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    BLM is a product of the age we live in. They are a bogus organization born simply out of the fact that, in these times, the crazier your proclamations the more you get on tv. They have no interest at all in any dialogue, or in thhe preservation of lives of any kind, they just want to March and chant " Kill the police, kill the police" and maybe loot a little on the side. They exist simply because they can, they are merely anarchists using skin color to avoid being run out of town on a rail. There were around fifty blacks killed by blacks in Chicago this weekend over a 48 hour period, where were they then ? Nowhere, because that doesn't fit their agenda. In the last year, there were three times more police officers killed in the line of duty by blacks than there were blacks killed by police officers. As with most things nowadays, politics, the news, activism, it's all a farce and if it wasn't for the media driving it because it suits their ideology and turns them a good profit, it would all die on the vine. I really didn't want to write this post, not because it isn't true, but because I think that just discussing them just gives credibility to a bad joke.
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    I met my wife when I was 17 in 1956 at the Church Hall Saturday night 'Hop', Stockton Heath, we married at St Lukes church on Liverpool Road six years later and have been married 58 years this September.
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    Seems it's no longer safe to do so, if we take Reading as an example. But what is appalling about this murder of three people, is that it was committed by a known illegal migrant from Libya, who's been imprisoned for previous offences and was an MI5 suspect. Proof, if needed, that our immigration system is a non-existent shambles. Now, while on immigration, we can forget Labour, the LibDums and SNP; who would throw open the doors of the UK to the world; we should expect the Tories to do better. With a majority in Parliament it would not be unreasonable to expect comprehensive legislation, to allow refusal of entry to illegal migrants and their immediate return to France or deportation to Country of origin. ; followed by a round up of any and all illegal migrants in the UK. Asylum claims are clearly a farce, as most have passed through European Countries where asylum could have been sought; so fast track refusals and deportations should be introduced. So it's up to Priti Patel to get a grip, and ignoring the howls of "hostile environment" from the Lammy's and Abbot's, our Gov should be securing our borders and our public safety against these invaders. 😠
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    Yesterday I saw the report of Vera Lynn's death. I guess my dozens of 8 tracks, tapes and cd's will now be priceless. She has always been a central figure in my nostalgia fantasies. During the war, my mother, an old mill girl, couldn't stand her "cos she talks too posh!". RIP.
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    Ok.. here is a follow up to my earlier post On Thursday morning (11.00 am)I had a problem and sent an e consult form to my Doctor 2.00pm Thursday Doctor phoned me and after a chat made an appointment for me on the following day Friday. Friday afternoon I was in the surgery and checked over then given a prescription and appointment to follow up progress in 4 weeks. Now that is what I call a Success !!!
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    You may have to reinforce the hanger bar in the wardrobe. I suggest a short length of scaffold pole welded to 3 x 2 steel box section fixed securely through the floor with 12 mm bolts. if you are worried about it coming through the roof then a couple of acro props either side of your chair may help alleviate that. paint them to match the decor and hang a couple of lights on to make a feature and provide illumination for reading. You could even put a couple of hanging baskets on them for artificial flowers and trail some artificial ivy around them to add that touch of the jungle to your home. (been watching too many episodes of sixty minute makeover type programs) Or you could just move your chair as you said in the first place...
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    Bullies Looters Morons why are these people not treated like in Korea. There the police use water canon with a blue dye added. it takes weeks to get it off the skin. the police then round up any body looking like a smurf and they are charged with incitement to riot. a serious charge there. Here they just get a slap on the wrist at worst, that is if they are even arrested.
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    It is really distressing to find that so many people are falling for the false narrative that African Americans (why do they call themselves that? Why not accept the fact that they are Americans like everyone else in the USA, rather than single themselves out as something different?) are being "hunted down by the racist police and shot in the street". Blacks in the USA are being murdered on an industrial scale, but by other Blacks. Last year 9 unarmed Blacks were killed by police in the US, while 19 unarmed Whites were killed the same way. The media is responsible for so much race baiting and false reporting (yes Piers Morgan I'm looking at you) they should be voluntarily sacking themselves. As for all this "Taking the Knee" nonsense, how about everyone just start treating each other as fellow humans struggling to survive in the world. When I was working in the Merchant Navy I was sailing with people from all over the world, from different cultures, speaking different languages and having different interests but there was always a kinship there. A feeling that we were all working towards a common goal. The likes of BLM are working to drive a wedge between people instead of trying to build bonds, and for that reason I think that the politicians should step back and, instead of calling for support for BLM, should call them out for the disruptive element that they are. They don't want racial harmony, they want racial divide.
