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    Well you might then explain why enforcing the requirement to park in the bay only is in the public interest in an almost empty, and by the sound of it about to close car park. They already had the parking fee so the penalty ticket is only needed to discourage behaviour that might stop others from parking but that was evidently not the case. There is a requirement on councils to not treat parking fines as a source of revenue but this case suggests that might well be what was happening here. The rules are there for a reason but when the reason ceases to be applicable why not cease to enforce it. Save the money by not employing the attendant during those hours perhaps. I wouldn't mind betting that the data protection registration for the car park doesn't say that the cameras are to be used to enforce parking controls and rather that they are for crime prevention. Parking over a white line in a car park not being a crime if the parking firm use the footage to take action against their staff or the public for parking infringements they may well be breaking the law. I agree with Dizzy's underlying point about using common sense, the council just have a bit of a problem with common sense and prefer the officious route.
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    You see, i don't see the point of these childish protests against Trump. Love him or hate him ,he is passionate about the success & security of the USA . He is controversial, abrasive & is prone to telling other politicians what they need to hear but don't particularly want to.
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    It'd be nice to think that we wouldn't need a facility such as this Algy because as we all know, it has the ability to stiffle debate but there comes a time when enough is enough. And while we're on the subject, I'm no big fan either of the plus and especially the minus thing and think that whether you agree or disagree you should simply say something or say nothing. Seeing a red mark against a post can be deeply hurtful, especially when you can't see who did it. Can you imagine something like this on Facebook? it'd be open season for the cyber bullies and turn people away from using it. No doubt they spent a lot of time and effort designing their policy to make sure it works and while I appreciate that there's no great resources here, there should at least be a recognition of what works and what doesn't. I'll probably get a red mark for saying this Apologies for the rant. Bill
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    What the hell are you talking about PJ, there was no racism mentioned or even intended in my comment, are you so bigoted that you can't see genuine humour when it stares you in the face, Confused 52 is correct I was merely having a light hearted dig at Sid regarding his comment, I am the last person that would infer that any area of this country was populated by any race by their colour, for goodness sake lighten up and take your head from up your backside and see what the real world is like man.
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    To quote Oliver Cromwell: "It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice. Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government. Ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money. Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse. Gold is your God. Which of you have not bartered your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth? Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defiled this sacred place, and turned the Lord's temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation. You were deputed here by the people to get grievances redressed, are yourselves become the greatest grievance. Your country therefore calls upon me to cleanse this Augean stable, by putting a final period to your iniquitous proceedings in this House; and which by God's help, and the strength he has given me, I am now come to do. I command ye therefore, upon the peril of your lives, to depart immediately out of this place. Go, get you out! Make haste! Ye venal slaves be gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!"
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    The whole EU enterprise was planned well before we were lured into it, and has progressed along the lines of ever closer integration under the unelected bureaucrats. To get back to the original post - Trumps visit, I am annoyed that the likes of the BBC and Guardian presume that everyone in Britain is against Donald Trump and report that as a fact. The reality is that the majority of the population (as is their normal stance) couldn't give a stuff either way. There are the usual suspects who will go out and protest about anything if the MSM tells them to, but the rest of the UK is mainly apathetic.
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    No Sid, No. In Bill's case they are not rules at all. They are in fact contractual terms, applying to the implicit parking contract made by Bill when he entered upon the Private land owned by WBC for the purpose of parking. In that regard no person is responsible for enforcement in the way that you suggest as being a duty. Enforcement is not obligatory at all. Further it is not a fine that Bill was asked to pay (they are for on-street parking). The fee claimed is I believe in essence liquidated damages for the breach of contract. As such it represents the reasonable costs incurred as a loss by the council in losing an adjacent parking fee or fees and cost of recovery of the debt. That has been the position in the Supreme Court in similar cases. This is no different to a supermarket charging for parking on a white line at 10pm on a Monday night at ASDA Westbrook. Would PJ then have considered it only proper that he should pay extra, which in that case would start at the value of the average shopping bill over the whole day at ASDA!! Further the value of the car parking spaces is currently set at zero if you go to the market, therefore the recoverable damages are zero and the council should not be charging for recovering the zero cost. If ADSA or Tesco did this they would be accused of being Rip-Off merchants. The council has no special position here, WBC are being Rip-Off merchants. Indeed they are using assets which the public paid for to rip-the same public off, a situation that normally gets the usual suspects going when it applies to the railways or other privatised assets.
