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    Algy - you missed a really important date 1st of September 1999 - launch of the first independent daily online newspaper in the country - www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    I have a signed van dyke painting at home. I tell you Dick van Dyke is a better actor than painter.๐Ÿคญ Art is what you make of it. Three black dots arranged in a triangle on a white background and labelled as a polar bear in snow. If done by me would be laughed at by everyone..if it was done by say Picasso or one of the other well known painters, it would be lauded as a masterpiece and fought over by people who have more money than several banks could count. I once heard a very humorous description of the difference between art and lewd paintings. if it has urns it is art, if it has cherubs it is art, if it has a potted plant, on a stand it just scrapes through as art, anything else is just lewd pictures. Years ago spray painting on a wall was classed as vandalism, now it sells for thousands of pounds and is classed as art. I understand what stallard is saying. it is not the art as such he is saying is a hoax but the pretension of the people who will go into raptures over a certain wine that to your average person would be just fizzy vinegar in a fancy bottle. Sniffs glass,takes a sip of wine, swills round mouth, stares meaningly at ceiling and then says,"oh it a chateau naff de pope, 1820 (or twenty five past six at the latest), grown from grapes on the sunny side of the hill in the vineyard situated seven foot eight inches from the friary of st Herbert. stomped by a left handed leprechaun with a squint and bottled in hand blown glass from the desserts of africa with a cork specially imported from the sacred cork trees of the outer Himalayas and harvested using ancient techniques known only to three ancient masters of the temple ding dong in the valley of Avonk a ling. Am i right?" "nah mate fifty pence a bottle at bargain booze"
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    Carries stuff in the back ,doesn't run on a track, That's a lorry.๐Ÿš›
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    It's completely bonkers. If I see say an advert of a woman unable to park it doesn't upset me in the slightest just as seeing a woman hoovering when the man just sits there. 'Hurtful gender stereotyping' my a*se. People who dream these new rulings up or are easily offended need to get a grip on life and stop being so blummin pathetic.
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    Following on from the private prosecution brought against our esteemed Mr Johnson , will it also mean than any politician can be held accountable for any statement made which is not carried out to the letter ? A PM or even a political party could even be held accountable for failing to carry out it's manifesto to the letter. What come across to me is nothing more than mud slinging against a prospective PM from an agent of the Remain side which was no less guilty of romantic fiction during the referendum campaign.
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    I like the - "and most of it's people strangely enough" part of your post Asp ๐Ÿ˜‚.
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    Depending on which source you use the ยฃ350M/week figure is near correct. Actually in 2014, which was the latest figure available in 2016, the gross contribution was ยฃ361M/week which is what the UK was giving the EU. They then subtract the rebate, public and private sector receipts which give ยฃ161M/week nett figure. If the sign on the side of the bus had said "We give the EU ยฃ160M per week" do you suppose it would have changed Leave voters minds by an iota? It may possibly have changed the minds of some remain voters instead! All this will come out in the open if the court case goes ahead. The shyster who has opened this can of worms may live to regret it when his own dirty dealings are revealed to the world ๐Ÿคจ.
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    Ignore button on.
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    Well with a turnout of just over a third of eligible voters i find it a landslide for the apathy party, Pity we could not be bothered to put up a candidate.๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคญ
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    Nothing could keep him quiet. No doubt* once this list is complete he can start naming the victims at London Bridge, Westminster and Manchester Arena. * Lots of doubt
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    He should have just told her she had two days to live with her symptoms. Given that doctors often make a diagnosis on what the patient tells them initially. Wonder how she manages at the dentist? Last time i saw a doctor he was surprised I was a patient of his. He had to send somebody down to the basement to find my notes.
