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    What a great idea.. putting the fans first 👍👍👍 ................... PLAYERS and staff from Warrington Wolves are going to be doing their bit for the community amid the coronavirus outbreak. The club say around eight per cent of their fanbase is aged 70 or above – the age group classed as vulnerable to Covid-19, with the Government advising them to remain indoors. As a result, The Wire say they will be making phone calls to all of their elderly members and vulnerable community groups to check on their wellbeing. They will also arrange for safe delivery of essential home products and groceries, plus entertainment packs including old programmes and DVDs.............................. Well done again 👍👍
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    Wonder if the house of commons bar is open or closed.....🤔
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    Observer. No I didn't get the last loaf of bread but don't worry, I have a cunning plan.
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    I don't know if you can see the same adverts as me Bill but no wonder there are funeral adverts on with a "7 women to one man dating" ad....extreme exhaustion to say the least ..
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    Lets face it folks we are going to die. When we don't know. Where we don't. How we don't know. But it is going to happen so why worry about a remote possibility of catching a particular infection which may or may not kill you. World war, Britain bombed house destroyed people killed and maimed thousands homeless, the reaction "keep calm and carry on". terrorist attacks people killed.reaction "we can handle this no terrorist will scare us" virus infection that will give 90% of the infected flu like symptom for a week.reaction "BUY EVERY TOILET ROLL IN THE SHOP!!". I just don't get the connection. last time i had a dose of flu i was constipated for a week. never used one sheet of toilet paper.
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    The accents I mainly hear about town are Polish and Russian 😉.
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    Kill or cure method of self medicating by the sound of it. My gran would always have a big block of carbolic soap in the house. Used it for everything grazes, cuts bruises, leg chopped off, nit removal and the ever present use as a cure for profanity.
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    I believe if there was an appeal for help in doing this, then there’d be plenty of people willing to get involved. People’s attitudes change during times of national emergency although I’m sure there will always be some miserable sods who would rather sit on heir backsides than lift a finger to help. It always rattled me to think that we import labour from the continent while paying huge amounts to have people out of work because it’s not the kind of job they want. Bill 😊
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    Self isolation during the Coronavirus outbreak can get boring but there is an up side to it. I now know exactly how many Rice-Crispies are in a standard pack. Bill
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    Some interesting stuff on sky news last night that I couldn't quite get my head around. Apparently there is a theory being put forward that many more people have been infected than previously thought but with symptoms so mild that people didn't even notice and these people theoretically are now immune and can't spread the virus. I think they suggested that currently, over fifty percent of the population might have already been infected but this can only be proved by doing a mass blood test checking for corona antibodies. If this is correct, then it's thought that the peak of infections will occur slightly sooner than the numbers currently suggest and the time that the crisis will run for will also be less. I just hope this theory is correct. Bill
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    I was going to post something similar. Wasn't China responsible for Bird and Swine flu too. Maybe the world should demand compensation from Chima for the cost of dealing with this flu.
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    Well I will go with the flavour of the moment and you can take this as my opinion. Nice to see you back Algy. The source of the infection is known to be Bats, the similarities in the sequence of the RNA in the virus to SARS-v1 (Covid-19 is caused by what the scientific literature calls SARS-v2) suggest that this is true and the information is not from the Chinese. There is now an understanding of how it attacks the lower respiratory system in the literature and it may explain why older folks suffer more, but to be frank my understanding is not sufficient. However it is also the case that some younger folks will have the characteristics that can encourage attack. The disease is not able to target age, it looks for concentration of available proteins that it uses as its attack vector. When no one has immunity there is a mathematical model that describes accurately how the disease progresses. The Reproduction number R0 (how many people each infected person infects as secondary cases) and the mean time from infection to infectiousness, which Canadian research says in 5.5 days, as well as the duration of infectiousness let the progress be calculated. Knowing how many people will have bad enough symptoms to die is based on comparing medical condition of populations and I suspect guesswork. Social Distancing in the models from Imperial College being used by the NHS is intended to reduce the value of R0 to a much lower value, it is based on the number of new non-immune people you meet at a close enough distance to receive infected material so less than 2m. The fraction of people assumed to be going to work is clear in the model and all this stuff is published. Most people have a smallish group of contacts they meet in person other than the health service etc. That means that unlimited pool of non-immune people will not last forever so it will slow down. So we will see changes for a long time in the way shopping, health care, social care etc where the people change rapidly. Those are needed to keep the pool of uninfected folks away from those who may be infected. None of these systematic changes are well understood yet but public facing staff will need testing regularly for a long time after the lock-downs ( yes the model predicts more than one) have stopped. However the Armageddon forecast by Obs can and will be avoided by having courage and trusting in the science, as well as following the rules. The Government is totally following scientific advice from some of the worlds leading epidemiologists.