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    Well we've hosted a few with dodgy HR records, like the Turkish President and the Saudi Crown Prince; but perhaps they didn't want to appear islamaphobic !
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    Why on earth anyone would want to go down there is way beyond my comprehension too as is why the the kids parents allowed them to go. But the fact is they did and now they are all stuck.... hope to god they all get out safe and all the rescuers are ok too as it's so terrible. Maybe a very good lesson to be learned for others who may want to venture into those caves or others ...STAY OUT !!!
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    Ever thought about moving to North Korea PJ, I think the regime would suit you perfectly?
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    Dizzy I have made an appeal and requested that before they make any decission they take a look at the CCTV footage showing the conditions at the time I parked. The thing that annoys me the most is that under normal circumstances I go out of may way to park legally with care and consideration for others to the point where many would say I go a bit OTT but that'll have no bearing here. I'll just have to wait and see what happens but I hope that my faith might in our legal system will be lifted slightly if it's thrown out as a totally overzealous use of enforcement. Either way I think I this episode needs to be seen by as many people as possible in order to make them aware that these fines are real and council staff will continue to issue tickets irrespective of how petty or ridiculous it may seem. Bill
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    So the Government via NHS England should be harder on the GPs and their Union the BMA is what you suggest. Well Gordon Brown put their pay up to the point where they could afford to work part time and when Jeremy Hunt tried to tighten up the contract all hell was let loose. The situation was made worse by George Osbourne pandering to the fat cat pension complaints and seizing the opportunity of capping the Pension Lifetime allowance, after that all of those GPs over the new limit of 1.00 million ( a pension of 50k pa ) started to retire rather than pay extra tax on their pension savings if they carried on working. All this listening to soundbites does the public no good at all does it? Your comment about political will makes no sense when viewed in the light of what has actually happened because it has been political will that got us here. It was high taxation on the rich and idolising the NHS that caused our current problem and all that is on offer is more of the same!
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    A young mother was pushing her baby along the street in Manchester when suddenly a huge rottweiler dog lunged towards the pram, gnashing its teeth. The young woman thought for a moment that the dog would kill them when suddenly a man rushed over, wrestled with the rottweiler and broke its neck with his bare hands. Another man rushed to the scene and said, “I am a reporter and I saw everything that happened. Wait until I put the headline in my paper. It will read ‘Manchester United fan saves baby from savage rottweiler!” “No you can’t write that!” replied the man. “But why not?” said the reporter. “Because I am not a Manchester United fan, that’s why!” replied the man. “Oh, okay then,” said the reporter, “I will write Manchester City supporter saves mother and baby from savage rottweiler!” “You can’t write that either,” said the man. “Why not?” asked the reporter. “Because I am a Liverpool fan!” replied the man. “Oh I see,” said the reporter, “How about this then, ‘Scouse mauls family pet!”
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    well by opening the window and putting the fan into overdrive i have managed to keep the temp in this room below 30c (29.6 at present) fortunately car at front of house so in the shade otherwise it would have melted by now it being mostly plastic. after three days of being out in the sun i have managed to get a nice white even colour over most of my exposed parts. ( arms and legs you shameful lot you)
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    Hey that's cleaver, I didn't know we could do that. I suppose everyone else can still see what's been said up to this point but at least it should stop a lot the childish name calling that's been allowed to go on here for far too long. Sad that it comes to this but who knows, the forum may end up getting a few more active members if the petty bickering stops. PJ you do make some posts that I actually agree with but your constant attempts to bait people into arguments is just not very nice to see so reluctantly I've also added you to the ignored list. Needless to say there's no need to reply this, I won't see it. Bill
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    The thing is that people crossing the border illegally are, by definition, breaking the law and are, if caught, placed in detention centres. They can't place children in adult detention centres, or adults in children's detention centres obviously, so they have to be separated. An unfortunate consequence of the Obama administration's handling of illegal immigration was that they gave a "pass" to families with children crossing the border illegally with the obvious result that a lot of children, not related to the illegal immigrants, were taken across miles of inhospitable desert to enable the illegals to cross into the USA without fear of being arrested, whereas before it had been mainly single males attempting to cross. Who knows how many of these kids have been subsequently been further abused by the people who used them as a sort of "passport" into the USA, sold on to traffickers. Another reason to separate the adults from the children is to establish whether there is a family link between them or are the children just being used as tools to enable the adults illegal entry. The Trump administration is not against immigration, it is against illegal immigration. Mexicans can, and do, migrate legally into the USA but, being sensible, the US don't want convicted criminals and drug dealers immigrating, they already have more than enough of them home grown. But of course the MSM and the left (but I repeat myself) can't resist using the images of concentration camps full of children as a weapon against the Trump.
