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    It is not my intention to insult anyone, but at times my frustrations with 'heads in sand' boils over. Confused, you are obviously an intelligent person, but you need to put the books back on the shelf and start considering crap outside the box, I fell asleep reading your posts on why Warrington had more cases......".. Obs, get off the 'politicians want to open the economy for political reasons' crap. For once, when your own personal fortune runs out, you may take the predicament of those who have been unemployed for months and more importantly, the family business owners who are never coming back, more seriously. This is not the plague! People over sixty are in danger if they don't wear support hose. People over sixty are in danger of driving the wrong way on the highway. People over sixty are in danger from Alzheimer's and dementia. We don't go into meltdown over that, so why over this ?
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    So very few cases known about. It can't be that virulent if you have to be tested to find out if you're ill rather than ending up in your bed feeling like death for a week like when you have the flu. I feel like the "experts" have been fumbling around in the dark all these months and coming up with "solutions" like the lockdown when social distancing, protecting the old and vulnerable and improved hygeine is all that was needed from the start. So now we have everyone going around looking like bandidos because we are told that masks are essential, while a couple of months ago we were told they were useless. The "experts" are clueless. Track and trace is ineffective. All the statistics are flawed. We may as well all go back to near normal and let this virus run its course.
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    Complete economic meltdown will have far more serious consequences than the precautions taken against the virus. The economy & schools need to be up & running asap.
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    The way I see it is that most of us are going to catch this bug in one way or another unless we completely cut ourselves off from the rest of humanity. Okay I can live with having to wear a mask on the bus as a matter of politeness, but I don't expect it to protect me from a virus. I hope that my bodies own defences will do all the protecting I need but if they don't well c'est la vie and au revoir comrades, it was a hoot.
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    Er, no. It is NOT like flu at all. The main vector is droplets and we cause those by speaking, singing and shouting as well as sneezing and coughing. People go to pubs to talk and Old Trafford to shout. You don't get to sing much in Home Depot! Four out of five cases are asymptomatic so they don't know not to join in. It attacks in ways that are really not like flu and can leave healthy folk with lung scarring, circulation problems and heart problems. Those insidious effects may not be evident immediately. Relating this disease to flu is dangerous because it is far more dangerous than flu and to a wider range of people. Don't expect the list of priorities for vaccination or isolation to be the same in the future as they were before, this thing is NOT flu.
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    Legally it is incumbent on the rescue vessel to deliver the rescued to "a place of safety". I should imagine that the Captain of the rescue vessel, if faced with threats by those rescued to throw themselves overboard and drown themselves unless they're taken to the UK, will do as asked if he doesn't want to face the possibility criminal charges. Shipmasters have long been faced with this dilemma with stowaways. This situation is just another example of "damned if you do and damned if you don't".
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    I've even turned off my ad-blocker on here because at the end of the day, Gary is a decent chap and compared to the other Warrington news site, this is practically ad-free
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    Apparently,there is a resurgence of the virus in Auckland NZ & the suggestion (another one) is that the re- infection has come in on frozen meat ,a type of cryogenic covid .
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    Tend to agree with Asp; Unis are so full of woke propaganda and Mickey Mouse degrees nowadays, as to be economically irrelevent. One girl asked what she wanted to study, replied "make up artistry" for the film industry, don't they have apprenticships ? 😉
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    These so called BLM people are guilty of producing the bile that they accuse the indigenous British of throwing at them. These BLM activists really are the worst of what they like to call "racists" when we all are ,in fact ,just ethnic parts of the Human Race.
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    She really is as thick as mince. In the video she released she looked pleased as Punch to have been pulled over by the police. It wouldn't be a surprise to me if she had been driven around Hackney for days waiting for this chance to berate a bobby for just doing his job. And, as is usual with this sort of race baiting, it doesn't help the cause of racial harmony one iota. Predictably she has been supported by equally dense colleagues Dianne Abbot and David Lammy, both guilty of trying to "prove" that we are all evil racists in this country. If they want to see real racism in action perhaps they should do an in depth study of their West African roots.
