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    That's right blame it on the Romans, "What av they ever done for us eh"?🤭
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    LibDems: Brexit is the biggest existential threat this country has ever known and we must do all we can to defeat it. We need a government of national unity, right now. Jeremy Corbyn: I agree, and as leader of Her Majety’s Loyal Opposition (snigger) I will step forward to lead that GNU and ensure no deal Brexit doesn’t happen. LibDems: Its not that big a threat.
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    The Adam and Eve computer virus takes a couple of Bytes out of your Apple.
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    Loosing what? and can you get arrested for it?
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    The world's deserts are shrinking, the saharahn desert has srunk by 700,000 Square kilometers in the last 30 years. According to the 'experts' we are facing a food shortage yet you do not need to be an expert to se how farming efficiency could be increased even in places like France.
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    Don't worry.. it's what I call "a grey moment" I have more with each birthday that passes.
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    I have a pair of boots that are over 40 years old and still as serviceable today as the day i got them. Mind you i have only worn them a few times the first time was when i went down the mines.
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    Women are not like us . We can get many years out our favourite jumper .
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    my clothing occupies a four drawer filing cabinet and a three drawer bedside size table in my back bedroom/computer area. The front bedroom contains i large wardrobe, three large chest of drawers and a few smallish cases all full of Mrs Sids stuff. would not surprise me if there were a tribe of lost pygmies living amongst the stuff in the back of the wardrobe. My clothes are divided into three lots. clothes that i am wearing, clothes that have been washed and ready for wearing, clothes that need to be washed. oh and a suit for weddings/funerals. Mens clothes are looked on by women as outdated five minutes after you have got them to a comfortable state. womens clothes are looke don by women as out of date five minutes after trying them on in the shop and buying them. (slowly reaches for tin hat) ⛑️
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    It's an ocean racing yacht which, of course, was built without creating even a hint of a carbon footprint. Meanwhile the plane which she could potentially have travelled by will still be making the journey and producing exactly the same emissions as it would have if she had been on board. Of course here we are in the 21st century and blessed with technology like video conferencing which mean you can speak to an audience on the other side of the planet without actually leaving your house. It's called virtue signalling and is on a par with hipocrisy. I can't decide who is worse, the Blessed Greta or the adults who will be pretending to hang on to every word that issues from her uneducated mouth.
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    Yes we looked a far more balanced side with Ratchford back. A good workmanlike performance doing all the little things right and three scoreline took care of itself. A great atmosphere in the ground with both sets of supporters being loud but like the team performance, the barmy army were slightly louder! Wembley here we come!!
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    I had a prior engagement on cup final day but ,what the heck ,all arranged now. Come on you Mighty Wire !
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    According to what i have looked up a "standard" car park space "should" be 2.4 M wide by 4.8 M in length minimum. (7.9 ft by 16ft in English money) Although as far as i am aware those figures are just a guideline. All car parking spaces are designed to get the most cars in the minimum space. (The old bums on seats methodology) 40 cars will take up 96 metres in width at 2.4metre per car. if you increase that width by 100mm (4") to 2.5 metres then those same forty cars will occupy 100 metres of space. the extra space taken up could easily accommodate an extra car at 2.4 metres width so 41 cars per 100 metres with about 1.5 metres spare space. what parking spaces do not take into account is the fact that you have doors on a car that need to be opened. My "car", whilst only 1.3 metres wide, has doors that open almost 90 degrees and the doors are quite wide. So even if i park in the exact centre of a parking space if some body parks close to the line in the next space then getting in the car is somewhat akin to putting size six shoes on size nine feet. (possible with a bit of patience, a shoe horn and plenty of Vaseline or so i am told) 👠
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    WBC do not have the vision or continuity to do anything of scale. I suspect your fears are correct and the Garden City will be as much a Garden City as Chapelford is an Urban Village. Worst of all is that they do not get what has been known for decades that you have to put in Public Transport from the start and subsidise it until that is no longer required. You can't expect people to move in using cars and change to less convenient buses later.
