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    Think the film got it about right, when the Arabs held a convention in Damascus at the end of WW1, and argued over which tribe would control which utility, but without the technical expertise to do it. Ended in failiure of course, to the delight of the British and French, who came in to restore civilization and carve up a possible post-Ottoman, pan-Arab Empire into completely artificial States, under their control. An example would be Iraq, where there are Sunni Arabs in the west, Shias in the east, marsh Arabs in the south and Kurds in the north, eventually held together by a strong central dictator (Saddam Hussein), who we eventually displaced, allowing all the differing tensions to re-emerge. It's this lack of political maturity and cohesion, and Western interference that's given rise to the displacement and migrations, that Europe is now reaping.
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    Less than a week to get an appointment! Gosh, you're lucky! I recently had to wait over a month to speak to my GP over the phone!