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    Mix these tablets with the cattle feed - problem solved!
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    I find your attempts at censorship rather confirms Observer's disquiet at the extension of PC philosophy which this ban, which has yet to affect any ad at all, represents. It is a clear and distressing reduction in our liberties in an area which is beyond what I believe should be the remit of the ASA, namely social engineering. Free speech is being eroded by policies such as this as well as commenters who divert any expression of an opinion by constructing personal attacks on those who express them; in Obs' case usually hoping to start a discussion. He doesn't want you to agree, he wants you to discuss - it is what this place is for.
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    Perhaps clothing manufacturers could step in and make all clothing stab resistant. If stabbing somebody has little effect then stabbing knife crime would go down.
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    Note I said attempts so I did not overestimate your effect as you suggest however you consistently try to stop people having opinions that you don't agree with. That is what PC is about: controlling the language in order to control the ideas that can be considered, you do it all of the time.
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    Don't want to appear too pedantic but I always thought a bacon buttie can't be called a bacon buttie if it's cut diagonally otherwise that would make it a bacon sandwich which is a bit posh for us northerners. 😁 Bill
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    Reading the question asked it is a loaded question anyway. a six foot bearded man that identifies as female. fair enough. (that almost describes me apart from the six foot bit as i have shrunk over the years so only five foot eleven and a half. oh and i definitely do not identify as female as many a lass from my past could testify to.🤫🤫 ) Would you address HIM as her or madam the loaded part. The interviewer admits in the first bit that it is a HIM and not a HER that is being interviewed. (also i have never heard any female referred to a madam apart from under certain circumstances. 🤔🕵️‍♀️ ) The correct answer to the question, given the information available,would be "however the person instructed me to after i had asked them how they would like to be addressed, even if it was Thor god of thunder and part time gardener from the planet zog"
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    I attended this years Mela, as I have since its inception and it just goes from strength to strength. So wonderful and uplifting to see the people of the town come together in celebration , from all the diverse cultures our town boasts. The food was absolutely superb and the acts and entertainers did a great job. A beautiful day that flew in the face of the recent rise in hate crimes within the town and in the country. Love and hope beats hate every time. https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2019/07/09/warrington-mela-celebrates-cultural-harmony/
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    Which I very much doubt you did, you know it being the real world and about harmony.
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    Isn't the crux of the matter that his actions could prejudice or influence any court proceedings & allow a good defence barrister to let these people escape justice.
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    Well, the way in which the top echelon of the EU has been "appointed" should convince Leavers they made the right decision, nothing democratic about it at all.
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    The Scouts walked, alongside round 2000 other walkers. The tradition continues although nowadays it is not the highlight of the summer for many. People still gave money to walkers and there were still marching bands. Long may it continue, in spite of negative comments from across the pond where I suppose size is everything.
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    St Helens have been the masters of the forward pass to split defences for a long time - don't understand why video ref can't be used for these game changing incidents?
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    I received the following today: DVLA:You are eligible to receive a vehicle tax refund. Please submit your request via ukdriverf.inal-give-back.co.uk/vehicle14 Thank It was sent from a mobile number. It's an obvious phishing attempt as Government Agencies don't send texts offering to give you money! Also their internet address would end in gov.uk . Please be aware that this sort of fraud attempt is becoming quite common. I haven't been tempted to open the link and have deleted the text. I'll probably report it to Action Fraud.
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    A waste of time and money in that case surely? If the Scots truly want independence, they should insist that any future referendum be UK wide. There would undoubtably be at least two thirds majority in their favour 🤣.
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    And he's allowed to vote. Explains a lot.
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    Not that bad an idea actually and if the police think it may save the life of someone who's partner has violent tendencies, then maybe it's a good thing. When you think of it, there's no need for them to have a sharp point, after all their main role is to cutting rather than stabbing. If knives with points capable of stabbing someone were classed as daggers it'd make it much easier for the police to get a prosecution. Bill
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    And remember we were left out of the post war Marshall Aid plan.. Denied help with A Bomb production.And told to "Get out of Suez(1956) or be bankrupted by massive US financial powers" Plus Joe Kennedy US ambassador in London(1940) strongly suggested withholding all War Aid as we were already a beaten nation and Herr Hitler would be in London in six months.Thankfully Roosevelt thought differently and replaced the IRA sympathiser at the first opportunity. These facts are conveniently brushed under the carpet of history.
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    What a retarded, backward, narrow minded, ignorant and wrong headed view of the real world. Another quality post from the forum Nazi. We depend on British citizens for our national sporting heroes, it's just a minority of neanderthal idiots who can't quite grasp it.
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    Actually Obs, FDR was willing to have America join the war prior to Pearl Harbor, because he felt that Britain had to survive to be the base from which to defeat Germany and. told Churchill so, but he had to protect himself from the anti war lobby led by Charles Lindbergh. Pearl Harbor gave FDR the tool to overcome that opposition. America could have just fought Japan, there was no need at that time for them to take on Germany too, regardless of any paper war declaration, but they did. The End , cos a man convinced against his will is n'eer convinced at all.
