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    Of course not, and I never even implied that. Saddam's Kuwait adventure gave the West the opportunity for retaliation, after which his cards were marked.
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    Like last year's event, just for show and no doubt choreographed with the Russians to avoid escalation. Donald wants to distract from his impending impeachment, May want's to distract from selling us out on Brexit and Macron wants to gain favours with the Saudis - "Oh what a tangled web we weave etc". The hypocracy is quite nauseating, all have nuclear arsenals capable of killing millions, yet criticise the alleged use of chemical weapons that killed 40. They have no mandate from the UN for this action, therefore making it an illegal act of war against a sovereign nation, just like Bliar's disasterous adventure in Iraq, which kicked off the "Arab Spring" and the current anarchy in the first place.
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    Has what gone Fugs ? If you mean the downvote/upvote thingy well no it's still there as it always was although we also added a 'ha ha giggle' type reaction too We (admins) can't see who actually votes either way again now (thankfully) as that was only a temporary measure for a short while while we/Invision were looking into the issue of the perpetual and rather annoying 'downvoter'. Glad it all stopped and we are back to being a happy(ish) place once again
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    Thx Gary - worth the wait. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve and his assistant coaches recently and found them to be thoroughly nice guys who were very passionate about the club. It was great to see!
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    Thanks for that Gary. I'm looking forward to seeing Charnley play for us, I always thought him an impressive player.
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