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    Naah PJ I'm not offended by the ruling at all....... I find it all rather laughable to be honest that we live in such a bonkers society these days that people feel the 'need' to look at something as daft as some tv adverts and say 'hey this needs to be stopped as it might hurt some little gentle wallflowers feelings'. Most people probably never even gave it a second though until someone with nothing better to do made a big deal of it. Bit like the 1000's of numpties who have been complaining to OFCOM this week about not liking something on Love Island. Durh...well stop blummin' watching it then lol. PS Mr Dizzy can't parallel park our new car..... I think he's still quite offended by me laughing at him though (but hey I can't park it either shhh)
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    Beautiful evening, it's eight oclock, the sun is going down and the heat is going out of the day - down to 97. Sitting on my patio, surrounded by the night sounds from the woods, with a glass of Black Jack and coke, sweating gently, Trump is President, could the world get any better? Damn, beautiful humming bird just missed my head and spilled half of my damn drink. Ah we'll, crap happens. Keeping my eye on that red wasp, worst bite in history, damn, just missed me and spilled the other half of my drink. Give me a minute to refresh and relax and to break up the fight between my cat and that f******* raccoon - ooh, that's going to mean a trip to the vets tomorrow! All's well again, but I wish I'd have gotten my gun when I mixed my drink, never mind, I'll get that sonabitch rattle snake tomorrow night.
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    I did read it before. It was irrelevant then and it still is. The Guardian has had a period when it deliberately exaggerated every climate story as part of its effort to get more money from left wing readers, including the acme of stupidity in employing the 97% fraudster Dana Nuccitelli. I have read all of this stuff before and unlike some understood it too. Just because it is left wing crap doesn't stop it being crap. Quoting Drax would not be popular with true eco-warriors because of damage to American forests and the tremendous costs in fuel of getting the stuff to the power station. I will let you look up for yourself the complaints about the department at Imperial College and their shenanigans over the economic cases in climate studies.
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    This is getting a bit far removed from motorways but there has to a limit to how much use can be made of unreliable sources like wind and solar. When the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine, we still need power so for the immediate future we have to keep a certain amount of the dirty stuff until a solutions found. Bill
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    Based on observable facts that is one of the most stupid posts I have ever seen. The rest of the thread contains sensible comments about the difficulty of storage and indirectly of generation density. Without nuclear which, along with hydro, regulation does not count as renewable global warming better be massive or we will all freeze to death in the depths of a windless harsh winter.
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    I am deeply offended by the fact that i have not found anything to offend me today.๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคญ
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    I haven't confused him, he has just chosen that where there is doubt whether his posts are sarcastic we should all realise that he is actually being stupid. It was simple: he chose and I listened. The further hint he gave that it was the right interpretation is in stating that the title of the thread is Confused.
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    I suppose one excuse they have not trotted out is that they were doing the drugs as an experiment so that in future drug law debates they have experience of what effects the drugs have rather than having to rely on "expert" opinion.๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคญ I am sure if ever you decide to put your posterior up for election make sure its labour, be a shoe in in warrington. (provided it passed the emissions test)๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ
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    97 eh, only time it gets that warm here is when Mrs sid has the heating turned up to turbo. I could sit out back on my home-made bench seat with a black grouse in one hand and the brolley in the other,( don't want to water down the drink) and listen to the night-life in the area. the low drone of the planes coming into liverpool, the occasional whine of the ambulance sirens and the dull throb of the police helicopter overhead. darn magpie still chattering away on the roof, neighbours barbie going well, now into the screaming drunks stage, that will need more than a few paracetamol in the morning and must make a mental note to get more slug pellets, considering how slow those buggers are they are really hard to hit with those pellets. oh well pot that for a game of soldiers off inside to thaw out and watch the test card channel.
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    I think PJ gets turned on by Obs, although it may be the other way round ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคฃ.
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    Is Gove rubbing a line into his gum ? ! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‘
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    The next instalment starts tomorrow at 0930 when Boris is applying for a judicial review of the actions of Westminster Magistrates Court. Popcorn required. They have found a judge other than Ed Milliband's wife (Justine Thornton) to take the case!
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    I agree it is not the gadgets, it is the dependence on them and the underlying technology. If the system stops working for any reason then people panic because they don't know what to do without their link to the electronic world. Always amuses me when i see people wandering around waving their phones above their heads because they have no signal. As if the extra three foot will make it find one. centuries ago people sailed around the oceans without even a map for guidance, these days people can make it out of the back garden without a sat nav.