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    Speak for yourself Obs. I only go to a pub once a week but it's the only time I get to see a mate of mine. The pub we go to is well organised with hand sanitiser dispensers and table service. Tables and chairs are sanitised after every customer vacates them. I can see minimal risk in this arrangement, you get more exposure in a shop. If you want to lock yourself down feel free but leave me out of your version of hell thanks.
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    Well said Stall. When we were forced into lockdown it was stated that this was to "Protect the NHS" and prevent it being overloaded. Now, when the number of people dying from Covid19 (and the number is in doubt because of the way numbers dying with, dying of and dying having once had are all mixed together) has slowed to a trickle, when the number of people dying from any cause is below the 5 year average, surely a fast return to sensible normality is called for. If you want to avoid mixing with other people, if you want to wear a mask at all times even when alone in your car, if you don't want to go to a pub or restaurant or cafe, all fine - do what you want if it makes you feel better. However don't preach to the rest of us when you don't actually know the true state of play.
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    Whilst your right Asp; unlike the under 30s, the grumpies can't go out looking for it as it will prove terminal. We can only minimise contact with others and exercise preventative precautions being advised. Alas we have political Leaders being driven by economic expediency rather than public safety, which will ensure this virus remains with us for some time. The Yanks have a President who's latest gaff, was to claim "the 1917 flu pandemic" (actually 1918), " ended WW2" , thus lasting over 25 years ! 😉 With idiots like that around, it clearly is a case of everyone for themselves - STAY SAFE, STAY HOME. 😷
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    Crickey now your asking 😳
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    Did you have some tea last night? 🤔
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    Lots of uninhabited islands north of the border Plenty of nice little starter homes to go with them as well 😜
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    My wife keeps me well fed, but even she agrees with me, my mother was something else ! As a teenager she was a helper in the weaving shed at Cockhedge Mill and she always appreciated that she escaped from it, but never lost the work ethic. She had to be the worlds best cook. Every day she produced three cooked meals, plus Cheshire cheese and onion sandwiches for supper. In line with the times, my father, myself and my sister would just sit, forks at the ready, watching the clock and waiting for the door to open - we had no interest in how the sausage was made ! All of this was achieved on a small gas oven that only had two working burners and a kitchen with about three sq feet of work space. On Christmas Day, she was in the kitchen at eight o'clock and still there when my sister woke up at eleven, just as me and my dad were leaving for the pub. At one o'clock, with the table already layed out, by mom, with cutlery, condiments and Christmas crackers, we would sit down to a feast of turkey, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, mash, cabbage and sprouts, followed by apple pie and custard. All this from two burners ! At two o'clock, she would collect the pots, carry them to kitchen, wash up and start on the sandwiches for tea while we contentedly dozed in the armchairs. I guess we should have helped, but she looked so happy, we didn't want to spoil it for her ! Ouch, that damned Cajun wife of mine just read over my shoulder and slapped me - I guess asking for apple pie would be wrong right now !
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    Now the media are trying to blame "lock downs" for an additional 2 deaths for every 3 corvid deaths. Due to people not attending for existing treatments to Hospitals or GPs. But it isn't lock downs that cause this, it's fear of the virus, a lack of confidence to be secure against infection in Hospitals and difficulties of getting to see a GP. 😷
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    As kids we were encouraged to help out with meals, which is where i get my cooking skills from or lack thereof. One of these days i will get around to making those cheese scones i liked as a nipper. As good as my mum was she was not a patch on my gran, My gran was a COOK in a house as a young girl and came from a time when everything got eaten and nothing was wasted. nothing out of a packet apart from a couple of oxo and some gravy browning. A regular sunday dinner for her was to cook for the family, which at times could be fourteen people, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas, cabbage,cauliflower,sprouts, carrots,sage and onion stuffing, with either beef,lamb or pork and not forgetting the gravy. Oh i nearly forgot the pickled onion and mint sauce all made fresh. It was very rare to find anything left on the plate after that feast. Any spare gravy was mopped up with bread so that plates needed just a cursory swill in clean water. A job that was given to us kids as we grew big enough to be trusted not to drop the plates. My mum used to only cook such a feast at christmas and was usually helped, or hindered, by us "kids" as she grew older.
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    still got them, keep them in a box under the bed....🤣
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