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    Mix these tablets with the cattle feed - problem solved!
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    Algy - you missed a really important date 1st of September 1999 - launch of the first independent daily online newspaper in the country - www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk 😎
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    Perhaps clothing manufacturers could step in and make all clothing stab resistant. If stabbing somebody has little effect then stabbing knife crime would go down.
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    And finally....... An old, blind cowboy wanders into an all-girl biker bar by mistake. He finds his way to a barstool and orders a shot of Jack Daniels. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the bartender: “Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?” The bar immediately falls absolutely silent. In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says: “Before you tell that joke, Cowboy, I think it is only fair, given that you are blind, that you should know five things…The bartender is a blonde girl with a baseball bat, the bouncer is a blonde girl, I'm a six-foot tall, 175-pound blonde woman with a black belt in karate, the woman sitting next to me is blonde and a professional weightlifter and the lady to your right is blonde and a professional wrestler. Now, think about it seriously, Cowboy. Do you still wanna tell that blonde joke?” The blind cowboy thinks for a second, shakes his head and mutters: “Well, no! Not if I'm gonna have to explain it five bloody times!"
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    97 eh, only time it gets that warm here is when Mrs sid has the heating turned up to turbo. I could sit out back on my home-made bench seat with a black grouse in one hand and the brolley in the other,( don't want to water down the drink) and listen to the night-life in the area. the low drone of the planes coming into liverpool, the occasional whine of the ambulance sirens and the dull throb of the police helicopter overhead. darn magpie still chattering away on the roof, neighbours barbie going well, now into the screaming drunks stage, that will need more than a few paracetamol in the morning and must make a mental note to get more slug pellets, considering how slow those buggers are they are really hard to hit with those pellets. oh well pot that for a game of soldiers off inside to thaw out and watch the test card channel.
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    He should have just told her she had two days to live with her symptoms. Given that doctors often make a diagnosis on what the patient tells them initially. Wonder how she manages at the dentist? Last time i saw a doctor he was surprised I was a patient of his. He had to send somebody down to the basement to find my notes.
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    If they vote against a no deal can we get them to have another vote for a no deal until they get it right.🤔🕵️‍♂️
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    Is insulin available in Australia or Canada or Argentina or USA or anywhere else in the world not shackled to the EU ? Of course it is. Come to that in the days of World War 2 Britain produced it's own insulin This is up to us to produce it or buy it from any and all suppliers. These eurocrats cannot and will not hold our nations health to ransom !! They are simply trying to terrorise any other member state from leaving in future.
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    I'll supply the rope if we are having a hung parliament....🤭
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    "it doesn't matter it's not ours and the police won't do anything" probably. If they are ever caught then they should get the sheriffs in and goods should be taken from them to the value of the damage done plus sheriffs costs. Think mum and dad would think twice about where their little angels are if they suddenly found that their car, tv and sofa were off to the auction to pay for their little darlings fun.
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    Clucas, this is the original Dog & Dart Inn which stood on the junction of Knutsford Road, Stockport Road and Chester Road, Grappenhall. Credit to Andrea Daniels for the black & white photo. The original Dog and Dart Inn, Grappenhall. c1925. The small single story building is the Toll keepers cottage.
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    Perhaps if they brought back PT in schools and encouraged school sports, and kids were made to walk or cycle to school they would get the exercise necessary to burn off excess calories. Meanwhile, basic nutritional and cooking lessons for kids and their parents, may allow them to actually cook a healthy meal, instead of living on junk food.
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    Trudeau has made the usual mistake - he has apologised instead of telling his critics to do one!
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    🤔...(thinks of witty retort, decides to check the whereabouts of tin hat first and cannot find it decides not to post witty retort)...🤫
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    Careful dizz about loosing your marbles, they tend to roll everywhere and you end up losing them.🤔
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    Yes we looked a far more balanced side with Ratchford back. A good workmanlike performance doing all the little things right and three scoreline took care of itself. A great atmosphere in the ground with both sets of supporters being loud but like the team performance, the barmy army were slightly louder! Wembley here we come!!
