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    Hey that's cleaver, I didn't know we could do that. I suppose everyone else can still see what's been said up to this point but at least it should stop a lot the childish name calling that's been allowed to go on here for far too long. Sad that it comes to this but who knows, the forum may end up getting a few more active members if the petty bickering stops. PJ you do make some posts that I actually agree with but your constant attempts to bait people into arguments is just not very nice to see so reluctantly I've also added you to the ignored list. Needless to say there's no need to reply this, I won't see it. Bill
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    PJ This was my comment regarding your attitude towards my original post to Sid's post - "No!, I would never have even thought of such a situation, it just shows what a warped, bitter and twisted mind you have and regards to whether you found it crap humour or not is of no interest to me and just confirms to me what a bigot you really are PJ." - and I meant every word, you are nothing but an antagonistic stirrer and internet bully who is not happy unless you are causing disruption on this group. I think it was a couple of years back I placed you on the sites 'Ignored users list' but then relented and made you visible again, it gives me great pleasure to place you back on once more where thank goodness I shall not have to put up with your idiotic remarks. Cheerio! Bigot.
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    They say there's a rat within 20m of every human; and no doubt sloppy waste disposal by some attracts them. It was actually a neighbour that raised the scare, as they seem to come from a local stream. I don't like cats usually, but they seem to be doing a good job in keeping them down. But my point is, that given the historical role of rats (Black Death etc) as carriers of disease, one would think that their suppression would be a preventative function by enviromental health services and thus free, and easily accessible..
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    No!, I would never have even thought of such a situation, it just shows what a warped, bitter and twisted mind you have and regards to whether you found it crap humour or not is of no interest to me and just confirms to me what a bigot you really are PJ.
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    The thing is that people crossing the border illegally are, by definition, breaking the law and are, if caught, placed in detention centres. They can't place children in adult detention centres, or adults in children's detention centres obviously, so they have to be separated. An unfortunate consequence of the Obama administration's handling of illegal immigration was that they gave a "pass" to families with children crossing the border illegally with the obvious result that a lot of children, not related to the illegal immigrants, were taken across miles of inhospitable desert to enable the illegals to cross into the USA without fear of being arrested, whereas before it had been mainly single males attempting to cross. Who knows how many of these kids have been subsequently been further abused by the people who used them as a sort of "passport" into the USA, sold on to traffickers. Another reason to separate the adults from the children is to establish whether there is a family link between them or are the children just being used as tools to enable the adults illegal entry. The Trump administration is not against immigration, it is against illegal immigration. Mexicans can, and do, migrate legally into the USA but, being sensible, the US don't want convicted criminals and drug dealers immigrating, they already have more than enough of them home grown. But of course the MSM and the left (but I repeat myself) can't resist using the images of concentration camps full of children as a weapon against the Trump.
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    What the hell are you talking about PJ, there was no racism mentioned or even intended in my comment, are you so bigoted that you can't see genuine humour when it stares you in the face, Confused 52 is correct I was merely having a light hearted dig at Sid regarding his comment, I am the last person that would infer that any area of this country was populated by any race by their colour, for goodness sake lighten up and take your head from up your backside and see what the real world is like man.
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    What a moronic post, tell me Algy, are you a real moron or do you simply do a brilliant impression of one? hehe some 'looser' gave me a thumbs down lol
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    you know all this yet you spout that utter nonsense about racism?
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    I suppose that would depend upon whether or not there was any history of racist posts 😉
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    Really Algy? Would you for instance consider it acceptable to post something along the lines of “ if they want benefits they should paint themselves brown and go to Calais’ ? If it was an attempt at humour it was crap, did you get it from Bernard Manning
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    Algy, you can drop the ‘offended angel’ routine and the ridiculous attack on me as you are condemned by your own words. The good thing is that at least the term racist still carries enough stigma to make everyone deny being one. Heartwarming.