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    I'm surprised at the complaints from medical staff aimed at the government about the shortage of personal protective equipment. The NHS is a huge organisation funded to the tune of £Billions per year so surely it is up to the NHS to ensure that the staff are properly equipped? It's not like the PM or the Health Secretary are responsible for keeping a stock in their spare bedrooms in case NHS staff run short. Or perhaps it's the NHS bureaucrats on their high salaries and golden pension funds who should be held to account for not doing the jobs they are paid for?
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    I think we should be grateful that Jezza isn't in charge of the current situation. Decisive action would not be on his agenda.
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    Are they drafting any ex players in as I was always rather obsessed with Adrian Morleys arms.... and then there was Ashton Sims. gawd my blood pressure is rising already thinking about him lol. But hey any will do for me as they are all rather hunky but current team do seem rather young to me these days lol
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    I think the best thing we can do for the NHS is to leave them to deal with real medical cases and not minor ailments than can be dealt with at home using Paracetomol or Savlon, or a healthy dose of medicinal rum.
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    Great news pop pickers , straight in to the top of the charts My Corona by the Knack.
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    Pleased to see my S/Market is now limiting items per customer, likewise my local Co-op - wait to see if the shelves recover.
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    Well, i class myself as a typical man in the street & i am now sick to the back teeth of the worst case scenarios being peddled across the news networks. No wonder we have panic buying & the way these purveyors of misery are carrying on we will soon be having panic in society & rioting on the streets. I think a good starting point for the NHS in this crisis though would be to stop the required targets for GPs set by Labour a few years ago & up the patient throughput in doctor's surgeries.
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    closing schools and then opening childcare centres seems rather pointless. might as well keep the schools open but just for those who cannot get childcare., amounts to the same thing.
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    It's not OK, but I think we need to get a sense of perspective - this woman is possible less than 5ft or pint sized at least, dealing with allegedly grown men; so I think she's not exactly knocking them about is she ? So what's next - oh, she shouts at them, not exactly new in a command hierarchy either - so where's the "bullying" ? Having worked in rank structured environments, those of lower rank have to take and accept orders, even if they don't like the person giving the orders or the orders themselves. Simply put, these civil servants have to man up and accept that they may advise, but ultimately have to take and effect the decisions taken by the elected politicians. If they don't like it, they're in the wrong job.
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    I've pissed off a lot off people on this forum over the years, but this time I'm going for the whole nine yards ! The world has gone crazy, we're being driven to the edge of sanity, pretty soon people are going to be jumping off high buildings because they think that their life savings are gone! It's media hype, everything will return to normal within a few weeks - I've been (theoretically) losing $15,0000 a day, but by June it will all be back. As I said earlier 'IT'S THE FLU !' In 1980 there were no flu shots and no vaccines but nobody panicked, look up the mortality rate - more than Corona, but how many soccer games, concerts meeting, reunions etc etc were cancelled cos someone had the flu. Would you have stayed away from Wilderspool just because there were six cases of flu in Warrington - God help us if there's another world war. If there were 20 cases of the virus from all of the Premiership games next weekend, 20 people would spend a week in bed - that's it ! Then there's the hype on it killing 65 year olds, they don't say that it's 65 year olds with serious respiratory and cardiac problems, the same people who are in danger from the common cold and FLU! By the way no youngsters, worldwide, have had any problems. Forgive me for being a skeptic, but when a kid in a US school says during recess to a buddy "If you do that again Im go'en kill ya'" The authorities shut the school system down for miles around, send 3000 kids home and spend two weeks discussing it, I feel justified in being a skeptic. Now Obs, you know I love you like a brother, apart from every political opinion that you have ever had, time to use that fantastic brain, not to swallow the politicians bull - you know how smart they are, and media hype, but come 'on.