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    This is getting a bit far removed from motorways but there has to a limit to how much use can be made of unreliable sources like wind and solar. When the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine, we still need power so for the immediate future we have to keep a certain amount of the dirty stuff until a solutions found. Bill
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    Is Gove rubbing a line into his gum ? ! 😉😑
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    I agree it is not the gadgets, it is the dependence on them and the underlying technology. If the system stops working for any reason then people panic because they don't know what to do without their link to the electronic world. Always amuses me when i see people wandering around waving their phones above their heads because they have no signal. As if the extra three foot will make it find one. centuries ago people sailed around the oceans without even a map for guidance, these days people can make it out of the back garden without a sat nav.
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    We have the lowest unemployment (2%) and the highest GDP since the 1940's, the Isis Caliphate has been destroyed, talks are ongoing with North Korea, new businesses are opening at record rates, consumer confidence is also at a record high. The battle against illegal aliens is being fought with both hands behind our back, because Democrats refuse to cooperate by building a wall and changing the stupid laws that allow millions to pour in. The press is a total joke, an unabashed arm of the Democratic Party, the pictures they showed of children being held in cages at the border, were in fact taken during the Obama administration. The Meuller Report dispelled the collusion hoax and on obstruction of justice, the report found that Trump did have a meeting with his aides to discuss firing Meuller, but they decided not to do it. Now, grasping at straws, the Democrat idiots are clamoring for impeachment ! Apparently, in their twisted minds, thinking about something but not doing it, is now a high crime and misdemeanor ! I just heard that Trump will be in the U.K. in June, so I thought that I would give you an overview of the true situation before you see y'alls idiots out demonstrating. He is a good man, doing a fantastic job running the country and this is why he cannot be allowed to continue and lies, cheating and subterfuge are all in the press and Democratic playbook. You may not like his personality or his demeanor, but he's getting the job done and career politicians don't like that - remember Sir Jeffery ....... in Yes Minister ? In two and a half years I have not heard one Democrat make any policy statement, they have nothing, they know they can't compete on economy and security, so it's hate Trump twenty four hours a day.
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    I think that the illegal witch hunt against Trump and the efforts of the British MP's regarding Brexit, conclusively proves that all politicians should join the lawyers on the first rocket ship to Mars. Good riddance, they're giving the sane people of the world a daily case of heartburn.
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    Glad to help Asp. That's exactly why I posted it Obs, I wasn't bragging I just felt like someone should tell it like it is before the idiots turn out and start making intelligent comments like breaking windows and burning cars. I'm already expecting an inane response from you know who !
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    Hope the lions are ok. Food poisoning can be quite debilitating.😿
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    Simple, only need to look at how often men buy clothes compared to how often women buy clothes.( compare the size of the "men's" department to the "women's" department in any store) Men will buy clothes when absolutely necessary, eg their clothes have gone past the old rag stage or have reached the fit where they touch stage. A woman will buy clothes specially to go and buy new clothes in and some will even buy new clothes instead of washing the old clothes that she bought last week and only wore when tried on in the shop. Knowing this manufacturers will cater to their biggest market, women and so make sure that every possible size and shape is catered for. For the male market the diesel method usually applies. eg diesel do.🤭 "Now where did i put that tin hat" ⛑️🎩🎓🧢👒
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    Because I know nothing about antiques.
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    The people have chosen to leave the EU in a democratic vote and it is now up to the Government of the day to fulfill the peoples wishes irrespective of political persuasion. The only way that May was ever going to achieve the best deal possible for the UK was with the support of all the political parties irrespective of Political Policies and their own opinions on `Brexit or Remain`. As soon as the knives were out within the government an across other political parties we gave the EU the upper hand in any future negotiations. The only persons responsible for this mess now are the ones who didn`t support the Prime Minister and show a united front for the UK as a whole in fulfilling the wishes of the majority vote.
