunts and the rest you'll have to work out yourself! Bill
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    WOW!! PJ I'm astounded to here that you ever laughed I never thought that you were capable of laughing, I assumed that you were born without a sense of humour.
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    Asperity is correct. The facts, that is the facts facts, not the emotional facts do not support the fanatics claims. No environmentalist will ever have a rational discussion, if you question them, instead of responding with credible evidence they just resort to insults (like PJs cartoon). Polar bears are not dying, oceans are not significantly rising and New York City is not under 20' of water as predicted by Al Gore. Most so called scientists, receive millions of dollars in annual grants, do you think they are going to cut their own throats by telling the truth. What happened to the ice age promised in the fifties? When New York was covered in six feet of snow, they quickly changed the name from global warming to climate change. It's a farce.
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    Finally we've had some common sense from a Senior Police Officer and a female one at that; who's calling for the police to be allowed to get back to basics, with the pursuit of robberies and violent crime, given their diminished resources. So she's calling for an end to demands to pursue cold cases and "hate" crimes, the type of PC complaints currently taking up most police time and energy these days.
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    Bill. I don't mind there being disagreement because this place ought to allow free speech with the usual exclusions. However, there are some who don't seem to recognise that they are the one with a one track mind. Stallard, It is nice to hear a rational view about Trump's position from someone. The dreadful whining about him from the BBC in particular is very annoying. I do not understand they don't get that the job of the President of the United States of America was always to put America first, and the problem was that recent democrat incumbents got it wrong by putting themselves and their legacy first. The problem with the UK media is similar to the US with left wing ideology seen as mainstream so that everything else is tarred with a right-wing epithet. In fact there is a lot of clamour for no-platforming and similar behaviour which attempts to place authoritarian limits on free speech, which is in fact classic right wing behaviour, from people who claim to be of the left. I expect that is happening where you are too.
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    Amongst other news defying the doomsday predictions of Remainers comes this: https://www.alexander-dennis.com/media/news/2018/october/alexander-dennis-wins-berlin-contract-for-new-double-decker-fleet/
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    Could well be a reference to the container that the food came in and it's who brought it. eg here comes the farmer's wife bringing the bag in. Carrying a tray of food across muddy fields would be awkward at best. so a bag would be a sensible way of conveying the food and drink. over the years this could well have been shortened to Bag in to alert the farm workers to the fact that refreshment was now available and to come and get it before it all went, eventually ending up as baggin with the original meaning having been forgotten with time. Of course i could be totally adrift with this explanation and it could well be a reference to people eating hobbit's for all i know.
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    I hit the PJ ignore button a while back and then restored him much later, I have a feeling that either I or P J may be using it again shortly after my reply to the 'Marooned Sailors' joke posted by Aps.
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    Stallard, absolutely you have made the right decision get out there and enjoy yourself. I am two years behind you at 78 but 'touch wood' keeping well and relatively active although I woke at 3am this morning with stomach pains, damn this diverticulitis hopefully it will pass within a few days it usually does then it can be months before it bothers me again, waste of time going to the quacks as I am a firm believer that once you turn 70 the medical profession lose interest in you as the government policy is after that age you are either expendable or a bloody nuisance or both.
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    It's well known that the extra hour of sunshine in summer causes your curtains to fade
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    Will Philips be forced to rename their "Ladyshave"? Any suggestions as to an alternative name?
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    Free publicity,and it seems to have worked. Next step in a few months , They will reinstate the name"By popular demand" and more free paper space.
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    Because the media report their inane wittering since it is cheaper than looking for real news, even cheaper than copying press releases indeed!
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    Have been passed on the motorway by several vans that have signs saying "this vehicle limited to 60mph". (Was doing 70 plus at the time, according to my speedo.) Given that all newer cars have electronic engine management systems, why can't a limit algorithm be set by a simple signal to limit it's top speed to whatever the speed limit is on that particular road. If nobody can go any faster then there is not a lot of need for over taking. (or even possibility if all vehicles are travelling at their max speed) Could even be of aid to prevent prolonged police chases, quick signal to the fleeing car and the engine cuts out end of road chase beginning of foot chase. Bad driving is something else entirely and will never be stamped out, no matter how hard the police or others try.
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    Seems two more guests from the Egyptian Hotel saga have been diagnosed with a potentially fatal bacterial infection (shigella). As we've seen from past outbreaks in our hospitals, these incidents boil down to a lack of basic hygiene standards, like washing hands after visiting the toilet and not wearing surgical gloves when handling food. So when Travel Companies book these hotels one would expect them to lay down the law on hygiene standards and inspection monitoring. Alas, that may increase the price of the holiday, which seems to be the main draw for most.
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    Raheem Sterling isn't, to be fair, the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to thinking.
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    IF they can find anything of use in my body they are welcome to anything. the brain is not worth having unless they want to sick electric probes into it to see what works. Thought in the land of mummification ALL the organs were removed.