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    Save the pangolin fund ? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜·
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    Unfortunately, the Trust Managers and their un-elected, appointed Boards, are a law unto themselves; and like most of our public sector are free to spend on PC political gestures and of course, their salary grades. 😠
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    I'm confident that there is an overwhelming (silent) majority against the antics of BLM, both in the UK and the US. 😠
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    Obs, Asp and all others. What would you judge to be the percentage of the U.K. the opposes the farce being perpetrated before every tv soccer game ? I know that it pisses me off, not from a racial point of view, just from common sense. It's based on a fraud, plus I doubt whether most of the participants are intelligent enough to understand what's going on!
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    One thing for sure Trump is passionate about America & creating success. Is he a one off or is there another "Trump" waiting in the wings for when he can no longer be Mr President ?
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    That's the one upside to this leftish support of anarchists. I've been subconciously contemplating my mortality for some time - especially when the local mortuary had a 'fire sale' and my wife got me a great deal on my incineration ! The left sure do make dying a much more attractive proposition.
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    Finally got round to see the transporter bridge close up using Dizzy's link which was spot on. I didn't realise that footpath through Crosfields existed and it was great to see the factory and the river from a different perspective. The bridge itself was impressive close up and it would be a massive task to get it back to its former glory. Hope it is though. I intended to continue my journey on the other path returning via Slutchers Lane ,but the path was very overgrown and clumps of Giant Hogweed blocking the way so I backtracked. Well worth a visit.
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    Actually, the statue thing has changed, now it's just a matter of wanton destruction. The majority of people vandalizing the statues are white idiots, possibly liberals, but more likely bog standard yobs taking advantage of the unrest. They realize that the police will not interfere because a) they've lost interest, or b) they will be turned on by the media if they do, so the vandals are in hog heaven. The two worst things on earth are : Terrorists of any kind and Activists for any cause.
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    Isn't it involved in everything Asp ? It's probably the basis of most posts on this forum, or am I being a tad too honest! Congrats on the 26 years. How many in all the other ports !
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    So, based on the example of the Burnley guy, she should now be sacked. These BLM people must have hard lives, struggling with that huge chip on their shoulder. 😠
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    The 60's were happy days (for me anyway} plenty of work available, a few bob in your pocket, good ale to spend it on, good pals and the girls still wore stockings held up with suspender belts, definitely "Happy Days".
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    It's when you remember all those things when you've left the house but can't remember where you live to go back for them..............................πŸ€ͺ
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    I worked for a couple of years at Capper Pipe Service. The office was just across a bridge over the canal near Gray Mist Woolston fishing water. Right next door was an abattoir and trucks loaded with squealing pigs arrived hourly. Everyone knew what was about to happen, but it didn't stop anyone, including me, from nipping over to their canteen at ten o'clock for the best bacon sandwiches ever! I guess you get more scruples as you get older, kinda like getting scared about heights and caves.
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    People have no excuse for killing animals. If they want meat they should buy it in the Asda πŸ€ͺ.
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    Let them celebrate a few months of freedom until the cases kick off and we return to a lock down Winter. 😷
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    The Police have stated that no crime has been committed - end of. If action is taken against those who object to this woke nonsense, it makes us little better than a Nazi or Stalinist society - time we all opposed this juvenile anarchist nonsense. 😠
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    It has been said that no payment will be accepted over the bar and that drinks must be ordered via a mobile phone app also has the use of pub toilets been considered?, forget these jolly times!.
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    They probably discussed it at the bar in Westminster.....🍾🍸
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    I would have thought that the BBC will have to lay off a lot of BAME staff to get down to their 20% target.
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    Seems BAME groups are kicking off against Gov plans to require a photo ID to be produced when voting; it might help if they also checked the PV system while they're at it - could see the Labour vote drop considerably. 😠
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    just reading through his list of "accomplishments". number 44 "increasing longevity is a myth" number 47 "warns of the increasing size of out ageing population" ether 44 is wrong or 47 means that our ageing population is getting fatter rather than increasing in numbers.. One seems to contradict the other. This guy actually sounds a lot like my sister, she is a doom and gloom merchant as well. she has at least three funeral directors on speed dial just in case somebody pops their clogs whilst she is about.
