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    The only british sign language that seems appropriate is the Churchill one or have i got that the wrong way round?
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    so it's the zen type of applause then from now on, the sound of one hand clapping. can just imagine the scene at the concert, "ladies and gentle a big hand for (add celebrity of choice)".......... sound of crickets and the occasional tumble weed..........compère peering out across the darkness and asking " is there anybody there? knock once for yes twice for no"
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    Nice to see the the Steve so passionate about the game unlike his predecessor. Sort of gave you the feeling he was out there making every play himself. And so to tonight's game. Castlford or Wigan, hard to call so should be another nail biter for the fans.
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    They would need at least a week to prepare a risk assessment meeting and a further four weeks of planning to get the wording right before putting it out to tender plus several site meetings with the guys in the high viz and clipboards to make sure it was correctly worded and positioned and in accordance with legal requirements.
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    I've got my ticket! It looks close to a sell out
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    Yes Peter T is sadly missed along with many other posters who are now no longer with us - but living on in spirit on here!
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    The parading of wealth in a sea of austerity, is what sparks republican revolutions. These people would be wise to learn from history and tone it down to the levels of their Scandanavian cousins, before the peasants revolt.
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    Oooh I'm sort of wishing I hadn't just said I don't get it now if you would have got it when you were 10
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    That’s actually funnier than any of your prehistoric gags
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    That’s not word salad, it’s what you vomit after a particularly poor word salad lol
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    There are some ignorant, arrogant or plain stupid drivers who take up two parking spaces in the multi storey car parks, thankfully the Council issue fines, don’t they Bill 😄
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    The Trump visit was a State visit, and thus a State responsibility, made more expensive by the antics of protesters. The "Royal" Wedding is not a State occasion, but a private one, no doubt Andrew would like his kids to be on the Royal payroll, but his older brother has knocked him back. It's his responsibilty to shell out on the wedding, not the tax-payer.
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    I don't think vegans have enough energy to plot anything
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    so we stop eating meat and increase the methane levels instead.
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    Think we could expect a little more initiative from a Senior Police Officer Diz, either telling his driver to do it, or taking the wheel himself.
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    Reminds me of the tale of the frog and the scorpion; scorpion asks frog to carry him across a steam. Frog responds "but you'll kill me". "No frog, I need to get to the other side". On climbing the bank on the other side, scorpion stings frog, and with a dying gasp, frog says "what have you done that for". To which scorpion replies, "it's my nature" ! It has been the nature of mankind to attempt to alter nature to provide a more suitable enviroment and to exploit anything and everything in the name of progress, a "progress" that provides all the technologies we now covet. I fear such arrogance will not change, and that we will not give up our comforts (like even eating meat !), or the belief that we are superior to the forces of nature won't change in the time "the experts" advise. And the idea that we can suddenly reverse natural forces that have been in play for over a century, is in itself an arrogance.
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    Aww this thread being 'resurected' after all these years brought a tear to my eye when I read it. Started by Peter T and his was the last comment too before Friday. I miss Peter T...he was such a lovely chap even when he occasionally got grumpy on here and we all battled it out lol. The good old days <3 RIP Peter T....you are still always here with us though in forum 'spirit' x
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    this has to be a record gap between posts, even for this place.
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    What a game and what a win for the Wire! 13-18 winners. . Lineham with 2 tries has to be man of the match but a great performance all round.
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    I think we also have to appreciate the efforts of the fitness boys in keeping an effective team available from what is a relatively small squad. Now the Wire !
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    Sadly this is the infantalised world we now live in Bill, with the most insane ideas being promulgated as necessities.
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    Wigan were my preferred option. Be nice to beat them in the final after losing two finals to them already. Can't wait!
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    Not much use to any blind students attending! Or should that be students with seeing issues?
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    Yes I love to see the coaching team really investing in the emotions of the game as well. Shows they care as much as the players and fans.
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    Absolutely brilliant. Lineham - two fantastic finishes and great all round performance from the boys. Two finals in Steve's first year in charge - what a great coaching team!
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    One of the biggest problems in the UK is that car ownership & use, & reliance on road transport has been thrust upon already overcrowded residential & industrial towns & cities. Our industrial revolution produced the need for rapid industrial expansion & necessary workforce to live alongside & drive the growth happening since & including the 18th Century. The birth of the industrial revolution started the need for mass transportation in the future but it was never envisaged what would be needed in terms of road space & transport systems because there wasn't the vision or technology available. Ever since we have been trying to shoehorn too much traffic into too little space. Contrast our economy with the new economies that have emerged since the Industrial Revolution , the large ones like America had space galore & the hindsight of our needs to give them the foresight to build roads to suit their industrial & residential needs. Australia is a prime example. I have been in Perth for a month & ,apart from the old part of town, the city has had the space to spread as required & the space to build up to date highways to fits its own development plan. It is an ideal example of how a city has been able to develop because it has space available to do so.
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    Thats so bad its hilarious. Tommy Cooper would have been proud
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    Part of the problem with the M6 right now and over the last couple of years is the 50 mph 'smart motorway stretch'. I travel up and down it maybe four times a week. Along the entire stretch you'll see endemic lane hogging with the usual clumping and congestion as well as lorries tailgating and undertaking as a result. Coupled with the usual moronic behaviour - last minute exits across two or three lanes, phone use, the assumption that indicators give you right of way etc, it's a recipe for accidents. Don't see many police cars either.
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    It is part of Corbyn's plan; once he and the trots get in to power the loans will dry up to finance the national debt and interest rates will rocket causing at least 400000 workers to lose their jobs. He's got it covered!
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    They are promising more dependency on wind power to reduce the amount that can be relied upon by conventional and nuclear generation which pushes the price of electricity up. So the jobs will be paid for by those higher prices, which will improve the payback on the green stuff. The higher prices will be felt most by the poorest and increase the poverty problem and will inevitable be solved by higher benefits and taxation to match the higher prices paid by taxpayers. It is socialist heaven spending other peoples money, problem is it always runs out.
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    If they had any sense they wouldn't be Labour voters.
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    Wasn't commenting on the merits or reasons for or against, just on the irony. People A in an uproar about pits closing, now same people A in an uproar about pits staying open.
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    Maybe they'll remake Brassed Off, praising her for being a visionary environmentalist !
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    And now were almost at the death - remain cries foul with every breath.
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    Thanks for that Gary. You can't beat a good military parade!
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    Some times I wonder about crowd funding to help support employing journalists - as with shrinking advertising revenues and sales newspapers can't afford to employ investigative journalists any more.
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    They ,along with a few other companies,tried to give loan sharking a cloak of respectability.
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    Whilst I'm not a Republican by any means, I think the Royals are losing sight of a convention they adopted post- French revolution, to minimise outward expressions of their wealth and privilage, especially in an era of austerity and growing wealth inequality. One would think our politicians would rein them in, especially those outside the the immediate family, who could join the rest of the prols; whilst the next in line move to the more modest life styles of their Scandanavian cousins.
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    If they leave the roof off, could it open as a pub for smokers - it would be packed!