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    Do you remember the health warnings that accompanied the arrival of the mobile phone? Cancer, loss of memory, etc etc. Well just about everyone has one now and many people seem to spend their lives on them. As far as I know, the official advice is still that young children should not use them. But no-one seems bothered about health risks any more. Is any research being done to see if those early warnings were justified. I myself have noticed that people seem to be losing their memories at an earlier age than they used to, but this could be because so much information is available via the internet that no one needs to know anything any more! Anyone got any views?
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    Happy & Prosperous New Year to all on the forum & beyond.
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    A few weeks ago we had a lakeland council telling a power company that it must discontinue use of & dismantle an eco friendly wind farm on the grounds that it was spoiling the national park ,but now the Lake District has been elevated to "world " status some groups are up in arms because HS2 will not be cutting a swathe through their outstanding natural beauty to bring massive numbers of visitors. Amazing.
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    Perhaps sledges ,snow shoes & seal skin coats are the next long term investment on the FTSE.
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