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    I'll put money on the fact that that wasn't done by the people most at risk but by stupid selfish people. It's media pictures like that created the situation in the first place. btw I don’t want to catch it, not because I’m overly worried for myself but because I don’t want to pass it onto others who may be less able to deal with it. And anyone who thinks I’m overreacting or taken in by hype should keep their thoughts to themselves. Bill
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    Looking on the bright side we got out of Europe at just the right time...🤪
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    Scratchy first half against a very poor Hull side but better in 2nd half and ran in some good tries and a very welcome away win. Shame that Radford has just been sacked but rugby is a results driven sport!
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    Trump has banned all flights from Europe apparently. Funny that he has not banned all flights TO Europe as well. Basically what that means is that as an American you can fly to Europe on whatever business it is you are going on such as a holiday, BUT you cannot get a flight back, unless you travel to some country that is outside Europe and catch a connecting flight back to America, thus spreading any virus infection further afield. See the health minister has caught the virus. doesn't bode well for the rest of us. Still maybe a trip to the house of lords could be arranged for her, get rid of some of the deadwood that hangs around there. 🤧🤧🤣
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    So if you do run out of the soft stuff it's tough sheet! Bill
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    also handy if you ran out of tracing paper as well....🤭
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    Apparently there was also a rush on baked beans so that might explain the toilet paper Bill
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    In Australia:
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    Well for the younger generation this is just a mild flu like thing that's been blown out of proportion so to many of them it's just not that important which is a rather selfish point of view. And speaking of common sense, it's not just lacking in the younger generation. Iv'e just got back from Sainsburys where the shelves of toilet rolls were down to about 25%. One bloke passed us with a trolley absolutely full of rolls. The wife saw him coming and told me not to say anything, but stuff it, he deserved to be called a plonker! Does a beef stake actually help with a black eye Bill
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    i was stood in a queue at the s/market and a young woman came coughing and sneezing behind me. Half joking, I told to her to keep her distance as she may have the virus. She said I feel rotten, I must have flu. So stepping away, I said, to you it's flu, but to me it could be terminal, the point went totally over her head. She's the kind of idiot that will spread this virus - not common sense, just no sense at all.
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    But easily controlled. United Airlines said that unless the area to which you are flying is designated "No fly", then they are going there - no refunds. So watch out folks, even if I have to spend two weeks sitting in Piccadilly Circus people watching, I'll be in London on June 2nd. On a more somber note, have you ever considered the devastation worldwide (apart from my vacation) that would be in play if 3 months from now we are still banning travel? I don't think that the worlds business can shut down for three months and survive - goodbye savings. Lets take a step back, this is the flu ! Y'all in the UK should be saying "We don't care about no stinking flu! Bring it on it's just like summer!" Unless you are on your deathbed or an absolute idiot, you are going to be just fine . Don't forget, the people exciting you about this are the usual 2000 disaster and global warning guys, not known for minimizing the opportunty of a problem. I've spent a good part of my teenage years between motorcycles and Warrington Infirmary, so I know what I'm talking about medically! Anyway, I have a tee time in 15 minutes, my wife is waiting on the tee box and I have to get this cocktail refreshed.
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    Time to get out the popcorn, sit back and watch the show 😉
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    During the war my father was the engineering maintenance fitter at Flemings Tanerry, on Battersby Lane I think. He wasn't part of the regular fire crew, but everyone had to do one night a week fire watching on the plant roof. Nothing much ever happened, so dad used to wait until midnight then steal away on his bicycle to home in Woolston. Can't count the number of times he got to the front of the house and the warnings would sound ! He then had to break biking records getting back to Flemings before he was missed! Another interesting fact, many of the employees and their friends would bring any child suffering from asthma and hold them over the tanning pits as a cure. God knows if it worked.
