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    So more scare tactics to put fear and mass panic into peoples minds and yes a ploy to either make us (the UK people) think 'Shite maybe we'd best not leave after all then'. Probably a ploy to put fear into all other countries who may be quietly thinking that they may leave too. Such a large proportion of people here and around the world are diabetic and NEED insulin so no wonder they are trying this tactic to keep us all REMAIN. The more scare stories I see the more determined I am that we should LEAVE and put 2 fingers up to the lot of them. YES WE WILL ALL BE OK...IF WE CAN SURVIVE 2 ATROCIOUS WORLD WARS AND THE REST WE CAN BLOODY SURVIVE BREXIT !
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    So they did, but they are still going to build the new Juke and Qashqai in the UK and if you talk to the people who work at Nissan they will tell you the real reason they will not make the X- Trail in the UK is because of lack .of capacity. When I was involved in courier business one of the regular jobs we had was delivering pharmaceuticals that came into Manchester airport every night from the USA among other things. Now the USA is not in the EU, occasionally there was a delay of an hour or two but there was never ever any disruption
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    Quite right PJ, that isn't what happened. Nissan pulled out of the model being built anywhere in Europe and pulled it back to Japan because of the way the EU is behaving on Diesel. They have said this quite clearly but a certain kind of person still wants to scaremonger ...
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    Is insulin available in Australia or Canada or Argentina or USA or anywhere else in the world not shackled to the EU ? Of course it is. Come to that in the days of World War 2 Britain produced it's own insulin This is up to us to produce it or buy it from any and all suppliers. These eurocrats cannot and will not hold our nations health to ransom !! They are simply trying to terrorise any other member state from leaving in future.
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    I was quite shocked the other day when It was announced that nearly 5000 people commit suicide each year and a large and growing proportion of these deaths were young children that were subjected to online abuse. I have my daughter, her husband and their two children living with us at the moment while their house is being refurbished I now I can see first hand how much their life revolves around their mobile phones. I don't know how typical this is but every single day, these two (aged 11 and 13) literally have their faces in their phones from first thing in the morning to last thing at night and are totally oblivious to anything being said to them or happening around them. Now I'm no expert but I feel that anyone who spends the majority of their life online are far more likely to be affected mentally when things start going wrong in their virtual world. Then because they've lost some of the ability to communicate with the people around them, things can build up that might lead to more serious issues like suicide. Bill
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    Whilst I'm certainly not an economist, I would have thought that the optimum economic model for a Nation is to be self sufficient, or at least having minimum reliance on imports, whilst maximising exports. Of course, in two world wars, we were faced with the reality that we were far from self sufficient, with a reliance on the Commonwealth and others for food supplies, which had to run the gauntlet of the Kriegsmarine; thus a recourse to such desperate measures as "dig for Britain", planting every inch of open land with vegetables. Thanks to the sacrifices of the Merchant Navy (50,000 sailors) and RN, Britain survived the siege and went on (with the US and US resources) to liberate the rest of Europe. Moving on: after joining the EU (EEC as it was then), we experienced the glut of butter mountains and wine lakes, and huge subsidies to inefficient French farmers in the form of the CAP; with an EU response to pay farmers to leave fields fallow, thus under-producing. Now the question is, can we produce enough food to feed our population, given that new technologies are now available to maximise yields and even tropical fruits. Add to this the importation (without EU tariffs) on foods and wines etc from non-EU countries, and one would assume we will continue to have a full plate at meal times. As for industrial production; aside from the fact that most is now foreign owned, even our utilities, the question arises - why can't we produce our own cars, for our own people ? Having bought a new car that I thought was made in the UK, I was surprised to discover that it was actually made in S/Korea. The damage seems to have occurred in the 60s; when price became the sole factor behind purchase; hence the Japanese invasion , with old enemies utilising modern industrial technologies producing cheaper products. This has since spread to include China and India, with all products from cars to clothing, with the death of our own industrial base, and consequent unemployment ( with Thatcher adding the coup de grace). Whilst it was said at the time, and whilst it's easy to say; we should have bought British and protected our own economic viabilty - alas now water under the bridge. As proof of this, the German traditional loyalty to their own brands, has helped produce continued high trade surpluses and a healthy economic model, so it has worked. So, whilst there are no short term solutions, a long term move to more self sufficiency and greater investment in technological innovation and a supportive educational curriculum, should keep us ahead of the curve in the future. Let's make no mistake, the myth of globalism, is merely a cloak for the age old exploitation of global natural resources, including cheap labour; and based politically on National self interest. That National self interest is a form of competition, and the best prepared and adapted will survive best.