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    I wouldn't waste my breath talking to any of them. They are, to a man/woman. as thick as two short planks and are proud to demonstrate the fact on a daily basis. The way they let the so-called journalists in the mainstream media run rings around them shows how thick they are, said "journalists" not being overly intelligent themselves. For the last 40 years we have allowed these charlatans to sit in parliament, being paid a good wage plus expenses, and rubber stamp legislation handed to them by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels without any further investigation, meanwhile taxing us to the hilt to pay for the EU project. Compare British state pensions to those that are paid in other EU countries for an example. Sack them all post Brexit and start with a new set.
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    It would be interesting to know if modern warfare is subject to H &S legislation. All warring parties given safe systems of work.
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    Let's hope The Argies don't get any fresh ideas of invading the islands. Imagine todays MP's ???? They can't agree on whether they want sugar or saccharine in their coffee !!! Maybe they would negotiate with Argentina; provided the decision followed a "democratic process", in other words, if Parliament voted for it.With multiple amendments and votes... over several months and then would follow an online petition calling for The Task Force to be halted after it hopefully gained over half a million signatures.Oh and their Brothers in Espana decided maybe........ just maybe...................... Gibraltar ???????(Naaaaaah ?????) Crazy far fetched ? History is littered with stories of Leaders putting their heads in the sand....
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    The Falklands should have been the only lesson we ever needed .
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    Venezuela wasn't forced into starvation by outside sanctions but rather by the corruption and incompetence of its own leadership and government. Socialism fails yet again.
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    They are considering banning young drivers from driving after dark until they have sufficient experience of driving after dark....................I think? 🤔🤣
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    Careful dizz about loosing your marbles, they tend to roll everywhere and you end up losing them.🤔
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    I'm with you Asp, people laugh when I tell them that I'm 80 yrs old and I've never even smelled marijuana ! If you stood next to me smoking I'd probably think it was dirty socks or something! No kidding Asp, Bec and I are doing our favorite thing right now - watching black and white movies on the classic movie channel . "Action in the North Atlantic" with Raymond Massey and Humphrey Bogart ( Merchant Marine) fighting U Boats on the Murmansk run - I thought I saw you in the last scene. Good movie.
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    I think another way of looking at softening attitudes towards drugs is that decriminalisation will eventually lead to the end of criminal gang involvement. How much crime is drug related ?
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    So if there is a no confidence win then the current government will have to be dissolved or a general election be called. similarly a vote of confidence in the next mob must be passed within 14 days or else there must be a general election. If the no confidence vote is defeated then another opposition member can again call for a vote of no confidence ad nauseum or until they run out of opposition members willing to risk a win. Even if there is a vote of no confidence then there is a precedence to call into question the validity of that vote on the grounds of misleading information supplied to the voters. (as claimed by brexiteers and remoaners) Seems our Mr Corbyn just wants to able to say he has been the prime minister and is prepared to use any tactics to achieve that aim
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    What happened? I can't believe you deleted mine Dizzy, power play eh? Have a great day Dizz, even though you dizzied me! 😍😍
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    Had some lovely sit down fish & chips at the Dolphin chipper in Southport yesterday ,Sunday .
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    A lot really depends on what is defined as poverty these days and who does the defining of course. Also where will come into it. What is the definition of poverty level in say the UAE as opposed to Ethiopia?
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    Human behaviour is different from that of animals in that population increase is known to be suppressed by increases in longevity and social development. Your assumptions that population will increase inexorably is known to be in error and not supported by UN predictions. The notion of inexorable growth is the flawed Malthusian premise that has caused inordinate damage over the hundred years to which asperity referred above.
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    Having watched a fantastic prog like "SERENGETI" , shows how nature designed the system - the plant eaters (which probably produce most gas) are kept at sustainable population levels by the availabilty of food and the activity of carnivores, in other words the food chain. Unfortunately, the animal that has secured the position of top of the food chain, appears to have an insatiable appetite for earth's resources, in it's quest for "growth"; and the more humans reproduce, the more they exploit the capacity of the planet. So whether we become vegans or not, the basic problem is, there are just too many of us.
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    Think the ref was bit under the weather, he only went to the video ref once instead of every try like he usually does.🤣
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    Might look this one up to see if there is an electronic version of the book anywhere. Sort of thing i employ with spam emails. Any that purport to have money going spare because of a dead husband/relative usually get a reply from me offering condolences. One of my better ones was the "i have a case full of money in storage" e,ail that i replied to advising that it was destined for some Columbian drug cartel and infected with a deadly virus and was not to be opened under any circumstances, followed by a detailed plan for safe disposal of the crate and it's contents. another was one that wanted me to spend the money to carry on her late husbands Christian deeds. my reply was that as a practising Satanist it would not really be appropriate. but she had my condolences on her loss.
