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    Well I have just completed my first ever forum upgrade!! So if anything isn't working properly please blame Dizzy for leaving it soooooooo long I had to do it
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    The US gets criticised if they get involved in other countries and also if the they leave. Why should it always be down to them. What about countries who tend to not get involved. Let them do their bit (Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc). They have benefitted in the past from the work done by others.
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    No need to accomodate them anywhere in the UK Latch; like you do with unwanted mail, just return them to sender.
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    😂🤣😂well done Gary I'm sort of proud of you now for actually doing one😅🤣 psI did have a very good reason for not being able to do it for you this time..... I bet you had help though and didn't do it all on your own tee hee.....
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    Hope you didn't get the cape dirty.🤓..🦸‍♂️..🤫 It'll be fine Gary, what's the worse that can aaarggh crackle buzz fizz bang, oops.🤣
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