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    Seems M Macron has milked another £44million out of the UK Gov, to add to previous £millions being spent on security fencing and cameras, in and around Calais. Then to add insult to injury, asks that we take some of the illegal migrants dossing around France, having thrown in a sweetener that he will loan us the Bayeaux Tapestry. Whilst we may have a Parliament full of liberal bleeding hearts, isn't it time we had a Gov with some common sense ? The French have allowed illegal migrants to enter France and roam all the way to Calais, previously building camps; so why aren't they rounding up these "illegal" migrants and deporting them back to their country of origin ? Why isn't HMG doing the same with those that slip through the net into the UK ? HMG are responsible for protecting the territorial integrity of the UK, that's why we have an Army and Navy; but they've totally failed to defend our borders against this invasion for decades.
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    Forgive my ignorance, but is it usual to award contracts to a huge corporation, that apparently claims expertise in a multiplicity of areas, from building Hospitals, transport infrastructure to delivering school meals ? Would it be true to suggest that such a huge organisation, would merely be a corporate tenderer for HMG contracts, that are then sub-contracted out to smaller firms ? In which case. would it be preferable for HMG to have a National(ised) Building Organisation, that would tackle such contracts and employ relevant sub-contactors in the first place ?
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    The annual Winter crisis in the NHS gives the politicians the opportunity to kick this political football around for Party benefit, but offers nothing to resolve problems. But the fact that the NHS is used as a political football, with political interference and cosmetic changes, tell us that the whole problem needs to be taken out of the hands of politicians and placed in the hands of professional medicos, and funded by NI and a National lottery ? Does it also tell us, that superficial administrators, Trust Boards and inflated salaries need to be curtailed ? Is it time we had a national conversation about what exactly we expect from the NHS; is it a primary life saving organisation or something that caters for want, such as gender re-assignment, IVF etc ? Should we be ensuring that adequate indigenous staff are provided through free training schemes ? And finally, is it time to bite the bullet on the issue of social care and make adequate provision for the elderly to avoid bed blocking ?
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    I don't seem to be able to remember anything since I got one.
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    If they incinerate it in a power station it will be more cost effective than burning imported wood chips as well as having a higher calorific value than conventional fuels (including gas and oil) so any filtering required to remove toxic emissions would be cost effective. It won't be done of course because it would upset the greenies.
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    Happy & Prosperous New Year to all on the forum & beyond.
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    Saying the EU is supposed to be such an organised bloc of countries , it speaks volumes for the ineptitude of the EU that not all countries within the club are in a position to offer the same security & benefits to these economic migrants as UK plc. As we all know there is no right in law for these migrants to be constantly directed to Britain as a land of milk & honey. Central EU/UN funding should be making it possible for even the poorest most corrupt states to be able to settle "refugees". As it stands the government is allowing itself to be bullied by Macron, the Spanish over Gibraltar , changes to or abolition of the agricultural & fishing EU dictats ,& what will Germany be waiting to give us as a leaving present i wonder ? I think the government needs to seriously think about walking away from the EU without a deal.
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    It's only because the French haven't got the gonads to round them up and deport them; if they did, we wouldn't need that level of security in the first place. Speaks volumes for the fate of the UK (according to the Remoaners), that Brexit will turn us into a third world economy; that every migrant and his dog is heading for the UK - they seem to have more confidence in our future than they do. .
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    "An extra £44.5m is to be spent beefing up Channel border security..." It says here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-42723401 I would have thought you'd consider that to be a good thing.
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    I don't know if you watched Countryfile this week but some of the problems with antibiotics were placed at the door of farmers.It was stated that farmers are only too willing to use antibiotics on their livestock with gay abandon with little regard for the consequences. It was suggested that animal waste & urine from the fields was entering the food chain & rivers & exposing us to antibiotic overload via foodstuffs & drinking water.
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    If anyone on this forum can remember pre1947 and the sickness and social deprivation that was taken as part of life then they will know that todays generations just don't know how lucky they/we are. No more Polio/Rickets/TB/Scarlet Fever and the common occurrence of Mother or Child losing their life during routine childbirth.Just to mention a few examples. My Parents lived through those days and use to tell me how heartbreaking the general conditions were. Yes The NHS can improve but just thank God we have it.
