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  2. https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/~cmi/books/emigrant/tayleur.html
  3. Warrington did it before they did so nyah myah nana na Belfast.
  4. I had to laugh when he said nobody had blown up one of those boilers apart from the manufacturers. I am sure he was about to say "YET" but thought better of it.🤫
  5. Gasoil or kerosene would probably be a safer option...................................
  6. It is strange how Belfast looks on building a ship that sank on it's maiden voyage as an achievement to be proud of.
  7. perhaps they can paint it with hammerite to stop the rust.🤭
  8. Ok It is a motorcycle, albeit a steam powered motorcycle, and as such should be subject to the same road rules as any other motorised vehicle as regards tax, insurance, mot, license etc. He may be getting around this as the requirements for the electric bike limits power to 250 watts and states that the engine does not "assist" at speeds exceeding 15.5 mph. In fact he says that the power output is 150 watts but has had to gear it down as it would originally do in excess of 30mph. Do wonder what the fuel efficiency is as he does not say how large the fuel tank is just gives a figure of "about" for mileage using petrol and about for the amount of water. Nice idea but expensive i would think. one thing that does concern me though is the fact he has to heat the fuel up with a naked flame to get it started. petrol and open flames sounds rather dangerous to me.🤔
  9. Last week
  10. I think, actually, that he has matured. Perhaps watching the likes of Farage and Trump, and listening to them, has made him reconsider his worldview.
  11. Once they grow out of their rebellious teenage ways (admittedly some never do) and find their parents aren't going to subsidise them forever, they will revert to wanting to live a normal life.
  12. Want one! https://youtu.be/yvS8wtnNQz4
  13. My God ! I used to detest this guy and now he's my hero. Hope the Democratic Presedential candidates watch this, there'll be a mass suicide. Here's the reason Trump is a shoe in for 2020.
  14. plus loads of cheap lamb, that they won't be selling to the EU - we can eat all our own stuff ! 😉😉
  15. Just wondering how long it will take for the penny to drop with the school kids following Greta Thurnberg; we've now reached the material zenith of human development, and not without sacrifice and waste by previous generations. But the problem is, it's easier to exist in an austere material culture when you've no experience of material bounty; these kids have experienced such bounty and will have to give it all up to "save the planet" - glad I won't see it.
  16. So ,tariff free fuel imports plus what we refine ourselves ,lots of set aside farmland to be used again once we leave the CAP & also much improved fishing of our own waters. Plus, a country at the forefront of technology.
  17. Ship sat on the Atlantic seabed for over 100 years rotting away! Divers who have been down to look at Titanic seem surprised that it's rusting away. I despair.😏
  18. I think the Twitterati are going to be busy: https://youtu.be/rsPKuZz2JQU
  19. Indeed Sid, they're on the verge of a recession and US and UK tariffs on their cars ain't going to help - so expect them to blink soon.
  20. Seems Germans are having a bit of a worry as well as they say a no deal will be bad for their economy. Fish prices will rise for a start and teh cost passed onto the customer one restaurant owner was quoted as saying. So not as rosy as the EU would make out.
  21. Seems Jezz and Co, have a new update: They now want another referendum, BUT - if the choice is between REMAIN and THEIR version of a DEAL - they'll take a NEUTRAL position ! 😉
  22. And this just for good measure
  23. It's revealing how recent climate alarmists are such narcissists. Back in the 1970s the alarmists would pick a number like "70 years" which would give them a fair chance of having kicked the bucket before their fantasies could be shown to be garbage. Todays alarmists seem to want to be around when they are found out to be fruit-cakes in 10 to 12 years time. Charlie is one who seems to take perverse delight in predicting the earth's demise sometime in the very near future "if we don't do something immediately", but for some reason nobody calls him out on it. Or maybe it's because everyone knows he's nuts and ignores him.
  24. That all depends on which "climate change" doomsday scenario you favour Stallard. Could be anything from 18 months to pick a number, double it add ten and divide by the average IQ of the village idiot and then *stick a nought on the end.* *because of quantum*
  25. We shall just have to wait and see Evils
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