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    I've got as far as I'd like to get thanks but blimey Eagle... I was only trying to point something out and help so no need to bite my head off Nice to see you back and posting on here though...I've missed you To be honest most wouldn't care less if the point 'vote' system was here or not as over the years most people have never taken any notice of what people's votes or reputation scores are or probably even noticed what peoples ratings are....I never have. I never realised mine was so high until all this nonsense started as I've never even noticed my own under my avatar as it;s one of those things I become blind too lol. Odd though as mine seems to have gone considerably lower having seen it again just now to what it was a day or so ago. I think I have lost a couple of hundred points but hey I don't care in the slightest...I hope whoever is playing silly buggers with mine now is having fun bless them
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    If only someone had warned us before the referendum.