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    On the plus side, the skill and dedication of the NHS workforce appears to be generally exemplary; as shown in the BBC documentary about surgical procedures.
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    According to one report, the cost to the EU of a "no deal" Brexit, would be around £500billion. So, if true, a clear incentive for them to stop faffing around and for our negotiators to start calling the shots.
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    Anecdotal maybe, but on a recent visit to a Hospital ward, I counted at least 30% who were elderly, and perhaps termed geriatric cases, thus taking up beds. Warrington has shown some initiative in the provision of half way provision like Padgate House, with medically supervised care for many elderly, prior to release to home care or care home. I would treat stats and figures with care, as there are damn lies and statistics !
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    Think we have to thank political interference by a Labour Gov (Andy Burnham ) for the GPs mess; basically a pay rise for less hours and a reliance on suspect locums for out of hours services. The situation is now to get worse as many GPs are due to retire, so it raises the issue of recruitment and training. I agree, unless in cases of real emergency, the GP'S surgery should be the point of entry into the system, and GPs are the only medics to actually know their patients over years; which should place them in a position of overseeing their care throughout their treatment. The other example of political interference (from Labour) was PFI, which has left the NHS with massive debts and no hospital at the end of the contract period; so more myopia, intended to save political skins rather than develop a better service in the long term.
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    Do you remember the health warnings that accompanied the arrival of the mobile phone? Cancer, loss of memory, etc etc. Well just about everyone has one now and many people seem to spend their lives on them. As far as I know, the official advice is still that young children should not use them. But no-one seems bothered about health risks any more. Is any research being done to see if those early warnings were justified. I myself have noticed that people seem to be losing their memories at an earlier age than they used to, but this could be because so much information is available via the internet that no one needs to know anything any more! Anyone got any views?
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    I have noticed that almost everyone I see walking has a mobile phone stuck to their ear. I sometimes wonder if there is really anyone on the other end of the phone. Being of a cynical disposition I wonder if having an imaginary phone call on the go might be seen as a security measure to deter muggers! The users I really like are the ones who keep talking even when in tunnels after the rest of the passengers have given up, their phones must be very special! Finally my advice on the health front is to get a femto cell installed at home. The power is very low but compared to the networks outside the home they make your phone see a comparatively high signal. The phone transmitting next to your head responds to the high signal from the femto by using much lower than normal power for its own transmissions which reduces the radiation absorbed in your head as heat, which is the only proven health hazard so far. The power put out by a femto is generally less than a wifi router and as you don't have it next to your body it causes no harm. The advice not to put transmitters near schools was almost certainly unhelpful and an example of the over application of the precautionary principle.
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    From The Times Ban on local council investments in risky property portfolios Andrew Ellson, Consumer Affairs Correspondent December 27 2017, 12:01am, The Times Councils will be banned from borrowing to invest in commercial properties amid concern that they are putting taxpayers’ money and local services at risk. The Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) has outlined rules that will stop councils borrowing money to fund the purchases unless they benefit local residents. The plans, which have been published under a consultation, are likely to derail many councils’ investment plans, which can include buying shopping centres, retail parks and supermarkets. Earlier this year an investigation by The Times revealed that local authorities were making multibillion-pound bets on commercial property to replace revenue lost through government cuts. Freedom of information requests to every council in the country found that they had paid £2.7 billion for commercial properties since 2015, up from £500 million over the previous three years. Much of the money was borrowed from the Public Works Loan Board. Experts warned that some councils were building “exceptionally risky” portfolios with little or no investment experience, raising concerns that services would have to be cut or taxes increased if the property bubble bursts. Now the DCLG wants to stop councils from borrowing solely to generate a rental income. The consultation document says: “Borrowing solely to invest in a yield-bearing opportunity is borrowing in advance of need.” Borrowing in advance of need is banned under local government finance regulations. The rules will not prevent councils buying commercial property out of existing revenues or reserves but few, if any, have enough spare cash to do that. Professional investors hailed the new rules, saying that councils’ spending sprees were driving up commercial property prices. In parts of the country local authorities make up a third of buyers. The cross-bench peer Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay, chairman of OUM Property fund managers, said: “The government has woken up to this gross abuse of public money and cracked down on councils gambling on property at long last . . . Why has it taken so long and so much forensic investigative journalism before it was stopped?”
