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    Hopefully to give them a commendation and a thank you for saving them a bit of time.🤨
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    Ours in nowhere near £855 a year (in Warrington). I suppose when they take an average price per place that includes all the premiums paid by younger drivers. Maybe Warrington just has more younger drivers that Exeter etc.
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    Apparently, they are taking legal action because their civil liberties to protest are being disrupted by the police. They don't seem bothered about infringing the rights of the public to go about their lives unhindered.
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    Is their any part of that law that says how long an extension he has to ask for? For example could he ask for a one day extension, which would comply with the law but only change the leave date to nov 1st the day after it is currently set for.(or he could ask for it to fall on November 5th )🧨 If the EU grant it it will change nothing and if they don't grant it it will change nothing apart from Boris being able to say he complied with the law. If we do have a second referendum then we can surely challenge the results of that result using the same arguments that have been used to challenge the 2016 referendum result. Could be the best soap opera since Brookside was cancelled. If there is an election any politician knocking on my door had better be prepared for an in depth conversation on his/her future actions in parliament, with a specific slant on how they are going to reduce their pay and expenses. To my mind this current lot are not only unfit for purpose but are being paid handsomely to be that way.
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    Perhaps if they brought back PT in schools and encouraged school sports, and kids were made to walk or cycle to school they would get the exercise necessary to burn off excess calories. Meanwhile, basic nutritional and cooking lessons for kids and their parents, may allow them to actually cook a healthy meal, instead of living on junk food.
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    No need to accomodate them anywhere in the UK Latch; like you do with unwanted mail, just return them to sender.
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    - with over 30,000 delegates FLYING in from all over the world - says it all. 🙄
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    So if we can use satellites to track the movement of turtle anywhere in the world why do we still loose bloody big aircraft ???? 🥺 Bill
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    Within the terms of the Benn Act Boris could have written a letter dated tomorrow to be opened at 0900 CET and the European Council could have given him a reply dated tomorrow, not to be opened before 0930 BST. The contents of the EU council letter being "Non", Barnier did say he was a bit of a Gaullist. Boris then reads the letter to the Commons and suddenly before any amendments are considered it is back to one vote deal or no deal. That is how to get out of this disaster movie we are stuck in. The remoaners then have nowhere to go since anything other than approving the deal is approving no-deal, their heads would explode. I know it is wishful thinking but one can dream.
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    Not yet, the current deal only sets the arrangements for the withdrawal from the Union, the subsequent Free-trade agreement is then negotiated within the framework of the Political Agreement after the competence to negotiate trade deals is returned to the UK at Brexit. This separation of the stages is the way it is laid out in the dreaded Article 50. The Political Agreement allows negotiations up to the end of 2020 to achieve a Canada deal style solution. I don't think a Norway style deal is on the table because that involves being a member of EFTA, and whilst we were once in EFTA our economy is larger than all the current members taken together. Also a Norway style deal means taking all EU regulation directly into force for all time, and that is incompatible with the objectives currently being used
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    Deal or no deal was much easier to understand when Noel Edmonds was the host. (funnier too).🤭
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    Looking at Which Warrington is in 88th place for car insurance out of 126 post codes, average price of insurance is £855.55 in Warrington. Cheapest is Galashields average price is £544.84 followed by Exeter. Manchester is 111 (£1128.60) and Liverpool 112 (£1140), Wigan is 93, Preston 91, Blackpool 68, Chester 67, while Oxford is 40 average insurance is 666.43, Swindon is 38, Newcastle Upon Tyne 65. Most expensive is London West average price of car insurance £1734.80! Looking at crime levels Warrington car crime is 2% hire then in Exeter. I surprised car crime is so high in Warrington also surprised car insurance is so expensive, I pay £168!
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    Seems a bunch of our celebs have written an open letter in support of XR, and admitting that they're hypocrites for their high carbon celeb lifestyles. Geldorf, Commerbach and even Ray Winston; all asking to be excused their carbon footprints for the greater good. Seems the rich want the rest of us to give up our cars, central-heating, and holiday flights; while they carry on doing what they've always done. As for XR, one was filmed trying to smash a glass door, while the Police appeared to be looking on - time they were arrested and locked up for a long time; they are no more than a modern religious cult, with a puritanical disregard for any view but their own.
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    maybe this is the best solution. Yabadado.
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    That's a fantastic link. I didn't know the public footpath through Crosfields existed. I'm going to try each of them. Slightly off topic, anyone remember the short cut that used to enable you to drive under the tracks at the side of Bank Quay station, through part of Crosfields and emerge just over the bridge on Liverpool Road? Cutting out the traffic lights.
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    As the photo section doesn't seem very active nowadays I thought this may be a more appropriate section to issue an apology for most if not all of the images that I had posted in the past that have disappeared from posts on the 'Photo' Section, the reason is that I had closed my account on Photobucket, however I am gradually uploading them to my Flickr account and now downloading them from there. I'm only sorry that I had not done this before but I have only just discovered how to upload the photos from Flickr via the images URL. Algy.