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    Cut a bacon buttie? what a novel idea. Does it make it taste better? On a slight tangent but to do with health. a recent study has suggested that every pint of bee over five pints per week will shorten your life by fifteen minutes.🤔 Now then according to my calculations, given that i started drinking about age 17 up until present.averaging the number of beers i drink over that time gives some very interesting results. Either 1. I should have lived until the year 2247.🧙‍♂️ or 2. I died in the year 1793.👻
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    Seems green advisors to Gov are recommending a 20% reduction in the number of cattle raised by farmers, in order to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions ! Apparently cattle farts are estimated to contribute 14% methane to our atmosphere. This will mean a reduction in eating meat and drinking milk, to which science is offering ground insect burgers as an alternative source of protein ! Now if animal farts are causing such a problem for the future of the enviroment, shouldn't that include 7 billion humans too ?
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    For educational purposes only.
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    I bet that thought was right at the front of the minds of all of those eighteen and twenty year olds Obs, as they died 4000 miles from home and twenty miles from England.
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    The committee on climate change did indeed just choose the number by making it up along with other fantasy numbers. They want the reduction in eating AS WELL as feeding the cattle more digestible foodstuffs as advocated by Algy! However for me their credibility is shot to pieces because it is part of the ludicrous zero-carbon by 2050 pushed by £Trillion May and the chairman of the committee is none other than John Selwyn Gummer, who is also proposing genetic modifications to plants and animals. What could possibly go wrong, and do these people never learn!
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    Just a slight correction Stall; the reason there are US crosses in Normandy and elsewhere is because of Pearl Harbour; and the reason the US fought in Europe was because Germany declared war on the US on 8th Dec 1941 (big mistake ). The US was probably the only economic beneficery from WW2; the UK was bankrupt and had to pay back every penny of lend lease.
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    Wouldn't they fart more than the cows ? I am surprised some entrepreneur hasn't come up with a way of using the excess gas off cattle as a power source. Our MPs seem to do very well off bullsh!=.
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    They probably produce more methane than cattle! 🤣
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    They only take into account statistics that show that their hypothesis is correct and there's a big problem. In other words they don't let reality invade cloud cuckoo land.
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    "Way on down" Elvis or "down down" Status Quo maybe..... "land down under" at a push. Makes a change somebody actually using a vote. Wonder if they voted in the referendum?🤔
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    I think the human race is pretty great and the world is in better shape than ever ( except for liberal socialists!). All this whining about how evil and destructive we are, no mention of the great developments since the Victorian age. The air and water quality is better than it's ever been, essential services and they are essential to a civilized world, have been engineered to almost perfection. Developments in agriculture enable food to be grown in previously barren places. Still they moan ! A week after it was announced that global warming (as it was then) was about to kill us all, New York City got buried in six feet of snow ! Some people will only be happy when we are back in caves, which will only happen when gullible politicians force it on us. Surprised we are discussing this, isn't the world scheduled to end in 2000? Oops, my mistake, I think that's been moved up till next week.
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    Well Sid, having heard about cattle being blamed for causing the hole in the ozone layer maybe veganism should be outlawed. And drinking in pubs that sell bad ale.
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    I almost mastered chopsticks on the piano, never managed it at a chinese restaurant though.🤭
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    Following on from the private prosecution brought against our esteemed Mr Johnson , will it also mean than any politician can be held accountable for any statement made which is not carried out to the letter ? A PM or even a political party could even be held accountable for failing to carry out it's manifesto to the letter. What come across to me is nothing more than mud slinging against a prospective PM from an agent of the Remain side which was no less guilty of romantic fiction during the referendum campaign.
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    The judgement is now online: https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2019ewhc-1709-admin-johnson-v-westminster-mags-final.pdf A damning litany of mistakes by the original District Judge. No body will be locked up P.J. The justices made it clear that lying at elections is not an offence in Statute Law. The action was also vexatious. There was no misconduct in a public office as the common law stands. Shocking that Marcus Ball got this far. Equally shocking that there Johnson made no application for costs so he had to pay his own costs too.
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    A disappointing defeat for the Wire against St Helens who, as usual, got the lucky breaks in an otherwise even contest. In the first half Warrington seemed to have the upper hand but were unable to cross the try line and had to be content with a half time lead of 4-0 curtesy of 2 Declan Patton penalty kicks. Wire went further ahead after the break with another penalty kick before Hughes was, rather harshly, given a yellow card in what was not a dirty game. Saints then scored a try against the 12 man defence thanks to a forward pass obvious to everyone except the officials. Further tries and a drop goal put the visitors ahead although Jake Mamo did score in the corner to reduce the deficit. A penalty right on the final whistle made the final score of 10-21 perhaps a bit flattering to St Helens, but still a disappointing end to the Warrington contingent of the 14,200 crowd.
