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    We too use subtitles for this reason. The producers do it deliberately to evoke reality apparently, but that doesn't explain the music that they add to annoy us. It is a major problem and the broadcasters do not care.
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    Had a nasty experience whilst trying on clothes in a shop. I tell you when those lift doors opened I don't know who got the biggest shock, me or the three women waiting to get in.πŸ™ˆπŸ‘€πŸ˜―
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    Simple, only need to look at how often men buy clothes compared to how often women buy clothes.( compare the size of the "men's" department to the "women's" department in any store) Men will buy clothes when absolutely necessary, eg their clothes have gone past the old rag stage or have reached the fit where they touch stage. A woman will buy clothes specially to go and buy new clothes in and some will even buy new clothes instead of washing the old clothes that she bought last week and only wore when tried on in the shop. Knowing this manufacturers will cater to their biggest market, women and so make sure that every possible size and shape is catered for. For the male market the diesel method usually applies. eg diesel do.🀭 "Now where did i put that tin hat" β›‘οΈπŸŽ©πŸŽ“πŸ§’πŸ‘’
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    Here is a little trick I use when buying clothes. It would appear that it is a little known fact amongst the aged but shops have things called changing rooms. I take in a selection of garments I like the look of and, get this, try them on for size, comfort etc. If I am happy I buy them , if not I don’t. You should try it, it’s all the rage and has been since the advent of the clothes shop.
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    Almost all shops in town have a different "Version" of what they assume are correct sizes! It took me ages to work out but I've a theory that it's dependant on which country they were manufactured in. I now only shop where changing rooms offer me the options that some stores don't. Oh and I've just discovered the magic option of Braces !!! So a larger more comfy waist is my size of choice
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    .Looks like Yvette Cooper and Co are trying to cobble together a Bill to prevent a "no deal" Brexit, which, in effect, will mean no Brexit - so much for honouring the will of the people.
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    Stanley Unwin actually πŸ˜‚
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    Cars already have speed limiters in the form of two pedals (gas and brake) and an indicator (speedometer).
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    funny that wonder if any of the people who came up with the idea read this forum, because i am sure that i suggested something similar a while back (probably in one of the "twenty's plenty posts" a few years ago). will have to have a trawl through and see if i can find it. So that being the case can i get some sort of royalties from that.
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    Well ,the Warrington Guardian is reporting French & Belgian travellers settling in Warrington. They obviously know where their bread will be buttered after Brexit.
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    But Obs the Lords are far less objectionable than the Commons and Momentum and the lefty followers cannot touch them. They could be our only saviour from the excess of the coming leninist coup!
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    It's all very well saying "change the system", but the sad truth is that whoever we vote for the same useless politicians get elected. They had one job...................................😣
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    Ah well, just a bit of fun. Constant politics can be more than a little depressing.
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    I say gents, just a pointer when you go clothes shopping ,don't look in the full length mirrors ,they make you look a funny shape. I mean ,nobody is really that shape, surely not ?
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    Me too Latchie, suspenders (braces) have set me free, I even wear them with my golf shorts. I just had to get used to wearing my shirt outside of my pants so no one knows my secret. However, the point of my post was "how come a woman can look like Humpty Dumpty, but can still buy perfectly fitting clothes off he rack", while men need a personal tailor to get clothes that fit.
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    Possibly Dave, in 1945; written on the back of an envelope by the Labour Party, who didn't believe they could win, thus the manifesto was extremely ambitious. The surprise was, not that they won that election, but that they actually tried to impliment their manifesto. Alas, that was an age of conviction politics, where MPs actually believed in objectives, before careers and personal ambition took over.
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    Maybe this is the reason our distant ancestors walked about virtually naked Sid ,with just a buffalo skin for warmth.
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    Next thing it will plastered on a big red bus.
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    This problem is caused by climate being the average of 30 years of weather, the climate cycles themselves include ones that are 60 years or more. It is obvious that the definition means that by the time meteorologists work out the data for the current climate it is bound to be starting to change the other way. That is how you get permanent climate change which can be manipulated ad-infinitum by activists. One of the cycles is ice ages, and the period between those is quite long but variable, we are still recovering from the last one, and slowly getting warmer but statistically we could be close to the next one. If carbon dioxide does warm us and that prevents the onset of the next ice age then mankind will have dodged a massive extinction which the activists want us to hurry along. Truly there are mad people in this world.
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    Explains the Beemer Blinker problem, also confirms that it is world-wide πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    i know several people who after watching this video will be trawling ebay looking for cheap blinker fluid.🀭
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    Get an electric scooter Geoff & keep taking ibuprofen. I started with it in my hands & wrists in my early 20s & it's just something you have to live with as it spreads through the body. At least the aches & pains confirm you are still alive.
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    I am not saying we would have won without the Americans, I was merely pointing out that it is always you who is first to jump in to remind everyone of the fact. Britain had held out quite well without the Yank troops on the ground, it it isn't beyond the bounds of possibility that the Russians would have gone right through Germany and out the other side and ended up with France as part of their Empire. Now much as I would have like to see the Frogs living under the boot of the Russians for decades after the war, with the Yanks entering; the right outcome was formed in the end and if left as was, would have meant that we wouldn't be faced with a great deal of the problems we have in Europe today