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    Correct, and achieved at the third attempt, without firing a shot.
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    In a word Milky - tariffs. The whole point behind the EU is to create a glorified protection racket, based on the principle of looking after Jack. Hence, the US has a trading deficit, while Germany has a trading surplus. Donald is challenging that situation, and looking after Jack, by putting America First - that's why he was elected.
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    He is the ultimate wind up merchant, and the left wing media fall for it every time.
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    There is a difference between a law and a rule. Laws tend to be set on a national basis and are enacted in parliament. By laws are set on a local basis and are set by the local authorities. Rules are set by whomever writes them and are usually guidelines and open to interpretation by anybody who wants to challenge them or enforce them. That there is nobody around to enforce the rules at a certain time is irrelevant.(there is no reason why there could not be somebody on duty 24 hours a day enforcing the rules apart from financial ones), When there is somebody around to enforce them they must be seen by public and employers to be enforcing them. My point was that IF the council or whomever was responsible for enforcement were seen not to be enforcing the rules they would be held up to account by the public. If they do enforce the rules to the letter then they get complaints that they are being over zealous and money grabbing if a fine is issued. Bill the people in power have to back up their underlings when it comes to a decision made, unless it is a really obvious glaring idiotic decision. If they did not then said underlings would have no confidence in their superiors which would lead to the underlings basically sitting in a room drinking tea all day as their thinking would be "what is the point if everything i do is overturned by the boss."
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    We're being told that the NHS is short of 30,000 trained medics and that limits on visas is starving the NHS of suitable overseas recruits. So, providing work visas are time limited, I see no reason for not recruiting the shortfall from abroad, in order to solve the shortage issue and allow these recruits to improve their expertise for service back in their homelands. Meanwhile, HMG tell us that 10,000 indigenous medical students are currently in training to fill the void. But then we discover that an older cohort of Doctors are due for retirement creating more vacancies. We're also being told, that 40% of newly trained Doctors leave after their training, which costs the tax-payer £500,000 a pop. So, why aren't medical students contracted to the NHS on the basis of serving for 25 or 30 years for the privilege of their free education and training, to be repaid should they leave early ?
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    None more childish than the so called Mayor of London who, I don't doubt, would welcome the leader of Hamas with open arms.
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    what is wonderful is that soon the NHS will be awash with cash, I saw it written on a bus lol
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    I think that's right Sid. A salmonella burger once in a while works wonders for the immune system. Bill
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    i suppose it all depends on which way you are going really. (although with hull at one end and liverpool at the other) transport cafes were very handy and the hygiene or lack thereof one of their many charms.Many professional drivers would rather eat there where they could get double egg,sausage, bacon beans and a fried slice with option of black pudding and a mug of tea or coffee for the price that a motorway cafe charges for a pot of tea. The mobile greasy spoons also have a bad reputation but their hygiene standards that they must adhere to are probably as strict if not stricter than motorway cafes and a bit of ropey cholesterol now and then will not kill you, high levels of cholesterol daily probably will or at least lead to a heart attack. I wonder these days if the world has become too sanitized. peoples resistance to germs and viruses seems to be dwindling. Schools these days shut down if one pupil gets measles or chickenpox, where in the past it was common to send kids to school with just about any symptom, the thinking behind it being that once it had run its course through the school then the kids would be immune from it.