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    the smartphone zombie apocalypse draws ever nearer. it is so bad that some places have smartphone lanes on the pavement and one place has installed crossing lights on the floor so that you don't have to look up from your phone to cross the road safely. The ferry tavern runs a quiz night that is for smartphone users.
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    Maybe not, if the cruise companies latch onto the idea - literally cruise and stay !
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    Even though my mobile is rarely used it broke last month & i felt at a disadvantage by knowing it wasn't in my pocket. I think we take for granted how handy they are.
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    Think your last sentence covers it Eg !
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    Perhaps we could use all the waste plastic as fuel for the Drax power station instead of importing wood chips from the USA.
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    no sprinklers in the car park, which could have slowed the fire and maybe stopped it spreading as it did. Car parks are designed to get the maximum no of cars in so there is little room between cars. (usually just enough to open a standard car door without causing too much damage to the car next to it). Cars also tend to have a lot of combustible parts, especially at the front and rear where plastic is used where there were once steel bumpers. would not be at all surprised if a lot of new cars had "plastic" petrol tanks as well. I know mine has a plastic petrol tank. (mind you mine is all plastic apart from the necessary engine and chassis which is mostly aluminium or an alloy of aluminium.)
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    Happy New Year to everyone. Sorry for being late, man-flu has struck again
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    A happy new year to each and every one. May you find happiness in all you do. Even if you have to work hard at it you can find happiness in just about everything.
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    Merry and blessed Christmas to everyone, special thanks to Dizzy and Gary for the great welcome that they gave to myself and Becky.
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    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to one and all.
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    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all forumistas !
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    may your good times be many. may your bad times be few merry Christmas to all here and happy new year to you.
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    Just learned of the price of a "cheaper" funeral - over £4,000; seems donating the body to science is becoming an attractive option; just hope folk don't start fly tipping them !
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    It is a sad state of affairs that some Muslim communities are still closed in terms of shunning English & insisting that only their own language is used. It is even sadder that Amir Khan has been vilified by members of his own community for simply holding out an olive branch to the wider population. Luckily the BBC plans to televise religious programmes from the wide spectrum that are practised in the UK,on a regular basis & in the near future ,so we should at least be able to get an insight into why certain beliefs want to erase us from the earth. Perhaps Saturdays & Sundays will now be taken up with various religious shows & services with public voting for the best sermon.
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    A neighbour of mine remembers a time when ,after WW2, Italians & Ukrainians were used as miners in the St Helens area & were billeted in nissen huts in Sutton. I suppose there must be open space or old MOD sites that could operate to house homeless immigrants to get them off the streets....cheap accommodation until housing is available ? ....Or would some lefties call them concentration camps ?
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    Well folks we are back home in Texas. We had a great trip and the lunch with Gary and Dizzy, with a visit from Evil Sid, was a highlight. My first comment is that it is damn cold there, course you know that, but it seemed very cold this time, probably because the sun rarely appeared. People were great, had a front wheel flat close to Llangollen and a very nice young guy in his work truck, stopped and changed it for me. Great café / bakery on the main street in Llangollen, Winchit's or something like that, if I lived there, I would weigh three hundred pounds. Not so good was the traffic. Don't remember the lanes being so skinny and the parking with wheels on the sidewalk is a killer. Traffic circles are a problem too when you are not sure of your directions, everyone seems to turn them into race tracks. Becky was my navigator, but every time I looked at her for directions, she had her hands over her eyes!! Couldn't believe that I got lost so many times in my home town. Trying to get to the parking off Midland Way (that's new) and an unmapped island appeared and we ended up in Cockhedge shopping! I drove a 55' long tour bus all over the USA for eight years and never had a tighter experience than getting out of that parking lot !!! Must say though, my buddy, Smithy, who's my age, shocked the hell out of me when he told me that he had a hip replacement using local anesthetic !!!! Said that he wasn't too happy with having to listen to the whine of the saw as it cut his leg off !!!! One last thing, if you ever get the chance to fly Singapore Airlines take it. Their coach is just like business class with smaller seats, they feed you every two hours and wine with lunch and dinner. All in all a good final trip, thanks Gary and Dizzy. To quote the great man: It's so nice to go travelling, but it's so much nicer to come home.
