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    Apparently, matters are getting fraught , angry commuters dragging anarchists from underground train roofs because they want to get to work etc. Perhaps these nerds should head off to the sub continent where they can travel on the roofs of rail carriages all day long.
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    Hopefully to give them a commendation and a thank you for saving them a bit of time.🤨
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    Surprised they weren't beaten up. Seems the Police who stood by and watched these cranks on top of the train, are now threatening to investigate thos members of the public who pulled then off - the world's gone mad
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    Ours in nowhere near £855 a year (in Warrington). I suppose when they take an average price per place that includes all the premiums paid by younger drivers. Maybe Warrington just has more younger drivers that Exeter etc.
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    Apparently, they are taking legal action because their civil liberties to protest are being disrupted by the police. They don't seem bothered about infringing the rights of the public to go about their lives unhindered.
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    Within the terms of the Benn Act Boris could have written a letter dated tomorrow to be opened at 0900 CET and the European Council could have given him a reply dated tomorrow, not to be opened before 0930 BST. The contents of the EU council letter being "Non", Barnier did say he was a bit of a Gaullist. Boris then reads the letter to the Commons and suddenly before any amendments are considered it is back to one vote deal or no deal. That is how to get out of this disaster movie we are stuck in. The remoaners then have nowhere to go since anything other than approving the deal is approving no-deal, their heads would explode. I know it is wishful thinking but one can dream.
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    Not yet, the current deal only sets the arrangements for the withdrawal from the Union, the subsequent Free-trade agreement is then negotiated within the framework of the Political Agreement after the competence to negotiate trade deals is returned to the UK at Brexit. This separation of the stages is the way it is laid out in the dreaded Article 50. The Political Agreement allows negotiations up to the end of 2020 to achieve a Canada deal style solution. I don't think a Norway style deal is on the table because that involves being a member of EFTA, and whilst we were once in EFTA our economy is larger than all the current members taken together. Also a Norway style deal means taking all EU regulation directly into force for all time, and that is incompatible with the objectives currently being used
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    Deal or no deal was much easier to understand when Noel Edmonds was the host. (funnier too).🤭
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    As we are a member could we not veto it ourselves?...............🤔
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    Looking at Which Warrington is in 88th place for car insurance out of 126 post codes, average price of insurance is £855.55 in Warrington. Cheapest is Galashields average price is £544.84 followed by Exeter. Manchester is 111 (£1128.60) and Liverpool 112 (£1140), Wigan is 93, Preston 91, Blackpool 68, Chester 67, while Oxford is 40 average insurance is 666.43, Swindon is 38, Newcastle Upon Tyne 65. Most expensive is London West average price of car insurance £1734.80! Looking at crime levels Warrington car crime is 2% hire then in Exeter. I surprised car crime is so high in Warrington also surprised car insurance is so expensive, I pay £168!
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    Seems a bunch of our celebs have written an open letter in support of XR, and admitting that they're hypocrites for their high carbon celeb lifestyles. Geldorf, Commerbach and even Ray Winston; all asking to be excused their carbon footprints for the greater good. Seems the rich want the rest of us to give up our cars, central-heating, and holiday flights; while they carry on doing what they've always done. As for XR, one was filmed trying to smash a glass door, while the Police appeared to be looking on - time they were arrested and locked up for a long time; they are no more than a modern religious cult, with a puritanical disregard for any view but their own.
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    maybe this is the best solution. Yabadado.
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    That's a fantastic link. I didn't know the public footpath through Crosfields existed. I'm going to try each of them. Slightly off topic, anyone remember the short cut that used to enable you to drive under the tracks at the side of Bank Quay station, through part of Crosfields and emerge just over the bridge on Liverpool Road? Cutting out the traffic lights.
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    As the photo section doesn't seem very active nowadays I thought this may be a more appropriate section to issue an apology for most if not all of the images that I had posted in the past that have disappeared from posts on the 'Photo' Section, the reason is that I had closed my account on Photobucket, however I am gradually uploading them to my Flickr account and now downloading them from there. I'm only sorry that I had not done this before but I have only just discovered how to upload the photos from Flickr via the images URL. Algy.
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    You're right Obs, it's a terrible world, but I think I've found the answer. I live out in the country about an hours drive to the closest town. If I play my golf every day, drink a few cocktails with the guys and have steak lunch in the grill, take a nap in the afternoon, never watch the news, never read a paper and only read the jokes on the forum, I wouldn't worry about a thing. Maybe all the stress about the state of the world is self imposed.
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    Clucas, this is the original Dog & Dart Inn which stood on the junction of Knutsford Road, Stockport Road and Chester Road, Grappenhall. Credit to Andrea Daniels for the black & white photo. The original Dog and Dart Inn, Grappenhall. c1925. The small single story building is the Toll keepers cottage.
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    Yep that just about sums it up nicely.
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    People who have any integrity should look else where for their hols.
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