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    Perhaps he had beans for tea, and self inflated them before taking them off😂
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    Knife crime escalated enormously yesterday when 17.4 million voters were stabbed in the back.
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    Sadly, most folk who are disgusted with politicians don't vote at all, thus low turnouts permit the same old, same old to get elected. As I understand it, the referendum turnout was reasonably high. The antics in parliament have been a lesson on the true nature of politics and politicians, and one hopes the electorate have learned that lesson.
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    Dizz they have to be soaking wet so that they trap the air.🤭 Tying the ends together using a reef knot is probably easier when the jeans are wet. Also why would you need a floatation device in your kitchen do you require the services of a plumber? (to fix any leaks obs before you start with the innuendoes.)😯
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    Dizzy giving a BJ, well I never !
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