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    Lost all interest in this subject now. The draconian measures were taken to 'flatten the curve' of infections, which has now, in most places, been achieved, it was not to stand still until the virus is eradicated. Now it's just a political football, with decisions not being made not on evidence, but on the fear of ones opinions being damaged politically if wrong, or politically beneficial if the status quo is maintained. 'Death' is now being thrown around like 'rascist' with the result that both are unfortunately, becoming inconsequential. All of this disaster was initiated by the communist Chinese government covering their asses and the rest of the world trying to work out what to do about something that had never happened since the Bubonic Plague. The world now knows a lot more about the virus and can plan accordingly. However some people refuse to recognize the difference between now and day one and try to manipulate the 'statistics' to support their 'glass half empty' point of view. Time to climb out of the air raid shelter people and shake your fist at the enemy - it's been done before.
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    yes some good stuff and for a bit of nostalgia "Get Some In" so bad it's good 🤪 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072504/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
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    Think with public transport systems, being packed in like sardines with zero social distancing is the issue, rather than air circulation. The other point is, why are people using aircraft during a supposed lock down ? And if it's a lock down, it implies a lock out - IE: no one comes into the UK without health checks and quarantining and our borders are comprehensively policed to prevent illegal entry. 😷
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    The air is recycled, usually about 50%. it is mixed with air from the engine compressors which has been cooled and then the mixture filtered to remove any bacteria present. Depending on who you read up on it can be a low as 95 % efficient at bacteria removal or as high as 99 % efficient. (a bit like modern bleaches really which kill 99.99% of all known germs.) It is that last .01 % that has always worried me though, if it can survive the bleach it must be a really nasty one, The hells angels of the germ world.
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