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    Quite a few cars lost in the Liverpool Echo Arena multi storey on New Year's Eve due to a fire that spread very quickly.
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    Perhaps sledges ,snow shoes & seal skin coats are the next long term investment on the FTSE.
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    I'm sure that you would enjoy both of those things Gary. Fly Singapore Airlines and you would enjoy it even more.
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    Well folks we are back home in Texas. We had a great trip and the lunch with Gary and Dizzy, with a visit from Evil Sid, was a highlight. My first comment is that it is damn cold there, course you know that, but it seemed very cold this time, probably because the sun rarely appeared. People were great, had a front wheel flat close to Llangollen and a very nice young guy in his work truck, stopped and changed it for me. Great café / bakery on the main street in Llangollen, Winchit's or something like that, if I lived there, I would weigh three hundred pounds. Not so good was the traffic. Don't remember the lanes being so skinny and the parking with wheels on the sidewalk is a killer. Traffic circles are a problem too when you are not sure of your directions, everyone seems to turn them into race tracks. Becky was my navigator, but every time I looked at her for directions, she had her hands over her eyes!! Couldn't believe that I got lost so many times in my home town. Trying to get to the parking off Midland Way (that's new) and an unmapped island appeared and we ended up in Cockhedge shopping! I drove a 55' long tour bus all over the USA for eight years and never had a tighter experience than getting out of that parking lot !!! Must say though, my buddy, Smithy, who's my age, shocked the hell out of me when he told me that he had a hip replacement using local anesthetic !!!! Said that he wasn't too happy with having to listen to the whine of the saw as it cut his leg off !!!! One last thing, if you ever get the chance to fly Singapore Airlines take it. Their coach is just like business class with smaller seats, they feed you every two hours and wine with lunch and dinner. All in all a good final trip, thanks Gary and Dizzy. To quote the great man: It's so nice to go travelling, but it's so much nicer to come home.
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    Very nice to meet you Sid, no one on here knows what a nice guy you are - hope I haven't ruined your persona!! Anytime you're passing Diz, call in and I'll cook you breakfast.
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    I see it rather differently .... Barnier asked for 100million but no concessions at all. May has offered 20 million and two years free trade. The principle that we will only pay for future benefit is now clearly proposed. I thought it was for two year up the end of the EU budget but after Brexit, so free trade but no freedom of movement and registration of EU nationals who are here. I see no backsliding there.
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    That was indeed how it started but the no deal is better than a bad deal narrative was intended to scotch that idea and it does seem to be dawning on the Member States that we mean it. The Member States are asking Barnier to take a more realistic position. You are of course right about the disparate nature of the States but the Germans really aren't happy about being the only paymaster!
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    If there are no flights then the US will be cut off from practically the whole EU because they will not be able to reach the North Atlantic Tracks which all terminate in UK airspace until they divert everything via Madrid which will cost them a lot of money.
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    Segregation lives on in Newton le Willows , how about splitting up the different religions and races too Davy?
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    such a sad state of affairs when abuse of power and privilege is questioned. Pretty soon there will be no perks left.
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    getting permission to tip using a van is a piece of cake. I simply phoned the relevant department ( found on WBC website) and asked for one. They took a few details and provided me with a number to present at the gates. No issues, no drama, no excuse.
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    In that case. https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/recycling-centres/van-permits http://www2.eastriding.gov.uk/environment/bins-rubbish-recycling/tips-and-recycling-sites/tip-permits/ http://www.recycleforgloucestershire.com/household-recycling-centres-hrcs/using-a-van-pick-up-or-large-trailer/ hope this helps lol
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    Asp, I do not think that is right. The State Pension is not taxed using PAYE at all. The Revenue are told by DWP that it is in payment and they tax any other income that you receive to recover the tax due on that and the State Pension, this is some times done with K codes. Formally the old pension is called the Retirement Pension and is handled in the same way. This is all described in the HMRC manuals. The 35 year rule applies to all State Pensions where the State Pension Age falls after 5th April 2016. Davy's friend can pay Class 3 voluntary contributions to take his record up to the maximum by paying for the years he has not been working. The State Pension Statement should have made this clear. I believe the payments can be made after the state pension age has been reached thus increasing the pension after it has started but there is a limit to how far back you can go so the oldest gaps need to be paid first. The rates can be found here https://www.gov.uk/voluntary-national-insurance-contributions/rates. It does get much more complicated if one has been contracted out but the basic warning to be careful of the 35 year rule that Davy suggests still applies and act as soon as you is can what I would advise.
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    Yes, quite correct. That is how they implement taxing both incomes from one. I was just trying to also make the point that the Pension Statement doesn't take tax into account.