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    Can't see the point in sticking an england flag (made in china) to my car (made in france) or my bike ( made in america) to support a scratch football team (made in hope), especially as i have no real interest in the world cup (or football in general) and the resultant "shouldadone" commentary by the pundits who had the same things said about them when they played for the national side when it got beat by (insert any other national side in the world here). The world cup. the only competition where the pre match commentary and the subsequent post mortem of the result takes longer than the actual match.
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    I think there's actually 4 refs watching the screens for VAR, so that would be a lot of brown envelopes..........................................
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    Why wait until 65? Why not every year after the age of, say, 18?
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    leeds v saints game was good one though.
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    My interest in this topic is flagging . I'll get my coat .
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    Last I heard, it's illegal to drive onto the pavement, but not being on the pavement - if you can figure that one out ! and that was from a solicitor !
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    I understand all that, but what concerns me is that currentley most people do their best to make a judgemet call and in the main it works. Ok there are those who don't but making it illegal to use common sense seems a step in the wrong direction to me and as you say could be more hazardous for everyone. I reckon that this will probably end up being a council matter and they prefer hard and fast / black and white rules applied to everyone rather than prosecuting just the offender. If someone parks baldly, it's easy enough to report and maybe get something done unlike speed issues where the vehicle has long gone. I'd hate to think that this will lead to yet another waste of time and money signage campaign telling us where we can and can't cock a wheel up. Bill
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    Firs Lane - The road is still the same, Davy. Even when walking on it, you need to tread carefully.
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    It does have a verb if you assume that 'financial expediency rules'.
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    Clear pattern of behaviour. Developers know they can either allow buildings to decay or simply pull them down and the council will just express their regret. It would come as no surprise to discover that developers are given the nod off the record to just do as they like. I know councillors worry when the council is described as 'officer led' but it would be more accurate to describe it as 'developer led' in these cases.
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    The first recorded event of mass pollution of the earth's atmosphere were the Spanish when they conquered South America in the 16th century they took over the Incas’ mines and soon began to pump clouds of lead dust over the Andes. The silver the conquistadors sent back home made them wealthy. It also made them the world’s first industrial-scale toxic metal air polluters – perhaps causing us to rethink the timing of the moment when humans truly began to change the environment. (Extract from 'The World Economic Forum').
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    asp i would go on the 4th just to be sure and even then it would probably be fifty fifty that the train would be cancelled. thought it was a pretty good match all told. one lucky try each, hard to defend when the ball hits the cross bar and bounces back into the arms of the opposition and that awkward pass that somehow found found a player and baffled the cas defence to produce a try. given their positions in the league about what was expected. so a bit more practice kicking from the side lines as that seems to be where charnley likes to put the ball down as do most wingers these days.
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    Oh Warri Warri, Warri Warri Warri Warri Warrington what the hell were you thinking of tonight? 12-0 down within 10 minutes to two of the softest tries imaginable! But, fair do's, you came back well and took the lead. But giving away stupid penalties and some bad handling, plus some more soft tries (not all of them were soft to be fair) gave Castleford a 34-30 advantage at the end. On the bright side I've got my ticket for the semi-final, just need Northern Rail to behave on 5th August!
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    The most dangerous situation to evolve on this planet was giving Homo Sapiens intelligence more advanced than other species on it (allegedly), we have been destroying the ecology of this planet slowly for probably the last two hundred years the rate of destruction is now accelerating rapidly to such an extent that in my opinion that it is doubtful that if there will be any living organism remaining in 200 years time, and it is all down to man (and woman's) greed.
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    More accurate kicking &/or tries nearer the posts to give the kicker a better chance could have seen us home. The speed of the Cas play the ball was a killer.
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    If Donald's claims that EU tariffs are a one sided affair, working against US interests, then it seems right that balance needs to be restored in the interests of fair trade. Hopefully, his approach would be taken up by the UK (as Boris has suggested) by confronting the EU over it's one sided and hypocritical demands on trade. Trade deals or trade wars, at the end of the day, everyone is, or should be, looking out for their own interests; perhaps now is the time the UK started doing it.
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    Sid, I conclude that teachers are part of the problem and not a part of the solution then. That being the case, how does the indoctrination get stopped?
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    Seems the LP are settling on some form of maintainance of a customs union and single market with the EU, which by any stretch will cost us a fortune and in effect, means we won't have left the EU, except for no longer having any political say in Brussels. Meanwhile, the Remoaners give out a steady drip of doom and gloom, as if the second largest contributor to the EU, is some kind of dependent basket case; when the reality is that the EU is now beginning to fall apart.
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    It will only save you money if you keep a close check on your consumption, something you can do without having a smart meter. Confused has the real reasoning behind them, the PTB are looking long term at controlling our power usage so that it will no longer be consumer led but supplier led.
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    For once I agree with you PJ, let de yoof sort it!
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    I think the problem there Asp is that these people you mentioned can't be charged for their sins whereas us Brits are ideally in the firing line to stump up £millions towards company & government profits & taxes.