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    The criticism by the BLM followers, of "historical wrongs"; fails to recognise that whatever happened in history was a product of the social norms of a particular time, and cannot be altered retrospectively, nor decendents held accountable. History has to be remembered, warts, statues and all; in order that mistakes are not repeated. The BLM criticise the British Empire and Colonialism, but seem to forget, that without the Empire and Commonwealth, they wouldn't be in the UK at all. They also claim to be British, well if that is so, they should adapt to learning about the history of Britain; not "their" ethnic origins, which they've chosen to physically leave.
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    Thankfully, Aaaammaaazzoooooon seem to have got back to full fitness at their call centre again ,they phoned me twice yesterday.
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    Seems the Germans are congratulating themselves on a 10% take up of the app - they need 60% for it to work. 😷
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    There are also people ,like me, who do not have a smart phone. My phone does not run apps. It does texts and phone calls and that is about it. Basically it is for use in an emergency or in Mr sid's case to find out if i am ready for a coffee, or why i am so long at the shop. She seems under the impression that i am the sole customer wherever i go and that whatever i need to get done can be done in under ten minutes. She is also under the impression that no matter where i am in the country it if i say i am on my way home ten minutes later she will be calling me to find out where i am. Ignoring unknown numbers on my phone usually sends it to answer phone on one of the numbers but it is turned off on my secondary number. my land line has an answer phone but most automated calls do not seem to leave a message, apart from the amazon one. Calls from the hospital usually show up as number withheld which if i happen to see on the phone i will answer.
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    Judging from the initial panic buying, I'm sure a shortage of bog paper would indeed be life threatening ! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜·
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    Okay Obs I'll just accept that your common sense is superior to that of everyone in a position to make decisions. Happy? πŸ˜‰
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    History teachers of the future."nothing bad happened at all at any time in the past, although 2020 was a bit iffy at times".....🀫
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    It it depends on perspective and context. In several States, deaths from covid19 in people under fifty years old was less than 1% of total and that figure overall was around 8%. This is far less than than deaths from a multitude of other reasons, car wrecks, burning buildings, spousal abuse etc. The point being that a one size fits all draconian shut down was a mistake. The one big flaw in your argument Obs is, that you fail to take into account that the whole business was organized and operated by the government. It is an accepted fact by everyone other than communists / socialists, that the government, any government, is incapable of running anything efficiently or making sensible decisions. Unless you are retired with a nice pension and a fat bank account, a deep recession, lasting several years is probably going to kill many more than the bug has.
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    The present situation is a combination of three things. One, every shooting of a black person, right or wrong, automatically results in a riot. Notice that in every case, the ' hands up don't shoot' guy had just beaten up and robbed a storekeeper, the Floyd guy was a lifelong violent criminal and the guy in Atlanta was in the process of a committing crime. What kind of precedent is that setting for the future. Cops in the US are quitting by the thousands, saying they'ved had enough. 800 New York City cops were seriously injured in the "peaceful riots' other cops were killed, but they didn't get a national tv burial service. Secondly, the anachists and their billionaire supporters are taking advantage of the situation and are spending millions financing groups like antifa. Thirdly, the media, due to their socialist liberal views and their thirst for profits are cheerleading the mayhem. Can you imagine, "Defund the police", what better indicator could you possibly have of the intelligence of these idiots and this is coming fom Democrat city council leaders ! Incidentally, every US city vandalized has been under the control of a Democratic council and Governor for at least twenty years. Unrest in Republican controlled States and cities was minimal or non existent. Best and most intelligent news today, is that Interstate truckers say that they are going to refuse to deliver goods to any city that attempts to defund the police. A few weeks without toilet paper will solve it ! The heads of the National Democratic Party on Capitol Hill all wore National African dress and knelt with their heads down ! How much pandering is that, especially since they have been shaming people for years with ' cultural appropriation' ! I see that those brave BLM idiots soon lost all of their 'roast the pigs' bravado when it looked like they might get an ass whupping ! July 4th coming soon, be sure to celebrate but no cultural appropriation hats and boots. Y'all really should experience Texas, it's just as big and great as the movie said, it'll make a new man of anyone. As a guy from the thirty's, forty''s and fifty's I ask, why are these idiots allowed to rob my grand kids of what I had ?
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    Why do you never make things sound like a bonus in that case?!!!