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    I'll drink to that.🍹 "Alcohol:- the cause and solution to all of mans problems." Homer (Simpson)
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    Oh dear! Another downvote. Must be a Saint Greta admirer on here 🤣🤣🤣
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    The same reason they embarked on all the past vaccination programmes Asp, to reduce infection rates and avoid pandemics. As for your latter point, I agree.
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    A good game to watch,very few handling errors,despite the change in the weather or maybe because of it. Very little for the ref to do and a quiet day for the video ref as well. Another plus was that Robbie Hunter "I'm going to wander all over the pitch prattling during the game" Paul was heard and not seen. Despite his best efforts to find fault even Jonathan Davies had some grudging praise for Warrington at the end. (Well he had been quiet for most of the second half and i suppose he had to justify his fee for being there.)
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    Full report including live video stream can be viewed here so everyuone can seen local democracy in action https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2019/07/24/eddie-stobart-wins-planning-approval-for-green-belt-plan/ Our future is in their hands! Hopefully the Secretary of State will intervene and ensure it gets a fair hearing. In 40 years of reporting I have never seen a major planning application rejected and then be re-submitted and approved by the same committee - I use the word "same" loosely as the make-up of the committee has changed considerably in the space of eight months - which again is unusual.
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    The Irish Border issue has been a red herring all along.
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    That is not a reason for a hard border. Ireland is free to accept whoever it likes but under the Common Travel Area it undertakes not to allow anyone to enter if they would not be given a visa to enter the United Kingdom. So you have nothing to worry about as the Irish Government recently signed a joint memorandum with the UK to continue with the CTA arrangements under all circumstances.
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    While everyone is calling the tanker arrested off Gibraltar (Grace 1) "Iranian", in actual fact she is owned by a company called Russian Titan Shipping Lines of Dubai UAE and flies the Panamanian flag. The only connection to Iran is the alleged cargo of crude oil. Meanwhile the US has become a net exporter of oil so the Straits of Hormuz aren't that much of an interest to them. China, Japan and India are far more reliant on free movement of crude oil from the Gulf so expect pressure on Iran from that direction as regards keeping the straits open.
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    The irony in all this Latch; is that we're getting rid (hopefully) of one master (the EU) only to fall into the clutches of another (the US). The UK is no longer a world player, the only thing keeping us on the UN security council are our nukes. If we take Germany as an example, they've underpaid there contributions to NATO and sheltered under the US nuclear umbrella; whilst becoming the number one economic entity in Europe. So perhaps we need to decide precisely where our best interests lie and start putting the UK FIRST.
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    Prior to which, they had sought an alliance with Poland, France and UK; to guarantee Poland's borders in the event of German expansion - the Poles refused. How they expected the Allies to protect them from the other side of Germany I don't know ! The saying in Poland at the time was - if we're invaded by Germany we lose our freedom, if we're invaded by Russia, we lose our soul ! - so Devil and deep blue sea. However, in June 1941 that all changed and Churchill was delighted, he was even more delighted in December 1941. Russia would absorb 75% of Germany's military capacity, while the US would supply the Allies with a huge military and industrial capacity. Don't think you'll find much honour in international politics - just hard nosed pragmatism.
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    Diversity is one of our strengths and it helped us win the World Cup Moeen Ali https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jul/15/diversity-strength-england-win-cricket-world-cup
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    Love and tolerance in all it's forms could be learned from. Beats hate and bigotry everytime.
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    Brilliant images, Mimocuja, and well done in posting them on here. I was thirteen at the time and all the streets in Warrington (and other towns and cities) held street parties for the young and old alike, TV was in it's infancy and not everyone had one so neighbours with sets would invite those without one in to their homes to watch the ceremony, it really was a wonderful atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing your other photos.
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    That's it for tonight folks. Thought you'd like this small collection. Sorry about the quality but as you can see I have photographed a photo. i have over 150 assorted photos of old Warrington from the 1920's to 1960s. I will upload more over the coming days and weeks I hope you enjoy them. mimocuja
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