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    I have to smile at the EU, while they threaten us with A Place In Hell,,, We just plod on and enjoy the wonderful country we have... Oh and my Mum had to deal with these things and still found time to bring up her family totally oblivious to life's little problems 😉 How on earth we found time to rescue them from their German neighbours and liberate them all is just beyond me.. 😄
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    😄 The oldest are the best Asp, well sometimes!. At ICI we had an Indian Sikh engineer worked in our machinery section, a lovely man and always referred to himself as a turbine engineer. (perfectly true).
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    Give it a few years and you'll be accused of being a blondist Latchford! Here's a true one, not quite a joke but made me laugh. Just before Christmas, the wife and myself had been into town on a nice sunny day for some last minute shopping. When we got back home I said to her "It's rained here" She looked confused and asked where? Now I'm confused because she doesn't do that kind of humour. Finally the penny dropped when I realised she was looking for a reindeer. Bill
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    ... so the UK taxpayers can keep her in or out of prison ? no thanks.
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    It was her choice to go. Given that she shows no remorse or even regret for her time spent there i personally would say no. (what i actually think would not be allowed under board rules.)
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    Surprised we didn't meet in the kids pen Latchie, I was wearing a grey shirt and grey short pants - you musta seen me !
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    But … more capacity was obtained, just not from the goons who had never run any before. We should worry about other arrangements that civil servants have recommended rather than this one. Some of the others may be just as crap but no one is paying attention because they want to get Grayling. Who by the way was a failed candidate in Warrington South many years ago, he hasn't got any better!
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    I have a yearly medical check up which basically consists of blood test, blood pressure test and answering a few lifestyle questions. Usually concludes with "everything seems ok see you next year and keep taking the tablets" I do sometimes wonder though if when they say "see you next year" if they are adding in their head "if you are still alive" I would query it though if there has been such a drastic change in such a short time,they do not always get it right for the individual involved. What works for somebody who can cycle twenty odd miles a day won't be the same as what works for an over weight couch potato who can just about make it to the mail box and back on a daily basis.
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    Yes My Last Day !!!!
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    She always got the same bus home as the Latchford lads , she sat downstairs while we were up. She lived in Grappenhall Never once saw her smile all the time I was incarcerated in the place.
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    Yea, that's why they're called Big Mouth Bass, average 6 to 8 lb. and rife ( means a sh**t load) in our local waters. One of the many things you don't know PJ.
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    I wonder where all those christmas crackers went from poundland.🤭
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    I recently hired a limousine for my daughters prom, cost me £300. When it arrived it turned out that the price didn't include a driver. I was furious. All that money and nothing to Chauffeur it. Here all week,
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    As often as is needed! they did have the money to buy the Cabinet works, go to court and then to pay for demolishion , anyone know the reason why they did this? However the building owners should be billed for any inspections. Surely an unstable building is a danger and the council should be encouraging unoccupied buildings to be reused, like other councils.
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    http://radio.garden/live/ Open Radio Garden and you will get Google Earth covered with green dots. Click on any dot and you will get the radio station at that location - worldwide! Give it a go!
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    I have found that re installing or updating the printer software can solve the problem also check your printer inks don't need replacing. Has Windows installed a new update that can sometimes upset your settings, check 'Settings' - Devices and printers that the printer you are using is the dedicated printer
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    1 if you are connecting wirelessly then try a cabled connection from the laptop to the printer to see if it works. 2 if your printer connects to the router via a wireless connection, check that the printer is seeing the router.(also that it is seeing the right router eg yours and not your neighbours) 3 check that the printer is being seen by your laptop ( i assume it is as you said it says printer not ready but worth checking that you have the right printer selected) 4 try updating the printer software on your laptop. 5 have a look on the printer website for your printer to see if there is a firmware update for it. 6 an obvious one but has been known, check that your printer is turned on and all connections to it are plugged in correctly. if these do not work try a very big hammer on your printer and buy a new one.
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    Unfortunately Baz, this is the kind of scare tactics that the pro-EU lobby will deploy in any referendum - question is, will the voters fall for it?