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    If 95% of the population were in his shoes they would have done the same. He wants congratulating not arresting.
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    Unfortunately the police had no option other than to comply with the law and arrest this hero!, as the old saying "the law is an ass". Thankfully the chap has been released on bail. On last nights news they reported that he had been defending his wife who has dementia and was terrified. Well done that man!.
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    - his Castle ? Seems a 78yo has been charged with murder, after stabbing to death one of two burglars, he found in his home. Would imagine it'll take a jury less than 5 minutes to find him not guilty.
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    It is disgraceful arresting this pensioner when the burglar was the person who took the screwdriver into his victims house with at least the intention of striking fear into the homeowner. The bloke got what he deserved.
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