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    Yes, they are "being lifted out of poverty" by rescue charities in the Med; with virtue signalling Hollywood actors visiting them on board, for a photo op; doubt Richard Gere will take them back to his many homes. With TV and the social network, the global poor can now view the rest of the world, so it's no surprise that they will seek "a better life", especially in Countries with advanced social security provision. With corrupt Governments, religious inspired wars, inadequate infrastructure to meet extreme weather events; their lot is not a happy one. India has now entered the space race; it receives overseas aid from wealthy countries; but has a new ultra-wealthy class that pays little tax. Meanwhile, it has a huge population that is denied basic sanitation. Iraq currently swelters under a 40C heatwave, but most can't afford the energy to run air conditioning. Anyway, I digress; back to over population: the key to population control is female education, empowering women to decide the size of their families, but such empowerment is denied to many due to religious and cultural ignorance. Then we have the issue of longevity, if we have less children, who will support a growing elderly population - so that driver remains.
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