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    I'm sure that you would enjoy both of those things Gary. Fly Singapore Airlines and you would enjoy it even more.
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    Very nice to meet you Sid, no one on here knows what a nice guy you are - hope I haven't ruined your persona!! Anytime you're passing Diz, call in and I'll cook you breakfast.
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    Perhaps that could be an incentive; let them use your bits and you get a free funeral !
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    I was indeed just referring to cross border traffic. Perhaps a way of differentiating between UK /NI citizens travelling across the Irish Sea & non UK citizens would be to request that UK National Insurance id is added to ferry & aircraft tickets or some other form of bar coded id could be issued to all UK/NI citizens for travel purposes & easily readable from travel tickets by scanner. Any non UK/NI citizens could easily be identified at point of departure or entry.
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    you should write it, an idiots guide perhaps
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    Perhaps that is a widespread rule regarding small commercials Dizzy ,but even relaxing the rule could save a lot of fly tipping which must cost councils more in the long run. After all businesses pay much more council tax than many households.
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    Well.we come under Merseyside & i know that vans are allocated only so many trips a year to the tips & are issued with vouchers to visit a tip. Cars are unrestricted.
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    Well I would like to make it clear that I don't have a dog in the ring on this issue. However I do realise that, along with education, hospitals and general social welfare housing is under immense pressure and that the growth in population is to blame as much as governmental inertia. I sympathise with all the young people today who don't think that they stand a snowball's chance in hell of getting on the housing ladder, but to be fair it wasn't easy back in 1978 when I put my foot on the bottom rung and found that there wasn't any money left at the end of the month for enjoyment once the bills were paid. And that was before the interest rates went into double figures and we thought we might end up living in a cardboard box on the high street! Things never stay the same and hopefully sanity will return to the world one day.
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    If the NHS is such a wonderful organisation, why is it permanantly in crisis? More and more money is thrown at it, but it's never enough seemingly.
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    National lottery takings would certainly be better spent on NHS & not meaningless good causes & furthering the careers of shamateur sports people & their governing bodies. Another must for me though is to get the GP to be the first point of contact & treatment to relieve A&E pressure & allow staff to be used on treating patients who really need their expertise. It is no wonder patients head for A&E when the first available GP appointment could be 2 weeks away.
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    I think the car park was occupied mostly by long stay car owners who were attending the horse show at the Echo arena. Apparently there was also some stabling of partaking animals at the car park too.
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    An article on the BBC news is suggesting that recycling could be more difficult in the future. Apparently.a lot of our plastic recycling is shipped to China for "processing" but China seems to be reaching saturation point in terms of what it can & can't accept. Hopefully ,our packaging industry can rally round & reduce the bulkiness of packaging or produce something that is more easily recyclable or biodegradable.
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    Quite a few cars lost in the Liverpool Echo Arena multi storey on New Year's Eve due to a fire that spread very quickly.
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    Yeah, can't wait for that one. In other (non) news, some (fill in religious fundamentalist name here) are a bit mad and killy.
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    Perhaps we can look forward to a guide to the nations best & most user friendly tips with a foreword by Martin Lewis. This could be the start of a new recreational & tourist boom in Britain. " We had a lovely drive in the Cotswolds & the tip in Gloucester was to die for ,Aggie ! "
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    Bazj is right, either bin them or risk injuring your feet by wearing them, plants fasciitis is so painful and can be caused by wearing poor fitting or unsuitable footwear. I would suggest bite the bullet but if you can't afford new shoes perhaps a tube of superglue will do the trick