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    Each "smart" appliance has a unique identifier so that your "smart" phone and integrated household systems can turn the appropriate one on when requested, either by your phone or your voice controller. If they did not have this then asking to turn on the lights, for example, could result in your stereo blaring out whatever tune is on your current playlist at full volume at two in the morning. There was some concern not too long back about hackers using smart kettles to gain access to your home system. If they can do it then surely it would be a lot easier for the electric companies to do as they have permission and hackers do not. The voice controller thing is also something that can be a nuisance if you have not set it up correctly. Did see an article somewhere where a couple found that they were spending quite a lot on vegetables and other such stuff online. Turns out it was the parrot that was ordering the stuff using the voice control and mimicking their voices. Puts a whole new complexion on the phrase "Polly wants a cracker" 😯
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    I think my best policy is to buy a couple of exercise bikes with dynamos attached. Mrs Davy & myself can then keep warm while powering a couple of 6 volt bulbs.
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    And when whoever it is gets elected... the only people to blame will be the voting public.
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    Thinking about the term extinction rebellion i have to wonder if they have really thought through their name. I mean are they rebelling for extinction or are they rebelling against it. Very misleading i feel. do they not realise that life is like a scifi disaster B movie. everybody dies in the end.
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    Strangely enough ,there was a cookery reality programme on earlier today , two of the contestants appeared to be gentlemen dressed as ladies . My problem is this.....should i be more outraged at a couple of trannies or because the other contestants weren't also cross dressing to fit in with the attitude of the other "laydeez " ? As for blacked up faces, surely it is no more offensive than theatre over the ages using stage make on its different characters to enhance a story.
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    Junckers is complaining that the government haven't come up with any plan to replace the backstop, meanwhile he and his mates haven't come up with a deal that will be passed by Parliament. So No Deal on 31st October it is then. Bring it on Boris!
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    other countries manage to do it. Who pays you for throwing out your garbage now?
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    With flash floods and breaking dams, is it time for modernising our Victorian infrastructure ? In some cases, York's sewerage system, Roman built infrastructure ! Seeing all that uncontrolled water just made me think, what a waste of potential energy - why not build new dams and stick a turbine in them ?
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    That is not a reason for a hard border. Ireland is free to accept whoever it likes but under the Common Travel Area it undertakes not to allow anyone to enter if they would not be given a visa to enter the United Kingdom. So you have nothing to worry about as the Irish Government recently signed a joint memorandum with the UK to continue with the CTA arrangements under all circumstances.
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    The judgement is now online: https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2019ewhc-1709-admin-johnson-v-westminster-mags-final.pdf A damning litany of mistakes by the original District Judge. No body will be locked up P.J. The justices made it clear that lying at elections is not an offence in Statute Law. The action was also vexatious. There was no misconduct in a public office as the common law stands. Shocking that Marcus Ball got this far. Equally shocking that there Johnson made no application for costs so he had to pay his own costs too.
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    Once again you twist and turn, the question from you was: hurtful adjective Causing distress to someone's feelings. ‘his hurtful remarks’ So once again you subtly changed the meaning to make it seem that you were correct. You were being deliberately offensive with the question and your attempt at refutation was flawed. Your question was about feelings whilst the policy is about actual harm, although of a social kind. You have clearly at last read the actual guidance in an attempt to respond to my point. In response to your proper question, no I wouldn't miss any of those things in the guidance but I have heard many discussions on the radio about old adverts claiming they would have fallen foul of this policy. On the Media show a person from the ASA in fact said that they would be a problem. One of them was the Karl Howman Flash advert. It was interesting that the young commentators interpreted the adverts completely differently from our family, we had seen them in passing at the time. Their interpretation was distorted to fit their own point of view. So while I don't think I would miss those paradigms in the guidance nor do I see a justification to ban them. In essence there is not sufficient evidence of harm to justify the reduction in the means of expression available to the producers of adverts. That is why I see this as an unnecessary reduction in free speech. In controlling the breadth of images and words available to express the ideas of ads this is an instance of the philosophy behind PC. Hence it is, in effect, a PC ban. You will realise, I hope, that I am not agreeing with Obs deliberately or disagreeing with you deliberately - I am just adding my opinion to a discussion. The continuing use of insults detracts from the discussion and very often derails it completely. The parting question for you to answer is do you agree with freedom of speech, within the law, on this and other social media?
