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    Have you always had this obsession with men's rear ends PJ, it really is most worrying!.
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    What exactly do you mean where you say Algy is 'desperately seeking credit whilst plagiarising another persons work' PJ? Reply please..... I hope it's not about what I think you are inferring !!! Now go and have a happy pill cos it seems you are rattling most people on the forum this weekend with your attacks and comments towards them...but hey you like doing that don't you...numpty lol
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    Indeed it does Asp....but only to those of us who are shocked and have a brain cell. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen people in their cars this week alone still doing it. They clearly just DON'T BLOODY CARE ABOUT OTHERS OR THEMSELVES !! IDIOTS !!!!
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    PJ are you the gentleman that I met at Moore rugby club a few years back when you were holding a photography display if so you were very polite.
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    Well said Stallard, but don't expect PJ to let you off for not following the PC narrative .
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    Excuse me Bill, but you haven'r noticed I now don't reply to the Troll, as I've employed that mechanism called the "ignore button"; so to me he's invisible !
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    here we are again happy as can be all good friends and jolly good company.
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    But you have to admit that Obs has a point PJ. If these thousands of people have the drive and energy to walk so far into the unknown, why haven't they got the drive and the energy to change the living conditions of their countries of origin?
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    It’s hard to tell, I just see a bunch of arses
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