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    It really is at odds with the Peoples Vote of 2016 ,that all of these defectors' main gripe is to overturn the result of that Referendum. Once the result of that was declared Parliament ,as one, should have had two goals.....firstly running the normal everyday business of Parliament & ,secondly, uniting to get the best outcome possible for Britain as of 29th March 2019. MPs have no business acting out their own agendas.
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    Dusty Springfield was pre Madonna.
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    Seems we've got into a state of political hysteria over "knife" crime, as if a weapon in and of itself is the cause. Surely it's the mind behind the weapon, be it a gun, a knife or a vehicle, that needs attention ?
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    Call me an old fogey if you wish. But these problems started in the classroom, lack of strong discipline and lack of authority for several generations leads to a breed of children that decides WHAT IT WANTS IT GETS by whatever means they deem necessary. This along with a proliferation of ultra violent movies and video games that encourage shooting and killing as the norm in order to win games. We have created a perfect storm. All those ""hug a hoodie"" hand wringing do good knowalls give yourselves a pat on the back. Mission accomplished 😌
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    Harsher penalties for perpetrators would be a good start. Sentences should be given without time off for "good" behaviour. I used to smile at the words spoken at the beginning of "porridge" but they are turning out to be truer all the time. "you are an habitual criminal that considers arrest as an occupational hazard and no doubt considers jail in the same casual manner"
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    My assumption would be that the reported post is read by a moderator or several moderators and then a decision made as to whether it has contravened rules and T&C's if it has contravened it should be removed and possibly an explanation as to why even if it is only a statement to say that it had contravened. Of course i could be totally wrong, won't be the first time.
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    The apathy party if they can be bothered to put a candidate up. Actually if we formed an apathy party could we claim all the non votes as ours and get elected by a landslide?
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    Mens sana in corpore sano ... malum malum malum Obs must improve his concentration much more by next term to achieve his ambitions.
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    We've already had the in or out vote. Anything other than us leaving is a betrayal of the electorate by the politicians.
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    I despair... If I was younger I would be genuinely concerned; what agenda in the long term have these clowns got planned for this country it is quite frightening.
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    They have added even more letters to the group covered by a rainbow flag , it looks like a countdown letter selection.
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    So he was an ethnic minority then.🤫🤭
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    As she had dual British/Bangladesh citizenship, the child could have quadruple citizenship. A bit of a poser when deciding which country's football team he wants to play for 🤔.
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    No and yes. OK PJ why are you so pro developers. What is it that you support the pulling down of a building that stood for hundreds of years, is full of charm and character in favour of putting up breeze block boxes so the developer can make £££££? Our MPs, council and Councillors should represent the people who elect them or for who they work, instead time and time again they side with the developers. In case of the cabinet works they subsidized the developer to the tune of over a million pounds plus demolishion costs and no one seems to care. They demolished the old baths and spent millions putting up a crapy single pool instead.
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    A century ago the ratio of pubs to people was a lot higher but then again, most homes didn't even have radios let alone phones or TVs and given the woman's place was in the home, a trip out to the boozer for the man was the norm. Given all these things have changed, it stands to reason that any pub that doesn't change with the times is bound to fail and despite most pubs doing family food, there are probably still too many. Bill
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    I'm not sure what her actual crimes were or are on paper PJ other than her fleeing to join ISIS and supporting their atrocities. Did you watch the quite lengthy interview of her that has been publicised over the past few days? She clearly shows no remorse for leaving to join ISIS nor did she show any emotion whatsoever regarding the beheading of people or the bombing of innocent people and children Manchester and other places other than to say she believed it was right...life for a life and all that. The only reason she wants to come back here is because she's now alone over there and has a baby who she 'wants a better life for'. Did she ever want to come back with her other two children she had over there who have sadly died . I say 'sadly' as it's not the kids faults and it is sad that because of HER they were born and died there in a land of evil. I have no problem with her little baby coming back to the UK but NO WAY SHOULD SHE EVER BE LET BACK IN....SHE IS CLEARLY STILL OF THE MINDSET THAT WHAT TERRORISTS DO IS OK.
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    Don't want to pull you up Obs ,but Yanks could be an ethnic slur.
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    No doubt she will be given a really good talking to, and spend time on the naughty step; while her ISIS mates think up some mass killing sprees in the UK.
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    And probably into the 60's as well pj. it was a common idea that letting the kids get these diseases would strengthen their immune system against them and similar diseases in the future, the next time such disease went round you had already had it so the effects were lessened. "What does not kill us makes us stronger" sort of thing. A bit like having the flu jab to prevent you getting a very bad dose of whatever strain is currently doing the rounds. "When i were a lad" You were sent to school no matter what, short of any major part dropping off, and even then you had to have a note signed by the doctor, three priests and the local police chief to say that you were not fit for school that day.🤥
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    He could even join the Peaky Blinders.
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    My understanding was that she was heavily pregnant at the time she was interviewed for tv. Now has she had the child since that interview or had she already had the child prior to the interview. That information is a bit vague in the reports shown on tv. If the latter then she has lied about being pregnant at the time of the interview, which then begs the question what else is she lying about? The child could have dual citizenship of British and Dutch and also a triple nationality of British, Dutch and the country of birth. ( as if life was not complicated enough)
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    Whatever mate. You can count them up for yourself. But relax. It may look like you're desperately trying to deal with a blow to your carefully constructed ego, but I don't see it that way, even if others might. Now I'll leave you to get back to posting thousands and thousands of posts telling other people they are wasting their time spouting off endlessly on the Internet. See you in a month or three with an update on my 'obsession'.
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    stop giving our money away to every basket case in Europe and the rest of the world and look after our own first!