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    The usual pale blue usually associated with freezing conditions. Great stuff butter, can be used to remove tar, stop hinges squeaking and tastes great on toast. warm soapy water and a toothbrush (an old one of course, unless you want to upset your partner/offspring) and plenty of patience. Have seen mayonnaise or cooking oil mentioned as an alternative as well. wd40 was always my choice for removing tar from my skin although removing the wd40 afterwards was another problem.(wd40 being resistant to water makes it difficult to just wash off)
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    If people don't know about the PDO then they must be living in a bubble of apathy, its been reported on massively at a local level. The library petition saved nothing as no closures were ever 'proposed' simply looked into as one of several possibilities. Which establishment biased reports do you refer to which are removed or archived? I am pretty sure none were ever hidden on the Warrington Worldwide site. During the libraries scare you were extremely vociferous on here trying to get people to turn out for the protest at the town hall. After I asked if you went and you said no as noone at the Town Hall would listen anyway . Apathy? p.s. I disagree with your opinion that the town is declining, I feel it's doing quite the opposite.
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    I read in the paper the other day how a clairvoyant midget escaped from prison. The headline said 'Small Medium at Large'
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    I don't believe in reincarnation but I did in a previous life.
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