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    Even that straw man is a straw man - because I've just agreed with you. I've got to hand it to you. I guess that's how you manage to rack up thousands and thousands of posts by constantly misrepresenting what people say and then whinging on till they admit you can have the last word. Not big on irony though, are you?
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    More straw men and personal comments. And you've answered your own question about the Parr Hall. Now that you've raised the subject, there is already a vanity project in the middle of the new development and it is being funded by the people of Warrington. So if you object to that sort of thing, then we agree on something.
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    I have. I don't just sit around whinging thousands of times on here like some people. I always go to source. They won't say. So, they've gone from publicising the costs in support of a business case, to increasing them (still in support of a weaker but viable business case) to pretending they don't exist. Occam's Razor leads to one conclusion. The business case has gone. As for all the other stuff in your post - it's just your usual straw man stuff full of things I never said, so I'll ignore that bit. BTW, somebody should have told the city of culture bid team that the town already has two 'municipal theatres'. It would have helped the bid no end and I can't believe they overlooked the facts you've just made up supplied.
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    I went into town on Sunday for a look around the Makers market. It looked great, lots of families browsing, buying and eating in the Queens gardens. There was also a ballet on at the Parr Hall. Nipped into Golden sq which was almost as busy as a Saturday. Didn't cost me a penny to park. You whingers need to try it sometime, you could do it when you are placing flowers on the site of the Manx Arms.
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    Ah I see, vanity projects are only acceptable if they are your vanity projects, things are clearer now thank you and what subject, pray tell, did I raise? 😄