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    I found https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/03/brexit-biggest-problem-european-commission-intransigence/ quite interesting and it mentions the cherry picking issues so is not totally off-topic
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    Those still are the days. We've had a milkman delivering our milk to the doorstep in glass bottles for a great many years now...although we don't leave him tokens like you mention as he just knocks for a cheque or cash every two weeks. I know it costs a bit more but our milkman is great and he even keeps an eye out when he's delivering early hours for any odd balls hanging around and also notices if people dont take their milk in and knocks on theirs to make sure they are ok...or on neighbours houses if he gets no answer form the person he's concerned about. Great chap he is
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    I would have loved to be in the Sweeney in the 70's...I've even got the right car for the job too