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    Some years ago I had forgotten to display a disability badge after parking in a disability bay that was completely empty (it was 5.30). I realized my mistake having walked a 100 or so yards away i returned to find a traffic warden issuing a ticket. Appeal was refused, I eventually paid £30 (half of £60) Dizzy, you would never ever get a job in WBC, common sense is not allowed. That is why the people on top in councils get paid so much because people with absolute no common sense are so hard to find.
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    Now now Miss Dizzy, thou knows the rules agi'n talking sense. Now go to thy room and think on't.
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    Well, who's responsible for ring fencing "foreign aid" and who's responsible for the process of de-industrialisation, that produced mass unemployment, which was converted into permanent benefit reliance. The only difference is one of "political will"; an extremely rare factor in today's politicians.
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    Well the snippy answer is that we are borrowing billions like last time and it still has to be paid back but now the fraction of GDP going on the NHS is colossally more than it was then and the money we might spent on housing is going on foreign aid and in work benefits. Remember that after the war we were spending on the armed forces pretending we could retain an empire (so it probably isn't down to defence spending growth) as well as throwing money away supporting an unsupportable pound dollar exchange rate after being forced to support convertibility, thereby frittering away Marshal Aid of which we got the largest share. The starting positions are vastly different and your comparison is a false one. The great time you relate to also had continued rationing and not rebuilding industry as I recall.
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    During the birthday celebrations of the NHS; it's worth remembering the circumstances in which it was created. The UK was physically devastated and bankrupt in 1945; enforced austerity was the name of the game, with rationing continuing into the peace. The £billions lent by the USA had to be paid back, and it took 60 years to do it. But despite the dire state of the nation, the NHS was created, as well as the provision of social housing. So the question is, if we could do it then, in far more dire circumstances, why can't we do it now ?
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    Just watching the footage this morning showing fire fighters working their tails off with beaters but it looked like it was having no affect whatsoever. I think beating paddles might be ok on a regular grass fire but on peat it looked like it might of been making it worse. It seems odd that despite all our technological achievements, we still deal with this just as we did several centuries ago. Maybe now that I'm retired I could put my mind to developing a solution to this problem and save the world again. Bill
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    Why is the EU struggling with the issue of illegal migrants crossing to Europe from Libya ? NGOs have been "rescuing" migrants from Libyan waters and ferrying them to Italy, now the newly elected Italian Government, respecting the mood of it's electorate, is refusing to accept more landings. I thought the EU had made an arrangement (bribe), with the Libyan Gov, for their coast guard to prevent such crossings by migrants and to clamp down on the traffickers ? Believe the EU has even approached source countries with more "Danegeld" to prevent this exodus and take back their nationals, but it doesn't seems to be working. With all the shipping available to EU Navies, surely it would be possible to return each and every migrant found in the Mediterranean to Libya ?
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    The usual pale blue usually associated with freezing conditions. Great stuff butter, can be used to remove tar, stop hinges squeaking and tastes great on toast. warm soapy water and a toothbrush (an old one of course, unless you want to upset your partner/offspring) and plenty of patience. Have seen mayonnaise or cooking oil mentioned as an alternative as well. wd40 was always my choice for removing tar from my skin although removing the wd40 afterwards was another problem.(wd40 being resistant to water makes it difficult to just wash off)
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    If people don't know about the PDO then they must be living in a bubble of apathy, its been reported on massively at a local level. The library petition saved nothing as no closures were ever 'proposed' simply looked into as one of several possibilities. Which establishment biased reports do you refer to which are removed or archived? I am pretty sure none were ever hidden on the Warrington Worldwide site. During the libraries scare you were extremely vociferous on here trying to get people to turn out for the protest at the town hall. After I asked if you went and you said no as noone at the Town Hall would listen anyway . Apathy? p.s. I disagree with your opinion that the town is declining, I feel it's doing quite the opposite.
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    Firstly Auto-enrolment means that everyone has to opt out not opt-in so your first point has no merit. The regular employment point is valid but that is true for all pensions other than the State Pension. If you get a full state pension with only 35 years work you get almost three quarters of the uplift from the private pension. Of course some will get less but I only suggested a majority would get the full benefit. You quote zero hour (2.5%) and then the homeless and unemployed. The problem is that you first argue that hardly anyone will get the extra pension, I show that the majority will get a benefit from the pension and then you argue that not everyone will get it. Yes just a majority like I said!