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    Clucas, this is the original Dog & Dart Inn which stood on the junction of Knutsford Road, Stockport Road and Chester Road, Grappenhall. Credit to Andrea Daniels for the black & white photo. The original Dog and Dart Inn, Grappenhall. c1925. The small single story building is the Toll keepers cottage.
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    People who have any integrity should look else where for their hols.
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    😂🤣😂well done Gary I'm sort of proud of you now for actually doing one😅🤣 psI did have a very good reason for not being able to do it for you this time..... I bet you had help though and didn't do it all on your own tee hee.....
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    Another example of highly intelligent and skillful CEOs who took millions to bankrupt a company! Why hasn't Thomas Cook continued to operate in administration so people can be flown home and maybe parts of the business sold off to live again, anyone know?
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    Could Hays Travel save the day ?
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    Hope you didn't get the cape dirty.🤓..🦸‍♂️..🤫 It'll be fine Gary, what's the worse that can aaarggh crackle buzz fizz bang, oops.🤣
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    A Gov programme to vaccinate schoolchildren against flu; has met with resistance from the Muslim community, on the grounds that the vaccine contains pig fats - so much for living in the 21st century, when your up against a 7th century mindset..
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    When you consider that Bojo was exposed to the workings of the courts for proroguing Parliament ,his interruption to the Parliamentary business schedule is nothing compared to the business lost because of the spoiling tactics of Remain MPs delaying the implementation of a democratic vote in favour of leaving the EU.
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    Warrington buses are much more inviting than their Arriva counterparts . The town really does deserve a comprehensive evening & late night bus service though, but the damage was done to public transport with deregulation during the nineties which made the goal of bus companies profits instead of service providers to all.
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    Or in the case of the French blockade the ports....🤣 On the plus side there will be less disruption when the annual French air traffic control strike is on....🤔
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    These demonstrators seem to have a lot of free time and money to travel the country. So they can't have a job Are they all very rich Or on Benefits ????
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    We will have to send out a search party to search ditches for his body.
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    Wonder if these groups would care to protest in Beijing ? !
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    They're bringing out a new lipstick called "Climate Change" so that climate change will be on everyone's lips. They'll follow that up with one called "Brexit".
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    Well therein lies the problem Gary. The referendum was a binary vote which resulted in a decision to LEAVE, with no conditions attached. The great and the good never entertained the idea that the plebs wouldn't vote for remain and didn't legislate for it all going wrong for them. The result is the mess we find ourselves in. This is now being painted as the fault of those who voted to leave rather than being the fault of the remain side who have spent the last 3+ years trying to overturn the outcome of a legitimate vote.
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    Next time you are in tell them they need to be better with their advertising locally !
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    I know some Warrington fans who refused to go because they expected it to be included in season ticket price like Super 8s - apparently the club is doing research now on why people didn't attend!
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    Think you missed the bit out where they said it had to the right sort of immigrants, EG labour supporters. 🕵️‍♀️.....🤫
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    I am actually starting to feel sorry for Greta, she is obviously just a front girl and behind her are adults (probably her parents) controlling her probably to make money
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    The opposition need to get out more as they are developing very thin skins. It must be related to the amount of sun they seen because the SNP are usually the worst affected.
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    Why on earth would such an important device have an off button? I'd have thought that such devices would be integrated into the aircraft in such a way as to make it virtually impossible to access or disable. Also if these are almost throw away items, why not put a whole load of them on each aircraft and make them so that if it ends up in the sea it will float? Bill
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    You can't just fly a plane to any airport without the financial backing of anyone able to demonstrate their ability to pay landing fees/airport charges/fuel charges and without the plane having current certification. Part of the problem has probably been the inability to pay these charges. The real world is a lot more complicated than you might think.
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    Seems everyone of the Judges voted for Remain, so were clearly unable to seperate their personal political political preferences from an objective legal judgement . Ultimately, this can only serve to undermine public confidence in democracy and the rule of law, when the law itself is brought into disrepute. So now we're left with a Parliament determined to stop Brexit, but won't admit it. A Parliament that won't hold a vote of no confidence in the PM and bring about a G/Election. All intended to ignore the will of the people in a referendum. Clearly the worst Parliament since Oliver Cromwell cleaned it out .
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    This sprang to mind for some reason: https://youtu.be/WEhS9Y9HYjU
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    "I think therefore i am" descartes "i yam what i yam and that's all that i yam" popeye.
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    Is there one for Wally, people have been looking for him for years.
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    I hope they are successful Obs, I'm not a sensationalist and I can't believe it, (. because I'm not Matt Dameon), but apparently the deep state exists. Harry Palmer would be in his element.
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    The same age group were in tears after the Brexit result, saying their futures had been stolen - their futures of travelling the world and clocking up a carbon footprint.
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    Guy Faulks, where are you when needed, if only to end this unending circular topic !
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    Mother, a bit concerned as her daughter is on her first date. The lad she is going with comes from a notoriously mean and tight-fisted family. When her daughter returns from the date, her mother asks how it went. 'He took me out for tea and biscuits' daughter said. Mother asks if she enjoyed it. 'Yes, it was exciting, I'd never given blood before'.
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    It's been a long time since we had a poll - Let's see how this one goes!!!
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