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    OK PJ so are you saying that every time ANY of us post a topic or make any comment we ALL have to substantiate our words with source links to validate what we are saying? I've posted many 1000's of topics and comments over the years as have you and others and yes sometimes we have all posted links but mostly we haven't. I suppose we could though if we could be bothered but then what would it achieve other than giving other websites an extra 'google' type tick in the box for the posted back links? We all interpret what is reported in national and local news differently sometimes that's because of the way things are reported though as some are intentionally worded to cause unrest and debate and we all have our own views too. Just because you think you are right about something or I think I'm right about something..or any other person thinks they are right about somethings...DOESN'T MEAN WE ARE ALL RIGHT...OR INDEED ALL WRONG. But what matters is that things SHOULD be able to be discussed/debated in a grown up way. Twice now you have also mentioned 'better run forums' too...well if you don't like this one and think it's so badly run WHY DO YOU KEEP COMING ON IT and not stick to the 'better run ones?' Obviously I'm not trying to get rid of you but if you hate it so much why stick around and call it all the time? I feel very sorry for Gary who, as we all know, pays to keep this forum running with money from his own pocket every month just so us 'long timers' can all whinge on it. Maybe you will get your way one day and he will close it down...... As for you wanting me to retract the claim that you accused me of racism......non retractable I'm afraid as I explained myself more than once about how I felt....I agree that you didn't actually say directly that I was being racist but your comments and you way you kept on and on made it seem like AND MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS being racist...when I wasn't. I swore blind I wasn't going to reply on here again.....damn...OVER AND OUT !!
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    PJ in reply to your latest reply to me......'whatever'!. I really can't be arsed replying to you any more in any detail and more specifically as it's becoming very tiresome. YAWN !! I'm off to listen to the last half of that song gain ....
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    The Wire ran out easy winners at 80-10 having led by 34 points to 6 at half time. Warrington controlled the first half easily, but started making silly mistakes and giving away soft penalties in the second half. However Hull only managed one try in the second half and by the end Wire were running amok against a clearly tired and demoralised side. A much improved performance to the one at Wembley.
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    The self destruct button is pushed in every game at some point ,15 to 20 minutes of indecision & panic.
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    More like "Blind man's buff" .
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    Do mutual red arrows constitute fisticuffs on the forum ?
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    Great reaction from the players although Hull were very poor. You can only play what's infront of you though! Just hope we can get some our our injury niggles cleared up for next week.
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    That's the end of that for this year. Catalan gave fair warning in the way they destroyed St Helens in the semi final, and they followed that up yesterday with a win in the final. The Wire seemed below par yesterday, making quite a few unnecessary errors that helped the Dragons to victory. On the day the better side won.
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    I enjoy their pantomime posts. just trying to work out which one has the part of the demon king and which one has the pop up part that causes the audience to shout "He's behind you"
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