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    Asp A few years back I had to modify the taxi dispatching software for a company where a large part of their business was picking up and dropping off pilots in the Thames estuary. Many of these points were extremely difficult for drivers to locate because as far as Google Maps was concerned, most appeared to be in the sea. As you know, failing to get the pilot to his connection point on time and missing the tide could result in a ship not being able to sail and that’d be a lot of dosh up the swanee (or Thames) so it was vital we got it working for them. Bill
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    People have been OK and respecting the rules. Even passing in the street people leave a huge gap as if I had some sort of virus or something.
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    According to this mornings news the infection and death rate in the UK is flatting off with someone predicting it could be in decline by Easter.
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    What! your suppose to mix it with water before putting it on your cornflakes? Must have been where I was going wrong. Bill
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    I would suggest a cold shower but that would probably send your blood pressure into orbit....😯
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    i do not mind the ads they are few and far between and do not slow down the site or the forum. I have actually found them useful at times as well as amusing given the way that they are targeted at certain posts. Although i do wonder at times why i keep getting dating sites advertised usually the "women who date older men" one with the picture of some twenty something in a skimpy top and a trout pout...oh bugger cold shower time....🤣
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    If you are struggling for toilet paper Cabbages are a cheaper alternative.....🤭
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    horses for courses springs to mind. What works for the Italians might not work for us, just as what will work for us might not work for the Americans. You just have to trust that the experts consulted get it right or that you pick the right experts at least.
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    The gravest problem associated with this is economics. - medically, if you get it you have around 98% chance of surviving it. However, If they do not find a way to open up travel in the next few weeks the world economy is going to be decimated. If this lockdown lasts 6 months the airline industry and tour companies will cease to exist, as will the millions of small businesses that rely on them. They cannot maintain a vast staff, including maintenance and agents, for a half a year if almost all of their destinations are effectively closed and prospective clients are scared into cancelling all reservations. The entities involved need to be very aware of the implications before they automatically go Draconian. I personally think that a lot should be left to personal choice. No one is forcing anyone to go to a soccer game and if a person is willing to take the chance they should be able to go. There were 73,0000 at the United / City game last week and I haven't heard of anyone hurting from that. I wonder what odds the bookies would give you of surviving if you flew into Italy now, stayed two weeks and survived.? I bet you could get pretty big odds.
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    That's my point, I have no argument with being sensible, but this is not the bubonic plague and the present solutions may prove be more damaging than the virus. Saw a joke picture online, an ape holding his hands in the air "OMG I have coronavirus and I've only got a 98.3 % chance of surviving". Well Bill, my wife is still buying 'outfits' for the trip, I guess that if the quarantines don't slow things down by June, they probably won't ever work.
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    Something to build on & at least they managed to try a few different attacking moves in 2nd half.
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    Well said Asp. There was one on ,i think sky, yesterday ,she made Miss North Korea look a bundle of fun.
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    Do you remember going to school with a scarf around your mouth,when you got there you had a black area on it where your mouth had been !
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    I am surprised HMG has allowed such alarmist & irresponsible reporting.
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    I wouldn’t feel sorry for the younger generation Obs, we’re just leaving them with a bit of a challenge in their lives that I’m sure they’ll solve in time. I don’t blame my parents or grandparents for the pollution they passed onto me, it’s all just part of evolution. The amount of dirty coal they must have burnt over a couple of lifetimes would have been tremendous and all done without ever hearing about carbon offsetting. So where has all that carbon gone? I got a bit rattled last week when a report on www made Warrington out to be one of the worst places to live with talk about deadly toxins and abnormal death rates. The reality is I believe that our air is cleaner now than its ever been, certainly in the last hundred years. The smoke and smog’s that our predecessors generated are all gone but it still shows in the health statistics for those who lived through those times. In short, we’re leaving the next generation with a much cleaner environment that we came into and that has to be a good thing. Bill
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