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    Well Well Well the news was full of it today.. but Hey whats up??? You would think the World was ending according to some reactions. ""My Husband won't get home as his sat nav isn't working"" was one housewife's wailed comment "He is working 100 miles away I am desperately worried" Ehh ??? Whats the World coming to. I remember the days before the Internet.. and well Man got to the Moon,Trains ran on time, and people either looked at maps or road signs... Just imagine we survived two World Wars as well and launched The Welfare State. I really despair. Now some peoples data won't work for a day and it national news headlines !!!! And on a more sombre note in the event of any future war , a few Electromagnetic air blasts over Britain and everything would shut down,what is the Governments plan B for that? And as a footnote, I went from Warrington to Southport in school holidays with my friends on our bikes aged 14 plus we also got back without sat nav's 😊
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