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    The problem is that there are many countries in the world where the idea of waste collection doesn't exist, people just throw their garbage into the streets and rivers. But of course the "environmentalists" won't preach their sermons where the problems exist, instead they get on our backs instead.
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    There was a tv programme /news article about 12 months ago where smart meters had caused house fires due to faulty or incorrect installation. Like you though Asp ,my thinking is that a regular update to my supplier is no less accurate than a smart meter. One thing is for sure ,i wouldn't be sat watching a smart meter to see which gadget to turn off to save a few bob on my bill.....We are still nearly £250 in credit & rising after the bad winter & we didn't sit shivering.
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    should be interesting semis then. if the saints v catalan game is the first AND catalans win then the wolves v rhinos game will be a more intense game as catalan will be perceived on paper to be the "weaker" side. mind you if saints win then wolves will have an incentive to win their match so they can try and put the old saints curse to bed once and for all.......maybe. whoever wins playing them at the same venue on the same day seems a good idea. the fans get a good two games to watch and will get to know the finalists straight away. looking forward to it. the only fly in the ointment is the BBC commentary team. Jonathan " what I would do see" Davies. and Robbie "I can wander on the pitch any time" Hunter Paul.
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    Having elected Eurosceptic, populist Parties to power in Italy, with plans to hold a referendum of membership of the Euro; the powers that be, acting through the Italian President refused the nomination of their proposed Finance Minister. A blatant example of the anti-democratic nature of the EU and it's contempt for the will of the people.
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    As the bowl of petunias thought when the infinite improbability drive was switched off , oh no not again!
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    Okay PJ, you are the winner of this week's pedantry award
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    I can only speak for myself but when I venture into town I'm inevitably with my wife or a small group so the car is always going to be preferable to public transport. Of course someone has to be the nominated driver but that's true even if you're not visiting the centre. What puts me off and I think a lot of others, is the uncertainty of safe parking during the evening. My drinking mate is quite happy to use his car to drive out to a country pub but just won't go into the town at night for fear of drunken job damaging his nice paintwork and I can understand his concerns. For years, I used to park on the roller rink car park on Academy Street until I got hit with a sixty pound fine when they installed surveillance cameras. A few years before that I got another sixty pound fine again for parking somewhere I'd parked for years before the owner employed a clamping firm. So if they want to get me back into town, then provide some safe parking ideally free of charge. Bill
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    After last week's hammering by Wigan the wire were looking for a strong comeback, but the halftime score of 0-12 was not very encouraging. The second half, however, was a very different story with the wire rampant and scoring 30 points unopposed. In fact the margin could have been even greater had it not been for some strange refereeing decisions. Chris Hill was bitten by a Hull player in a first half tackle, the referee putting the incident on report while taking no other action. Now to take this victory as a stepping stone to a better performance against Wigan in the Challenge Cup next Saturday at the Halliwell Jones.
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    If I were to be cynical I would say that the actual purpose of the development was to cut WBC costs. The key output is the offices which are just for the council, the objective being to stop paying rent where they currently do such as New Town House. Next was to provide car parking space for their employees moving inti the offices. To do so they need an anchor usage that uses and hence pays for the car park when the offices are not in use so the key anchor tenant had to be an entertainment in the evening. There then needed to be supplementary uses that would feed the punters before and after entertainment. The Cinema is the golden goose which uses the Car Park and the rent for which pays the loan the council has from the Public Works Loans Board to build the whole thing. The Market and the Shops are somewhat of an afterthought. We can show the key linkage to be true because the projections of the cinema got bigger as audience increased so the council made the offices bigger to close more existing office accommodation and the costs grew. The major impact is really then the offices but the annual 4 million price of the loan for the whole project is a risk that the council tax payers are taking. If the cinema folds or under performs the shops and market rents are mitigating factors to reduce the cuts in services or increases in charges that the town would face. The project is a gamble to avoid significant changes in the way the council operates. The objective of the whole plan is to make the Council offices cost nothing in rent to WBC whilst making Bridge Street and Time Square look more open and modern. The regeneration of the town is a patchwork of individual projects which may work together but only this one is so far funded by capital borrowing and has some benefit to the public. Birchwood Park, Matalan, DW Sports are all commercial profit seekers to increase income without any civic benefit other than income for the council. We are told that the old market was particularly unsavoury in the storage and delivery areas and needed considerable work. The market needed to go first to get the offices in the right place for the car park so it was always going to be reworked but it is collateral damage in the main plan as far as I can see.
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    Togger1..End of the line....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !! I too have become increasingly bored of your constant jibes at other forum members and the rudeness of some of your posts towards others of late which have caused unrest across the whole forum and also resulted in some lovely members staying away. You have overstepped the mark now as you have been ruining the forum for everyone....I've just been sitting here (on my day off) catching up and been reading through all the topics and posts and they don't make nice reading. I don't live by the 3 strikes and you're out rule...you are now just OUT. Bye !!
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    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
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    What a moronic post, tell me Algy, are you a real moron or do you simply do a brilliant impression of one? hehe some 'looser' gave me a thumbs down lol