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    There are some ignorant, arrogant or plain stupid drivers who take up two parking spaces in the multi storey car parks, thankfully the Council issue fines, don’t they Bill 😄
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    The Trump visit was a State visit, and thus a State responsibility, made more expensive by the antics of protesters. The "Royal" Wedding is not a State occasion, but a private one, no doubt Andrew would like his kids to be on the Royal payroll, but his older brother has knocked him back. It's his responsibilty to shell out on the wedding, not the tax-payer.
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    I don't think vegans have enough energy to plot anything
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    so we stop eating meat and increase the methane levels instead.
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    Whilst I'm not a Republican by any means, I think the Royals are losing sight of a convention they adopted post- French revolution, to minimise outward expressions of their wealth and privilage, especially in an era of austerity and growing wealth inequality. One would think our politicians would rein them in, especially those outside the the immediate family, who could join the rest of the prols; whilst the next in line move to the more modest life styles of their Scandanavian cousins.
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