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    yes........ but its Factual tripe you dont have to read it see the view counter gone as high as it can
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    You mean you want to learn more ??
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    That's the trouble with the Israelis. They inflame the situation and aggravate the Arab world with this waving two fingers at Palestine by continually building these houses. Another downside is the message it sends to their own people, who get hacked off when the houses get pulled down. PS. seems our government aren't too happy either.
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    So the Israelis are supposed to just sit there and accept civilians being bomabrded by explosives on a daily basis? The Palestinians have had numerous opportunities to come to a settlement but refuse to acept any solution apart from the end of the State of Israel and the removal of all Israelis, dead or alive. Get real people. Israel is the only stable state in the region. And it is spelt PalEstine by the way.
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