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    So operation scare monger is still in full swing, with a continuation of the speculation advanced by the Cameron Gov prior to the referendum - which didn't impress the majority. Yes, a no deal will cause disruption, but it's the job of Gov to overcome it and move on. In the new scenario it will be in the interest of both the UK and EU to rectify adverse effects that will hit them both - so pragmatism will out.
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    Careful dizz about loosing your marbles, they tend to roll everywhere and you end up losing them.πŸ€”
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    LibDems: Brexit is the biggest existential threat this country has ever known and we must do all we can to defeat it. We need a government of national unity, right now. Jeremy Corbyn: I agree, and as leader of Her Majety’s Loyal Opposition (snigger) I will step forward to lead that GNU and ensure no deal Brexit doesn’t happen. LibDems: Its not that big a threat.
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    The Adam and Eve computer virus takes a couple of Bytes out of your Apple.
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    I sometimes forget what great senses of humour people do actually have on here Nice when we have a giggle
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    Happy Birthday!! Have a good one Dizzy πŸ˜πŸŽ‚πŸ₯‚
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    I'm with you Asp, people laugh when I tell them that I'm 80 yrs old and I've never even smelled marijuana ! If you stood next to me smoking I'd probably think it was dirty socks or something! No kidding Asp, Bec and I are doing our favorite thing right now - watching black and white movies on the classic movie channel . "Action in the North Atlantic" with Raymond Massey and Humphrey Bogart ( Merchant Marine) fighting U Boats on the Murmansk run - I thought I saw you in the last scene. Good movie.
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    Sorry Dizz, just playin' wit chur. I did post birthday wishes, but for some reason it didn't post. Of ourse, I couldn't admit that it was probably my fault, so I blamed you. Simple really!
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    Encouraging people to use drugs seems a strange way to combat crime! Alcohol and tobacco are considered problems, why add another? The reason that the cannabis lobby has so much traction is that most of the politicians, police, civil servants etc have all used it and still do, it has nothing to do with improving quality of life, it just means that they will no longer have to use a secret dealer. Several prominent users have admitted that a regular cannabis user can never operate at more than 40'% efficiency due to perpetual lethargy.
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    There are already dangerous drugs in circulation IE: alcohol and tobacco; which make that much money in tax, HMG won't ban them; so if they add a few more, they're just being consistent !
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    I think another way of looking at softening attitudes towards drugs is that decriminalisation will eventually lead to the end of criminal gang involvement. How much crime is drug related ?
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    Now your just depressing me Mr Locks!
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    So if there is a no confidence win then the current government will have to be dissolved or a general election be called. similarly a vote of confidence in the next mob must be passed within 14 days or else there must be a general election. If the no confidence vote is defeated then another opposition member can again call for a vote of no confidence ad nauseum or until they run out of opposition members willing to risk a win. Even if there is a vote of no confidence then there is a precedence to call into question the validity of that vote on the grounds of misleading information supplied to the voters. (as claimed by brexiteers and remoaners) Seems our Mr Corbyn just wants to able to say he has been the prime minister and is prepared to use any tactics to achieve that aim
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    What happened? I can't believe you deleted mine Dizzy, power play eh? Have a great day Dizz, even though you dizzied me! 😍😍
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    And here! You have the same birthday as my son. Which reminds me, I haven't sent him any wishes yet, how bad is that. Bill
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    … and Happy Birthday from here too.
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    OOHHH she nearly got away with that one. 🀣 Happy birthday and may fortune smile on you and your family, unlike me who it just glanced at and laughed for about twenty minutes.
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    Sounds just like my son's place Sid. He'd talked several times about how his outbuilding would make a good home office but like most of his big ideas, he just never gets around to doing anything about them. So, a couple of years back, while he was away on holiday, the wife and myself spent a whole week clearing the place out. The father in law was an industrial plumber down at the docks in Liverpool so the local scrap metal bloke struck lucky and took five transit van loads of scrap copper, lead and enough prehistoric heavy industrial tools to fill a museum. I think when your having a big clear out, you need to close your eyes and just do it. As soon as you start to think that may come in handy or that's too good to chuck away, your never going to get clear. One of the worst things is thinking you could put half the stuff on Ebay and make a fortune (someone somewhere must want a box of 5/17th British rarefide screws with a left handed threads) but the trouble is you never actually get round to doing this and so the problem remains. Anyway after numerous runs to the tip and a huge bonfire, we had it completely empty in just under a week. That was just about two years ago so his new proposed office is now a shed full of junk again. As I say, you can't win. Even when you throw a six, you end up going down a bloody snake! Bill
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    Yes, they are "being lifted out of poverty" by rescue charities in the Med; with virtue signalling Hollywood actors visiting them on board, for a photo op; doubt Richard Gere will take them back to his many homes. With TV and the social network, the global poor can now view the rest of the world, so it's no surprise that they will seek "a better life", especially in Countries with advanced social security provision. With corrupt Governments, religious inspired wars, inadequate infrastructure to meet extreme weather events; their lot is not a happy one. India has now entered the space race; it receives overseas aid from wealthy countries; but has a new ultra-wealthy class that pays little tax. Meanwhile, it has a huge population that is denied basic sanitation. Iraq currently swelters under a 40C heatwave, but most can't afford the energy to run air conditioning. Anyway, I digress; back to over population: the key to population control is female education, empowering women to decide the size of their families, but such empowerment is denied to many due to religious and cultural ignorance. Then we have the issue of longevity, if we have less children, who will support a growing elderly population - so that driver remains.
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    Loosing what? and can you get arrested for it?
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    Don't worry.. it's what I call "a grey moment" I have more with each birthday that passes.
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    Having been paid for whilst children.πŸ™„πŸ˜Ž
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