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    Mrs Davy has discovered some new space saving attachments for the wardrobe....hanging hangers that can take up to 12 normal full coat hangers per hanging hanger. She has six of these contraptions ! I don't know what is more frightening ,the influx of new clothes to fill the space created or the prospect of the newly replenished wardrobe coming through the living room ceiling. I might need to move my chair.
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    There was a BLM "activist" on Talkradio this morning who was explaining that the reason why young black men in London are killing each other is because of the ongoing drug turf wars. His solution to the problem? Defund the police and give the money saved to the black "community" and legalise the drugs. Presumably the young black men would be able to buy all the drugs they want and have nothing to fight over. Meanwhile in the real world the rest of us can do one. He was full of incoherent claptrap which he was allowed to spout, thus showing himself as racist and stupid as the organisation he follows.
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    Usually you have to direct your complaints to the practice manager. Probably via email or handwritten letter. or possibly via telephone. never really looked at complaints as i have not yet had any reason to complain about any treatment i have received, mind you my visits to the doctors are so few and far between that they often think i am a new patient signing up. I once got asked by a doctor there if i was a patient when i went in to see him. mind you it had been sixteen or more years since my previous visit at the time. (and prior to computer records, all hand written notes in those days)
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    My thoughts on the new practice of e consult are mainly positive. Before this you had to phone at 8am and then sit listening to the engaged tone for 20 mins before getting through only to be told all appointments were full !! A very frustrating way of getting to see a gp when you are likely feeling a bit poorly. Now the idea of e consult means you get through immediately and are guaranteed either a face to face appointment or telephone consultation before 6.30 the same day. The downside is the amount of typing and answering seemingly endless questions, but I suppose that is needed for a speedy decision by the gp at the other end. Plus it deters timewasters who either are not particularly in need of a doctor or after getting an appointment by the old way do not turn up anyway for the consultation. Time alone will tell if it is successful and replaces the old system totally. But I think on paper at least it's a good move forward
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    Listening to the BLM apologists for the wanton vandalism of civic statues in Bristol and London, you'd think slavery only ever involved black Africans around the 18th C. Slavery has gone on throughout human history and has been inflicted on conquered peoples, regardless of their race; and indeed continues to this day with so-called modern slavery. Are we to erase all traces of our history, good or bad, in the light of the affected sensitivities of BLM activists ? Should we erase all references to the enslavement of British people by the Romans, Vikings and Barbary Pirates ? The enslavement of Europeans in WW2 by Nazi Germany, should that mean we ban the use and sale of those firms that used slave labour like VW or the originators of the space and ballistic missile programs, who killed 20,000 slaves in producing the V2 ? History has happened, and if you try to forget it or erase it, you consign the future to repeating it's mistakes. 😠 😷
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    I am just amused at the fact quite a lot were wearing masks against the virus whilst shoving and heaving in the middle of the crush. a bit like jumping in the canal to avoid getting wet because it's raining...🀭
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    On the subject of BLM - the mass gatherings of protest at a time of lock down due to the pandemic; isn't just idiotic, it's contrary to the rules. So where's the condemnation from the politicians, like Mayor Khan, who were first in the queue to condemn Cummings. These idiots will ensure that the virus continues to spread and that we get a second wave and will be responsible along with Gov lock down easing for the consequent deaths from Corvid19. 😠 😷
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    Usually get those on a Tuesday. Loft insulation scheme Fridays. Occasionally amazon on a Thursday Free boiler check and install on alternate Mondays and Wednesdays. Switch energy/insurance/life cover/funeral plan on the other alternate Mondays and Wednesdays. I no longer answer the phone unless a named person comes up on the handset or i am expecting a call from a medical person.( they tend to use withheld numbers). I feel really sorry for my answer machine it only ever gets to talk to other automated callers. I am sure it is getting depressed...πŸ₯Ί
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    Don't bother asp the forecast is for heavy showers for the next few days. Cold rain on a bald head is not fun. Although it IS supposed to make you more attractive to the opposite sex.( although having muscles like a Greek god and an abdomen that looks like you could grate melons on helps as well.).....πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Failing that a few milllion in the bank is the next best thing....
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    A better deal is "no deal" = out on WTO, no payment to the EU, total control of our own fishing zone etc; which seems to be what the Gov are after. Finally, we seem to be in the driving seat.πŸ˜‰
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