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    It won't really matter in 10 years time when everyone has to have an electric car by government decree, but can't afford the electricity to charge the battery (or the power companies don't have the capacity to supply the electricity - pick your worst/best cas scenario 🙄).
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    The 'block a persons posts so I don't see them cos they stalk me and/or drive me mad' button can easily be turned on and off whenever the 'blocker' feels they have had enough alcohol or valium to steady their nerves PJ. I tend to go for alcohol lol I don't know if Obs has turned you on or turned you off again of course as that's between you two but you really do need to sort your relationship out
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    Indeed, PANTS ON FIRE.
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    Probably but it will never happen. The courts would be full of people appealing that the test or medical was not carried out properly and that they should have passed. Not to mention the outcry from the insurance companies at the loss of revenue. Anyhow would not stop drug or drink drivers. How many times have you read that a drink driver is up for his fifth or sixth offence despite being banned from driving for more years than he has left to live. Charging nutters who kill with a vehicle would be just as hard as you would first have to prove that they were a nutter in which case they would get a diminished responsibility conviction which would carry a lesser sentence. Can't wait for this no vaping in cars to start to be enforced. On the spot fines will treble overnight and licenses would be a waste of time if as a six point penalty the same as mobile phone use applies, nine points and a £2500 fine in extreme cases.🤔
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    Mother Nature Fights Back I read this just now on BBC news page and decided to share..... A suspected rhino poacher has been trampled on by an elephant then eaten by a pride of lions in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Accomplice poachers told the victim's family that he had been killed by an elephant on Tuesday. Relatives notified the park ranger. A search party struggled to find the body but eventually found a human skull and a pair of trousers on Thursday. The managing executive of the park extended his condolences to the family. "Entering Kruger National Park illegally and on foot is not wise," he said. "It holds many dangers and this incident is evidence of that." Kruger National Park has an ongoing problem with poaching and there remains a strong demand for rhino horn in Asian countries. On Saturday, Hong Kong airport authorities seized the biggest haul of rhino horn in five years, valued at $2.1m (£1.6m).
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    Remember Denis Howell do you?
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    I am aware of what has been said, unfortunately it said this https://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2019/304.html which refused an appeal on the judgement that the irregularities did not mean that that the submission of Article 50 was invalid. Indeed that was always the case just looking at the EU referendum act. Furthermore referendums can never be binding because Parliament, being sovereign, can always just change its decision. The statement in the quote is plain wrong because the act does not make any such provision because of any error other than in the count itself, however many electoral offences were committed. However wrong it may be, lying in a referendum is not illegal. So what are you denying with your "No"? It is a constitutional crisis because the speaker is meant to be non-partisan and this one isn't.... he is trying to defeat the will of the government and the ends do not justify the means.
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    Stallard mate, I personally don't give a flying (enter your favourite expletive in the space provided) what happens to my remains when I'm gone (Except for the proviso that my ashes aren't spread anywhere near Anfield). That covers your burial plan bit. I think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, but again I think I'll be long gone before it happens, so I'll just keep trundling along until the inevitable happens.
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    and how many of those were half baked, crackpot business ideas? I would venture none. Haven't you a pet subject to blart about? Perhaps Council investment lol
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    Surprised we didn't meet in the kids pen Latchie, I was wearing a grey shirt and grey short pants - you musta seen me !
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    The police have now stated that police drones were operating in the area at the time of the incident.....oh dear me. In fact ,one of the photos they showed a couple of days ago was so blurred it could even have been a bird of prey.
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    Think your right about VAT. Corbyn's latest, is that he will continue with Brexit and will re-negotiate a better deal, even though the EU have said, that the current May deal is their final offer. Based on Labour's fantasy deal; we would stay in the single market, stay in the customs union and stay in the ECJ. We would continue to pay in £billions for the privilage, but without a single political representative with a say in the rules we would have to comply with. This of course, would confound his ambition to re-nationalise everything, as EU rules wouldn't allow it. So if we think the Tories are a shambles, Corbyn is set to take it to a new, lower level !
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