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    Sid, It really isn't the gadgets that I see as a problem. The services we all depend on in turn depend on computers and networks. Even food distribution depends on getting the lorries with enough fuel to take food from producers to distribution warehouses to the right shops. A major disruption in any of these mundane service chains can have a serious effect because there are no stocks any more. The Police, the NHS the Fire Services will soon depend entirely on the EE 4G network. The network is not just the Internet but all those things carried invisibly over the same data connections. Finally there are the databases whose integrity is vital to keep the emergency service and everything else working. That is the kind of targets, plus the energy and water sector that are made risky by bad choices. In my opinion the risk from allowing Huawei into the edge part of the 5G network is overstated but when the Internet of Things arrives the core network has to be secure. The problem about the things I describe is that you don't see how dependent you are on these things for day to day life and the effects that a disruption could bring. If you can remember the miner's strikes and the power cuts then imagine how much more we depend on computers and networks you will begin to appreciate the scale of the potential risk.
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    PJ probably, he seems to know it all ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Will they be locating to Newcastle i wonder ? Hauwai the lads !
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    telling stories each day keeps kids boredom at bay........................Jackanory.
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    it may lead you outside or back inside to hide That's a doorway.
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    Going back to topic..... If the figure of ยฃ350 million a week on the side of the campaign busses etc was incorrect WHY has it taken 3 years for the bloke to raise a private prosecution against Boris about it. Why didn't he do it at the time? Surely it would have made more sense to question it back then at the campaign stage than now when brexit has already been voted on and we've spent 3 years battling it out with the EU. Seems to me, like already said, it's just game playing to stop Boris standing to becoming the new PM blah blah. A better use of the ยฃ200,000 he's raised for the private prosecution would be to give it to the NHS or Aldery Hey / Great Ormond Street Hospitals !!!!
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    if it's sand near the sea that is easy to be just a shore eh!
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    Algy, being uneducated in these matters I am waiting for PJ to explain its significance
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    Spillers, a record shop in Cardiff which is billed as "The oldest record store in the world" has banned Morrissey records from the store because the owner doesn't agree with his politics. This is the state of this country now folks. If someone doesn't agree with you or your opinions you become a non person and, if they have influence, you could very easily be banished from society. What ever happened to the concept of freedom of thought and expression? Whatever happened to reasoned debate?
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    I suppose it beats Train Spotting!.
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    We get it! point made! but why did you not just make one post with the complete list PJ instead of the 'paper trail'?.
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    He didn't say he was concerned about the lack of health care staff. Rather he is upset by cultural appeasement. You need to get off your racist finder hobby horse and actually stay on topic once in a while.
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    Errm nope; the report stated that the Doctor complained that the niquab muffled the sound of her voice - end of. I'm merely observing the absurdity of the situation, where a much needed professional is being threatened with being struck off because of some primitive religious practises, based in male dominance.
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    No, I haven't watched adverts for over 30 years, it is what video recording technology was invented for.
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    Why are people acting so surprised at the revelations of Tory ministers taking drugs? After all we've had 3 years of TM as Prime Minister demonstrating what drugs can do:
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    I'll certainly be getting mine also.....
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    Iโ€™ve used this path for decades and will contact mr Bluk
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    Or a Wetherspoons ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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    I've been using my mobile phone to read the forum this week..small screen......but now I'm back on my desktop I've realised your new avatar pic is actually wallnut whip PJ....on a mobile it looks like a pile of poop (thought I'd best not use the 's' word....) Mmmm
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    Good grief following these threads is worse than watching britains got talent, well maybe not lets say repeats of jeremy kyle.๐Ÿคญ
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    Yes but does it imply that any straying from a manifesto as such could be termed as misconduct in public office ? Us voters know we have been lied to for years by all political parties.
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    If they knock at your door with a bible to bore - that's a Mormon. ๐Ÿ™
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    Well you are both right and wrong. When the European Parliament meets at Strasbourg Trevien is closer than Newcastle!
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    I didn't realise that there were that many of us stupid, white, old, racist bigots in Warrington ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
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    A disappointing game, filled with errors and some fighting. Wire took the lead but Hull soon equalised and then forged ahead thanks to poor tackling and handling errors by Warrington making the score at half time 18-6 for the visitors. Wire scored another converted try in the second half but couldn't find a way through the Hull defence again. Hull added another point with a drop goal, but even that proved unnecessary in the end. Josh Charnley was named Man of the Match for Warrington, probably because he made less errors than anyone else. Final score 12-19, another loss for the Wire and St Helens pull further ahead. Hull demonstrated a fine array of tactics in slowing the game down at times, players collapsing at the first sign of a dirty look from a Warrington player. Not an exciting game at all.
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