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    My condolences fugt, it must be so depressing to be permanently negative. Liberals lost to a businessman, get used to it. The man made billions of dollars, lost it and came back and did it again. Anyone who can equal that is entitled to unfairly criticize him. He's been in office for seven months, please give me a list of his evil deeds to date. He has reduced illegal immigration, he has backed the police forces, he has removed many of the idiot Obama's job destroying regulations, tried to revise the healthcare but was stalled by 'politicians'. I could go on, but I await your list with interest. By the way, the Unions are right behind his agenda and his agencies have never arrested or deported any illegal who wasn't a violent criminal. Finally, can someone please give an answer, as a normal human being I'm at a loss. Why do left wing liberals always feel that they have to turn human suffering into gotcha politics - the epitome of bad taste. I guess it's because they have no original thoughts and it comoflages their lack of ideas. I apologize folks, been taut as a spring for a couple of weeks, but feeling better right now- just opened the bar. Aaaahh
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    Well Tony has fallen on his sword after a very disappointing season. I think he's right to go and has been fantastic for us but the timing is right to bring someone else in who can reinvigorate the players. It'll be an interesting off season that's for sure and let's hope the new guy comes in quickly and can sort out any recruitment we need before the better players get snapped up.
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    All this PC business is making life very difficult to get through with out saying something offensive to somebody. any mention of a particular religion is taken as an offensive remark by other religious bodies. Making a comment, however innocent it may be,about somebodies sexual orientation is a definite no no, apart from the "Straight" section of the community who seem to have no redress if they are "offended" by any of a differing sexual preference. "oh you can't say that i am offended as i am a (lesbian/gay/transsexual/ bisexual/transvestite) and i am offended by it and am calling the authorities" in fact it is just ridiculous the amount of offence you can cause just by doing nothing these days. (ask any wife) every day i wonder what will be added to the ever growing list of "offensive" material and where i can get the latest version of the list so as not to be accused of causing offence to anybody by wishing them a good morning.
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    You have to take a very long look into the mists of history to find when the Labour Party ever represented the interests of the working man. The government has taken the only logical step in taking all EU legislation and renaming it UK legislation, which can now be adapted to our needs as a nation independent of the EU without having to refer to the Brussels beureaucrats.
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    The old one was a concrete monstrosity which was out dated and not very welcoming - the new one looks fantastic in comparison, is bigger and will be lit up like a welcoming beason once it goes live later this year. Personally I think it is a huge improvement - just like the new temporary market.
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    I now pronounce you man and wife
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    Algy's picture even has a cannabis leaf on the gantry....that must be to encourage drivers to chill & slow down .
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    Need a bigger car park for all the tourists who will come to the cinema and for all the council workers to park their cars.
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    One would thought that the council could find alternative accommodation for the charity. The bus depot for example or the council depot near Sainsbury jump to mind (is it still active?), but there must be lots of community centres, collages and other places it can use. Now a little off topic but if the waste centre is going to emit fall out clouds of dust that it will damage vehicles how is it being allowed to be built so close to residential areas?
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    the driver in the front vehicle will do all the ,manoeuvring, the drivers in the other two are there just in case anything goes amiss. Can't see it catching on as they will still have to pay three drivers but only one will be working the other two will probably be sat watching videos or catching up on sleep. The excuse for the idea is that the three vehicles can be much closer to each other so saving on fuel somehow. going to be great fun getting on the motorway from a short slip road, bad enough now in places with the line of HGV's trundling past so close together that yoou would be hard pressed to get a mini in the gap let alone a decent sized car.
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    Proposed area affected I would have thought that the timescale in planning and executing this 'ambitious', and costly project which includes removing the Latchford high level railway bridge and replacing it with a road bridge would take a number of years to complete!. The modifying of the existing railway embankment to build the new road over the canal will require demolishing many of the existing houses in the locality, I have it on good authority that householders have already received letters informing them that many of their properties would be subject to compulsory purchase orders.