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    So the EU are demanding we pay them billions to get out. They are demanding that all agreements are done BEFORE we start trade talks too and also want the rights of EU citizens living here to be all agreed and rubber stamped ..... and yet when we throw an ace into the ring, namely the fact that the EU rely very heavily on our security services and expertise, they cry in unison that that shouldn't be allowed??? Of course it should. Our security services are paid for by OUR taxes and is bugger all to do with the EU. If they want our info to keep them safe then they should bloody well pay for it and make concessions to keep that info flowing. If you negotiate, you negotiate with everything you've got. You don't agree to the other parties terms ad infinitum and then accept a few crumbs back.
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    Hey Diz, you're on the ball this week! That funeral notice might be handy for Cas, gives a list of names of relatives, nephews / nieces with different surnames. Edwin must have had at least one sister to have a nephew called Jackson. It's amazing how the pieces come together when you do some research isn't it?
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    Hiya Cas, I'm so glad you found the info re Edwin Jnr useful to your research. I presumed you might have already found it so nearly didn't post it but so I'm glad I did now I've not got Edwin seniors other marriage on my search 'tree' yet so will look into and add that and keep looking for other stuff for you when I have time. Here's the newspaper clip I mentioned found for Rev Edwin Jnr's death where it says who went to his funeral, his past service, how well respected he was, and mention if his youngest son the Rev C B Wheeldon Rector of Stretton (NOT Stretton in Warrington though but Stretton in Rutlandshire) I hope you can read it ok Click to enlarge...but if you can't read it let me know and I'll split it down into bigger individual section uploads which will easier to read than one full image.
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    Seems that Edwin Jnr then went on to become a Reverend .... The news clip about his death is too long to post in one image on here so wont be readable when uploaded due to viewing constraints so I'll have to crop it into sections tomorrow when I have more time (oops it;s almost 2am now....I get carried away) but it says he was.... A native of Southport and educated at Warrington Grammar School and St Bees College. Ordained at Liverpool First Curacy was at St. Polycarps, Everton He was then Curate at Biddulph for 7 and 1/2 years After 2 years as curate-in-charge at Meir he became Vicar of Buddulph where he remained for 15 years He was then appointed to Horton and held that position for 14 years He'd was the Vicar of Horton (near Leek). When Edwin Jnr died, aged 64, his wife was on holiday with their youngest son who was also a Vicar, (he was The Rev C B Wheeldon and was the Rector of Stretton in Rutlandshire) Strange to think that Edwin Snr who ran a pub and got fined for selling liquor without a license could have had a son who became a vicar and in turn a grandson too who also became a vicar..... Sorry Cas...I tend to get carried away looking and no doubt you have all that too. At least I'm making use of my Ancestry & FMP subscriptions again having now drawn a blank on going back any further with my own family research after years of looking ha ha. Mine are are a boring lot and a pain in the <you know where> at times ha ha
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    Cas in your opening post you mentioned that by 1881 census Edwin was recorded as “retired innkeeper” living at 115 Lovely Lane. Am I right then in thinking that your Edwin (born 1820) had a son also called Edwin (born c1869 in Southport?) If so I think this record from the Nation Schools Admissions Registers & Log Books for 1870 to 1914) is his son (Edwin juniors) admission record as it shows an address of Lovely Lane too.... You probably have it already though through your own research if I'm right..... thought I'd post in anyway before I loose it. These two records are dated 1883 when Edwin Jnr was 14 and shows his father (Edwin Snr) as being a 'gentleman' Click to enlarge...hope you can read them
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    Interesting news clip Cas. I wonder if they appealed and were successful or if they just paid their £5 fine? An online Historical Inflation Calculator shows that as being equivalent to £540 in today's money. It doesn't seem much really for selling without a license tut tut
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    Cas I didn't hink I had any photos other than the same two that BazJ posted but I just looked through all the old pics I have again and have now found these two which show the Woolpack (dated 1920 and c1925) I must have looked at these hundreds of times over the years but until I saw your link to the image from the Warrington History Society's page I hadn't realised the building after Eustance's on these I have was the Woolpack. I'm so glad you posted this topic or I would still be non the wiser Click to enlarge....
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    Cas, this is another shot of the same pub but with more traffic and after they demolished the one above, they built a new pub and called that the Woolpack. It was situated about 40 yards up the street on the right of the photo above (Where the MK2 Consul is pulling out of and where the cycle is turning into) Hope these help
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    https://www.hpacde.org.uk/cheshire/jpgh/c02381.jpg found this image not sure if it is the woolpack but seems to be in about the right place. you may have to purchase it if you need a copy. on the livewire website is a link to cheshire archives. click that and select search the archives. click the W button and select warrington and it will give a selection of pictures you can view. i think this one is on about page sixteen ( i had it set to ten pictures per page there 301 altogether) hope this helps.