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    Can't help you there still waiting for the money from that Nigerian prince. I usually send an email reply asking if they can send a cheque for £500 made out to bearer so that i can open a bank account as i don't currently have one. (hasn't worked yet but still hopeful.) Had any number of variations on the theme of my husband/father/best mate has died and has x million in a bank account that they are willing to share. those usually get a email with a reply of sorry for your loss or my condolences. the latest ones i get are from asda/morrisons/tesco/ bargain booze/ fred cafes with a fluorescent comic sans font saying that my coupons are ready for collection or some such. these just get deleted.
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    If (and it's a big IF) the DVLA actually owed me money, I would expect them to send me a letter to that effect with a cheque attached, not to have to make a claim! It must be my turn to be scammed this month because I've also received this email: FEDERAL RESERVE BANK COMPENSATION FUNDS Mr. Jerome H. Powell<mrjeromepowell1@gmail.com> 24/6/2019 21:57 Quick reply Reply all Forward Delete US Federal Reserve Bank Corporate Office 20th St. and Constitution Ave. N.W Mail Stop K300 Washington, D.C. 20551 Our Ref:USFRB/IRU/SFE/15.5/NY/011 United States of America Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time(EDT) Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time(EDT) Federal Reserve Bank® Your payment files from four (4) different banks, Natwest Bank of London,United Bank of Africa, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development(EBRD)and Bank of America was compiled and submitted to my desk this morning for review. The total sum owed to you by the 4 banks mentioned above was sum up to the tune of US$15,500,000.00 (Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). This commission was set up in conjunction with the American intelligence bureau as well as the European Union to fight against scam and fraudulent activities worldwide. Now the fund has been totally lodged in one particular Escrow account (non deductible) here in the Federal Reserve Bank New York on your name, while waiting for accreditation to your personal bank account in any part of the world. Meanwhile, after due scrutiny and verification, I confirmed that you have fulfilled all the necessary obligations that will enable the release of your payment to you, but yet your payment was not released to you due to one flimsy excuses or the other from the Bank officials in charge of your payment, because they had the intention of diverting your funds to their private accounts in order to satisfy their selfish interest. You are however lucky that we the management of the US Federal Reserve Bank detected their evil plans and therefore call for the submission of your payment file to us so we can personally handle the payment assignment to ensure that you receive your funds accordingly. Now, all modalities regarding your fund release has been put in place here in the Reserve Bank of America, thus, your funds has been made ready for transfer in our sophisticated macro transfer system, what we need from you now is to provide to us the bank account of your choice which you want us to transfer your funds so we can expedite action for the accreditation of your funds into your account immediately. Below are the information needed for now for your transfer. 1. Personal Details: Full Name: Current Address: Age/Gender: Occupation: Direct Mobile Number: Passport Copy, ID card or DL: 2. Banking Details: Bank Name: Bank Address: Account Name Account Number: Routing Number: Swift Code: Note: If you prefer to receive your funds in form of a ATM CREDIT CARD (VISA/MASTER CARD , we could Kindly forward your details to: mrjeromepowell1@gmail.com In anticipating for your urgent cooperation Yours sincerely, Mr. Jerome H. Powell Chair Of the Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank Washington, D.C. Co-chief Operating Officer, Reserve Bank® Corporate Office, WD, Washington, D.C.. Federal Reserve Bank, N.A. Member FDIC. © 2017 Federal Reserve Bank Corporation. All rights reserved. AR72768/DD6A66 I haven't decided what I'm going to spend it all on yet. Any suggestions?
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    Enshrine carbon dioxide emissions in law even though the government cannot directly control them! More pointless stupidity - in fact just the same as reducing child poverty when it is defined as a relative measure so cannot go away by definition unless everyone is uniformly poor.
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    I am aware that i have dreams but not their content in any detail. Although i will admit to waking up with a death grip on the mattress and the feeling that i have just had a very narrow escape although what from i have no idea. One of my best curses to put on anybody is "may ALL your dreams come true". Much more horrible than the "may you live in interesting times"one if you really think about it. I did often wonder about what my dog was dreaming about. his little legs scrabbling away, and making small barking noises every so often. It was the blood-curdling howl that used to put the willies up me, especially at 3 in the morning. How a small dog could manage to produce a sound that would not have been out of place in your average horror movie is beyond me. werewolves would spring to mind when he did that. The funny thing is that he would often wake himself up when he did that and the stare around wondering where the noise came from.
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    Presume Stallard has been at the Sanatogen again 🥴
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    Come on Asp, Im just guessing, but I think that maybe the frog was caressing my thigh. - a female maybe ?
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    or rather what you can afford.
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    Very enterprising is your Becky even if she does have destructive tendencies 😂. I do have to ask though, what has your itchy leg got to do with the whole plot? Perhaps you need an editor? Gary knows about that sort of thing 🤔.
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    So, because majority public attitudes don't conform to the "progressive" dictates; things have to be banned - not enlightened at all.
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    Seems Jeremy, I'll jump on any bandwagon in a storm, Corbyn; has moved a motion in Parliament, calling for a "Climate Emergency"; which presumably means that we (the UK), ramp up our efforts to impose a form of materialistic austerity ahead of India, China and the US, making our exports increase in price, and our energy too.
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