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    Don't mention the VAR. (The Korean VAR that is)
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    On the topic of dogs, remember on extremely hot days such as those we are experiencing at the moment please remember dogs can suffer burns to their pads, check the pavement for heat before taking your dog on a walk. Place your hand or a bare foot on the surface for 10 seconds. If it is too hot for you to keep your hand or foot on it, then it is too hot for your pet. Stay on grassy surfaces and avoid bare ground when outside in the summer heat.
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    Not snow or leaves on the line, but heat expansion of the rails now !
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    Fined £16k?, IMO they should have paid the demolition crew that much for ridding the town of a dump of a building. The whole of that area was a complete eyesore and dosn't look that much better now. No building is ever going to last forever and I wouldn't expect the council to use it's limited resources trying to make it so, especially for a place that has no major significance to the town's history or so visually unattractive. The only thing that this place had going for it was the weeds growing out of the gutters, which brought a little splash of colour to an otherwise grey and depressing area. Bill
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    And, one of the assumptions behind the level chosen for the New State Pension is that everyone will have a private pension in future. That is the reason for auto-enrolment. If people don't take the pension they will be throwing away their employer's contributions so only fools will not have a personal pension. The reality is not likely to be the same as the moaning.
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    one possible solution is that all those who want to stay in the eu go to eu countries and make room for those that want to come here. The only proviso being that they renounce all rights to uk benefits etc.
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    Seems CH4 has done some polling on public attitudes to immigration and found over 70% support a hostile enviroment for illegal immigrants and support for radical reductions in numbers. Then they had a TV debate, which in terms of numbers didn't represent that public view, but perhaps tried to give the pro-immigration point of view as part of their arrogant attempts to convert the masses. Now one single mother was pining for her Ethiopian boyfriend to be allowed entry to the UK, following deportation; but she didn't explain why her attachment to the boyfriend wasn't strong enough for her to move to Ethiopia to join him. So what it seems to boil down to, is that these ship jumpers, rather than seeking to improve their homelands, prefer to move to the UK "for a better life"; something that could apply to most of the World's population - hence the problem in the first place. HMS UK is like a rescue boat with everyone swimming towards it, all looking after Jack. The rational behind the whole saga being emotional and individually economic; the lecture vid posted by Asp, clearly sums up in a rational way the big picture, and it's time our liberal elites took note and ceased to arrogantly ignore public opinion.
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    In the real world, these keyboard warriors, like irritant flies, would soon be swotted. Alas, in the physical security of the virtual world, they have to be tolerated or ignored.
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    They say there's a rat within 20m of every human; and no doubt sloppy waste disposal by some attracts them. It was actually a neighbour that raised the scare, as they seem to come from a local stream. I don't like cats usually, but they seem to be doing a good job in keeping them down. But my point is, that given the historical role of rats (Black Death etc) as carriers of disease, one would think that their suppression would be a preventative function by enviromental health services and thus free, and easily accessible..
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    I asked you to provide links to back up your views on passive smoking, you haven't managed to do that. I have just said that alcohol fumes can have an effect on a third party, the fact you can smell alcohol proves this and incidentally you can get drunk on alcohol vapour! You mentioned asthma before in a post. Bearing in mind that smoking rates were high between 1930 and 1970 and smoking was allowed eveywhere why was there no significant increase in asthma during that period, In fact if second hand smoke was is such a health risk then why was society not wiped out during this period. The problem around the smoking issue isn't that of health no more, it is a political issue, the debate on banning e cigarettes proves that it is not about health no more. I think people who drink alcohol who are in charge of children are scum, are you scum PJ? Must be really hard living with yourself then PJ?
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    Surely there have been many cases of passive drinking....just ask the police ,ambulance & fire services called out drink related road accidents, or gas explosions caused by gas left on by drunken householders.....What about the woman battered by her partner "who gets like that when he's had a drink". ...Drink related incidents & violence in towns & cities across the land.At least smoking doesn't cause accidents ,unless the smoker is entering a house where a drunkard has left the gas on.