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    But it is just a list of people tragically killed by the nutter in Christchurch shooting. Wonder where are the names of the people killed in UK, France, Germany and elsewhere and when will PJ start on the names of people killed in Sri Lanka?
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    Seems Mzz Krankie is calling for another (once in a lifetime?) referendum for Scottish Independence. The SNP are so keen on Independence, but have done their upmost to deny Independence from the EU for the UK. Suppose we just have to hope TM won't be involved, given her record on Brexit.
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    Give them a quick independence referendum & we will lose most of the remoaners ,then we can crack on with a prosperous Brexit.
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    Not to mention the obscene level of payments to so-called personalities -
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    We have the lowest unemployment (2%) and the highest GDP since the 1940's, the Isis Caliphate has been destroyed, talks are ongoing with North Korea, new businesses are opening at record rates, consumer confidence is also at a record high. The battle against illegal aliens is being fought with both hands behind our back, because Democrats refuse to cooperate by building a wall and changing the stupid laws that allow millions to pour in. The press is a total joke, an unabashed arm of the Democratic Party, the pictures they showed of children being held in cages at the border, were in fact taken during the Obama administration. The Meuller Report dispelled the collusion hoax and on obstruction of justice, the report found that Trump did have a meeting with his aides to discuss firing Meuller, but they decided not to do it. Now, grasping at straws, the Democrat idiots are clamoring for impeachment ! Apparently, in their twisted minds, thinking about something but not doing it, is now a high crime and misdemeanor ! I just heard that Trump will be in the U.K. in June, so I thought that I would give you an overview of the true situation before you see y'alls idiots out demonstrating. He is a good man, doing a fantastic job running the country and this is why he cannot be allowed to continue and lies, cheating and subterfuge are all in the press and Democratic playbook. You may not like his personality or his demeanor, but he's getting the job done and career politicians don't like that - remember Sir Jeffery ....... in Yes Minister ? In two and a half years I have not heard one Democrat make any policy statement, they have nothing, they know they can't compete on economy and security, so it's hate Trump twenty four hours a day.
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    It's well past time to scrap it. The BBC has turned into a propaganda mouthpiece for PC ideas e.g. cheerleading for the Climate Change hoaxers, the Remoaners, anti-Trumpers and other causes. If it wants to do these things I don't see why I should have to pay for them.
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    Carries stuff in the back ,doesn't run on a track, That's a lorry.🚛
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    Bolton's game against Brentford on Saturday has been called off by the English Football League after Bolton's players said they would not play until they receive the wages they are owed. The match was called off 16 hours before it was scheduled to kick off. None of the March wages owed to the Wanderers' players have been paid. I often wonder how clubs out of the "Elite" few managed to pay the exorbitant(obscene) wages demanded these days by people who at the end of the day just kick a ball around and occasionally into a net ? Like all good things maybe this gravy train is going off the rails.
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    Trump is passionate about his country & wants to run it like a profitable business while taking no sh** off anybody.
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    Think Hadrian had the right idea? 🤔
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    Glad to help Asp. That's exactly why I posted it Obs, I wasn't bragging I just felt like someone should tell it like it is before the idiots turn out and start making intelligent comments like breaking windows and burning cars. I'm already expecting an inane response from you know who !
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    Problem is, it will just give the snowflakes another opportunity to close down London with another protest, knowing the weak kneed response they get from the Police.
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    This is going to be a very long thread. Cataloguing all the people butchered daily by religious and political ideologues of all kinds just isn't possible.
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    I started watching Question Time tonight for the first time in over 15 years because it was in Warrington. I stopped watching after 25 minutes when I felt that shouting at the screen was about to change into throwing heavy objects at it. I now remember why I stopped watching it in the first place. Is the programme sponsored by Curries or Martin Dawes? Argos or John Lewis perhaps? The public should be warned 😫.
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    Exactly, the likes of Gary Lineker who not only gets paid by the BBC, but also works for BT Sport and also Walkers Crisps. You would think that for £1.75 million p/a they would have got him to sign an exclusive contract. 🙄
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    So not politicians then..🤭
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    The report is here: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/798404/SMC_State_of_the_Nation_Report_2018-19.pdf It is by the Government's Social Mobility Commission
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    We just had panic in the streets, it rained almost every day this Spring in SE Texas, or so it seemed. Every climate change nutcase in the US headed south to worship the proof of global warming (or whatever). Then they announced that we had had 18" less rainfall over the period than had ever been recorded. They all climbed into their cars and left. Good, we have enough home grown idiots without imports. Watching Gunfight at OK Corral. Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas seem an awful lot more charismatic than Gwyneth Paltrow !
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    I thought France had beaten them to it with Macron 😏.
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    Perhaps the era of "professional" politicians has ended, and it's time for people with some experience of real life and and buisiness to take over ? The Ukraine, with a history of corrupt politicians has decided to elect a comedian as President ! 😉
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    Nah his punishment of choice is to smear the victims feet with tuna fish pate and dangle them over a tub of hungry kittens .😿
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    What a kind and generous person you are.🙌
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    Suppose if you're a regular bus user rather than a car driver, then the move to the former British Home Stores location makes sense. Bill
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    4,000 is not enough as long as one guilty foreign prisoner remains here.